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Included are four complete workouts utilizing different muscle toning techniques for each workout. These workouts are fully loaded with everything you need to know – sets, reps, rest periods, exercises, exercise technique, modifications, and how to choose the perfect weight for you. My trainer Ryan Watson takes me through every exercise as we explain each technique in detail. Your body is in for an amazing transformation!

Included in the Musclicious system is the Musclicious Nutrition Guide, Musclicious Supplement Guide and Printable Workout Sheets that you can take with you to the gym!

Please note that all files are digitally downloaded. No physical product will be shipped to your house.

2 reviews for Musclicious

  1. Amanda

    I really liked this program because it taught me how to use the gym properly. So many times I would go to the gym and use the same machines or no machine. When I started this program I learned how to use the equipment with confidence… look out guys I’m using this machine. Loved it!

  2. Noreen Wilkins

    I agree. This program helped me with my weight training when I joined a fit farm. I helped me get in shape, so when I joined it had already helped become a better weight lifter. I have two other products, the Full Body and Curvalicious programs. I’ve saved tons of money not having a gym membership; now I can do my workouts at home or at Planet Fitness / Blue Moon Fitness for ten bucks a month. It may not have all the amenities a high priced gym has, but it does have the weights and the machines; all one really needs to stay in fit. I’ve learned all that I have from the Muslcelicious program at home; now I use what I’ve learned at the gym. I only wish it were on DVD since I don’t use an iphone / smart phone and I’m perfectly happy with my ten year old flip phone.

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