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How To: Lie prone on a stability ball with legs stretched out and balanced on your feet, shoulder width apart. Hold your hands on the back of your head. Hyperextend your chest off the ball and then lower back and repeat.

Main Muscle: Erector Spinae

Synergists: Gluteus Maxiums & Hamstings


It is very important for you and I to take care of our back. As we age we will start to feel a discomfort and disability in the movement of our bones and muscles, this is the natural way of life.


Just because our bodies start to slowly wither away does not mean that we should give up and not do anything about it. We can prolong the withering of our bodies. We can keep our bodies strong for a longer period of time.


A healthy back is essential to live our daily lives. It is the support, the backbone, what hold us up! The back consists of the spine, shoulders and ribs. And the spine provides nerves to the rest of our body! The back is where you find your lunges and your kidneys. The muscles, such as your latissimus dorsi and erector spinae are just a few of the many muscles that hold up the spine, aids in the movement of our shoulders, vertebraes and neck, and also protects the bones and organs.


It is scary to me when I see young people, in there 30s or 40s with back issues. I wonder: how are they going to be in 30/40 years from now?


Lets plan together to eat right and exercise to keep ourselves strong and lively for as long as we can. Imagine being able to walk for long distances until the day that you pass away or in your 80s enjoying the water park with your great grandchildren!


I want to strive for a better life, one that I can live with no regret. I want be able to have adventures until I am 100. I would love to be able to see my great grandchildren grow and bring them to the places that I grew up, teaching them about where they come from.


Wouldn’t you want that?


This exercise is only one of the many great exercises that will help your strengthen your back and keep your back in top shape. If you want to learn more about the muscles in your back check out my article about the muscles in the back:

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