Mommylicious 30 Day Challenge

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Introducing The Mommylicious 30 Day Challenge… An Easy-To-Follow 30 Day Program Designed By A Mom FOR Moms…

Guaranteed To Have You Waking Up Energized, And Feeling Sexy In Your Body Again…

The 30 Day Mommylicious Challenge Is Designed For YOU… Together We’ll Reboot Your “Mommy Metabolism” and Turn On Your Fat-Burning Furnace To Melt Those Ugly rolls Of Fat – Even From Stubborn  Body Parts

And The Best Part… I’ll Be With You As Your Personal Coach Every Step Of The Way…

Play the video to see what happened to these moms...

Skeptical? You Should Be… There’s no shortage of crash diet solutions, bogus fat-burner pills, exercise gizmos, acai berry scams and empty promises to tempt and distract you.

In Fact The Weight Loss Industry Is A $40 Billion Dollar Business Built Around YOUR Pain And Failure To Lose Weight.. Think about this…

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9 reviews for Mommylicious 30 Day Challenge

  1. Dorothy Jiao

    I decided to try mommylicious because ever since my pregnancy, I noticed I had a tough time losing the extra fat. I’m not big to begin with (5’2 at 120lbs pre pregnancy, wearing a size 2 or 4) , gained 32 lbs with my pregnancy, shed off 30 lbs after a couple of months but my body just didnt look the same (fat-wise) even though I shed the weight off.

    After finishing the mommylicious challenge, I didnt notice a lot of weight loss (not my goal, anyway) BUT:
    1. the inches all over my body definitely decreased!
    2. My husband/coworkers noticed that my body looked more fit
    3. With mommylicous’ meal plan, I felt healthy inside, and bloating disappeared. I LOVE her detox + meal recipes.
    4. Joining the fb mommylicious group helped me stay accountable with following through my fitness/meal plan – even after the challenge.
    5. Lastly, I feel stronger, healthier, and I gained a more positive outlook when it comes to fitness and my body.

    Thanks, Flavia, and to all the momma’s who shared not only their struggles, but also their successes!

  2. Gina Johnson

    I have tried so many things in the past and this is the first I’ve actually stuck with. My biggest issue has always been time. I work 40 hours a week and have a 3 year old. The workouts aren’t long and fit right into my schedule. I would also struggle with what to eat so the meal plans are super helpful and the recipes are good. I’m going into my 3rd round of this. I’ve lost weight, inches and gained strength. Overall it has helped me make a healthy lifestyle change!

  3. Lynda Quesnel

    Mommylicious is the best thing you can do for yourself! After having 4 kids (the last ones being twins-with a c-section) my body has CHANGED! Now that I am in my 40s, my metabolism has CHANGED! I was losing hope that I would ever look and feel the way I did in my 20s. I was trying to figure out a work out and diet strategy on my own…after all, there is so much information out there, how hard can it be, right? Wrong!
    Flavia has design the program to specifically target the needs for busy moms. The program is so easy to follow; everything is laid out for you. You have a meal plan with recipes; very delicious recipes all laid out. You get a shopping list at the beginning of the week that you can print out as you are running out the door with all the kids in tow. Then you have the exercise plan; it starts off easier at first and gradually increases in intensity. The best part is that the exercises are geared specifically for women, and the workouts don’t take too long. They are totally DOABLE!
    I have lost weight, my back pain is gone, my energy has improved drastically, my body is changing shape, but best of all, my mindset has changed! I think differently, I have motivation, I feel equipped, I feel strong and I feel worth it!
    Thank you Flavia and the mommylicious team for doing such a great job. You have literally changed my life!

  4. Antigoni (Andie) Moss

    When I saw Flavia’s email about mommylicious I was skeptical as I had already purchased a few of her other programmes only to just leave them on my computer as they were too long or had equipment that I don’t have. But that inner voice in me kept telling me to do so. And so I did and it was one of the best decisions ever made. The workouts are simply amazing, perfect for not only busy moms but for all women. Short but intense, leaving you breathless every time that you cannnot help it but scream while doing them. Not only that but the challenge comes along with a meal plan which for me is like a life saver. You know everyday what to eat, you even have leftovers for the next day. Even my husband was eating with me. And if you have any intolerance or can’t eat a specific food you can make changes. The FB group is an extra bonus that you can’t help but feel motivated. As am not a big girl (1.49cm and was 55kg) I only had a few kilos to loose but had and still has some extra fat from my 2nd pregnancy. I managed to loose 2.5Kg, lots of inches from all over my body, had lots of energy, felt stronger, fitter. I am now on my second round and looking forward to do it again with Flavia and all the other ladies.
    Thanks to all of you in Flavilicious fitness I couldn’t have done it without you.

  5. Estrella

    My experience with Mommylicious might be a bit different to those of other moms, but it might be helpful for ladies going into this to know that not everyone loses weight the same way or at the same rate. I started Mommylicious with a commitment to follow it 100% for the 30 days… take the time to follow the meal plans, complete the workouts, drink the detox drinks, etc. I’ve had 4 kids, the youngest of which is now 8. I’m not really overweight, but because of the pregnancies and big babies, and not dedicating enough time to exercise in the last 15 years, I’ve accumulated all my excess weight around my midsection. I’ve tried and failed in the past to get back in shape and lose the belly, but to no avail. So I tried Mommylicious.

    For 30 days, I said no to anything not on the meal plan, did my workout at night if I hadn’t gotten to it during the day and made sure I was drinking the detox drinks and even juicing, which is optional. Results: I felt healthy and energetic, my body felt tighter and I lost a few inches all-around. It didn’t have a dramatic effect on my mid-section and I’ve come to understand that I will probably just have to keep at this for quite a bit longer if I actually want to see improvement there. I am continuing with the Mommylicious workouts and might try some shortened at-home versions of Flavia’s other workouts, which she offers at a discounted price to those who go through Mommylicious. But I do think it was worth it, and the support on FB from Flavia and all the others going through the program is an added plus.

  6. Meridith Wolff

    I decided on a whim to order this program. This is not the first “challenge” that I have tried but it is the only one that I have truly been committed to and able to stick with and that is because this program is so doable for a busy mom. I love everything about this program. It is the first program where the workouts fit into my day (work 50 hour weeks and have an 8 month old and my husband is a pilot so he is gone a lot). The food is amazing and so easy to stick with the plan as Flavia does not make us out calories and lets you eat rice and potatoes. The meal plan is so realist for everyday life. Even my fast food loving, sweet devouring, husband loved the food. He even said “I didn’t know eating healthy could taste so good”. We have stuck with a similar meal plan even after the one month ended. I can’t say enough about how easy this meal plan is to follow and how good it is. Now the workouts, they are all under 20 minutes and you are definitely pushing yourself in that time. It is one short workout a day and trust me eventually you will look forward to that time. I have seen a huge difference in my body shape and my muscles. My legs are finally going back to pre-pregnancy and I have a waist again! This program not only worked and gave me more confidence about my body but it changed my lifestyle in the best way. Now I still work out 5 days a week and on my off days I am still walking around the house doing lunges or squats because it makes me feel better and we eat similar to the program’s meal plan. I would recommend this to anyone and have as a matter of fact! Flavia is a wonderful coach and will keep you motivated.

  7. Michele Gallivan-Fishley (verified owner)

    I loved the the challenge. I’ve tried many things to lose weight but nothing has worked. I lost 5 lbs which is great for me! I loved the food. There were a few typos in the recipes but others than that easy to follow. I was able to make it work with my night shifts. The workouts were awesome! Thank you so much.

  8. Michelle Warszawski

    I love Mommylicious. I do not work out a lot and it helped me build more confidence within myself and want to work out more. I built muscles and motivation to continue working out once the program was done!

  9. Vanessa

    I absolutely loved mommylicious 1, after 30 days I had lost a little over 9lbs, and wasn’t killing myself with an hour workout or having to worry about making time to go to the gym. The workouts are easy to follow, and the recipes were delicious, and I’m a picky eater! I will absolutely be doing the 2nd challenge, can’t wait!

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