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Motivation Monday

Motivation Monday – Free To Choose Your Actions

By May 25, 2015One Comment

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We are free to choose our actions, but, unfortunately, we are not free to choose the consequences.

-Henry Cloud

What Stops Us From Feeling Motivated? 

Are you feeling lazy or unmotivated, lacking energy to achieve the task at hand? Let’s explore why we often feel this way and how to overcome it.

Ask yourself Why?

Do you feel you work too much?

Are you overtired?

Do you actually care about the situation or job that needs to be done?

Do you feel like it is impossible to achieve?

Are you unsure of how to get started or unsure of the next step?

Once we can recognize what is holding us back, we can begin to work on overcoming that specifc obstacle.

Start small!

When looking at the task at hand, you may feel as though it is too much work. The best way to go a long way or make a big change is by taking small steps. How do you climb a mountain? One step at a time.

Let’s try to set shorter time lines, with smaller amounts of work that will create a big change in the long run. For example, if your goal is to lose 50 pounds in the next year, you may want to scale back the goal to a smaller amount of fat loss over a shorter period of time. Try to lose 2 pounds by next Monday. Once achieved continue to make small goals that once accomplished, will motivated you to continue with the next goal.

Plan it out!

Instead of putting things to the last minute or procrastinating, try to plan your day/week/month out and write your tasks down. Your workouts NEED to be scheduled just like everything else in your life. Set a time on specific days in your week to workout, put it in your day planner and when something else comes up say NO, that wont work because I already have something planned. Or if something comes up, be sure to look at your planner and only move your workout IF there is another slot open for you to get your workout in.

Baby Steps

I like to call these baby steps because they are tiny, simple, petite steps to getting you out the door. You may feel like ‘I don’t want to go to the gym or cook that meal’, but stop thinking and go put your workout clothes on, go to the kitchen and just do it! You will more likely give in and say ‘I’m already ready, I might at well go’ if you stop overthinking or I am already in the kitchen, just cook.

Whats the secret to success? Take ONE BABY STEP AT A TIME.  Don’t think about the workout or the meal. Think about what you are going to wear. Think about the shoes you want to put on. Think about the music you like. One baby step at a time will get you to where you need to be.

I often get dressed, get my water bottle ready and walk to the basement, ignoring all the negative thoughts in my head – you’re pregnant, it won’t matter if you skip this workout, you’re tired, no one really works out while pregnant, is one workout really going to make a difference? And once I am in the basement it think, urgh, I’m here just get it done. It’s only 30 flipping minutes of my day – seriously!

Just Do it!

Nike is right! Just do it, don’t overthink, don’t give yourself ultimatums, don’t allow yourself to indulge in ‘What if…’. JUST DO IT.

Hope this helps! Post your questions below 🙂 Share something that helps motivate you!

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