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5 Killer Butt Exercises For A Tight And Round Butt


We are 2 weeks away from the photoshoot in this video from Monday night. I am feeling really tired from extra cardio and having a hard time without the few things I cut out of my diet. I know dieting is tough and I want to share that I feel it too!

However, proper nutrition and specific target exercises executed properly work like a charm in shaping the body. I am only, as of today, 10 days away from my photoshoot and am pretty happy with the results so far.


Before (7 weeks ago)                                    After (10 days before photoshoot)











Glute and Quad Workout

Exercise 1: Smith Machine Single-leg Squat   3 x 12
Exercise 2: Weighted Step Up   3 x 12
Exercise 3: Low Squat In and Out   3 x 20
Exercise 4: Fast Bodyweight Squat   3 x 20
Exercise 5: Eccentric Fire Hydrant 3 x 20

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  • Brenda says:

    Super Job Flavia!! Your one tough cookie!!

  • Louise Patrick says:

    Loving your work, your going to look fab for the photo shoot. x

  • Anna says:

    WOW that is a super tough circuit!!! You look great Flavia! I have been doing a lot of extra stetching and I can tell it makes a huge difference. 3 years ago if I tried to bend over and touch my toes, my hands barely came past my knees, but now I can get my whole hand on the floor! Way to go on all your hard work, just 9 days left!

  • Robyn Maher says:

    Great video Flavia! Can’t wait to try these at the gym later! Keep them coming!!

  • Lauri Bernard says:

    Hey Flav I so appreciate all your posts. I have your Flavilious workouts. I also have been incorporating some of the training Ryan has been doing with you into my own workouts. Thank you so much for sharing.
    Do you increase your weight each set ( for the weighted exercises )? Do you do one body part a day?

    Love the workout to stretching ratio. So many people have no idea how important the stretching is to their strength and physique gains. I have been incorporating myofascial release rolling into my training it is making a huge difference in my strength and range of motion.
    You are looking great! I can hardy wait to see your photos.
    Yours in Training, Lauri Bernard

    • Flavia says:

      Thanks Lauri. Stretching is totally underrated for the most part. If you are looking to build muscle than increase the weights each set or for the last set. I usually work 2 different muscle groups at a time.

  • Rebecca says:

    I was wondering on the eccentric fire hydrant exercise if a band can be used around the ankles for resistance.

  • Lisa says:

    So fun watching your progression- Looking lean and well balanced! Ryan is amazing trainer- thank you so much for sharing the workouts.

  • Paddy Tharp Australia says:

    Way to go babe, I have been body building since 85 & I am now 51
    You are as dedicated as I was………it is harder when you hit my age, But just stay focused
    9 days to go ………

  • Michelle says:

    Hi Flavia – Love your workouts and I recommend you to EVERYONE I talk too. A trainer asked me in the gym the other day if I compete in fitness competitions!! I owe all that to you!

    Question on the eccentric fire hydrants – what if I don’t have a training partner? Is there a good substitue to do here? Love this circuit and will try it as soon as I can.


  • Kassandra says:

    O!!!M!!!!G!!!! Ouch!!!!!! I didn’t realise I had so many muscles that could burn!! If I don’t have a great butt after a few weeks of this, I never will! Thanks for the great workout! (^^)v

  • monica says:

    This probably off subject and abit immature but did anyone catch when Vince said get your husband boyfriend or trainer to try this and feel the burn in your ass lol great choice of words.

  • Freda Gibson says:

    Thank you Flavia your Exercises motivate and Inspire me, your the best.

  • PD says:

    Like a few of us, how to do a resisted fire hydrant w/o a partner? Use a band? Thanks, Flavia.

  • Calee says:

    Yay it’s photoshoot time! Good job Flavia 🙂 The workouts you have posted are really helpful and inspirirng. Thank you

  • Bischa says:

    Hey Flavia
    you are looking AMAZING!!!
    great progress!! you are a huge inspiration!!:-)
    I absolutely love your training clothes… esp this turquise tank top with ‘shredded’ back and the white top with the buckles at the shldrs… you wear in your latest back/ sholder workout video and also the pink top and short w pink detail you wear in the brazzilian butt video… would you be so kind to share what brand they are ( Im guessing different though:-)) maybe even where you got them (even though I live in Denmark so not so likely I can get it in the ‘same store’/ chain ;-), but maybe I can get a hold of the brand)
    thanks in advance
    Kind regards

    • Flavia says:

      Thanks! I wear Body By Brazil (it has a few differnent brands on the website) and lulu lemon, underarmor and photoshoot was Elizabetta Rogiani.

  • Charlotte says:

    Hi Flavia,

    I bought your Full-Body-Licious last week and I have to say, the workouts are really hard! Awesome! Sure if I stick at it, they will work in no time. At the moment, I am trying to shift the last few lbs of fat (I seem to develop fat over my abs- giving me that skinny fat look.)

    The point that I struggle is nutrition. I can be perfectly virtuous Monday to Friday; as soon as the weekend comes, this is where I struggle. I have quite an active social life, and enjoy eating out. Any tips on how to still enjoy life, have fun, eat out, have a few drinks, but not let that impact to heavily on your regime? I am of the view that having fun is critically important, no point in striving for a perfect bod, if you can’t enjoy it…. Yes, I know I can’t drink loads and eat cream cakes on a weekend and expect results….. Any good tips from experience?!

  • Taz says:

    Hi Flavia
    I’m loving all your vids and have been using some of your workouts in the gym.
    I will definitely be tryig this workout as my current routine consists of barbell squats, deadlifts, lunges, thigh abductor and calf raises on leg press however I have found it is giving me the dreaded square bum look!! I am getting the hollows on the sides of my bum cheeks and they look horrible..any idea which exercise would be causing this and which exercise would be best to get a nice lifted ROUND bum?

    Hope you can help!
    Love love love all your vids and you look amazing

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