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KB Russian Twist (Fitness Tip Tuesday)

By March 3, 2015March 4th, 20156 Comments

core strengthening exercises

Kettlebell Russian Twist

How To: Sit on the floor with legs out in front of you. Hold kettlebell in both hands. Lean back and lift feet slightly off the floor. Using your core, twist from right to left.

Main Muscles: Obliques, Core

March is Fat loss Madness Month! We want to focus on shedding those pounds as we work on our summer bodies.

This exercise can also be done using a dumbbell. Be sure to keep your core tight throughout the movement to prevent lower back discomfort. If you are a beginner, start with a light weight or medicine ball and place heels on the floor to help you balance. The more you work on your core, the stronger you will become and the easier this will be for you.

AVOID heavy weights when working the obliques as this may cause your waist to thicken; not what we as ladies want. Keep the weight light and repetitions high. Try for 3-4 sets of 25 each way.

Incorporate this exercise into one of these Fat Loss Madness Workouts:

 Kettlebell Extreme Weight Loss Workout 

 Kettlebell Workout For Women

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  • Jen Trudel says:

    OMG… Flavia,
    Did I See THAT RIGHT in your Email?? You Are Pregnant AGAIN??? NO WAY!! Congrats 😉 Or did I take that wrong?? I Love your Kettlebell Ideas… I have become ill myself and cannot workout like I use to and although I am not pregnant there are limits to what I can do and to have LOW IMPACT WORKOUTS with Kettlebells IS AN AMAZINg IDEA I Think… You asked for Suggestions, I REALLY think low impact with Kettlebells is The New way to go and If you can do them pregnant you can hit 2 birds with one stone … those that are pregnant too and those of us with limitations or just need to change things up or begging fitness again!! Thanks LOVE YOUR DAILY POSTS!!
    All My Best,

  • Charmayne says:

    Congratulations on baby #2… you are an inspiration to future and present mothers. Thank you For great motivation and workouts

    • Flavia says:

      Thank you both. We are looking forward to meeting our new little girl or boy.

      Jen – I hope you feel better love.

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