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Fitness motivational quotes

Fitness motivational quotes

There is no diet that will do what eating health does. Skip the diet, Just eat healthy.

Fitness motivational quotes

Although I use the word diet, I don’t believe in “dieting” for any sustained amount of time. I use diets to help me drop weight fast, lasting for only a few short weeks and follow up with plain old healthy eating.

Healthy eating is different for everyone but if you have done enough research some common themes are prevalent.

#1 – Wheat is NO GOOD! Gluten and wheat-free “diets” are the best way to prevent unhealthy weight gain and inflammation in the body.

#2 – Eat Protein with EVERY Meal! This ensures your muscles and amino acid pools stay topped up and able to “grow” and preform many chemical reactions in your body throughout the day.

#3 – Eat a Diet High in GOOD Fats! Fat does not make you fat. Eating the right kinds of fat will keep your hormones regulated and prevent you from storing fat.

#4 – Processed and Refined Foods are the ENEMY! Duh…we all know this but it’s tough to never eat any processed or refined foods because they are everywhere.

Choosing this nutritious lifestyle is tough work but well worth it. If you want energy, health, wellness, longevity and a HOT BODY, these four themes will ensure you have them all.

Start with these  tips and see your body transform before your eyes.

What about you? What are your top “healthy” diet tips? Let me know below!

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  • Ann R says:

    What are some good examples of Good Fats?
    I just started and my diet is lousey but I know it won’t be easy but tell u the truth need a lot of work. I hope soon I can get your workouts; I’ve been using your daily motivation and YouTube videos to except use right now. Thanks for helping/saving me.

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