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Workout Guidelines:

Exercise| Reps| Rep MAX | Tempo | Rest

A| Chin Up | 15  | BW |3030 | 40
B| Back Squat | 15 | 15| 3030 | 40
C| Incline Dumbbell Press | 15 | 15 | 3030 | 40
D| Barbell RDL | 15 | 15 | 3030 |40

Repeat for a total of 2-5 sets


Abdominal Ad-On 
A1 – V-up 15  reps
A2 – Russian Twist  15 reps
A3 – Single-leg Toe Touch  15/leg

Rest for 60 seconds and repeat for a total of 2-5 sets.


This is your first workout. Consider it a warm up. Next week try for 20 reps using the same rep Max weight you used above.

The following week your workout will look like this:

A | Chin Up | narrow underhand grip | 40 | BW | 3030 | 40 sec
B | Back Squat | 40 | 15RM | 3030 | 40 sec
C | Incline Dumbbell Press | 40 | 15RM | 3010 | 40 sec
D | Barbell RDL | 40 | 15RM | 3010 | 40 sec

Warm up on each exercise until you have your 15RM (the maximum amount of weight you can use on the particular exercise that allows you to do 15 reps on each and no more). This is your starting weight. This will be heavy.

Do as many of A-D as you can for the first round; this should be 15 of each, resting 40 seconds between each including.

After resting for 40 seconds after D, start the next round. Again, do as many as you can using 40 second rest periods in between. The next round you may only be able to do 10-12. You continue going through the rounds until you reach a total of 40 reps for each exercise.

Once you have reached 40 for a particular exercise, you drop that out of the rotation.

EXAMPLE: your reps for Chin Ups might look like this:  15, 10, 7, 4, 4. In this scenario, it took you 5 rounds to achieve 40 reps.

This is a great way to boost your metabolism and increase strength. You should be exhausted after this workout, if you choose your loads correctly.

Here is a great read about post-workout nutrition: POST WORKOUT NUTRITION

Make sure to stay hydrated throughout the workout. Next week I do a video showing exactly how this is done…stay tuned.

Thanks for watching and reading. Let me know how these workouts go!

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  • Nat says:

    Great workout I had prob with deadlifts and know how to properly do them thx

  • Sarah says:

    Thanks for this video. Just wondering: should I pair some sort of cardio with this workout, or would this be a single workout on it’s own (i.e. save cardio for the next day).


    • Anna says:

      Hi Sarah,
      It depends on your schedule and how much time you have. If you want to add in 15 – 20 minutes of cardio after this, you can. 🙂
      All the best,
      Anna, CPT, FF Specialist

  • kim says:

    Like your videos, nice calm explanation. Need to loose weight(fat). Stumbled upon your youtube videos.
    But one thing and you are not the only one doing it, but could you please cut down on the music. Preferably no music at all. Not only can we understand you better, but I get less tired watching and listening to you. I mean I really get tired inside my head, less able to concentrate on the exercise and what it is you are saying.

    Thanks for the videos and nutrition tips.

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