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Ultimate Butt Lift Workout For Women

Here is last Friday’s Workout on Hamstrings and Glutes. One week out from my photoshoot and still going strong. Make sure to watch to hear about a special opportunity for another magazine cover!

Workout Breakdown

Exercise 1: Smith Machine Single-leg Deadlift 3 x 15
Exercise 2: Eccentric Hip Extension 3 x 20
Exercise 3: Leg Curl 3x 15
Exercise 4: Lunge Hop 3 x 10

At Home Exercise Variations:

Exercise 1: Single-leg Deadlift with Dumbbells
Exercise 3: Stability Ball Leg Curl

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  • Italia says:

    Congratulations on the magazine cover Flavia!!!! That’s amazing. Bring home some copies.

  • Anna says:

    Great Video Flavia, Thanks for all these butt workouts I was just thinking that I needed to work my butt more! I am going to be trying out your leg workout tomorrow. Congratulations on your magazine cover, you totally deserve it!! I understand what your talking about with the pasta, usually it’s not hard for me to not eat something unhealthy because I just think about what it is and what it would be doing to my body once I ingest it. I sometimes struggle with eating too much healthy food because it’s not bad for me, but I just don’t need that many calories and I know I won’t get 6 pack abs if I eat it 🙂 I can’t wait to start FBL 2! I LOVE all your stuff, once again congratulations and thank you!

  • Mary says:

    You’re looking totally awesome – way to go! And these workouts are great – thanks for sharing!

  • Kelly says:

    Awesome news about the cover for PowerHouse!! Woohoo, you are awesome and it is well deserved!!!

  • toni says:

    Another fantastic video. Thanks, Vince, for the great commentary. You always see the bigger picture AND the detail. Flavia, if we don’t have someone to help with the hip extension ex. any suggestions? And would love to hear more from you and Ryan about pyrimiding. Congrats on the Powerhouse gig. You earned it!

    • Flavia says:

      Thanks Toni, just us bodyweight for the hip extensions or use a band, put it around your foot and hold it tight to the side for some resistance!

  • Dawn says:

    Again, another great video showing variations we can use at home and/or in a gym. Thanks, and keep them coming! I don’t have a personal trainer, so by you sharing Ryan with us is helpful to see what’s effective and how to properly perform each exercise.

  • Christa Amari says:

    Hi Flavia!
    Thank you so much for all of your (and Ryan’s!) awesome workout ideas. They are obviously working very well for you. My question is, when you do these segments, are they part of a bigger, longer workout? When do you do your cardio? I have been doing Full-Body-Licious for the past few months and am looking for more…

    • Flavia says:

      They are all a part of a bigger workout. I show you one circuit one day and the other one the next. Combine both circuits, throw in some abs and there you have it…full workouts. I would add a couple days of cardio, 20 minutes HIIT and you should have a super fut body!

  • Celeste says:

    You are looking great, and that is exciting you getting to be on the cover of the Powerhouse magizine :). I love watching the workout videos that you provide to us.

    So is FBL 2 going to be similar to FBL but with different work outs following the same FORCE Formula? I love your work either way, you are a inspiration for my working out 🙂
    Thank you

    • Flavia says:

      Thanks Celeste. FBL 2.0 will have more focused days such as you see with Ryan and I taking a couple body parts a workout. They still will have the same FORCE formula and will kick *ss!

  • Rosa Maria Barboza says:

    Great Flávia, You’re awsome! It’s incredible how the exercises seem so easy when you do them! Thanks for sharing your training with us!

  • Lori says:

    Flavia…you are looking amazing and all your hard work has proven effective. I am so looking forward to Flavia 2…please give us some insight how soon it’ll be released. Still doing FBL 1…in fact I did show off stomach and still find it as challenging as ever…love it! Thank you so much for sharing all your workouts. One more question, sometimes I have a hard time sleeping if I’m hungry when I go to bed…even though I’m eating sufficient calories 1600+. Do you have that challenge and if so, what do you do to help prevent that from happening?

    • Flavia says:

      If you are hungry you are likely not eating enough. Are you trying to lose weight? 1600 calories may not be enough for you, it depends how hard you train and what your current weight is. Are you getting the calories stretched throughout your day in 5 meals? You could have a tbsp of nut butter or some nuts to help!

  • I did these yesterday and…… WOW!!! I am feeling it today. I really like how you give several workout examples together at once. It makes it easy to plan for a day at the gym. And, I feel more confident in my workout that day.

  • Dianne says:

    you haven’t mentioned what magazine!!!

  • Gisell says:

    awesome workout thanks, i have one question how many times a week do you recommend doing this workout?

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