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Motivation Monday

Motivation Monday – Create it.

By June 3, 20132 Comments

Motivation for Women

The best way to predict the future is to create it. 



My weekend was really good. How was your weekend?

After an intense yoga (more like Pilates) class, I spent the following 7 hours painting the baby’s room. My bother Matt helped as he is an amazing painter. I just taped 🙂  Check out the pictures on Facebook:

It was a very long day but totally worth it. I LOVE THAT ROOM!


I was so tired this weekend and sore from taping, that I basically would have went without eating if my amazing husband didn’t cook for me all weekend. We had a family day yesterday and I just relaxed and socialized while everyone else cooked…oh so nice!

Luckily, my family knows what I like to eat and cooked very healthy meals.


Get help when you need it. It was impossible for me to cook myself healthy meals this weekend, I just stretched myself too much! I had filmed a prenatal yoga program (coming this month), had 4 workouts and another yoga class PLUS the taping all in one week!

Today, I am pretty tired but I have a full work day ahead. Bring on the vacation! July 2-9, I am taking a much needed vacation visiting our friends, Dave and Karine Ruel out east in Canada! Can’t wait to smell the fresh air and eat yummy lobster! But for now…let’s have an amazing HEALTHY week!

Tell me about your weekend….

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  • andria says:

    To get that last 10-15lbs off before summer, what do you recommend? I have taken a break from Flavaliscious, Curvaliscious, and the 25 day diet (I graduate from nursing school June 20th!!!) since my final quarter started in April, so my body might be in a good place to respond. You have been in such great shape since my husband and I found you and Vince. But, if you were 10-15lbs over your healthy goal weight what would you do to get that off in time to wear jean shorts and a bathing suit for the summer? I am 35 years old, barely 5’4 and I carry my weight in my stubborn hip/butt/thigh. So there isn’t a lot of room for anything extra without looking thick. More or less Cardio/Weights? Intermittent fasting? Calorie reduction? Thanks for being such a great example!

    • Anna says:

      Hi Andria,
      Congratulations on the graduation! Great job! Flavia’s 8 week abs program (It was an added bonus when purchasing the Curvalicious hardcopy) is what she used to get in phenomenal photoshoot shape this past year. If you do not have that I would recommend following the FBL or Curvalicious workout program/nutrition guide then you can implement the deadline diet when you are 3 weeks out from your event.
      All the best!
      Anna, CPT, FF Specialist

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