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Thigh Exercises For Women: 5 Thigh Exercises To Blast Fat


It is now down to the final 2 weeks, it is time to turn up the notch, not that there is much room to do so!

You are going to love these 5 exercises for women to shrink and sculpt your glutes, hamstrings and thighs. Let me know what you think below!

Exercise 1: Pendulum Machine Squat
Exercise 2: Weighted Slider Split Squat
Exercise 3: Standing Single-leg Hamstring Curl
Exercise 4: Smith Machine Hip Extension
Exercise 5: Eccentric Hamstring Curl

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  • Lisa says:


    You are looking simply amazing and still 2 weeks to go. That looks like a killer workout. I will be putting a lot of your past few weeks training moves into my new plan when I write it up in a fortnight. Thanks so much for sharing this journey with us all – you continue to inspire us all and show us how it is done.
    Very much looking forward to seeing the results from all of your hard work and dedication.
    Thanks again, Lisa.

  • Kassandra says:

    Awesome workout!
    Great work Flavia!!
    I wish I had access to your gym and awesome trainer.
    I would love to try this but am limited to dumbbells at home.
    Keep it up!!

  • Italia says:

    You three are an awesome team–I love the way you all work together to help Flavia–and us–stay fit.

  • Kristin says:

    Hey Flavia,

    I work out in my home gym and don’t have access to these machines. How about a home version of this workout?


    • Flavia says:

      Not for this one. You can do the split squat with a towel on the floor and machine squats change to wide dummbells squats. Hip extensions, you could place the dumbbell in the back on your knee and press up. And..the hanstring curls do single-leg off the Stability Ball….I guess that is a home version 🙂

  • Shellee says:

    You are doing such a great job with wonderful progress. I am throughly thankful for you sharing the different variations to common exercises, variety is the key for me to keep seeing a difference in composition. I was wondering if you take CLA, I have been hearing alot of press on this particular fat supplement. God Bless

    • Flavia says:

      CLA..I have been for the last week only because Ryan believes it to be effective. I don’t really know if it is. I took it for my last prep because again Ryan suggested it to me but I didn’t notice a difference. I more tend to side on vitamin supplements.

        • Flavia says:

          CLA is a newly discovered good fat called “conjugated linoleic acid” that may be a potent cancer fighter. It is in early stages of study but it is thought to lower body fat. It’s a fatty acid found in beef and dairy. It has also been shown to improve insulin action and reduce glucose in the blood. The best part is that it has been found to reduce tumors by 50%. It’s basically like eating beef that has been grass-fed rather than grain-fed which is what we want!

  • Rosa Maria Barboza says:

    Flávia you’re my inspiration. I love your workouts! Thanks!

  • Sandee says:

    Flavia, you are looking HOT!! – and not just from the sweat – your abs, your back, your arms all look like they are cut out of stone! All that “dieting” and hard work has paid off. You’re gorgeous!! Thank you so much for sharing your secrets with us, and for inspiring us.

    You will have the most amazing photo shoot ever. We’re proud of you!

  • Anna says:

    Those are some great new exercises! Your abs are really starting to pop! I can’t wait to see the photos and for FBL 2 to come out! 😀

  • Megan says:

    Hi Flavia,
    Did you go through this set of exercises 3 times? And then did you move on to arms or abs or some other circuit?

    Thanks for all the great videos and tips!

  • toni says:

    Wow! Your core stability on those hip extensions is INSANE!

  • Jane says:

    Hi Flavia!

    I don’t normally comment on blogs – just watch and read but today I had to respond as I have been following your workout videos!

    It is easy for most of us to read about the program someone is doing but you are the real deal – you talk the talk and you train hard!! Watching the change to your shape is awesome – your hubbie even commented today that he can see the changes to your abs and its true even I had noticed it before he said it!!

    So it is true if one puts the hard work in and remains committed to a goal it can happen – you are an inspiration!!!

    I am moving in a couple of months and will be returning to my favourite gym in Australia – I can’t wait to start my program. I definitely will be incorporating some of the exercises you and Ryan have introduced me to into it.

    Can’t wait to see your final results – keep up the amazing work!!

    A definite Flav and Ryan fan!!!!

  • Celeste says:

    Flavia!! Your abs look amazing, I hope you know that. You are looking great 🙂
    I just have one question/statement, I don’t think i do backward lunges correctly, especially when it is my left leg that is going backwards, it doesn’t bend right, and I don’t balance on my right leg properly, and my knees end up feeling funny. I am not sure how to explain it. All I know is the way the lunge feels when I perform them, is not how your lunges look when I watch you do them.

    Thank you so much for sharing your journey for your photo shoot with us, I love watching your videos 🙂

    • Flavia says:

      Hey Celeste, thanks! I would try them infront of the mirror without weights, sit back so you aren’t bent forward…that may help!

  • Sue says:

    Flavia you look absolutely amazing! I remember what you said ages ago when I first started following you and that was, that when you first started training you said you wanted to LOOK like you workout. Well girl you have definitely achieved that! Those abs are to die for! Are you heading for a lower body fat % than your last photo shoot?


    • Flavia says:

      Thanks Sue, that was all I wanted…lol. No, I haven’t even measured my bodyfat this time. I’m wanting to come in with a little more muscle that I worked hard for the last 6 months of last year (after the June photoshoot). So far so good. I didn’t want to go too extreme to make people think they can’t do the same, if that makes sense.

  • Mirasol says:

    Flavia you look great. I love all the exercises that you post on your site. I have tried some of them especially the leg workouts and my quads and hamstrings are sore the following day. I have purchased your program, will you be putting another program with all the exercises that you have done with Ryan during the preparation for your upcoming photo shoot? I hope so.

    Also, when you have time, would you post up some sample of what you eat all day. I exercise 6 times a week. I do weights for upper and lower body 3-4 times a week for about 45-50 minutes. I do cardio (I do intervals, sprints and running hills on the treadmill or spin class or cardio kick box class) three times a week for an hour. I can see the first layer on my abs and the lines on the side, but I can’t get my mid and lower abs to flatten out. Any advice and help would be appreciated. Any advice please email me at my email address. Thank you!

    • Flavia says:

      Hey Mirasol, I am creating a new workout system similar to FULL-BODY-LICIOUS and will be ready in a couple months. I have a sample of my photoshoot prep diet here –> Weight Loss Diet For Females I usually have cheese and fruit on a normal “non-photoshoot prep” day.

  • Brenda says:

    Great Job Flavia!! Thank you Ryan for showing us some cool ways to work a body part just little different. I always take CLA when I am training for a show or to do my own photo shoot. You wont feel anything differnet, but you will see it!

  • Sandy says:

    Hi Flavia! Greeting from just south of Tampa! I agree with all the previous posts that you look absolutely AMAZING (and I didn’t think it was possible to improve on your physique!). I have always been a person who likes to live healthy through nutrition and exercise, but as I near my 50th birthday in a couple of months the reality is I have really slacked off the exercise. I do have your original workouts and tried them but obviously didn’t pace myself after not doing anything this strenuous for some time as I found the resulting muscle soreness would keep me from following the workout plan consistently–which obviously is key to the plan! I am not overweight (5’7″, 135 lbs) and do focus on eating healthy, nutritious foods. My goal is to look great at 50 (and beyond!) and I am definitely not afraid of a challenge—I’d love to be able to do a pull-up on my 50th!!!– so can you give me some advice on the best way to restart your program so that I don’t compromise the consistency required to achieve results. Oh..and one other question…what’s the best way to incorporate the new exercises you post into a daily/weekly exercise program? Thanks so much for everything…you are such an inspiration!

    • Flavia says:

      Hey Sandy. Chinups at 50 is a great goal. For starters, I would just hang off the chin up bar. Do this 3-4 times a week and try to pull up as much as you can each time…this is a great way to gain strength. It won’t be long before you can pull yourself up again. A good beginner routine would be to start with no-weights and check your technique. I would go into the gym and do a full bodyweight challenge just going through a bicep curl etc. for every body part to ensure your joints and everything are in good working order. Then the following workout target a couple specific body parts and add some resistance. This is what I recommmend for any age if someone is getting back into exercising or just starting for the first time.

      • Flavia says:

        And to incorporate the workouts that Ryan and I do…you can add them as a circuit when you train certain body parts or replace a circuit with one that you see.

        • Sandy says:

          Thanks for the advice, Flavia–I will update you on my progress!

          • Donna-Lee says:

            Hey Sandy, I was really chuffed to hear about a kindred spirit. In April, I too turned 50 and having just finished a degree in human movement science (exercise science), I have started a new career as a personal trainer. Personally, I am a striving to improve my own fitness, again. At 5’4″ and 79 kg (174 lb) – for me that’s about 8 kg excess (about 18 lb) – I have a little work to get back on track.
            Life, I’m told, is the messy bit between birth and death, and mine has been particularly messy in the last 20 years, or so. But now, in otherwise good health – as I’ve always eaten quality food, at least – I am working on being a role model for other mature women/adults. I refuse to accept that “I’m getting old, therefore I can no longer do: x, y oz z.” What a crock! I’m going through pre-menopause and some days are just downright messy, but on the good days I train without holding back. Just getting better and better.
            I’m going to take your tip for the chins, Flavia – I watch my teenage son and the young swimmer that I train rip out the chin-ups and just wish I could do one. I have a door-frame that I can practice on at home and continue to practice on the assisted chin machine, at work. I have no excuses, now that I have found an awesome boss, who was willing to take on a mature woman who has her own unique skill mix to contribute. With her encouragement, as well as your, Flavia, how could I not continue to improve?! Many blessings, thank you.

  • Lily says:

    Just awesome!! I have been busy with bodylicious for the last couple of weeks. I can see some changes in my biceps and lost some fat in my tummy. You were right when you said this is not a workout for girls!! :-). I find I’m always sore, but like I say, no pain, no gain!! Doing not so great in the diet department though, and today I just feel I’m getting sick. Are we supposed to increase vitamine intake when working out??
    Great work Flavia, you look amazing!!

    • Flavia says:

      Yes, I recommend to. I take ZMA (zinc, mg) before bed, a greens drink, multi-vitamin…those are standard. Glutamine helps with muscle soreness

  • Ylwa says:

    Love the video, love the exercises, LOVE you pants and love, love, love the abs :). I workout in a really small “Anytime fitness” facitliy and the only machine we have for hamstrings is the lying leg curl. Now I know how to switch it up in the extnesion machine. And the hip extension in the smith machine is a must try. I have the “cardboard-butt” white girl booty so I’m always looking for new exercises to lift and round out that tushie.

    You always have the cutest workout gear. Where do you get them? Can’t wait to see the new photos, helps me stay motivated through my contest prep :).

  • Ashley says:

    Wow… Will this work if I am trying to gain weight? I am a women that’s 5’8 103lb ideal weight 125. and recommendations on what to eat?

    • Flavia says:

      Yes! I teach you how to adjust your calories up to gain lean muscle without the fat. It’s all in the diet.

  • Jabeen says:

    Hey Flavia,
    Do you know of any website where I can purchase the pendulum machine? It looks AMAZING!
    Thank you 🙂

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