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Do not reward yourself with junk food ...

So the other day I came across a quote that made me laugh:

“Do not reward yourself with food. You are not a dog.”
~ Anonymous

LOL! I thought that was hilarious, but at the same time it gave a negative connotation to food. And so I replaced the word “food” with “junk food” and gave this quote a positive twist with “give yourself healthy prizes”.

Rewards are so important to keep that inspiration going! There are many healthy prizes we can gift ourselves. And since each person is different, what motivates one person might not mean a thing to someone else.

I want you to think about what truly gets your soul psyched to work out. What kinds of things can you reward yourself with?
Do you love watching videos on Youtube of your favorite musician? Then give yourself the right to simply enjoy some videos after working out.

Maybe you love scrapbooking? Arts and crafts? The possibilities are endless.

I encourage you to sit down and write a list of things that really inspire you. And every time you do a workout session, know that you have earned the right to enjoy it!

Stay motivated! Stay healthy! You can do it!

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