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Total Body Fat Loss Workout #3 for Lean Luscious Legs

Sandi is back and ready to get her sweat on. With this workout we are going to focus on getting those legs nice and lean for the warm weather ahead.

Grab water and a small towel and have a good fat burning workout.

Have a terrific workout and let me know what you think below.

A1) Barbell Back Squat (heavy) 8 reps
A2) Alternating Step-Up (heavy) 12 reps/leg
A3) Narrow Squat 20 reps
A4) Wall Sit 30 sec
A5) Ball Leg Curl 12-15 reps
A6) Rope Lateral Step 15 reps/leg
A7) Split Squat Jump 10 reps/leg

Rest for a short period (up to 30 seconds)

Preform as many rounds of A1-A7 in 20 minutes
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