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Female Fitness

Skinny has definitely been “in”. You see celebrities looking almost emaciated, sunken eyes and cheeks….why would anyone want to look like that? There is now a procedure that adds fat to the cheek bone to have a more sunken look, making you look thinner.


I have a better idea. Build muscle to make you look strong, fit and healthy instead. Strong is the new Skinny.

Muscle is not just aesthetically pleasing, it is EXTREMELY important for these reasons:

Muscle will

  • make daily activities easier to perform,
  • burn more calories, making you burn WAY more calories throughout the day
  • build stronger bones, preventing osteoporosis (important for females)
  • improve flexibility and balance
  • improves strength and POSTURE
  • reduces loss of muscle mass due to inactivity (this is extremely common as we age)
  • improve body composition

Please Read: Why Women MUST Build Muscle 

Add quality to your life and add some years too!


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  • Amanda says:


    Your decorating looks great! I love to shop as well but this Christmas is tight so I’ll have to do the best I can. 🙂

    Anyway, I just wanted to ask you if you ever will consider competing in a fitness competition or if you ever have? I was also wondering where you keep your body fat percentage throughout the year and how often you train per week?

    I am thinking about competing next year in a fitness competition but have quite a ways to go yet. I am also curious if you always wanted to be a nurse? (Random question but how did you decide on your career choice — great pick by the way)

    I love your posts, they are really great and Vince’s videos are pretty darn sweet as well! Love watching those whenever I have a free minute! Keep up the great work Flavia and Vince and have a lovely Christmas! Looking forward to more updates and the pictures are a bonus! 🙂

    Have a great day! STRONG is the NEW skinny! 🙂
    Take care!
    -Amanda 🙂

    • Flavia says:

      Hey Amanda,

      Thanks so much! I always wanted to do something with medicine. I love the body and how it functions and I want to leave the world with meaning, having meant something to someone – helping others is what gives me purpose and meaning so I went the nursing route. I love kids and paediatrics was the perfect fit.

      I have never done a competition, photo shoots are tough enough and I don’t think the shows are for me (not now anyways). I tell Vince that I may do one after having babies to help me inspire women but that is a ways away.

      The shows are a great motivator to getting in shape and I am helping a friend get in shape currently. You need to give yourself a good 12 weeks to diet and exercise before a show. The leaner you stay the less work you have to do…but you want to mentally and physically prep for a tough 12 weeks so don’t be too lean or you may not finish the 12 weeks.

      Hope that helps.

      • Amanda says:

        Hey Flavia!

        I LOVE your reason for your career choice! You sound like me! I am interested with the body and how it functions and medicine too but more on the holistic approach but both probably are good to know! I love helping others too and right now am on my mission for finding out what I want to do with my life. So I got to start with what gives me purpose and meaning — I guess I am on the right path so far! I have you on facebook and there are times you will post the nicest things to your sisters — I can tell you are great with kids!

        Your photo shoots look amazing by the way and I totally want to get in that kind of shape and see my abs! Which I will eventually – got to stay strong 🙂 How come shows aren’t for you? You look absolutely amazing and have a really great figure so I think you would do great in them! But you know what’s best for you and I think that idea about going into a show after having kids is a great idea as well! Definitely either way would work! Right now I am taking a growth and motor development class and we are learning all about babies and birth and it scares the heck out of me! That’s why I wouldn’t make a good nurse not good with that kind of stuff! ha!

        I think I am going to sign up for a show in October next year or June. I guess I will just have to see which works better! That’s awesome that your helping a friend! I would absolutely love that as I usually work out on my own — and your probably a great motivator! Lucky friend 🙂

        Anyway Thank-you for responding to all my questions it helps! I highly appreciate it! Cant wait to read more from you and Vince! You guys inspire me a lot! Hopefully one day in the future I can meet you both! 🙂

        Thanks again,
        Take care,

        • Flavia says:

          Sounds like you have some really great goals Amanda. Thanks for all the compliments and I wish you all the best in your show and career!!

  • p says:

    Hi Flavia,

    I love your weekly posts, but I would really like to see more information on building muscle. Weekly workout routines, eating plans for building muscle, etc. I LOVE your Musclicious program, but really need some new routine ideas. 🙂

    Thank you for sharing all the pictures, Your home is beautiful, love all the christmas decorations!!
    Hope you and your family have a very Meryy Christmas!!

  • Trelle says:

    So Sad to waht extremes people will go to to “look good” when all they have to do is eat healthy, clean foods and exercise appropriately. So thankful for my revelation in this area and for the great at home workouts you provide,Flavia. I am so happy with where I am physically right now, and know I will just get better. I will be in China for a medical procedure for the month of January and love that I can take my laptop and bands and get a great workout, changing it up with the body weight Bella cross fit workouts. Thanks, lady.

    • Trelle says:

      NO offense to anyone that work out soley in gyms, but my sister is going with me to China and is a gym bunny. She is not convinced these workouts will be challenging enough. Boy will she be surprised. I told her to trust me, eat what I eat and do what I do and she will leave China happier and actually more lean. 😉

    • Flavia says:

      WE’ll pray that your procedure goes well Trelle. Thanks for being so active on the blog!

  • Cindy says:

    Your home looks amazing, beautiful and so festive. I wish you and Vince a wonderful, happy and safe holiday season. Thank you to you both for all the great info and inspiration you provide. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  • Diana says:

    Flavia, would you ever consider doing a training contest with some of your followers, hands on, work with each and everyone of them, give them the kind of on hands training for a length of time? I really love your programs, but some times I hurt myself because I don’t know the correct postions. Happy holidays!

    • Flavia says:

      Yes for sure. Now that I have a home gym I would love to have people come and train and film the whole thing 🙂 Vince is already doing this!

  • Rachel says:

    Great words, Im using your musclicious program to help me get to a healthy weight. I used to be proud of being almost underweight and people seeing my bones, being “the skinny girl” and having other females envy my small frame. Im not proud of it anymore, there is a big downside of being underweight, like dragging myself through the day with no energy relying on sugar.
    Ive put on 7kg’s of lean muscle with your program and would love to gain another 5kg. I love my new toned body and inspiring other females at the gym, my bones are hidden under sexy muscle! Strong is the new skinny! I love feeling strong!

  • Sune says:

    Finland is definitely overtaken with fitness. So many people are doing more cardio and gym etc. Altough it’s seems that many women go to the gym and just pose in the mirrors with their proteins and headphones (and posting on fb) and don’t do anything to get sweatty, it’s just cool to even be in the gym 😀
    But I think it’s so great that for once the healthy way of getting fitter is the one on top. Hope it lasts for long.

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