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With this program I did all your science homework for you, got insider access to all the world’s top experts who know the truth and have fine-tuned and tweaked every detail to give you every advantage to get your body right where you want it to be.

Getting a flawless figure is totally about strategy, science and simplicity.

You’ll get 5 full workouts videos for each body part, along with printable workout sheets and a few other surprise bonuses 😉

Please note that all files are digitally downloaded. No physical product will be shipped to your house.

The F.O.R.C.E. formula is not easy, it’s TOUGH and that’s the exact reason it will not fail you like every “quick and easy” method has mislead you.

Whether you’re a busy college student, mom, career-lady, making a fitness comeback or long-time fitness buff… it’s possible for anyone to achieve the eye-catching physique most women dream about…

Before you experience the power and breath-taking results you deserve, I’ll let some of the real users from my TEST GROUP – Flavilicious Females as I like to nickname them … tell you what it’s like to get the strong and sexy physique you’ve always wanted…IN 6 WEEKS ONLY THESE WOMAN TRANSFORED THEIR LIVES…

Please note that all files are digitally downloaded. No physical product will be shipped to your house.

3 reviews for Full-Body-Licious

  1. Amy Munshaw

    I recommend this workout program to any woman wanting to transform their body, whether you have much to lose or not. I loved Full-Body-Licious as it was fun, motivating, and super effective. Not only did I shed 8% bodyfat at only 5’2″, my strength and power that I gained was amazing (not to mention the muscle tone and definition!). It’s a program that you can repeat many times to maintain your results and it’s definitely my go-to program if I’ve been slacking off or choosing too many treats. In no time, I’m back on track. Thanks, Flavia for such an amazing program for ladies!

  2. Desiree

    I love the step-by-step instructional videos and the workout sheets. I feel much stronger and ready for more!

    • Flavia (verified owner)

      Glad you like them Desiree!

  3. Michele Rush (verified owner)

    I have just completed the Full Bodylicious program and will keep going for another month , I have definitely seen a positive change in my body…. lifted booty, very strong abs…. and an overall feeling of accomplishment. I did modify some of the workout due to previous injuries…. love the results so far. Its nice to have my trainer on my phone, at the gym with me… I watch the video all the time making sure i follow Flavia’s technique. You rock it Flavia!!!! Cheers!

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