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What do you need to make your food taste great and keep it healthy? Spices. I’m going to share 17 of the world’s healthiest herbs and spices in 3 blog posts. So take some notes and get ready for some great additions to your meals.

Here are 5 of the Worlds’ Healthiest Herbs and Spices


This highly fragrant leave is popular in pesto sauces and is loaded with Vitamin K and offers health-protecting effects.


Black pepper

Use in just about every recipe, pepper is loaded with Manganese and Vitamin K and aids in digestion of protein and other components in the stomach.


Chili pepper

The spicy, zesty mix to add to Mexican, Indian or Thai food will heat up your tongue and meals. High in Vitamin E and even sports some fiber in it. The Capsaicin in this pepper aids with inflammatory problems and nerve disorders.


Cilantro & Coriander seeds

High in Vitamin K and has a fragrant flavor of citrus peels and sage. Used for anti-inflammatory and been known as anti-diabetic plant.



The natural sweetener that provides a ton of manganese and has unique healing abilities especially as an anti-clotting aid and sugar control.


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