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Full-Body Workout Wednesday

By September 12, 201222 Comments



Today I wanted to give you a Full-Body-Licious style workout, my favourite type of workout! We will do everything in a superset instead of a circuit, just to change things up a little.

We will start with light weight and high reps and each set we do, we are going to drop the reps and increase the weights. FOCUS on keeping the heart rate high and really pushing yourself. If done this way, there is no need to add cardio after this workout!

Warm UP – grab your dynamic warmup from Curvalicious and perform two exercises on the upper body and two on the lower body.

Otherwise, warm up with some bodyweight squats, arm circles, jumping jack, or skip rope until your core temperature is elevated and your muscles are a little loosened up!




In the chart given below, you will see each exercise and it’s superset exercise. You will perform each superset 4 times before moving onto the new superset. Under the reps per set category, you will see the reps descend, this is when you increase the weight.

REST – 40 seconds between each superset and once you catch your breath (60 – 90 seconds) move onto the next combo.

For most of the exercises are left without a weight, machine or cable instruction, such as a preacher curl. You can fill in what machine, cable or weight you would like to use as there are many of you that work from home. You can do dumbbell curls off a stability ball, machine or barbell for instance.



Superset with…

 Reps per set

1. Split squat Stiff-legged deadlift  20-15-10-8
2. Walking lunge Stability ball (sb) sit-up  20-15-10-8
3. Leg raises (abs) Push-up  20-15-10-8
4. Dumbbell chest fly Rear-delt fly  20-15-10-8
5. Bent over row Lateral raise  20-15-10-8
6. Lat pulldown (pullover) Shoulder press  20-15-10-8
7. Triceps dip Preacher biceps curl  20-15-10-8


Here is what a pullover looks like instead of a pulldown. We are targeting our lats.

exercises for women

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  • Linda says:

    I love Total Body workouts!! Thanks!!! Will try today.

  • shilpa says:

    Hi. Thanks for full body workout. Wondering if there’s a video of this workout. it would be easy to follow.Thanks again. bye.

  • Binu says:

    Thanks, just not clear on how the superset works. Each superset is done after each combo?

  • Lidice Diaz says:

    @ Binu….I had the same question. 🙂

  • Lisa says:

    I believe the workout will go like this:
    1. split squat 20 reps low weight supersetted with stiff legged dead lift 20 reps low weight.
    rest 40 secs
    then do
    split squat 15 reps a bit heavier weight suppersetted with stiff legged deadlift 15 reps a bit heavier weight
    rest 40 secs
    continue on in this fashion until you finish with the last reps of 8
    rest 60 to 90 secs
    start this same sequence with the next exercises
    2. walking lunges 20 reps low weight suppersetted with stability ball situps 20 reps
    rest 40 secs
    15 reps of those 2 exercises rest 10 reps , 8 reps etc.
    rest 40 secs between the 20,15,10 and 8 reps and rest 60 to 90 secs between the beginning of the next 2 exercises….
    again, this is how i interprut the workout to go.

  • Anna G says:

    This looks like a fun workout! Thanks Flavia!

  • Diana says:

    It would be really helpful if you had pictures of the work outs. I havent quite got the names down yet.

  • Jen Trudel says:

    OMG Thanks so much For bodylicious!! U gave me a GIFt when u gave me this!! IDk if u remember me but i contacted you regarding what i should do and wanted to get back in shape becuase after i lost my son I lost myself and My family was falling apart and U gave me a Gift!! Since then I have lost 9 1/2 lbs and sooo many inches Iam now only 13% body fat plus now iam down to a 20 1/2 “waist NOT KIDDING!! I LOVE LOVe this way of working out and eating Clean!! Thankyou!! It PAYS OFF!! I get very put off on some days when i don’t see results and deprived on some days when i want my junk.. but i hang in there and sooner or later (not right away) U DO SEE the results and it varies day to day of course becuase of being a women and theh water weight, lol!! But in all in GREAT shape and Iam still going FOR THE GOLD!! I LOVE This program and iam IN LOVE with the body workouts Full body AWESOME~~ Also like my hiit cardio on my everyotherdays… p.s… I kinda srated incorporating the Supersets and working out on some days longerthan others before this post to switch things up and was KINDA scared that MAYBE I was over training but now seeing this POST.. THANKGOD Iam glad i already started!!! LOVE YA GIRL!! YOU SOoooooooooo FRICKEN ROCK!! {{{Hugs}}
    Love Kylie& Noahs Mommy…. Jen

    • Flavia says:

      Hey Jen, of course I remember you. Wow, great job girl. You have to pat yourself on the back because I can tell you what to do but unless you actually do the work, you won’t get anywhere so GOOD ON YOU! Keep us up to date in your journey Jen, you will inspire so many women.

  • Liz says:

    Look great! Thanks! Do you have an online forum?

  • mary ellen says:

    I have been reading that preacher curls are a no-no exercise due to the odd positioning and possibility of rotator cuff injury. any thoughts on this?

  • Linda says:

    Hello Flavia! Just to tune in and let you know that I’ve been doing this workout for only two weeks!! and OMG!! amazing results specially in my legs… jeans so much looser and thighs feeling very strong. I’m from Puerto Rico and we caribbean woman have a tendency to have heavy butts and thights, but your workouts are leaning my thighs like no other workouts I’ve tried!! Keep it up! Love love you stuff.

    Very greatful


  • Bex says:

    Hi Flav, loved this workout today, great way to start back after a couple weeks off, can u post a few more full body work outs please, they’re really good for the weeks I can only get to the gym a couple of days.



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