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Motivation Monday

How To Motivate Yourself + Quote of the day!

By May 4, 2015No Comments

how to motivate yourself


The future is decided by what you do today not tomorrow!

5 Tips To Motivate Yourself:

1) Practicing Yoga – just 10 minutes a day.

2) Meditating – even 5 minutes a day.

3) Get a mentor or someone you look up to for some accountability.

4) Talking it out or journal. Don’t hold in your feelings; instead talk to someone about it or write it down.

5) Alone Time – even just 10 minutes per day to talk to God or just think about what you are grateful for.


I asked a few ladies what they do to destress and to motivate themselves: 

Sandy says “I make sure to take just 10 minutes for myself at night before bed for some easy yoga, stretching and meditation. I breathe away the stresses of the day. I wake up a much happier person!”

Patula says “Ive started weekly yoga courses in a gym class. That really improved my inner feelings, feeling more positive, much less stress, been more calm, i really advise u to meditate.”

Michelle shared that she uses an app that provides a simple guided meditation. She recommends if you are new at meditation, you can start with small segments.

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