Hi. I'm Flavia.

I have always been connected to fitness in one way or another. As I was growing up, sports were a big part of my life. After attending college for Nursing, I began to have a slightly unhealthy lifestyle for the first time. I began to eat ‘convenient’ food and was socializing over beer and wings.

Now that I had a busy full time career, I didn’t make time for sports anymore. I gained 15 pounds of fat, mostly around my mid-section.

I was 24 and rolley for the first time in my life. I felt unattractive and everything in my life became really depressing. I knew I needed a change. I joined a gym and hired a personal trainer to help me navigate the weights and machines.

I lost 12 pounds within the first month. I saw muscle in my arms that I had never seen before. Of course I LOVED IT!

The next few years was an ‘on again, off again’ type of lifestyle. Tell me if you can relate; when I was about to go on vacation, I would workout, drop weight and when I got back from vacation, I wasn’t motivated until it was time to leave again.

It wasn’t until I became interested in nutrition, that things really changed. I hated doing crazy diets every time I wanted to look good again. I realized the only reason I was rebounding was related to the crazy, stupid, carb-free diets I would go on in order to lose the weight fast.

I became obsessed with weight training and nutrition entering my late 20’s. I was making better food choices and learned how to train my body properly. I also introduced HIIT (high intensity interval training) and wow, did the fat come off FAST.

I loved the knowledge and confidence I was gaining. My friends and family started asking for my help. I realized I had a new path in life and I enjoyed helping my loved ones feel the power of being in shape. So many women turned their entire lives around. Every where from reigniting their marriages to getting a higher position at work, all because of the confidence of being in shape.

I decided to become a certified personal trainer and studied nutrition from some of the top industry leaders.

“Fact: Nutrition is always the limiting factor in body transformation. If a client doesn’t change their nutrition, all the effort in the gym is largely wasted.” – Dr. John Berardi

I have helped thousands of women become the best versions of themselves simply by getting into shape. I want to share my knowledge with YOU, and with women all over the world who suffer from insecurity and struggle with every known diet on the planet!

Having struggled through 3 c-sections, 3 colic babies, I CAN TELL YOU I HAVE BEEN THERE, DONE THAT.

If I can be in shape, still have wine, bread and steak and still be in shape, SO CAN YOU.

It is time to change your habits and adopt a healthy lifestyle that is so satisfying, you will find your nutrition and fitness changes EASY to adopt and wish you had met me sooner!

Flavia Del Monte,
aka “Flavilicious” RN, CPT
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