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Female Fitness Tips


Burns: 120 Calories in 10 minutes! 

How To: Step up on rigt foot and down on left. Alternate legs. Make sure to push through your heels to activate the glutes.

Muscles Used: Glutes, Quads & Hamstrings.


This exercise is not intended for single workout use. The calories burned is used to show the difference between each exercise. When you look at the Squat for example, it burns so many more calories than the bicep curl. I want you ladies to see why I do pair certain exercises together.
This way, you ladies will be able to look at the exercise library (soon to come) and say, ” ok, I want to burn a lot of calories this week. I am going to put this exercise in this week (squat) and this one (lunge) and I’ll add a less calorie burning one (bicep curl) so I don’t get too tired….”  You will be able to create your own workouts and have a strategic look at what you want to include in your circuits.




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  • Vivianne says:

    Hi Flavia! Just wanted to know what I can use instead of the bench as shown on your picture….I don’t have anything that high…

    • Tamara says:

      …even using a dining room chair or when I am in a hotel I use their desk chair…even if its cushioned it is great because you have to use your core muscles to help keep yourself balanced!

  • Becky says:

    To vivianne, you can use a chair or I use the second step on any flight if stairs.

  • Vivianne,

    You could always use your stairs if its safe to do so. Try stepping upto the first step for 12 – 16 reps each leg. If that is easy try several sets of 12 – 16 with 20/ 30 seconds rest inbetween sets or you could hold weights in your hands to make this exercise harder. If you don’t have dumbbells you could hold a bottle of water in each hand or here’s a novel idea, a shopping bag in each hand adding more weight if easy 🙂

  • Cindy says:

    AWESOME! Last week I signed up for your newsletter and Sat I tried one of your workout routines. Thank you so much for sharing and for the motivation. Your site is awesome with loads of info. I’ve been going to the gym A LOT and this really mixes things up and offers great variety!

  • Marie says:

    How many days per week should I do this?
    Thank you.

    • Anna says:

      Hi Marie,
      It depends on your goals. If you use weights and really challenging your muscle then 1 – 2 times per week on leg days is great. If you do it with bodyweight and go at a fast pace for more of a cardio workout 3 – 4 times per week is fine.
      All the best!
      – Anna, CPT, FF Specialist

  • Debbies21 says:

    I’m so confused. Different people say different things, so I want to be sure I understand. Do I start with both feet on the ground or 1 foot on bench and 1 foot on ground. If I start with both feet on ground I step up with right foot, bring left foot up. then step down with left foot then bring right down and then step up with left

    I know I’m I overly complicating things but one of the other sites I follow was saying to do 1 leg at a time

    • Anna says:

      Hi Debbie,
      All of the methods are good. There are no “right” or “wrong” ways to do it as long as your in control of your muscles at all times. All the different ways to step up are good and we should periodize all of them into our workout routine. With the above exercise Flavia is alternating legs each time, this will allow us to go at a faster pace and get more of a cardiovascular workout 🙂
      All the best!
      – Anna, CPT, FF Specialist

  • Heidi says:

    Doing this for 10 minutes can actually burn 120 calories?!?

    • Anna says:

      As Flavia stated in the Squat Jump post “The calories displayed suggests it’s a KICK *SS exercise that burns a lot of calories.”
      All the best!
      Anna, CPT, FF Specialist

  • Marco says:


    i have one question. Me and my wife always (80-90%) train HIIT. Mostly 30 or 45 seconds excercise/ 15 sec. rest (total 10 different exercises like step up, Row, shoulder press, squats, deadlifts, trizeps, etc)

    My question: Is it better for fat loss while building muscle to choose the weight, that i can do each exc. in good form and motiion/speed all the 30 seconds ? At most exc. i´ll do more than 12 or 15 reps.

    My problem is: If i want to train the whole interval like 30 or 45 sec. with good form and speed i need a lower weight like the classic muscle building workout. If i higher the weight, i dont do the 30 seconds shoulder press for example in a good liquid (?) motion but i am only able to to 12 reps for ex.

    I dont know exactly what´s the best choice. lower weight :many reps good motion / heavy weight: less reps but in the last seconds not so good liquid motion

    Other HIIT models are 3-5 exercises (with 8-12 reps) no rest between.


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