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women fitness workout DVD

Hi Ladies!

It’s time to have a little blog contest!

To celebrate the launch of the CURVALICIOUS Body Sculpting System I want to give away FIVE (5) free copies of the entire 8-component system! Anyone can win and it’s super easy to enter the contest. Here’s how it works:

In 250 words or less, please tell me why this program will be the perfect fit for you. I want to know your unique reasons for wanting a CURVALICIOUS body that radiates with toned, defined and sexy curves! So go ahead and tell me exactly why you would benefit from my brand new program. 

Do your best to stay under 250 words and please do not mention your financial situation. Next week it’ll be offered at 50% off and I reassure you that it’s been priced for everyone and anyone.

We’ll keep the contest open until Saturday midnight and then I’ll announce the winners on Sunday!

Give me your best response in the comment box below!


P.S. If you need a little inspiration, check out the video trailer of CURVALCIOUS to get you pumped up!

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  • Robyn E says:

    I think I should win CURVALIVIOUS Body Sculpting System because I have had many problems trying to lose weight. I have PCOS (Poly-Cystic Ovarian Syndrome) and this has caused me to gain at least 50 pounds of weight over the last year. I have tried other diets/programs and have fell off those wagons. I see what you have done with your body and you are a health inspiration to me. I want to look just like you (physically speaking). It would be a dream come true to be as toned and tight as you are. I also feel that if I was in peak shape, so many options in life would open up to me (work possibilities and love life). Please please please choose me. I know I am a sexy confident female but most people who don’t know me can’t see that. All they can is the sludge around my arms, thighs, and mid-section. Thank you for reading this! I WANT TO GLOW AND RADIATE LIKE FLAVIA DEL MONTE!!!!!

    • Hamsa says:

      Please ask your doctor and do your own research about Iodine Therapy; iodine has been proven effective for eliminating, and preventing, cysts from the body. Best of luck to you in Flavia’s contest and in recovering from your PCOS!

  • Roberta says:

    I am ready to take my fitness to the next level. I’ve taken off over 80 pounds now I’m ready for that shake up to kick it into high gear. Short term goal 20 pounds in next two months. That will take me over my goal of 100. Then i could try something I’d never consider a two piece and then a fitness competition. This desk jockey wants to look like she spends hours in the gym.

  • Dee Carroll says:

    I would like to kick my 47yr old butt into gear and be an inspiration to my whole family especially my daughter who I can see is going down the same track I am. I have a grandson I want to be around for as well and hopeing for more to come. I have diabetes on both sides of the family and heart issues on my dads side. I sit at my desk all day and go home and sit all night. Time to get fit and healthy and to stop making excuses!

  • Marie says:

    Hi Flavia! I love your blogs and the info you share. I admire your physique and the hard work you put in. I’m willing to work just as hard to get that sexy curvalicious look! I know this will be possible by following your program. It would be great to win a copy free! One of my idols is Rachel McLish and she has muscles too!!!

  • Kate Poulton says:

    I got married 3 years ago and was happy with how I looked. But since then I’ve been lazy with my eating habits. I also have numerous food allergies which really restrict my diet. Now I’m 25kg heavier and 3-4 dresses sizes bigger! My weight gain has been devastating for my self confidence and self worth, and I’ve been suffering from depression for the last 2 years. Earlier this year, I got really low and didn’t see any hope…suicide seemed like the only option. Thankfully, I’m still here and I’ve gradually been working on committing to exercise and healthy eating. I’ve used your Flavilicious Fitness workout and I think it’s fantastic! I love that you promote hard work and efficient exercises that really make a difference. I have a naturally full figure but I really need to lose fat and build some muscle to sculpt my body into sexy curves. Your new program would definitely help me physically and emotionally. I want to feel good about myself again and not shy away from others out of shame. Thanks for considering me for the free copy of your exciting new program! Kate.

    • Rebecca says:


      Hang in there. I know exactly how you feel. I am slowly learning that no matter what your size if you start to believe in yourself then the confidence will exude out. With confidence comes people looking at you for you and not your dress size. I too have been feeling low and thinking that suicide is the way out, but know that there is a better way. I say even if we don’t win that we should still buy the program and become buddies to keep each other motivated to become better us.

  • Sharon hogan says:

    I think this prigram would be perfect for me because i consider myself fat at the moment. I do not want to be stick skinny, but slender, toned and still have the womanly curves.

    I could never stick to any other program but i purchased your dvd set a few months ago and it is brillant i just love it, i believe this program would be an awesome addition to the workouts of yours that i currently have!!!!

  • Mandy Roberts (lil mans personal training) says:

    This would be the ultimate win for me even though im a pt i find not enough time and following your website found the exercises and the ab work and your sculpting methods be great for myself.

  • Holly Foster says:

    I have been an athlete my entire life. I ran track, did gymnastics, played tennis, took judo lessons, took tap, jazz, and ballet classes. I also powerlifted and ran track on Air Force teams. In 2005, my son and I were hit head on by a drunk driver. I have been unable to participate in sports like I used to. This system is by a woman for women. I think this is something that can help me build from the ground up. I can develop a strong base and follow through back to a much healthier place. I’ve been following Vonce for years and you two are so knowlegeable… I can only benefit from this! I need to get back to it! I think this is right up my alley!

    • Patricia Shelper says:

      Hi Holly

      You would be a worthy winner and I reckon the program would be right up your ally. Don’t give up keep working towards recovery a little steps every day. Good Luck!

    • Scarlett says:

      Well I was so excited to hear about the free copies of Flavia’s curvalicious workout being given to some of her supporters. My initial thought was, how fantastic. Now I can follow the advice and workout of someone who clearly knows what works for women, but then I read through some of the existing posts on this site and I realised how many ladies have lived through and experienced awful accidents, health issues and other unpleasant effects that life has brought upon them. I really feel for you all and I felt inspired by various individuals determination to succeed with transforming your bodies.

      I wish you all good luck in winning a prize from Flavia. Perhaps when one of you becomes successful with using Flavia’s techniques, you could post the stories of your journey on the website.


  • Andrea MacDonald says:

    I would love to win the full program. I have followed you for some time now and used some of your exercises towards my strength training for triathlons. Unfortunately I had a bike accident this winter and injured myself by breaking ribs, separating my shoulder and requiring knee surgery. Now that I am on the road to recovery and got the go ahead to start weight training again now couldn’t be a better time to get back onto a program. Please, please, please pick me so I can kick some but in my races and owe it all to you.

  • Jowan says:

    I believe that Curvilicious is going to give me the encouragement and motivation I need especially lately to get my fitness back on track. I used to be in much better shape than now, but recently have been struggling with emotional eating, and that unfortunately led to low confidence and neglecting myself. I am in the process of getting my nutrition in check and following a strong fitness regimen, and Curvilicious seems to be just what I need! I want to build a sexy, strong, and definitely curvy figure, and ultimately feel great about how I look again and be happier! Thanks for the opportunity to win the program.


  • Frances says:

    Just turned 61 and want to continue to have good health. This system is what I would like to have help me gain muscle, flexibility and over all strength, I want to have a backside like Flavia.

  • Pam says:

    Hey Flavia, Short and sweet here, I’m preparing for my first competition and looking for ideas and ways to keep the routine fresh, effective and motivating. I love the way that you encourage women to get out onto the weight floor in order to get results! I’m looking forward to having the CURVALICIOUS Body Sculpting System in my training “toolbox.”

  • Becky Anderson says:

    I have been looking for a workout system specifically designed for women. About a year ago I came across your Flavilicious system and fell in love with it. I have been very devoted working out extremely hard 5-6 days a week, which is hard because I do shift work; 12 hour shifts full time. I have seen great results; finally I’m wearing my skinny jeans; but feel I have reached a plateau and need a new challenge. I am really looking forward to your new system to help me loose the last 10 pounds. I think with all the great results the flavilicious system has given me that the curvalicious system will help me reach my final goals.

  • Janalyne says:

    “Skinny Fat.” That is why this is the perfect program for me. I lost a lot of weight (over 40 lbs), but between not working out from adrenal/thyroid issues for 2 years and not eating enough to try to compensate…I lost a LOT of muscle even though I maintained my weight. I’m cleared to workout again and eating a great diet…so I’m ready to put on muscle so I don’t just look good in clothes…I want to look killer in a swimsuit and this would be the perfect program for that!

  • Katie Leach says:

    I feel like I would benefit from the CURVALISCIOUS Body Sculpting System because I have tried so many things on my own already. I am a runner and always lose weight from all the cardio I put in but I have NEVER had a tight, toned lower body! I know that with just a little more guidance and encouragement that I can one day achieve the body I have dreamed of. Being 26 and a single mother of a 9 year old impressionable girl can be difficult at times and I want to be the person she can always look up to. I think being more self confident about my body image will project onto her also. If I were to win this system I think with all the tools included it would be more than enough to give me that extra “push” I’ve been searching for. I follow all of your YouTube videos and love them but with a system as structured as this I know I will have a great body transformation to a more toned, healthier and happier me! 🙂

  • April Gadson says:

    My name is April and I am 43 years old. I am the mother of four and grandmother of two little rambunctious boys. One grandson is four and the other is five. I’ve always been overweight. At the age of seventeen I gave birth to a set of twins. I weighed in at 214# when I went in to give birth. I’ve not been under 200#s until August 2011. That’s 25 years of obesity. I weighed 268#s at my heaviest. When my first grandson was born I experienced how out of shape I was.  I became seriously out of breath trying to carry a newborn up one flight of stairs. I decided then if I wanted to be around to watch my grandchild grow up I needed to get my weight under control. I changed my eating habits and added in walking. I was ably to lose 30#s. I kept that off for about 3 years. Last year I started going to a weight loss clinic that helped me get my weight down to 185. I am 5’6″ and need to be down another 30#s. I believe the Curvalicious system will help me get those last pounds off and finally be in the shape I’m supposed to be in. I want to be healthy and fit to participate in my current and future grandchildrens’ lives. Maybe live long enough to run around after some great-grands :). I hope you consider my entry. Wishing you much peace and many blessings.

  • Lisa C says:

    I want to win this program because I believe that this is the one. The one that will work and help me to be the best me I can be for my husband and four kids. I believe that it will fit into my very busy schedule ( I work 2 jobs and do volunteer work plus my kids stuff) and I believe that it will help me to feel good when I get up , get dressed and have a picture taken. I believe that it will give me the confidence I need to succeed in other areas of my life. I believe that it will make me stronger and it will help me to stop making excuses as to why I can’t lose wait. I don’t want to make any more excuses. I just want to succeed.

  • Kelley says:

    I watch all you videos you post. I like your workouts and your advice is helpful. I need the curvalicious cause i have gone as far as I can on my own. After having two kids, newly divorced :(, and work full time to support my kids, I am fed up with not looking the way I want, i am a decent weight,just need toning, thats the problem I face, what do I do to tone, hence, i need you!! I know you can help me. So thats my story in a short wrap up, and i am sticking to it ;).

  • Casey says:

    I’m a slim person, and look good in clothes. Everyone is always telling me “you’re so skinny” “you don’t need to go on a diet” “go on you can afford to eat that cake” “You don’t need to work out”.

    People just don’t get it. Maybe I am skinny but what I’m not is toned, defined or strong!! Which is what I want to be. I work out and eat well and unfortunately that means losing weight, now I want to build my Curvalicious body and look smokin’ hot for my 30th birthday!

    I’m going to get a copy of Curvalicious on Monday no matter what 🙂

  • bernie says:

    This would be such a fabulous prize for me as I am just starting out my training to compete in my first fitness competion at the end of the year – sooooo exciting.
    What a leg up or should i say leg press up this would be for me
    Thanks Flav

  • Tina Schworm says:

    Hi Flavia,

    I’ve been watching your video’s online and like the way you workout. I like the variety of equipments and moves you use to get tone and fit. I’ve had a personal trainer at the gym before and liked it because of the different workouts I got and they pushed me. Of course having a personal trainer is costly. For this reason, I’d love to have your Curvevalicious program so I can have you as my trainer.

    I’m 50 and really want to get toned and fit so I will have more energy and have a long healthy life. Please, please help me do this by giving me your Curvealicious. Wished you lived in Richmond, Va.


  • Patricia Boone says:

    Hi Flavia!

    I think that CURVALICIOUS would be the perfect fit for me because it is time to get my core rock solid for water skiing. Three years ago I got into skiing the slalom course. You are on a slalom ski and you have to ski around six bouys and keep shortening the line length or increasing the speed to get to 34 mph and then shorten the line length. It is a blast! For the last two years I have hit a plateau and I am determined to blow past it this year. The key is a rock solid core to keep your form as the boat speeds up. I am ready to do CURVALICIOUS to get my core rock solid and ski not only 32 and 34 mph regularly but to also go to 22′ off. Considering that I will be 47 this July it will be awesome to accomplish this!
    Thank you for all of your encouragement and challenges that you give with your emails and on your blog.
    Patty Boone

  • Michelle Keating says:

    Hey Flavia,
    I am so excited you have a new program and obviously would be psyched to win a copy! I have done your Flavilicious fitness program with great results! It was very challenging and your physique is totally motivating! I am getting married in 4 months and would love to kick it up a notch with my training for the final push before the big day!! Can’t wait to see what you have in store!
    Thanks Flavia!

  • madeline says:

    I had 4 back surgeries and was paralyzed as well both legs knee down and staying fit is very important to me due to my back injuries. My goal is to loose another 10 lbs but it has been really hard on me. I have not worn a 2 piece bathing suit in over 10 yrs. because of the embarrasing scars that I have on my postieor and antieror and the baby fat that i have from having my son. I work out 5 times a week and i do the very best that I can trying not to aggravate my back. I want to be at my very best and I havent seen my abs come thru since 1996 since my accidents and I have followed your page for a long time and I have done many routines that you show on your page and what I cannot do i compensate other ways that will work for me , so far I’m pleased with myself but i would like to boost my self esteem and feel confident about myself in wearing certain clothing. You have inspired me in so many ways that I wish i had more woman like yourself at my gym.I maybe limited but i never give up and I have been nothing but greatful to God for watching over me at the gym.I would love to win what your giving away and if i’m choosen i would send you a before and after pics and i can finally fulfill my dream on walking on stage for the first time. and no matter what place i come in i owe it all to you. One day my story will be told and i have come a long way.One day I will meet you and say thank you from the bottom of my heart, you are a true warrior ..God bless you

  • Suzie Lombello says:

    I have a very busy office job, a super long commute to and from work, and my mother to care for when I arrive home, so most of my day is spent sitting on my butt. My mom has arthritis and osteoporosis, I see her suffering and I have been teaching her some good habits as I’ve been developing my own. She does different exercises, but it’s fun for us to spend time in the gym together. When I used Flavilicious, I fell in love instantly, as I found it to be a really well designed workout that was fresh, easy to follow, and exciting. I’ve spent years doing various workout videos of all types and levels, but no one combines being fun, knowledge and getting amazing results like Flavia. At my little gym, I have a following of women who watch me workout and want to know what I’m doing and where I get my exercises from; and I let them know. I’ve never been a skinny girl, but I have the benefit of a good frame, and having a really good arsenal of exercises under my belt really helps because I want to work my body in the most effective way for my shape. So the original question was, why do I want Curvalicious? I want to continue to excel in this healthy lifestyle that has been encouraging to my mom and my friends, I’m ready for a new challenge and I know Curvalicious is going to deliver a really effective one, as far as I’m concerned, anything that comes from Flavia Del Monte is pure Fitness Gold.

  • Michelle says:

    I’m ready to get the belly I had before kids back, but better! Whenever I see your picture, all I see is that tummy of yours. I WANT it!! I’m a 40 year old woman, that doesnt recognize the body staring back at her in the mirror.

    My youngest (daughter) just turned 12 today… and my son will be 17 in July. I’m in a great relationship with a fantastic and loving guy…and am finally happy in my love life.. After years of being unhappy in an unfulfilling relationship. But I’ve gained weight over the last year and am not happy with my physical appearance at the moment. Winning your system would give me the opportunity to make big changes in my health and be able to be a better person all around.

    Thanks for your consideration.

  • Trelle says:

    I am 36 years old and lost my vision in a car accident. (Please, no pitty, just getting to a point!)…I would love to shave off about 5 more pounds of , uh, well I guess fat on my stomach and have a six pack for once in my life. I have had a flat stomach, but never a six pack. I would also like to gain about 5 pounds of muscle. I only work out at home and am ready to go from Bodilicious to Curvilicious! Thanks for giving everyone a chance to win a copy, that is very generous of you, Flavia. Thank you again for putting together such amazing home programs, that can also be done in the gym. It really is for everyone, and I have seriously seen results and found programs and a coach to follow where I continue to see fabulous results. 🙂

  • Rebecca says:

    Flavia, I have been following you for the past 9 months or so and have been motivated to start moving again. I have been feeling really low about myself and my chances to change my physical and mental being. By doing your program I feel that it will help me gain the confidence I need, as well as, the physical appearance to help me in my life. I hope that by gaining the sexy curves that I will begin to be noticed by others for not only my body but by the self confidence I will exude because I will feel better about myself.

  • Kelsey says:

    Hi Flavia!

    I have been using your flavalicious workout for the past 3 months and I have been seeing great results. Much like you I have been working as a nurse and find it difficult to find the extra time to fit workouts in with a hectic schedule. Your programs have given me the encouragement to work out even after 12 hours shifts because your workouts are not only fun but easy to do at home. These workouts have given me the determination to sign up for yoga, swim laps and I am now even training for a 10km charity run in Ottawa.

    I feel like your program would benefit be because not only am I determined but I feel great now that I have been exercising more frequently.

    Thank-you for helping me get into a better mind frame and be an overall healthier person.

    Kelsey Hamilton

  • Raquel says:

    Hi Flavia, I would love your new workouts, I have your Flavilicious workouts and had great results using them. Unfortunately I had to stop temporarily due to some health issues, but now that I’m well on my way to recovery and have started working out again, I feel your workouts are what can give me that extra motivation to get my life back and my body back!

  • Amanda Runions says:


    I cannot tell you what a blessing your program has been to me! Four years ago, I was over 300 pounds. I was just starting college, away on my own for the first time, and I hated how I looked. I didn’t want to do anything but stay in my apartment. Slowly, I started eating more healthy and being a little more active. Two years, I met this wonderful man who encouraged me to become fit and healthy, not just lose weight. He bought me Flavilicious Fitness for Christmas last year (2010). I love it! I’m not just losing weight, I’m changing my lifestyle. My finance is using Vince’s program as well. I am so glad that we have a common goal to share!

    Just 10 more pounds, I will have lost almost half my weight! I can finally go to a store and buy clothes!This past year using Flavilicious has been such an encouragement to see my body change. 🙂 I cannot wait for Curvalicious to be released! Our wedding is still several months away. Curvalicious is going to the next step in my fitness plan. I want to be able to walk down the aisle on my wedding day knowing, inside and out, that I am not the same person I was!

    Thanks Flavia!

  • DK Schmidt says:

    I am 62 years old.. experienced some health setbacks and in the past two years have lost the muscle tone I worked so hard for … I want to use the curvalicious system to turn back the clock two years…I love your tips.. loved watching you the past months getting ready for your shoot…I want to be toned like you!!!

  • Lisa Norman says:

    Flavia, I’m recently separated from a psychologically abusive marriage. To win will aid my all important physical transformation to compliment the mental challenges family and friends have supported me with. I’m in a good state mentally now, my forward directions are clear – stability for my two sons and to get my health and shape back. I am ready for the physical challenge but I need guidance and inspiration. You are both (and more) for women like me!

  • Alicia says:

    I got so much out of your first program and I’m so excited about this new one!
    Your system has helped me get stronger in ways I never before thought possible. And now this coming September I’M GETTING MARRIED! Needless to say, I’m fully dedicated to getting in the best shape of my life right about now 🙂 Thanks for everything, Flavia!

  • Tammy says:

    Flavia- I want to bring CURVALICIOUS to Australia! Australian woman would benefit. Let’s spread the word!! (And of course for me….your new program is a must after already utilising the FULL-BODY-LICIOUS) Results have been AMAZING!!

  • Andrea Wallage says:

    Hi Flavia

    I am getting married next April and would love to win a copy of curvalicious to help me get into the best shape of my life. I have been using the first workout system you put out and am back at my previous best however my wedding dress is backless and fitted all the way to the ground (think pippa middleton) and I want to absolutely rock it and look the best I possibly can in when I walk down that aisle!

  • Elaina says:

    Hi Flavia!
    To the point:
    Struggled with anorexia for 8 years, after MANY drs and treatment, I found myself alive and recovering, but out of balance. Now trying to gain a healthy lifestyle but MOST IMPORTANTLY a healthy relationship with my body! Learning how to take care of myself and honor my body has been a long road, but every effort I make by researching HEALTHY ways to be balanced in mind and body is something I have learned to enjoy, AND it helped me discover you! Already it is truly an amazing peice of my story that has helped me love myself again and given me a little hope that I can love myself, Mita body, and what I am capable of! 🙂

  • Irina B says:

    Dear Flavia,
    I was so impressed when I discovered your website. You looks amazing! Your articles based on your experience, knowledge and science are so interesting and useful, I’ve got lot of information for my studying (I am going to be a Fitness Instructor in future).
    I did lot of training in my life (but my favorite is resistance training with weighs). Unfortunately, never in my life I have a real friend who have the same passion and likes weigh training. When I found you in Internet and You tube it is make me very happy, because you give me a huge inspiration!
    I truly believed that weight training is only one way for all females to stay healthy, active and look beautiful at any age. Now I am looking the way to improve my physique, my fitness level, my knowledge and reach my goals!
    I hope CURVALICIOUS Body sculpting system can help me with this!

  • Tracy says:

    Hi Flavia, CURVALICIOUS Body Sculpting System I’m sure, was developed from my dream of the perfect training system. At 45 and after 6 children… I need help! Moderate fitness levels have not been a problem for me, but as a dancer/teacher/performer, I need to get back to the super strong body of my lost youth and find the sexy, curvaceous & toned body that lurks within for my latin moves- to both regain my professional credibility (looking the part is half the job) and to again feel sexy & strong in my body- both of which have been so much harder to obtain since the boys & hitting 40. I need to be able to trust in my total body strength & it’s endurance, & my partners need to have trust in my ability & conditioning too. My body needs to be pushed harder than I get from run of the mill PT sessions. I’m already a devotee of your methods and have incorporated a few very specific exercises into my existing program very successfully, but everything’s disjointed, far from time efficient and perhaps even contradictory (not to mention boring)……..I have your determination now I hope to get your state of total fitness and believe the CURVALICIOUS Body Sculpting System can & will yield my desired results in a very safe & efficient way.

  • Hi Flavia! I’d love to win this set because it sounds like everything I’m after. You’ve been my inspiration for a while since we’re just about the exact same size (height, frame, etc.) but and I’m having a really hard time trying to figure out how to look lean and sexy-muscley… not just squishy/skinny. I’m kind of tired of being thin and petite and no butt. I want to be defined and lean and curvy!!

    My husband is so encouraging everytime I talk about wanting to do a competition – he’s my biggest supporter, but I just don’t feel confident in my workouts and no idea where to start since I workout at home. Your program sounds like exactly what I need…I can’t even imagine doing a competition, but time to make it happen this year and be the sexy, fit, rockin’ hot mama I know I can be!!!

  • Elizabeth says:

    I would love to win CURVALICIOUS because I would love to enter my first competition ever. I have been working hard but the results are not as I expected. Once I found your YouTube channel, I began following your advice and saw significant improvement in just a few weeks. I believe that with your program I could attain the body I need to actually win a competition as a bikini competitor. You are my role model and inspiration. Thanks!

  • Ena says:

    Hi Flavia,Thanks for putting this competition together cause its a good opportunity to let you know how I feel about you and what you do….I’ve been training for 20 years,starting in high school, doing heavy weights and loving it!
    I do not look bulky at all and finally you’re telling or reaching out to all women from the ones just starting out or to the ones like me thats been following Vince Delmonte, Nick Nilson etc.(Just to name the ones that stood out for me or shall I say speak the truth)Which brings me to the next important thing:These guys are truely amazing but they are MEN!?!and you kinda get tired just hearing things from blokes,lol!I was delighted to see you taking charge and deciding to create these programs and as I would call your website my new “helpsite/inspiration”.Yes you do look amazing,Yes your info is valuble and YES youre a girl(ticking all the boxes) Lastly I need to stress the IMPORTANCE of the fact that you’re a chick not feeding me BS about toning etc.I’ve read many blogs,visited many websites(for a long time) but you are doing a truelly amazing job and for that I’m greatful.Flav,don’t quit : Your message is SO freakin important!♥

  • Lisa Q says:

    Hi Flavia.
    I used your first program and I have seen DEFINITE results with it. I have rotated thru it about 3 times now with a break in between each lot with a different program. It is now time to go to the next level and like you achieve a GOB SMACKING BODY. Your new program will give me the tools to progress there. I am here waiting for your new challenge, my eating is good, but by going onto your new program it will give me revitalised inspiration and determination to drill down hard into myself and to make my eating and training SUPER DUPER CLEAN AND HARD. I am at 18% body fat and this new program will inspire me in such a way to become amazingly proud of my body as you are of yours. I won’t disappoint myself with my results – nor you and I will inspire our two children to show them that to dream your dreams is to achieve great results. Looking forward to starting and the sooner the better.
    Thanks Lisa

  • Kate H says:

    WOW – just watched the trailer (and read your latest article) FANTASTIC…as always.
    I should WIN a copy because, I live and breathe fitness and exercise….but still don’t look like you! I want this, no I NEED this, so I CAN look CURVALICIOUS… everyone can see that I live and breathe fitness, to look as good on the outside as working out makes me feel on the inside 🙂

  • Cheryl says:

    Flavia…….the reason why I would like to win your CURVALICIOUS DVDs is because I hate the way I look…. and I am at despair with myself. I recently found your website and find you very motivating as we are both not very tall people and that gives me hope because you look great…Ii would love to look even a smidge as good as you…..Thanks take care. Cheryl

  • Karen says:

    C urrently feeling an
    U nattractive & unmotivated,
    R egretful
    V ersion of myself.
    A dd Curvalicious BSS =
    L earning &
    I nspiration to
    C reate a new &
    I mproved
    O MG
    U nbelievably
    S uper strong, secure, sexy self.

  • Sue Neil says:

    Flavia, I will always remember what I read in your website when I purchased Flavialicious and that was that you wanted people to look at you and know that you work out. I so want people to say that about me too and after using Flavialicious for 12 months now I am almost there. But with the help of a great Metabolic Reistance program like Curvalicious, I know I will succeed and then I will not only have people say that about me, but that at 53 I will be in the best shape of my life – FIT, STRONG, LEAN and maybe even a little bit SEXY…..even an older version of you….we can dream can’t we?

  • Lauren says:

    Hi…Your inspiring, real, informative and you live the fitness life…who wouldn’t want to follow in your footsteps and get the most our of their life, live the dream and have a curvalicious body!

    Thank you!

  • Michelle says:

    After overcoming years of eating disorders, I’m finally eating and training the smart way and want to look like I’ve been working out, not starving myself. I’ve recently been doing the last program you released and absolutely loved it. I want to look healthy, fit and most importantly be proud of myself and I know your programs will help me achieve this!

  • Sandra says:

    I got Flaviliscious last year and fell completely in love with it, such a new world in fitness for me! I used to train at the gym the typical routine, you know, high reps, light weights and steady pace boring cardio, untill I got into your system, so different, so effective, so good!
    I’ve achieved great changes on my body but still want to look my best! and I’m sure CURVALICIOUS will do it for me, can’t wait to get it!!

  • Herleen Sethi says:

    I have been looking for the best work out system to help me. I always wanted to complete, I have seen my friend complete and win and I want to do the same. Back in 2009 I had a major surgery I had a ovary and fallopian tube removed, the doctors found a 3 pound and 18 1/2 cm tumor growing. Since then I have tried everything to get my body back to normal. But I need help and training to get to my goals. I work out 5 days a week and eat the right foods but it seems I am not going anywhere, I am ready to try something new.

  • Traci says:

    Hi Flav,
    Well i follow u daily ur my inspiration and i want to look like u. Im a mother and a trainer but its been so hard to get the results that my clients achieve because its hard training yourself, BUT.. many will say i train like a machine and i’d agree. I do think my body is used to what im doing, i know alot is about food so im now at university studying nutrition & dietetcis, im so passionate like im sure alot of other people are.

    I really want my clients to be proud that im there trainer and that they say ‘WOW i want her body’, which is the reaction i get when i see u. Few years ago i was at my skinniest but ive always been soft, i bought and tried your flavilicious exercies and seen a change and i know that curvilicious will give me that kick start again.

    I want my daughter to be proud of her mum and i just want to train and look great in a bikini for once im a trainer and id love to have your physique.

    You trauley are amazing Flav.. xx

  • Denise says:

    I have followed your blog for several months ever since it’s inception. I marvel and am inspired by your chiseled physique and how strong you look ( especially your shoulders and arms). I have been frequently impressed with your discipline – particularly with your training form and intensity. From reading your blogs I have discovered that I have been training with MRT assuming it was the best thing to help me loose the last 5-10 lbs and to have better tone. I have been using the exact approach (repeating 10-15 reps of the same exercises over and over) that you said is a fitness disaster! No wonder I have been getting nowhere! I have never incorporated focused muscle gain to increase my metabolism. So, It makes sense why I have had trouble maintaining any results. I am frustrated! I NEED your help! I want to be curvalicious! I would LOVE to put your system to the test. More muscle and less fat, sounds good to me!

  • Nathalie says:

    I’m trying to lose weight since January (20 pounds) and I didn’t succeed. I’m 45 years old and I’m entering in my premenopause period and It’s very difficult to manage: lack of motivation, depression,belly fat…I would like to feel better and to be more comfortable with my boyfriend. Your website is the most interesting I ever accessed, information you share with us and the exercice videos are very relevant. Thanks Flavia

  • Amanda says:

    I have tried so many times, in so many ways, to lose weight. I have tried the pills, and the shots, and the starving, and the shakes, and the quick fix magic bullets. I have successfully lost weight twice in my life; a significant amount on the pills, which were so very much like speed, and gave me the energy to work out every day to “the Firm” tapes, and gave me the lack of interest in sugary treats that allowed me to eat properly. Of course, it was all gained back about 6 months later. Again, on a really restrictive, low carb, low sugar, low fat diet, I lost about 35 lbs. I did not have the energy to work out, and I didn’t even reach my goal; I just quit losing, so stopped the regimen. I ended up getting pregnant soon after. I’m getting older, I have 4 kids. My father had a heart attack at 39. My mom died at 46. My grandmother was bed-ridden at 50. I do NOT want my life to end similarly to theirs. and I’m scared that if I don’t do something now, it will. And I am TERRIFIED of that being my story.

  • Liz Voss says:

    Hi Flavia!
    I just got engaged and am getting married in a year. It has been 4 years since I lost 25kg (that’s Aussie for 55lbs) and I have managed to keep it off but am still soft around the edges.
    I adore your sculpted, toned look and can’t wait to get my body into the ultimate shape I know I can be! I already train and do triathlons but would really benefit from targeted MRT and high weights workouts, I’m excited to see what they’re like!!
    I just want to be my best for my wedding day and knock my fiance’s socks off!!

  • Lisa Barton says:

    I think I should win a copy because I’m from Oz and you like the way we say “Chrissy!” instead of Christmas 🙂 Obviously I am here simply because I WANT TO LOOK LIKE YOU! And because I want to get stronger then my husband so I can hold him back when he tickles me too much.
    Oh, plus I’ve had 4 kids, 3 caesarians etc etc pregnant, weight put on etc etc, you know how it goes. I want to go back to being a STRONG Yummy Mummy! I’m 33yrs and need to keep up with my 4 little boys. You rock Flav!

  • Nornthuk says:

    Where did you want us to send this 250 words?

    Here’s my 250 words lol.

    I have been struggling with my body image all my life. Flavia’s Bodylicious program totally changed my perspective on exercising and what there is to do about feeling attractive. Her understanding of nutrition, female challenges, compound body movements, balancing resistance training, simplicity educates better etc made it all work for me. Now I’m working on being a role model so I inspire other people and start my own career in the fitness industry (because Flavia inspired me)

    I’m a big fan of challenging workouts and one of the few people whose trainers love to work with, because our sessions usually go like:
    Trainer: Rest 30 seconds
    Me: Let’s not rest! Can I do 10 seconds instead?

    I have been totally killing myself when I work out. Maybe it’s not a good idea, but I really enjoy it. Flavia’s workouts are hard, but when I heard 45 min 5 days a week that was a lot better than I did before, and it gives me way more results than I used to. 4% less body fat, 3 sizes down. I look better than ever.

    That is to say I’m not without challenges. I’m genetically an endomorph who managed to get below 19% body fat. It has been plateauing for a little while so I got Precision Nutrition (because Flavia said that’s where she learned from). It’s also about time I need a harder workout that I can stick to on my own time.

  • Lisa C Barton says:

    G’day Flav. I think I should win a copy because I’m from Oz and you like the way we say “Chrissy!” instead of Christmas 🙂 Obviously I am here simply because I WANT TO LOOK LIKE YOU! And because I want to get stronger then my husband so I can hold him back when he tickles me too much.
    Oh, plus I’ve had 4 kids, 3 caesarians etc etc pregnant, weight put on etc etc, you know how it goes. I want to go back to being a STRONG Yummy Mummy! I’m 33yrs and need to keep up with my 4 little boys. You rock Flav!

  • Ana says:

    I’ve been fat since I became a teenager what makes me feel bad and sad and shy. I’m 38 and I’m tired of dressing as an older woman and not beeing able to wear beautiful clothes. I’m in a circle I have to go out of. When I exercise I feel stronger but a little temptation throws it all away. I need this program to atrach to and follow and make me strong!!

  • Narelle says:

    Oh my gosh Flavia, my sister and I are super excited that you have released Curvalicious!!!! We love the Full-Body-Licious workouts, actually probably MORE obsessed. You have changed our whole perspective on fitness, weights and muscles. We always thought that lifting weights was for guys, but my, how you have change this view. I love lifting weights now, and love seeing the muscles that I am developing. It was nice to be told by a regular in our gym the other day, how hard we both work out and how strong and defined our bodies are starting to look. We both walked away with the biggest smiles!!! Strong is definitely the new sexy!!!!!

    We follow you and Ryan Watson’s so closely and have seen great changes in our body. We recently finished a 12 week challenge and achieved the best results. It was hard, but so worth it. We have now got our own PT onto your blog to show him what we do, and now he is obsessed with your husband!!!

    Either by winning this pack or buying it, we will be following the new curvalicious very shortly!!!!!

  • Becky says:

    I’m not usually one to jump on the train of entering things like blogging contests, but what have I got to loose? As we approach 40, our female bodies need a lot of TLC. I’ve been athletic,as a gymnast from an early age. I have engaged in many work out programs – weight training, Pure Barre, P90X, & mountain biking to name a few. All are fabulous, but none of these have been specific for women and include appropriate nutrition as part of the program. Can’t have one without the other. All fad diet and exercise programs out there are more confusing than ever. I’ve made lifestyle changes that include learning to eat good and making exercise a priority…for life, not to reach short term goals. Flavia’s programs have inspired me and for the 1st time, I’ve found fitness that works for my specific goals. I am a petite, 5’4″ female weighing in at 103lbs. They are not totally focused on loosing weight, but also gaining sexy, lean muscles…just what I need! Adding Curvalious would be a great asset to help mix things up and achieve the ultimate fitness goals. My 11 daughter came home from school the other day and told me her friends said she can eat as much junk food as she wants because she is skinny…umm, YIKES! Don’t get me started with the childhood obesity problem! As her mother, an RN, with a petite build, I hope to pass along some knowledge about living a healthy lifestyle. It would be the ultimate “mommy moment” if both my kids learn good things come to those that WORK HARD!

  • Salena says:

    Hi Flavia. My weight has been an issue most of my life. After a failed relationship and letting myself “go”, i’m at the point in my life where i’ve realised only i can change how i look and feel about myself. I don’t want to be the un-noticeable person anymore who gets overlooked because of the way i look. I don’t want to feel ashamed of myself and feel invisible to the world. I want to break out of this fat suit i have been hiding myself in, and unlock my true potential as a strong, beautiful, fit and healthy woman. Above all, i want to feel confident again, and regain my health and zest for life. That is why i would love to have the privilege of trying your plan.

  • lindsey says:

    I am 5″2 and have always had to be extremely careful and obsess about what I eat as if I put on a bit of weight, it instantly shows around my thighs and hips and have always been selfconcious about it. I have bought other people’s programmes but nothing seems to have much of an effect. I bought Joel’s xtreme diet and stuck to it to the letter and that worked and I was an inspiration to the children I teach at school, which gave me such a buzz but can’t sustain such an extreme lifestyle so feel I have lost my successes at bit which has dipped my confidence and I want to be a good role model to young people. It’s left me a bit confused about nutrition and ‘normal’ exercise so I am looking to Curvalicious to give me my ‘bread and butter’ workouts I can sustain together with a sensible eating plan. Loving your tips, Flavia. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication!

  • Eliza says:

    Hi Flavia – This contest is great! I’m writing because I’ve struggled with my weight since I was little. I have recently started weight training and I’ve already seen great results – results that slow, low intensity cardio has never given me. I truly believe that weight training and HIIT is what will ultimately help me reach my goal. I’ve been struggling, however, to find good information on the internet about weight training for women. There is so much information out there that sometimes it is hard to pick and choose what advice to follow. A friend of mine is an avid subscriber and supporter of yours and recommended that I take a look at your website. It would be great to get started on your workouts. I’ve heard they are fantastic and I am impressed by everything that I’ve seen of yours on youtube and your website. Thank you again for this opportunity!

  • Margaret says:

    I was an expat in the Middle East for 12 years and now migrated to North America. When I was in the Middle East, I have been regularly going to the gym for my work out including weight training with a personal trainer. I also run outside and make sure I swim at least twice a week. When I moved to North America, I just didn’t know how to start, and the winter days did not help my motivation at all. We all know that exercise helps you feel better inside and out. Imagine how I have been feeling for the last 9 months, not good at all. CURVALIVIOUS Body Sculpting System is definitely what I need for a perfect new beginning!

  • Crystal says:

    I was the chubby girl in Jr/Sr High School. While in university, I slowly started running and got educated in the gym. I leaned up and was hooked on fitness. I also joined the Army Reserves so that perhaps I could one day (toughen up to) achieve my dream career as a police officer. I was a teacher for four years then joined the police service. Now, 10 years later, I have a wonderful husband and two little boys (and maintain my career, with no childcare). My second son was 9 lbs at birth, but I almost have my abs back! I’ve also since completed two (albeit, slow) marathons. I never sacrifice my family for my activities, so I manage to keep fit after taking care of everyone else first. As my sons are getting older (more independent), I am now ready to take it to the next level to be in BEST shape of my life – as my 40th birthday is around the corner! Flavia, I love your approach to fitness, along with that of Vince & Ryan. I love that you all encourage working out hard, but smart. I enjoy your Full-body-licious and avidly follow your blog videos (which I print out and take to the gym!). I would really like to continue learning more via Curvalicious. I love that “40 is the new 30”, and that “strong is the new skinny”!

  • Crystal Witt says:

    I recently started gaining a lot of weight and this is the first thing that I’ve come across that I really want to try. I want to keep my curves but get back to a normal weight.

  • Taria says:

    I’ve been weight training since 1983, I´m now 55. Last year was difficult; I had complicated hand operation and it took over 6 months to rehabilite but it will never be as good as it was before. Still I kept working (legs and core) mainly. Now my hormonal issues have been really challenging, a muffin top is growing in middle section and I my selfesteem is lower. I think I´ve also hit a plateau; I work hard and eat low carb but no change, my body is not looking good any more. I need a new plan!

  • Melissa smith says:

    In the past 1.5 years I have gained 60-70 lbs for various reasons. Since moving to Florida in January, I have been focusing on trying to lose the weight. I am having trouble finding a program that A) works and B) I don’t get bored of. I believe this program would be great for me and would help me lose the weight I’ve gained. My boyfriend and I are looking at rings so I need to get into shape for my future wedding 🙂

  • veronika says:

    Winning curvalicious would help me a great deal. I am have been struggling loosing weight but I am on my way down. I want to get this final edge quickly because I would like to be in great shape before starting a family, since I believe it is much harder afterwards to get there…

  • xena both says:

    I going to keep this short and simple. no sobbing story here. I.m a female who wants to get strong. In a proper, intelligent way. I’v have followed you now for a while now and have witness how you transformed yourself in the way you look now Flavia. Dedication and np doubt a well thought workout/nutrition plan at the max.
    The Dedication I already have.. Enter CURVALICIOUS Body Sculpting System. I will show much grattitude when I receive your new program by giving it my all. Cause its about time..I ‘curve’ out the best of me! Thank you! :)))))

  • Jessica says:

    Weight loss has always been a battle for me. I was an overweight child and had incredibly low self-esteem. I tried everything and even went so far as to stop eating. Finally when I got out of high school I started going to the gym and eating right. I got in the best shape I have ever been in and then I became bombarded by issues at home and fell off. I was trying to be a full time student while helping out my sister who is a single mother to my niece who is partially deaf and my nephew who cannot walk, talk, or eat. I was also caring for my parents who are both sick and working as much as I could. Through all of this I felt that I have lost myself again. I became so consumed in everyone else’s issues that I have not made time for myself, and I feel like I am that shy miserable overweight child once again. I hope to win this so I can finally find myself, so I can finally wear a bikini for the first time ever and wear shorts in the summer. So I can stop beating myself up over how I look and finally walk into a room not wanting to run hide. I hope to win this so I can become a role model for all the overweight people in my life and inspire them to finally do something about it, I feel like I can achieve all of this with this curvalicious 🙂

  • Marla says:

    I love to workout and don’t like the “wimpy” little workouts that so many others have offered. I know that you are doing what you preach and your body shows it. While I am 43, I want to continue to look like I am fit and in shape and that my kids are proud of. I love a muscle type look! It’s also my birthday on the 21st 🙂 Would make a great bday present!!!!!

  • Amelia Turner says:

    I am in desperate need of losing 60 pounds. My daughter is 12 and needs to lose just as much to be at a healthy weight. I love how powerful and healthy you look and I want the same for me and my little girl! There are health issues on both sides of the family and I am not about to fall into that trap. I am determined to beat this weight gain issue for myself and inspire my baby girl at the same time! I am currently enrolled in college at 33 years old to make a difference for my children and I am doing my best to inspire her to go down a good path… out the old ways and work for what we got! I think…..better yet, I KNOW that this will get us into shape and keep us on the straight and narrow to better health and healthy habits and bodies!! Blessings to you in Jesus’ name!

  • Claire says:

    Dear flavia, up until 14 months ago I was a personal trainer. My children were growing up and having had jobs which allowed me to look after them full time I decided to train as a paramedic, something I’d wanted to do for many years. I am part way through my training and working 12 hour shifts has taken its toll on my fitness regime. I still help out some of my old clients but feel that I personally need someone to help me out. Well I have to say that you are a breath of fresh air and the motivation I need. Your curvalicious program would help me to get back my six pack and keep me fit for the demands of my new job, which although challenging is very rewarding. Many thanks for all the previous info you have shared. Take care and stay fit and healthy , Claire Tydings x

  • Victoria says:

    Hi Flavia – Firstly, thank you so much for this opportunity! I’ve followed your blog for a while now and I always love seeing your emails in my inbox 🙂

    I’m 24 years old and I have been overweight by about 50lbs since before I was 18. I struggle to
    commit to a healthy eating plan or go to gym classes because I find it hard to stay motivated and not get disheartened too quickly. Your plan looks incredible and I think it has the structure and regiment that could really work for me! Also, I love your attitude towards how woman shouldn’t shy away from feeling and looking strong!

    I’ve followed your blog for some time now and I love your passion not only for health and fitness, but also for life. I feel like I’ve been holding back and not enjoying life because I’m so self-conscious of my body, when in fact my 20s should be the best time of my life! I want to not only get a sleek, strong and fit body, but also have the confidence to do the things I love and lead the life I want. For example, start playing tennis in a club again, go to dance classes (and not care that I have no coordination!) and take snowboarding lessons. For me, having that “dream body” is about, yes, having that CURVALICIOUS figure but also having the confidence to go with it and rock it!
    Thanks so much Flavia 🙂

  • Justine says:

    Dear Flavia,
    I would love to win this home system because I have a 13 year old daughter who has unfortunatly followed in my footsteps of being a couch potato! We would love to work out together and get fit together. We both need to lose weight and start to be healthier before we POP! We would love to send you updates of our progress!

  • Stephanie Zammit says:

    I bielieve Ishould win this program beause I am always trying to spice up my workouts. Up to a year ago I was still training in a boring way with lots of pedantic bouts of cardio. I eventually lost a couple of kilos but the process was very long and frustrating. The minute I descovered the bootilicious program and other HIT training programs of the sort, my body changed instantly and discovered a new curvy, healthy, muscled me. However by time also got used to the program and I found myself always needing to spice up and change my workouts. Although my body never stopped being toned, I stopped seeing results. Now I’m in a phase where I need something new. Tried buying various programs online however I find that Flavia’s workouts are geared specifically for women, and thus I don’t think anything else will work for me besides this new program.
    Another thing is, I am model, and although generally speaking models tend to be extremely skinny and unhealthy looking, I am renowned for being acurvy model and thus I get a lot of engagements thanks to my healthy looks. Right now I am looking at improving specific parts of my body to achieve that curvy and yet extremely strong and spartan look. lol
    I have also lately been asked to start modeling in fitness, so I honestly don’t think any other program would work better for me.

    Love Stephanie

  • Nicklas Asmussen says:

    I think i should winI think I should win this program to my girlfriend – she recently started training in the same gym as me. But since she is working in a retail shop, she gets up in the morning at 5.30 am to go to the centre as soon as possible and I got a 7am-4pm job.
    Therefore it’s hard for me to show her exercises and techniques that I learned from following Vince – all the personal trainers in our gym are not fit or lean and do not represent a motivational factor.
    I would really like her to get a better understanding of her body – better functionality of her muscles, more strength and more relief of her back injury. I believe in her and her quest to get in better shape and I think she would be better off getting body shaping tips and instructions from a person who knows what it takes.
    In the end – better physic, stronger muscles and more lean appearance will boosts her self confidence and hopefully make her back injury pain less.

  • Sheena says:

    Hi Flavia,
    Can I start by saying how much I love and admire you, and everything you represent. I have loved reading all your blogs and so look forward to opening up my inbox to find an email from you, therefore I would be over the moon to open my inbox and find a free copy of your Curvalicious program, so please please pick me 🙂

    Much love

    Sheena Reid

  • Carolyn S says:

    I live in a remote area with no fancy gyms and only myself to rely on for motivation, commitment and responsibility. Having a programme that is predesigned specifically for women is the ultimate tool to reaching those goals. Prevention is my motto. With the curvalicious programme I will build on my strength, agility, flexibility and be given a solid base to prevent the elements of aging. If we stop learning we may as well stop breathing. Our body is our responsibility and with your programme I can continue on my quest to do just that. Thankyou for sharing your knowledge, experience and wisdom with us all it is a gift.

  • Hannah Jorritsma says:

    I have had 4 children in 8 years and i’m only 28. I would like to be able to wear a bikini again and show some abs! i have lost 25 kilos and need to lose the last 5. i am so close but not quite there yet. losing weight is not the issue though, i want to change my body composition. i want definition, i want a beautifully sculpted body that only your program can really offer. I am short (156 cms) but not very petite, so for me muscle definition is the key. i have a curvy figure and if i lose too much weight i lose those curves, so i want to accentuate them rather than make them disappear. I want defined and muscular arms, back, shoulders and legs that will make me the envy of the other mums at the school yard. show me how to do this Flavia, so i can get the body i’ve always wanted despite having 4 children! i will work your program!

  • Louise Patrick says:

    Hi Flavia, I have got to say out of all the experts I have looked at you are with out dought the most knowleged and you look amazing, that said I am 50yrs today, I have been training for years and I have almost got to my goal but as ever I am always looking to improve myself and I dont feel ready to give up just yet for that perfect body,so having your expertise would be a wish come true. x

  • Mary says:

    Wow ok no pressure :p

    Am I have been on this journey for a couple of years now and have managed to lose fifty pounds but seem to be stuck in a maintenance mode which at present im proud of because my life was turned upsidedown two months ago when my dad(who I still depend on) was diagnosed with stage four pancreatic/liver cancer…..I know in my heart and soul that eating alone wont give you cancer but I know that his habits didn’t help. I have grown up literally knowing only these crappy habits and on my own when I hit 300 I decided to change my life because it was out of control. I want to be different I want to be that person my family follow after and I think this program would give me that kick start to get back on the losing train again. I weigh 255 so still have a ways to go but I’ll get there and indeed would love your help.

    Mary x

  • Mindy Le says:

    Hi Flavia,

    The Curvalicious Body Sculpting System is something I truly feel will make a difference in my life and all women to take control of the power and strength they have to feel their best. I’m a college student at the University of Houston and I’m in a women empowerment group that teaches young ladies to have more self confidence inside and out. Everyweek we meet and we discuss about different topics that young women go through and also challenge each other to different goals. I would love to challenge myself to the Curvalicious Body System and believe it will make an impact on my life to demonstrate to my fellow student body how incredible health and fitness can be. Many of the girls lack self confidence in their physicality and image and when it comes to working out, they rather go to the college bar and skip out on the gym or some of them are just too ashamed to walk into the gym and feel intimidated not knowing what to do. They don’t have any type of role model to look up to. Flavia, I really think you would be great role model for them and I’m up to the challenge to show those girls that if I can do it then they can do it too. I’m willing to put the hardwork and discipline into completing this system because I really want to make a difference in motivating young women to lead a healthier lifestyle and I believe that your system is the best platform to demonstrate that.

  • Louisa van Tilburg says:

    Hi Flavia,
    I absolutely adore your blogs, fitness videos and recipes, interesting, helpful and very genuine! You look fantastic and are an inspiration to women who want to be fit and healthy. I am a nurse and work fulltime shiftwork in a SCBU, I’ll turn 58 yrs old next week and have always been into staying in shape, being fit and staying healthy. It’s gets a bit harder at my age therefore I would love to use your new program to achieve my fitness goals and look as curvalicious as I can get. With working 12-hr shifts I can’t get to the gym on those days/nights, so would love to do more workouts at home, sounds like curvalicious fitness is just what I need.
    Louisa (New Zealand).

  • Susan says:

    I want to be CURVALICIOUS so this program would be perfect for me. I don’t want to be skinny and I don’t want to be thin. I want to be fit…much like you. 🙂 Following this program will help me achieve the look, health, and wellness that I desire. Your program proves that hard work pays off. I love it!

  • Stephanie says:

    I have lost 55lbs on my own and kept it off for the past two years. Now I’m looking to put the finishing touches on my body. I have a good muscle base, but could use a little help cutting the last of the body fat so that the muscle really shows. I enjoy your blogs, tips, and am truly impressed with your own results. I would be honored to have your system to help me on my fitness journey.

  • Sai says:

    In my life I had never been serious about my body or shape at all before. Now I got married (last year 2011) and my husband will have only one wife forever, so I want to give him this present everyday.

  • Kaylan says:

    Hi Flavia, thanks do much for giving me the opportunity to win your Curvalicious body workout. I’ve been struggling with my weight for the past 10 years. I’ve tried every thing from tablets to running and starving myself but nothing has worked. Your work out looks challenging and offers great progress and best of all an hour glass body. The last time I remember looking good was in my late teens, now I’m I’m my middle thirties. All I can really ask you for is some HELP!. Thanks.

  • Pen says:

    Why do I want to win? Cause you rock! Sign me up for curvalicious cause I want to sweat it out, rock it up and take my physique to the next level. I love the guts and glory and hard work your workouts require – in return results, results, results and a glowing smile. I love the no nonense cutting edge work out which is serious about shaking things up. Bring it on and that two piece suit!! Cant wait to get started……..

  • Stacy says:

    I gave birth to my son through C.S and I have been trying to loose the baby fat all to no avail, though I have tried a few programs and lost few pounds but I am yet to have my old body back and I am stucked with a flabby body which I despise so much. Though there are little improvement with your flaviliciousfitness tips and I believe I stand a good chance of having my dream body if chosen to benefit from your curvalicious program.

  • Elka says:

    Why do i deserve to win this program? well….exercise is my love, exercise is my joy, it is always there for me when there is no one else, it is my brother, sister, friend, my companion and it always has a way of comforting me when I’m down. It inspires me and my outlook on life as i get to be more confident in myself and feel happier as a person, which helps me inspire my friends and family to do the same and through this i can make people smile again, laugh, and even cry from pain of the exercises haha!!….i have purchased many exercise programs, but i still find there is something missing! i have been reading your articles and i have the feeling this is what i have been looking for, a program that will increase my health inside and out! So i know this can only increase my love even more for exercise!! and an opportunity to show and tell my family and friends about your program to be able to make themselves feel better and thus keep the people laughing and smiling and from me winning the program maybe i can inspire someone to recognize their own passion for exercise and their passion for feeling good about themselves inside and out forever… 1 persons inspiration can inspire a nation…

  • kristina says:

    Why should I win a free copy of curvalicious? Well, why not – I have spent a few years at the gym here in New Zealand, doing a variety of classes to the point where results were not happening. I then bought the flavilicious fitness just over a year ago, and was sooo stoked at the results. My core is the strongest its ever been. To be honest I slacked off for a few months, and just these last couple of weeks started going strong again. I would love love LOVE to have this program, mostly because I want a new challenge, (I know the workouts like the back of my hand) and I know from the flavilicious workouts they definately bring it!! And my body would love to melt some more cms from it, and build some more shapely muscle.

    • kristina says:

      I almost forgot – Its my birthday on the 21st of May – which I believe is the day of the release of Curvalicious – I wanna be more curvaliciously bootylicious!! 🙂

  • Karen says:

    Flavia, What can I tell you in 250 words or less! Although I’m 51 years old, you are in NLP terms my ‘model’, I’m a nurse who works permanent night shifts & finds working out difficult. But that’s just an excuse! I you can do it so can I!!! I have a perfectly sound body, with a layer of fat covering it up! (About 5kgs). There should be no reason what so ever that I can’t pull my finger out & ‘work it’. Your information has been inspiring & I would love to win your curvalicious system to rocket me on further. You rock Flavia 🙂 Kind Regards, Karen

  • Since following you on Facebook I have been really inspired to change my life around. Since meeting my boyfriend, who is a phenomenal chef, I have let myself go and put on a great deal of weight and lost my once gorgeous figure.
    I’ve been trying to follow all the fad diets, but I now realise (from reading your blogs) that I’ve been doing it all wrong.
    I’m going on holiday this summer on a once in a lifetime trip to Bali and I’m sure my boyfriend is planning to propose and I desperately want to look my absolute best when (if) he does and want to be able to wear my old dresses with pride and confidence!
    Winning this competition would be the perfect start to me change my attitudes towards exercise and to begin taking care of myself and get my now battered confidence back. Thank you xx

  • Mel Mertens says:

    I would love to win the CURVALICIOUS Body Sculpting System as I am going into the police force in two months. I have kept reasonably fit but lack muscle tone and upper body strength. I would love to go into my training knowing that I have done all I can to improve myself. Im 37 years old and will be training with people the same age as my daughter who is 18. I believe mentally I am in the best shape of my life and would love to be physically as well.

  • Verónica says:

    I’m really tiered of beeing a skinny-fat and after trying all sorts of workouts, I have a feeling about Curvalicious…This system could be the ultimate!
    Thanks for sharing your knowleadge and helping us to stay fit, healthy, happy and curvalicious!

  • Carina says:

    I think maybe I have bought enough programs already to last me a lifetime, but you can never have too many, right? One after the other. I really want this one, too. My body was ruined by hypothyroidism and getting older doesn´t help, but I´m determined to get back into shape as difficult as it is (thyroid disease makes you weak). I only gained about 20 lbs while being sick, and I lost it again when I finally got thyroid meds (after being undiagnosed and untreated for over a decade, which is a way too common problem for a lot of women, by the way), but I lost a lot more muscle than fat. I´m 5’2″ and weigh 95 lbs. I need muscles!

  • Sacha says:

    My body image has always got me down especially as I have been consistently training for three years now, however have always enjoyed it. It wasn’t until one day at the beginning of this year I watched some training clips on youtube. I had always thought that girls would get bulky if they lifeted heavy weights, so for all that time I had done low weight high reps and what do you know my body composition had never changed. After watching videos that had gorgeously toned girls (certainly not bulky) lifting heavy weights, my whole view on training changed.
    In the last 5 months I have gone through many changes in my diet and training and am so motivated. I am devoted to exercise, eating right, working out extremely hard 5x a week, with cardio intervals and am not afraid at all to lift heavy weights. People in the gym commented on the changes however I am yet to see them and over the last two months seemed to hit a plateau and need a new challenge. I stumbled across your page a couple of months back and you are now my inspiration, I have watched all your videos, read all your blogs and I am truly inspired by your transformation. This would be the ultimate win for me, to help me build a sexy, strong figure and with that my self-confidence and the possibly of working towards something I would have never dreamed of doing- a bikini bodybuilding competition.

  • Sally says:

    I would like to win a copy of your program as I am what you have referred to as a skinny fat person who does not like what she see’s in the mirror. I want to transform my body so I feel healthy, confident and most of all fit. I have purchased a number of programs in the past written by men designed for men, I want this program because it is designed by a woman for women and think it will provide me with the program I need to maintain my motivation to achieve my body transformation goals.

  • Kari says:

    Flavia, I feel compelled to be honest. Like everyone, I want to lose weight and look fabulous but have had trouble in the past sticking with a program. The reason is simply that none have been uniquely tailored to the stubborn, strong woman that I am. For starters the last program I tried was set up by a man and I honestly have nothing against males, I just feel that as a woman, you are the person I would trust with advice about my body! Just look at you! You are the only one who has really shown that more muscle really is the way to go; you don’t just talk about it, you are a real-life example even to us out here in the web-verse! I understand that I need to build muscle instead of trying to “sculpt lean”. I used to have big swimmer’s muscles but since college they have all turned soft. What with my career change this spring and the new family member we’re talking about adding to the fold in the next few years, the pressure is really on to get my butt in gear and change my body. I have been inspired by your articles and am really excited to use your CURVALICIOUS program. After seeing the preview for it, I was just inspired to think that one day soon maybe I, too will have confidence like yours in that weight room! I can only hope.

  • saddaf says:

    I would love to win this as i lregularly follow ur posts , i am deeply impressed by the videos u posted for preparation of your photoshoot, and i try my best to follow those. i have been struggling with my weight loss mission, as far as weight is concerned, i am very near to my goal but i want to have that muscular & sexy body like you;), after having 2 kids my tummy is very soft and woobly, and i just want to have tight firm abs:)

    so i am keeping my fingers crossed to be the winner:)

    thank you for keep motivating us through your posts and exrecise video clips, they do wonders so please continue the good work 🙂

    best wishes always:)

  • Kristen says:

    First off you and your husband have been an inspiration to my husband and myself. We live in Tampa and I have been doing your program for a while now. Because of your inspiration I have decided to take some nutrition courses. My husband has just recently become a certified personal trainer, inspired by Vince. I have been a stay at home mom for six years and now that my babies are in school I am ready to do something for myself. I love the way your program is challenging, how you make us feel like even though it may be hard its all about challenging our bodies and getting back up and trying again intil we can do it. We watch Live Large together every week and really enjoy the information you guys throw at us. Thank you both for being the awsome motivators that you are!!!

  • Bev says:

    Hi Flavia,
    I have been teaching group strength training classes for about 7 years now. I discovered the magic of free weights and sound nutrition about 8 years ago and fell in love with it! In the past couple of years, I have been going through menopause, a bout of breast cancer and tamoxifen. Although I have remained in good shape, my body has definitely gone through changes. I am now carrying some weight around my lower abdominal area. My skin does not have the elasticity it used to have and therefore, the fat is jiggly (yuck!). I bought Flavilicious when it came out and saw fabulous results~the most definition in my abs that I have ever had! I am really excited to get started with your new program! My goal is to lose 8-10% body fat at this point. I would like to look Flavilicious on my 55th birthday in July!
    By the way, I have used Joel Marion’s mrt program and did get fit, but it was your female specific program that truly did give me “abs”~I believe there really is something to the theory that women need different exercises than men.
    Thank you so much for all of your info packed article and vids~I share much of your info with my clients!

  • Allie says:

    Hi Flavia, I think this program would be perfect for me because I’m just getting back into shape again and I am sometimes intimidated by the gym because I never know what I should do while I’m there I feel lost. But with this program I think that it will give me all the tools and knowledge to be successful in my work outs. Thank you for making a program just for women! You are such an inspiration to me!!

  • Lisa says:

    I am looking forward to your release of your new curvilicious program for awhile now. I bought your first program and LOVED the results in terms of fatloss. I finally started gaining some muscle and could see my “old” body peeking thru. As a 43 year old mom, who recently went back to school and completely changed my career path, I need a no fuss program that works. Also being 43 and starting menopause, I need to train with more variety of different weight levels but never knew how to incorporate “heavy weight” and low reps to my routine without compromising the fatloss I have achieved. I still have a ways to go. I need to continue with the fatloss, but now its time to get those muscles to be defined. I can see them, just cant get them to pop! I push myself everyday to get in my workouts, eat clean and destress….its paying off, NOW just to go to the next level. Thanks Flavia for all you do for us.

  • Vanessa says:

    Hey Flavia! Well, I absolutely LOVE your other work out! Oh gosh! I’m on the 90 day challenge of it right now (second time through) and it’s great…the greatest work out ever! I see results in incredible ways and my arms are really defined through it. I love how you incorporate weights and also abs as well as cardio throughout the workouts, it’s great. I would LOVE your new work out because I’m going back to school in the fall for a Health and Wellness Coaching degree. I’ll work my way through this and eventually get myself into the gyms. I think this new work out will give me great ideas and give me the body for this career. I already put work outs together for my brother and some friends, I just have an overall desire and deep love for working out. My eldest brother is a fitness trainer and introduced me to you…forever thankful! I’m just excited to reach my body’s highest goals always and see how to do it in a fun and safe way with your work outs and tips! Thanks for your advice and help always!!!


  • Lori says:


    I believe this program is perfect for me because I’m ready to take my workouts to that next level to achieve a curvalicious body. As you explained throughout the week, targeted MRT workouts will shake things up so that your muscles grow and each of your body parts become more defined…the exact results that I’m looking for. I have a good base, I’ve done your first program 2x complete over the past year and tweaked the workouts to confuse my body, I’m committed and ready for more! Thank you for inspiring and sharing your effective workouts and programs so we too can radiate, have more confidence and look amazing!!!

  • I have always been a gym junkie, I love it but I dont seem to get anywhere, I do like how I look but I would love to be able to get some muscle definition and get rid of the baby belly that has been hanging around like a bad smell. I think this would be a great inspiration for me to get the body I want.

  • Gerri says:

    I would love to win some inspiration! I’ve gained 40 pounds over the last 10 years, lost 30, put it all back on! I feel fat! I don’t wasn’t to be 120 again (at 5’8) but I would love to get trim and show some definition. I go to a gym, but feel intimidated by the “muscle men”. I want to be hot like Tosca at 50!

  • Sarah Reining says:

    Hi Flavia,
    I’m a 14 year old girl and I really admire you and watch your YouTube videos all the time now that I recently found them :D. At 13 I was becoming obsessed with weight training but I’m not to sure that I’m getting results that I want from it. I was doing the whole body builder training like chest and tris one day and back and biceps the next etc and considered my dance classes my cardio. This was because my dad weight trains like that and I didnt understand that females have special needs. My mum complements on my shoulders and I have been using your sculpted shoulder YouTube video and I was really happy with the results in my shoulders I’m a bit flabby in my stomach, glutes and thighs and im really hoping for a change before my dance completions and the end of year concert. I have all my dance competitions and every year concert in a few months and want to look CURVALICIOUS for them especially for photo day. I would really appreciate if I claimed a copy of your CURVALICIOUS body sculpting program and could finally be on my way to a CURVALICIOUS body that radiates with confidence that I knew I always deserved.

  • Jill Jaynes says:

    Curvalicious Curves are what I am looking for! At 49yrs old, I wanted to get back in shape to be the best mom and role model I can be for my two girls 8yrs and 5yrs. As an RN, I appreciate the science behind your program and have been hooked on your website since I repinned it on Pinterest! I have already employed many of the workouts you have posted and am really amazed by the results. You can lose fat and gain muscle at any age! Watch out….curves ahead!

  • Jo says:

    After 17 years of marriage and 3 children later it’s time to focus a little more on ‘ME’. Your dedication to the industry and to educating those of us that are not as focused or knowledgeable is inspiring and admirable (to say the least). Your approach to training and eating is 100% real. I would like to treat my body with the respect I now know it deserves. I am ready to embrace the challenge that it will require. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Christine says:

    Attaining the beautiful body you have Flavia is not easy. As you get older it becomes even more difficult. I think there’s nothing more attractive than an older woman who’s slim, has lovely strong muscles and a flat tummy, is beautifully dressed and walks up straight sporting a lovely smile. You just know she’s really worked hard. To keep up the gym sessions, continuously educate yourself on nutrition as you do us, and to fight not gaining the extra kilo every year [I put on weight just reading the labels!], is all part of the journey. I’ve had to be selective with your Full-Body-Licious exercises due to a broken shoulder and other bones due to 2 bicycle falls at high speed, in the past, but have been enormously motivated by your courage, your expertise, your generosity in sharing and your sheer determination which has rubbed off onto all of us. I would love to have a copy of Curvalicious in order to further this journey of maintaining my muscle strength [and therefore my bone strength], by following your weight-training advice, maintaining my weight with your nutrition advice and hearing my husband say as I enter my sixties: wow girl, your body is lovely and you are so sexy!!

  • Melissa Goddard says:


    I believe that I should win Curvalicious because I am dedicated to fitness. I workout six days a week and eat right. I just need the perfect program to bring out my curves and I know your program is exactly what I am looking for!!!! I am anemic so have to fight everyday to have enough energy and motivation to stay on track. I would love the Curvalicious program and would utilize it fully.
    Thank you for all that you do to help women be fit and fantastic!!


  • Danni says:

    I was lucky enough to have 4 healthy babies in 4 1/2 yrs , unfortunately my body took the toll. I have lost over 20 kg’s but still have no definition, I have curves but still in the wrong places. I have more junk in my trunk than Beyonce has “baby got back :)” Really wanting to feel and look trim, taught and toned but sexy – not frumpy and bumpy. I owe it to me for all the hard work my body has been through and would love to compete on stage all the way to the top. Your program would get me the results I need to become the woman who I know is hiding under Jabba the Hut 🙂 Love your work Flavia xx Look forward to your email that I have been so extreemly lucky to have won one of your Body Sculpting systems 😉

  • SunshineS says:

    I am incredibly EXCITED about the opportunity to completely transform and unveil the curves that I have. I am not going to give you a sob story, I am going to tell you what I believe the program can do for me! Yes, I have yo-yoed for years and I believe this program can be my breaking point, to break out of the flabby and into the CURVALICIOUS! YES! I want to be TONED, DEFINED, and SEXY! (And of course healthy! 🙂 I am competent that this program can assist me with accomplishing that!! I am DETERMINED to make the change and with this program I know I will transform! NO more excuses, I am ready for this program to kick my butt into gear and make my derriere look FABULOUS! No, I am not AFRAID of muscle and I don’t want to be skinny, I want to be CURVALICIOUS!! Flava you are so encouraging and motivational and I know that with this program I CAN make the difference! SO BRING IT!

  • Gena F says:

    Hi, Flavia. I’m 26, 5’4”, 157 lbs and I’ve been looking at different systems for years. Starting and stopping training. But the thing with eating right food had always been an issue. What to eat, when, how to cook it, etc. I’m the kind of unconsistent, easy losing motivation type. And there are so many systems out there, most of them for males. And I think it’s so unfair.
    From couple of years i’ve been looking up to female system (preferable bodyweight type, no gym) … and voila – you came. I’m so happy to found your system. I’ve also traced your amazing life story. I like that you teach us through all that you’ve learn and do.
    Yeah, i can say all the reasons i need your system: to get better body, feel and look great, get more self-confidence. But that’s not all. Lately i met this wonderful guy, and he like me and say i look good. But to be honest to myself – I need to be around 20-30 lbs lighter, if I wanna keep him and make him proud with me.
    There so many skinny girls out there who get best men without break a sweat, damn!
    SO, if u choose me, i promise to kick my but and work hard.

  • Jamie says:

    You ask why I want your system, because I’m tired of putting in all the work and seeing no results. I’m tired of counting my protein, carb and fat grams and still seeing the same number week after week even though I ate healthy and did what I was supposed to do. I’m tired of hearing because I’m 46 years young that’s just how it is when you hit 40 and there’s nothing you can do. I’m tired of looking at myself in the mirror hoping to see results only to see disappointment. I’m tired of not being the best I can be knowing I can be just that. I want to do the work and see the results. I want to be one of those before and after pictures that shows I can accomplish the results and shows all those muscles I want to have. I know I can do this I just need the tools to get there.

  • Michelle says:

    This program will be perfect me for one simple reason – I want to be the best that I can be. I’m not going to spin you a tale about my hardships (we all have them!), my handicaps, or why I would be more deserving than others. I will tell you that I am extremely dedicated to improving myself in every aspect. I am very aware and active in my health and always try to be a better me. I have a strict food regimen that I follow and workout at the gym 5-6 days a week. My friends are amazed at my dedication and discipline. I followed the Flavalicious program and my arms got more defined than they ever had been in my entire life! In my quest for continual improvement, I now want to take myself to the next level and have people really take notice of my hard work by following the Curvalicious program! That’s why this program would be a perfect fit for me and I will be a perfect role model for the program!

  • Laurie Lake says:

    The past year I let life detour me from my health and fitness goals and I have put on 25 lbs. I just finished a 30 day detox diet that was not the right fit for me due to food allergies. I have always enjoyed the long cardio types of workouts but at 42 I realize it isn’t the smartest way to burn fat. I need to learn a better way to actually build a little muscle to help be burn the fat faster without spending an hour pounding my kneeand hip joints. I love the feeling of a great workout and looking fit. I look over fat and tired and not like myself. I know your program will help me get back to the real me. Thank you for all you do to inspire us!

  • Jackie Olthoff says:

    I have a passion for empowering women and girls to realize their full potential in every sense of the word. It hurts me to see how young girls get their worth mainly from the way they look, adapting and not owning their value as a person/woman with great capacities and strength. You provide a program and perspective that makes it possible for women to be feminine, and athletic, AND smart and beautiful on the inside as well. You show that being a strong woman, means taking a stand for what´s important to you and make it happen. The way you look is the consequence of how bad you want to be the person you CAN be… That´s how I see it. And I would love to have your program, be that example for other women and their daughters, to contribute to a next generation of strong, beautiful, intelligent women with great personalities..
    Thanks for being that example for others.
    Un abrazo,
    Jackie, Spain

  • Eve says:

    I would love to win Flavia’s Curvalicious Body Sculpting System so I can prove to myself that I can feel sexy again. I was 50 kilos in 1988 and now weight 80 kilos. That’s over a kilo gained every year! You are an inspiration Flavia and looking at you I feel inspired!

  • Giannella says:

    Hi Flavia,
    I would absolutely love, love, love to win your Curvilicious package. I have been following all your posts and advice on achieving a firm and toned physique and have you Flavialicious workout. I love the fact that I can workout at home and wake up at 5.30 a.m. before my beautiful three children wake up. I like, or should I say, I love the results I have achieved. I am that stage now, we’re do I go next and I am pretty sure your Curvilicious programme is it!!! It would be a nice to complement your Flavialicious programme, a perfect symbiosis. :). Love your Flavia :).

  • Kalola Andrews says:

    Hi Flavia,

    About a year and a half ago, I decided that I needed to do something for me. I was tired of the mommy pouch and needed a way to feel-good again. As a mom, with two-kds (three if you add the hubby) and a full-time job I made the decision to start waking up early, before everyone and work, to get back in shape. I started doing metabolic resistance training 5-days a week and lost the weight. However, I want to LOOK like I work-out. I am more defined for sure, but in that marathon-runner sort of way. I have a natural lanky-type body frame and would really like to use your program to add the curves and WOW factor. I have the dicipline, now I just need the right program!:-)

    Thank you for your blog and for giving women a voice-of-knowledge when it comes to our fitness.

  • Heidi says:

    Flavia, WHERE to begin?!?!? YOU are the bomb in my opinion, and in most people’s opinions apparently! I’ve done Full Body Licious and LOVED it. It has helped me improve TREMENDOUSLY! Like many, I’ve followed many programs with some results, but nothing like with FullBodyLicous! I honestly believe YOU KNOW YOUR STUFF! You are so knowledgeable and I truely believe you have discovered the KEY to a sexy, femine body! You are proof too, of course. There is no doubt when you look at your before and after photos.
    I’ve come a long way and feel much better about the way I look, but I want to TAKE IT TO THE NEXT LEVEL SOOOO BAD! Im so insecure about myself, especially with my husband, even though he treats me like I am hot already…but I want to KNOW without a doubt that he REALLY REALLY thinks it!!! I want to be hot & sexy for him so bad! Thats all I’ve ever wanted! My marriage is already awesome, but to have the best body I can have, it would REV up my marriage!! Whoop Whoop!!! I KNOW that Curvalicious can do that for me. Like you, I know that big time weight training is the answer and it’s results are undeniable! I am so ready for it! I have the drive, the will and the motivation…I just need the training from the PRO!! You are such an inspiration,,,from your physical beauty down to your heart and your crazy, funny self! Thank you so much for many of the things you say. I love it when you keep it real and get down to the nitty gritty. It makes us feel like we can connect with you when you show us you are a normal chick with the same kinds of thoughts as we have. My self image needs CURVALICIOUS so bad! I would love more than anything to bring your new stuff into my home! Your great and Im so glad I found you on the internet last year – love ya!

  • Clementina Ramos says:

    Ok first of all, I’m from Venezuela so sorry for my grammar!
    I think that this system is perfect for me! As a latino girl, my body tends to get fat in the lower part, and every time I read something in your blog or your emails I realize that I’m doing it all wrong! This week I read the article about metabolic resistance training workouts and I realize that almost all the exercise DVDs that I been doing are like that! Low weight, a lot of repetitions… I lose a couple of pounds and I get them back. Why? Because I’m killing my muscle mass!
    Also I want to say that you’re a truly inspiration for a lot of women out there. You work, you have your husband, you write, give advice and have time to be ultra fit! That’s what I want for my life and you’re the living proof that if you work hard enough, you can do it!
    Thanks for all the inspiration!

  • Les says:


    I’ve enjoyed using your Flavilicious program in the past and I want to gain that lean, sexy muscle. I’m not afraid to use weights but I have fallen into a plateau and have stopped losing the fat. I need something new, edgy, and with alot of variety to get me back into shape this summer. I want my outside/physical appearance to reflect how I feel on the inside. I’m a 40+ year mother who’s sexy, strong and energetic. And that’s what Curvalicious will enable me to do!

  • Miriam Cantin says:

    Hi dear Flavia! First of all thank you so much for this contest, it really shows that you care about helping people and it’s one thing I really appreciate about you. Now, let me tell you how you why you would make the right choice and how you would change my world by picking me as one of the five more than lucky winners. I’m at a turning point of my weight loss journey. 20 pounds are gone but, since last December I’m really struggling. I’m a little lost with things I would have to change in my routines to help me lose that last 15-20 pounds to get my bikini body I deserve. With all that you do and your personal journey, you’ve always been an inspiration to me; I mean, look at you! Having the chance to train on this amazing program that seems complete, perfectly structured and full of great exercises variations would give my body the kick in the beep it needs. Reaching my goal weight with you as a trainer would be extraordinary to me. It’s that simple. Wishing you the best and thanks again xxx 🙂

  • Chris says:

    I like to think of myself as a Giving type of person. I took care of my dad when he had cancer. I let a friend have a room in my house rent-free to help her get her life back on track. I did everything I could to improve my boyfriend’s health and keep him happy. Doing these things helped me lose focus on my own health and fitness.

    You know the fastest way to lose 365 pounds of weight holding you back?


    I tried to set a good example. I encouraged my ex to get in shape. We’d dated for 10 years and been engaged for 3, and I wanted to look good for our wedding (whenever that would happen).

    Last year I did your Full-Body-Licious program. I lost 30 pounds and felt the sexiest I have in years. That’s how I know it works. It’s why I trust you. I can’t stop raving about it to my friends.

    His reaction was to sabotage. He felt my progress was making HIM look bad. He said he wanted his fast food diet because he wanted “real food” rather than eat the healthy meals I cooked for him. (And I did ALL the cooking.) He BELLOWED at me that “Exercise is too hard!” and “People who like exercise are stupid!” When that didn’t work, he cheated on me and tried to blame it on me.

    I left him. Don’t feel sorry for me! I don’t!

    Now he brags he turned the extra space in his apartment – my little sanctuary – into a home gym. After taking advantage of my generosity he was suddenly able to afford a Bowflex and other equipment. Can you believe that?

    So here I am.

    I have about 50 pounds left to lose. 10 of that was put on in the stress of the break-up. I’m turning 34 in a month, I’m changing careers, and I’m back on the dating market. Things are looking up! I’m motivated to get my sexy body back without being held back this year. I’m doing Full-Body-Licious again, as it’s the best program I’ve ever done, but my body is beginning to adapt.

    I would LOVE a free copy of your Curvealicious program. It’s EXACTLY what I’m looking for. I don’t normally ask for help, but if there was ever a time I could use a little karmic return, this is it.

    Besides, isn’t it a warming thought to make a person who said “People who like exercise are stupid” eat his words?

  • Kathleen says:

    Hi Flavia,
    I’m super happy that you did a new workout program! I want to win so bad because I’m really interested in fitness and the stuff you’re doing. I read the thing you send by email everyday. I want this program because I value so much what you’re doing and I know it’s gonna be awesome for me. I would also love to learn exactly what to eat and when to eat it, I need to work on that a little, I need more advices on that topic with specific meal plans. I also love the way your workout routines are put together, we don’t rest a lot between exercices so we burn a lot of calories. And there are some kick-ass stuff in there! I WANT CURVALICIOUS so I can sculpt my body more and more!! Thank you and sorry for my english, I am a frend person from Quebec! Thanks again

  • Mar says:

    Hi Flawia!
    I am very sleem naturally and I have tried everything to gain a muscle but nothing works. I would really like to achieve a body like yours!
    Thank you

  • Dana says:

    I would LOVE to win Curvalicious! The past 2 years my husband and I have battled with infertility, and the stress along with hormone therapy and emotional eating has taken a toll on my body. I’m ready to get my body back…sexy curves and all! I am motivated and so excited to try this out! And if we eventually are blessed to become pregnant, my body will be that much more prepared and fit to grow a healthy baby. But if we are not able to become pregnant, I know that I will be in great shape for myself and for my health. Thanks for such a great contest…you are giving 5 lucky women the chance to be fit…and in a healthy way!

  • Judy says:

    I am 53 yrs old, and keeping fit and healthy is very important to me. I really appreciate the expertise you put into your programs, and love doing them, and I love learning from the best.


  • Kathryn says:

    Hi Flavia!
    I have always been a gym fanatic, however I had no clue what I was doing(I ran the treadmill, I did the circuit system, I was petrified to even look at the free weights!) and therefore didn’t see results. Three years ago, I joined the military. I saw results then! However, I fractured my pelvis, and injured my pelvic floor and SI joints. For 2 years while under physical restrictions, I did nothing. I went up to 185 lbs because all I could do was eat and only the food that was cooked for us (McDonalds would have been healthier). When I seen the scale, I started sneaking around cooking healthy food in my room. I eventually got caught , but! just changing my eating habits. I went down to 139 lbs in 3 months! I was ecstatic! Except I still looked fat. Fast Forward a few months and I was able to start exercising again, and then I became pregnant. I welcomed my beautiful baby boy into the world back in March, but not before gaining 70 lbs!! I have now been exercising rigorously. I alternate from crossfit workouts to simple free weight circuits. I have not seen any results. My boyfriend has though which proves that I need you! I need something tailored for women. I need to pass my physical test by November and of course have a body that I’m proud of! I need help!

  • Cassie says:

    Flav I’ve been following your blog all the way from Australia after stumbling across it about 6 months ago! Your transformation with the help from Ryan was amazing! Your hard work motivates me to hit the gym!
    I would love to win your new Curvalicious Body Sculpting system. I have my 21st birthday coming up this year which I really want to look HOT for!! I’ve always been healthy but not as ripped and toned as you! I really think Curvalicious would be the perfect fit for me. There are so many inspiring stories of brave people who have lost weight and found a new lifestyle. But there aren’t alot, nor are there many resources for ‘average sallys’ who want to go that step further! I’d love to keep you posted on my journey through Curvalicious – photos to accompany the 21st of course! xx

  • Rachel says:

    Since childhood i have always been chubby. I was never a foodaholic but had a sweet tooth. And as i grew older, even before i realized chubbiness turned to being over weight and then to obesity. My friends made fun of me. I am nicknamed “Fatty”. And no matter how much i try, nothing worked for me. My body always discouraged me. I never felt a change in how i looked. Im 23 years old , 5’1″ tall and I weigh 180 pounds. According to my BMI, i’m obese. I did’nt reach anywhere near my goal. I started developing inferiority complex. There were days, wen I gave up on myself, completely discouraged and highly conscious about how i looked. I also feared no one would ever fall in love with me because of my obesity. But God was gracious to me. I met Job, we fell in love and he loves me just as I am. We got married recently on 29th December,2011. I have a wonderful slim and fit husband who loves me very much irrespective of the way i look. But together we look like the number “10”(sizewise), he being “1” and me being “0”. Even though my husband doesnot complain about me being overweight, I feel like i am being selfish if i don’t try. I want to be a perfect wife for him, curvy, sexy and everything that would make him proud. I know i am determined to do all that i can to reach my goal.

  • Cheryl says:

    I am 56 years old and woke up one day (not literally) and I was 80 lbs overweight and out of shape. For a good portion of my adult life I climbed up and down the hills of the national forests as my job. I didn’t have to worry about exercising too much or watching what I ate. Now I sit behind a computer all day which doesn’t do much for your fitness. Recently I started losing the muscle and tone I’ve had forever. I have gone on some trips lately and found it was hard getting around etc. I have started a workout plan but I want to be more feminine when I get done. This program would help me to get that curvaceous body back and since I’m single, maybe a new man in my life. Thank you for the opportunity.

  • Connie says:

    As a teacher in my last 2 weeks of school, I am looking for that extra inspiration to really kick butt this summer with a workout program that would kick start me into the next school year with
    new energy and a new body, along with new clothes : ). I have participated in a boot camp before and have gotten away from that. I know that I need real help and you are the lady to do that. You are such a motivation to the rest of us, even those of us at that 50 year mark! I know that I can continue to transform my body back to the toned body I have had in the past.
    I thank you for the opportunity!

  • Jennifer A says:

    Hi Flavia,
    I’m going to be turning 30 in a few days and your new system would be the perfect way to take my body to the next level. I have been able to maintain my weight over the past five years, but I want to push myself to take it to the next level. I have been reading your blog over the past year and I’m in awe of the results you have achieved! Your new system is exactly what I need to take my body from being so-so to amazing! I want to have the glow that a health and strong body has.

    You are an inspiration!

  • Kelly says:

    Hey Flavia
    I am a 48 year old woman and I am told that I “look good for my age”. I really value my health. I work out with weights regularly and, for the most part, eat really well. Like most women though, there are parts of my body that I would like to look better. My arms are my best feature. My stomach is fairly flat though there is only a one pack (not a six pack to be seen). My biggest struggle are my legs and I am really self conscious about their shape and the layer of fat that surrounds them. I have tried program after program and they are still not where I would like them to be. I enjoy working out with weights but pretty much hate any cardio except walking (but I will push myself to use the treadmill and elliptical). I really like the fact that your new program focuses on weights with cardio built in. I am hoping that your luscious legs video is the one for me. Bring on summer and menopause here I come!
    Oh, and by the way, I really enjoyed the videos you posted while you were training for your photo shoot! I loved the workouts and seeing you do them showed me how hard I have to work to get legs like yours. I only wish that in my 20’s I knew what I know now. Maybe my legs would be killer!

  • Shawna says:

    Hi Flavia,

    I’m a nurse too, and over a year ago I hurt my back when I was transferring a patient. I’ve always been relatively fit and a healthy eater. But that day was a wake-up call for me and I realized how some of my habits had slowly started slipping since becoming a nurse four years ago. I was no longer going to use shift work and my busy schedule as an excuse for letting myself go. I dedicated 2011 to getting healthy and really cleaned up my eating habits and made it a consistent practice to exercise 6 days a week (3 days weights, 2 days intervals, 1 day of active recovery). I lost 16 pounds and dramatically changed my body composition. I achieved this through working with an online coaching program. It was so helpful to have a structured workout routine ready for me so that I could just wake up and hit the gym without having to figure out my own routine and work in the progression. Since it has eneded I’m floundering a bit, mostly cycling through old routines and although they are efefctive I am getting bored and feeling less motivated. Some of the weight has crept back on but I am determined to maintain the sexy muscles I developed and shed a bit of the fat I have put back on. All aspects of my life are enhanced when I have a strong and confident body. By better caring for myself, I am better able to care for my patients and my family. Your program sounds like a prefect fit for my goals. Some of the programs designed for women are too easy for people like myself who have been working out for years. And workouts that focus entirely on fat loss (which I want) produce the dreaded skinny fat. Please consider me as a recipent for one of your free programs. A co-worker and I head the unit based nursing council on our unit and are constantly developing “healthy nurse” initiatives. With your permission, I would love to share some of your workouts with my co-workers so we can all be living examples and promote a healthy lifestyle for our patients.

  • jennifer says:

    Flavia, first of all, this is a wonderful gift to offer to those that admire and respect you as a professional and a caring person.
    The reason I am so keen to win this program is that I have been very active for majority of my life and follow a healthy diet as defined by really health professionals like yourself. I have been working out for a number of years and have seen my body change in positive ways. I have always been thin but now I have developed more strength but still need to work on my upper body; i tend to have a small upper body frame and even with heavy weights, I still struggle. In the last year, my ability to go for bike rides or work out outside has been axed. I have a medical condition called Meniere’s and it now keeps me from many things I loved to do. Accepting that I cannot do many of the things I used to love has been difficult but what I am most grateful is that I can still keep my body fit and healthy with working out! Your program will provide me with strength, and not just physcially because the mental benefits I get from working out is incredible; it helps keep me going. I need support and I know your program will provide me with that.

  • Fabiola S says:

    Hi Flavia,
    Winning your Curvalicious system would be EXACTLY what I need to make the transformation I have been trying so hard to achieve these last few years without success. It was my goal to be in great shape again by the age of 50 and alas, here it is and I am still a good 30 lbs overweight. I have not been able to find the right fit for me and after watching your videos and reading your blogs and inspiring messages and your pictures, which I have tacked on my walls for inspiration, I feel in my heart that this IS THE PROGRAM that I CAN stick with to give me the ability to reach my goal and be the inspiration to my daughter(who calls me “Big Butt”-which hurts deeply, I admit) and be the sexy vixen my husband fell in love with 17 years ago. I’ve tried all kinds of diets and am trying hard now just to eat clean, but I need that special “kick it up a notch” edge, that I KNOW your program will give me. Your blogs are great, but I NEED the WHOLE PACKAGE to get the transformation I desperately want. Please help me to shed the name “Big Butt” and be someone my daughter and husband can be proud of again. Many thanks!!

  • Chris says:

    This is actually for a friend of mine. She is always trying her best at what ever she does, and that includes fitness. But since I moved away, she has not been able to keep the same intensity and push herself in the gym. She always feels the odds are stacked against her. I just think that this would be a great way for her to finally get the body she always wanted so she can be confident. With this she can finally feel that good things are coming her way. Thanks for this opportunity Flavia.

  • Dana says:

    Hi Flavia!
    Buying your first program was a life-changer for me. I had great success with it and was thrilled to be able to be in maintenance mode instead of weight loss mode for a while. I eventually got lazy and fell back into the fast food dinner routine. The main benefit of the program though was access to all of your amazing information. Reading through your entire program and all of the information you’ve put out there since, I’ve definitely built a solid foundation of knowledge (since you aim to correct all of the misconceptions and confusion out there!)

    I feel that I would be a good candidate for your program because of my progress toward current goals and the preparation from your nuggets of advice that I have implemented! For the past month I’ve worked up to an amazing, healthy diet changing bad habits one at a time so that they will stick. I’ve lost a few pounds but focusing on diet alone, I’m not really making progress on lowering my body fat percentage so I’m ready to try out your new program! I love your teaching style and can’t wait to jump into the next program and devour all of the new information, getting back into that wonderful maintenance mode!

  • Isabelle says:

    I want the program because I need to go beyond what I usually do for workouts. I need to push myself more and see a difference in my body. I’ve done metabolic traning for a year, but not as intense and specific as shown in FLavia’s program. I eat well, I’m active. I’m ready for this challenge, ready to see muscle definition. My husbdand and I have been trying for baby 2 for almost 3 years. This winter I took hormones that made me gain a few pounds… instead of feeling discouraged and just wait to get pregnant again I decided that I wanted to be positive and live instead of just waiting!!! and having a lean, healthy and why not sexy body is part of happy living for me!

  • Janelle says:

    Hi Flavia,

    I’m about to turn 37 and I have worked hard over the past three years to lose 60 lbs. I now have about 10 more lbs to go, but I am lacking in muscle. After finding your blog a few months back, I was really inspired to take it to the next level…but I am a little aprehensive on getting the right combinations of exercises to get the results of a strong, lean, muscular body, and I’ve run into several trainors who have tried to discouraged me from doing certain exercises that they consider to “Manly” for a woman. After all, I want to work smarter, not harder, and I am not making the progress I should be making doing it without guidance. In addition, I am a single mom with a child who suffers from extremely severe allergy induced asthma and sometimes have to take 3 or four days in a row without being able to go to the gym because of his illness. I believe that your program would allow me to continue working towards my goal even from home.

  • Jen says:

    I got really excited when I saw you’ll be giving this 5 copies for free!!! I deserve to win one of them because I’m a huge fun of your work and your husband’s, you both without knowing it saved my marriage and have been my inspiration out of depression!!! I’m 27 and have been married for 3 years and about after 6 months, my husband took a job with customs, we were very excited about it and moved to a city that is been a nightmare. It’s in the dessert and we’re both used to green and the beach, on top of that it has been horribly hard for me to find a job ( I have an MBA that haven’t been able to use). All of that plus my Husband’s long hour night shifts, between 12 and 15, sent me straight into emotional eating and depression. I’ve always been in shape and loved working out, seeing myself 30 lbs heavier was making me miserable, I didnt even want my hudbsnd to look at me because I felt so horrible. One day browsing around the Internet I came across your husband’s web site and then to yours. It was so inspirational to me to see how you work together that some how I got the streght to get up, get back in track to working out n get my marriage back. Now we’re planning our second wedding for the end of September as it was my dad’s bitrthday and I would love to look like you!!!! I can’t wait to look amazing on my gown 🙂

  • Rebecca says:

    Hi Falvia!

    I started my journey into health and fitness with Vince when I bought his No Nonsense Muscle Building program back in 2007 and I stayed with him every step of the way with every new release he sold, (plus all the bonuses he gave all along the way.) He taught me everything I knew until you came into the picture. Now you both are my coaches! Flavia, I’ve been with you for the June 26 Wedding Workouts and I got FULL-BODY-LICIOUS the moment it was released!

    Simply put, I love everything you do! I guess you could say we’ve grown together and here’s what I know. I know you are good people, you live in INTEGRITY and because of that I know I’ll get great results with ALL your programs. And you know I mean this when I say, I promise I will be FAITHFUL in using your CURVALICIOUS Body Sculpting System on a consistent basis! I look very forward to the release of CURVALICIOUS next Monday!

    Thank you so much for everything you and Vince have given me over the years. I’m truly blessed and very grateful for the day you both came into my life! I feel like you have allowed me to be a part of your family because you are so open, sharing and giving with us. I’ve learned so much from you and not just about fitness but about life so I mean this with all my heart when I say, THANK YOU!

  • Kristen says:

    I need this! I’ve always worked out and after reading your blogs and tips, I’ve been doing it all wrong. Damn you media! My two very not compelling reasons are: one, I have to go to a birthday party in Vegas on June 2nd with my boyfriend and all his friends. He’s 6’2, 260 all muscle. He’s a gorilla (that’s the second reason.) I have to look my best that wknd. I want that feeling of confidence that we all yern for. I’m doing the FORCE workouts, but I have a bad disc so some of it I can’t do. I need to amp it up. Good luck to everybody!

  • Dee says:

    Since as far back as I can remember (11 or 12 years old) I have always wanted a sculpted body, or become a body builder. I was a tomboy as a kid. You are an inspiration to me Flavia and I have not given up on my dream. I am 5’4″ and 115 pounds with a sagging belly, and arms and legs that I am not very proud of. Of course this has also affected my self esteem. I was getting close to my goal about 7 years ago, but a lot of events happened in my life that have set me back considerably. I am 49 years old and believe that your new program Curvalicious is the right program to reach my goal of having a sculptured body by the time I’m at least 51 years of age. I truly believe that your program would be the one to help me get back on my feet and begin again to realize my dream. I admire any women who can achieve a sculptured figure and am ready to dedicate the time needed to achieve my dream and regain my self-esteem. My eating habits have also not been very good for the last several years.

    On another note, thank you for working so hard at developing such inspiring e-mails and programs.

  • Tina says:

    Hi Flavia!
    I bought your first program about a year ago and love it! However, i am now looking for some variety in my workouts and what better than your next program – ‘CURVALICIOUS Body Sculpting System”!! I am still working on losing weight and got a bit derailed in the last few months and could use another booster with a new, fresh program. Thanks again for all you do for women!!

  • Mauri says:

    Four years ago I was in the best shape of my life. After having my 4th child I worked with a trainer to get into shape. After a year I was lean, tone, and had a confidence I had never felt before. A year later I was surprised with another pregnancy. My pregnancies have gotten harder with each one and I knew I was in for a rough 9 months. I was sick the entire time and I sadly felt my muscle tone slip away. After my daughter was born I tried to get back into an exercise routine, but with a baby that never wanted to take a nap I was left with little time for myself. I sank deeper and deeper into depression and became bitter, angry, and ashamed. I used food to comfort myself and the 20 pounds I needed to lose never went away. I loved my new little one, but I felt like I would never get back to who I was before. I have been exercising again and trying to eat healthy, but I haven’t gotten the results I am looking for. After reading your blog for the last couple of months I am impressed with your knowledge and results. I believe your program will provide me with the tools I need. Please pick me and help me get back the body and confidence I lost.

  • Celeste says:

    Hey Flavia,

    I’m currently on the Insanity program (which is a lot of fun-if you think hard work is fun). I have noticed some changes to my body with it, and I would like to continue those changes with Curvilicious. It will help me build my sexy strong body that I can be proud of.

  • Liv says:

    Like you I i have had times in my life where I am in great shape and then gotten lazy or too comfortable and ended up almost back where I started. I work out 5-6 times a week and can not get the results I dream of. For all of the effort I put in I DESERVE far better results. What I need is a program like yours that I can really commit to and finally “get there” . I don’t want to give up I also love to train and train hard but I am missing something and I think it is your program!

  • Kim says:

    Hi Flavia,

    I’ve been stalking your site for quite some time. Today, I’m inspired to reach out to you as I know that Curvalicious is what I need to take my body and my life to the next level. Ever felt like you had a calling to do something but didn’t know how to get from A to B. That’s me. I have a desire to inspire women and I want to walk the walk and show them that you can reach your dream body, life, etc at any age. I’m 43 mother of 4 with my dream body hidden under about 10% EXTRA body fat. You have the type of muscles that I want full, feminie and sexy!

  • Jamie says:

    CURVALICIOUS is me in a nut shell. I could be your poster girl lol! I’m 5 feet tall, but not a small stick girl by any means as I was blessed with a booty and F cup boobs! I’ve been active in sports my whole life, but I find it harder and harder the older I get to stay motivated and maintain those curves. Ever since you mentioned the name of your new program I have been counting down the days until May 21. I cannot WAIT to get rid of those last 15 pounds that weigh down my short frame. I love your stuff, thank you so much for the inspiration 🙂

  • Regina says:

    In the last 3 years I started to work out regularly for the first time in my life. I feel good, I look WAY better (pretty good actually), and I have changed my eating tremendously. I lift and do cardio and glean info from you, Joel, Roman, and others. GREAT SCIENCE. My shape is changing, FINALLY, due to the weights I’m using. I want to become an athlete and your program would put me on track. I need to lose more weight, and I will do that, but I want to focus on shape now since I got the weight loss down (it’s the food mostly!). Your program would do that. I’m larger in the waist and flat in the butt, and your program would target areas where I want to improve. I think your recipes, advice, and exercises are great and I use them often. After a crossfit workout I do some ab and butt exercises you have in your videos. I’m a good candidate for your program because I WILL DO IT. I live in a place where athletic events are all around me and I am inspired to get fit so I can join the ranks. Mostly I want to inspire others who know me and see my progress (especially my kids) to eat clean, workout hard, and get healthy so we can LIVE until we die. My new workout-shirt says:
    If you still look cute after your workout, you didn’t TRAIN hard enough!!

  • p says:

    Hi Flavia, I would LOVE to win a copy of your new program! I have several events coming up this summer and would love to show up looking Curvalicious! I love your physique, I find feminine muscles are awesome, and attaining a Curvalicious body is my goal…being there by summer is my short term goal, maintaining my Curvalicious body for life is my long-term goal! I’m ready…I have the equipment, now I just need the right program!! 🙂 Thank you for this opportunity!!

  • Beth H says:

    I just turned 40. I have been a stay at home Mom to 2 beautiful girls for 12 years. I may be within 5 pounds of my target weight but not my target shape. I have battled depression for 20 years and recently the doctors suggested mood stabilizers. I have okay eating habits but I knew I could improve them. What I put into my body and how I use it is a lifestyle choice I am committed to. Instead of taking prescriptions I have chosen to commit to eating what is good for my mind and my body as well as exercising for enhanced emotional and physical balance. The new program would assist me in pursuing my commitment to an overall mind, body, spirit sense of health and wellness. I wish the best of luck to all of Flavia’s community for the same pursuit of health and happiness.

  • Mona says:

    I have tried various exercise modalities: kettlebells, TRX, Crossfit, other bootcamp style workouts, and the only thing I have historically been able to stick with is weight training. But, the last few years I started having a myriad of problems such as thyroid issues, uncontrollable eating (related to thyroid med dose), and carpal tunnel/ulnar nerve problems. So, I had to intermittently stop the “heavy” weights which I love…which then got me way off the wagon this past winter.

    Now, I need help and motivation to get going again and lose the fat that I’ve gained during hibernation (& regain muscle). I’ve been foam rolling my arms (sounds crazy) almost daily which has almost completely alleviated the nerve pain in my hand/arm. I’ve started lifting again and doing good but I don’t trust myself at this point to keep it up without direction/help. Thanks so much for your motivating and informative emails and articles.

  • Raquel says:

    Hey Flavia!
    I love to challenge my body and even though I struggle with nutrition and haven’t hit my goal, I always give it all in the gym. I did your program, the first one, and it was sooo challenging! I love your blogs, I read them all and it is so straight to the point and soo informative. This year is all about me and my goal to finally drop the pounds I have to, that is my commitment and I will make sure that having PCOS will not be my excuse anymore! Last year my husband and I struggled with failed artificial inseminations and I finally had to accept that God has His time for everything and I have to trust that He will help me conceive or get my baby the way he thinks is best for us; but only I can change my body, I’m the only one standing between the body that I want and the body that I have and I’m SURE your program will help me soo much.
    They say that you have to look for a trainer that looks the way you want to and you do look AWESOME, so it is A FACT that you know what you are talking about 🙂 Thanks!

  • Linda says:

    I would love to win your Curvevalicious system. I am older and believe that health and well being are extremely important for us as we age. It is never to late for us over 55 to look and feel as well as we did when we were younger. I have gained weight in my mid-section and believe that your program will prove to be just what I need to get rid of it. I want to have an excellent quality of life as I age. I want to be able to continue to be active in my grandchildrens’ (11 of them) and great-grandchild’s life. Thank you for this opportunity to do just that.

  • Kelly Ragan says:

    During Summer 2008, I lost 30lbs (and kept it off through the holidays) I knew I wanted to firm & tone up for the upcoming Summer. I stumbled on an article about Pole Dancing classes for fitness – didn’t expect to find a studio near me! I was surprised at how much went into the basics – my core, legs and arms were thoroughly worked over. After going through 8 classes, I was already seeing results – needless to say I was hooked! If someone would’ve told me I would be climbing to the top of a 12ft pole, I’d think they were crazy.. but after those 8 classes, I was doing exactly that and so much more. During my first year, I put on muscle, toned up and lost an additional 10lbs. I went from 1 day a week to 4 days, and atleast 2 classes each day (sometimes 3) and had a Pole of my own at home. Unfortunately, a few months shy of my 2yr mark, I had to stop going. I kept up with practicing at home, started going to the gym with my boyfriend.. but it wasnt filling the void and I slowly started to gain weight. It’s been 3 years since my first class, and I am fighting tooth & nail to get back to the toned but still curvy figure I had. I joined the gym, knowing that I wasn’t going to let myself waste money – going 4x a week, but I’m still fighting. Then I found your website and it was the boost I needed! Your videos have been so inpirational, and I feel like I’m on the right path towards getting my shape back. I love that you break down the exercises and explain the what/why/how.. and following your progress as you prepared for the cover shoot inspired me to strive for a similar fit, but still feminine figure – and hopefully enter into a Pole Fitness competition. Winning CURVALICIOUS would be amazing.

  • Claudia says:

    Dear Flavia,
    Thank you for sharing all the great info that you send to help women, I read every single one and try to apply them. The true is I’ve been struggling with my weight gain for a year and a half and has been devastating for my self confidence and self worth; but I have made a resolution to change that and set an example to my daugther who struggles with her confidence too due to her weight. I’ve been suffering from some health conditions too and I am tired of that and want to feel good and sexy again.
    I think this is a great opportunity to star over, but right now, I have other financial priorities as a single mom and can’t afford to buy it, so thanks for giving me the opportunity to win a free copy!


  • Maryann says:

    Hi Flavia! I would like to start by saying how much you have inspired me! You had an amazing body before (engagement shoot) but now it’s knock down georgous! I have been a member of Precision Nutrition for some time, and have been following your husband Vince, also John R. (Roman), Dr. K, Adam & Ryan of Shapeshifter, Isabel De Los Rios; I could go on and on, but YOU are the one making me want to DO something about my weight/health, instead of just getting an education about it, and that I would think, is why you do this. To help someone change their life/health for the better. I’m sure it’s why you are a nurse. So regardless if I am one of the lucky winners or not, I really wanted you to know how inspiring you are, especially to women. You radiate health, happiness and love – especially for your (very large) family and God. Thank you for doing what you do!! God Bless!

  • Angela says:

    Hi Flavia,

    I have thoroughly enjoyed your emails and all your excercise tips that you have sent me. I am always up for a new challenge and would love to use your full program. I am a 53 year old Nana to three little ones under the age of two and could use an excercise program that would challenge my whole body and allow me to keep up with the little ones. I am heading into that next challenging phase of my life were your metabolism slows down to a snails pace as well as loosing some of that muscle mass. This is the time to recharge my battery for a whole body workout. I struggle with weight fluctuations so I feel I need a new challenge to kick start my body to feeling good. A body that feels good also keeps one with a clear mind and a happy disposition.

  • Connie says:

    about 5 years ago I had lost over 100 pounds with a system that limited fats, sugars, and salts, and recommended only two days a week of resistance training. I lost weight, but also a lot of muscle. in other words, I am “flabby.” I have since gained half of that weight loss back. Being 65 years young, losing weight is not at easy as it is for the younger crowd. Your system seems geared toward us women. Enjoy your emails and your preparation for your photo shoot.

  • Charnell says:

    hi Flavia
    I dont have a sob story to tell you! I do however have a positive one! My gym partner and i were so stuck with what to do at gym and we would walk around looking for “things” to do to help us tone and shape up for our next mountain expidition. Then i found your flawless, flavalicious female program and having been a “Vince” follower before, was so excited! I bought the program and we have been using it ever since and enjoyed every minute! The strange thing is, personal trainers watched us, and soon, they had their clients doing stuff we were doing! What a laugh! Suddenly the stability balls were scarce and we watched! We have seen a definite change in definition, an increase in muscle mass and evnthough my partner is male, the program has worked! So now, a year later, its time for change and that is why I would so love a copy of your new program… does Chris (my gym partner 🙂 )
    So looking forward to the launch and a change and rev up of new, challenging gym sessions! Thanks so much for all your amazing advice and information!

  • Rebecca says:

    I am SO pumped that you’ve come out with a new program. I love your Body-Licious program but would like to change things up a bit. That’s my biggest difficulty. I get stuck in a rut doing the same exercises month after month because I don’t have the time or self-motivation to sit down and change things up. I work full time, have 2 small children and a home ‘gym’ where I work out. I’ve gotten some good results from your other program but I seem to have plateaued. My biggest area of difficulty is my lower abs and the muffin top. I suffer from lower back pain and even a weight gain of 2-3 pounds of belly fat makes it SO much worse. I would love to flatten my lower belly and tone up my muscles to look sleek and healthy. People are always telling me that I’m so skinny and too hard on myself. They don’t realize there’s a difference between being skinny and being tone, and also that I can hide the baggage well under my clothes. 🙂 I don’t want to have to hide anymore and be self-conscious that my shirt is too tight/revealing of what’s underneath. I’m almost 40 and would love to look and feel as confident as I used to in my 20’s. You’re such a wealth of knowledge, encouragement and inspiration, I know your Curvalicious program is going to be awesome! I would be so excited and appreciative if I were one of the lucky ones to win a copy!

  • Amanda monaghan says:

    Having had my kids young.. It’s now me time and at 35 (next week) ive bn hitting the gym
    Hard and have been successfully lowering my body fat. It’s not a quick fix that gets u lean and strong, I’ve learnt that thanks to you Flavia, your thirst to get ur knowledge out there is empowering and to win ur new DVD will b an honour and push me even further to achieve my fitness goals..

  • Cher Anderson says:

    Hi Flavia,
    I currently teach a class of 20 women at the YMCA, they are losing lots of pounds doing MRT~some are slowing down on their weight loss. I think that incorporating your new workout will help them all to get the strength and definition that they need and want. Most are young mothers who are trying to get back into shape and some middle aged women trying to be healthy! thank you for your programs they have really helped me to help others while helping myself.

  • Katharina Stein says:

    Hi, first of I am from germany. So I don´t know if I can enter. But here is the reason why I want to win: I am 26 years old and I workout int the gym since about a year. But not really often and with the training I did I was never seeing any great changes. I have a very skinny looking upper body and I am very weak there, but the lower body is a little bit fat. So I really want that my upper body is beautiful toned and my legs and butt are with strong muscles. And I think now is the right time to start. With your System.
    Greetings from Germany 🙂

  • Vanessa Lee says:

    I would love to win the new Curvalicious program because I want to start preparing my body for competing in my first figure and fitness competition next year, and with the help of this program I can see myself doing very well with it. I have wanted to do one for a long time but have not had enough support or drive to push myself before now. I’ve been making some huge life changes and my fitness is one I want to change and work on for the rest of my life. I am super active all the time and adding the Curvalicious program to my routine I’ll be set!! I have seen the results from friends who use the Full-Body-licious program faithfully and I want to have the same results! I can push myself at the gym, but I know with your help and guidance I can totally do this. I am going to Miami to celebrate my 30th birthday, which happens to fall on Friday the 13th in July (Yeah!!!), and I want a beach body that will make me look like I live on the beaches in Miami all year round. I’m ready to take my workouts to the next level and I know this program would kick my butt and I’m definitely up for the challenge.

  • Sandy says:

    Hello Flavia,

    I will be turning 50 this summer and have decided it is finally time to celebrate me. I have never been able to wear a bikini and want SO MUCH to do so this summer and to do it with confidence and strong, sexy and defined Curvalicious curves. I want the WOW factor! I have been using your Flavilicious program for weeks now, and loving it BTW, and am very excited to accelerate my results with your new program. It sounds like Curvalicious is EXACTLY what my body needs at this point to shed the last 15-20 lbs. I have struggled with my weight for most of my life. Also, my metabolism is not in the greatest shape due to lots of yo-yo dieting over the years, but I am slowly changing that thanks to you, your programs and inspiring emails. I am very critical of my body, but you have helped me overcome that and raised my confidence level in all aspects of my life. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for that!

    Thank you for helping all the women out there who need it. And most importantly – deserve it! You are truly FAVULOUS!

  • Cat Peters says:

    Dearest Flavia,

    I love to watch all your video blogs and I’m a huge fan of you:0) The only thing I’m missing is…..having a body just like you. I really admire the way you look. I’m working out 4-5 times a week 60-90 minutes each time with heavy weights”but somehow I just don’t seem to get rid off my bodyfat. This refrains me of getting the body I really love and want to have. Therefore, I would like to try CURVALICIOUS to see if it gives me the body I love and I want to have…….A FLAVILICIOUS and CURVALICIOUS BODY just like my biggest idol FLAVIA DEL MONTE:))

  • Tammy McCarthy says:

    Wow! How can I possibly stand out in a group like this? Well here is my story…I’m 5’4″ and at one time I weighed 250 lbs. I struggled and struggled to lose weight. I chose walking as my method, because I always heard you had to do cardio to lose weight. I walked 5 miles a day 6 days a week dropped 30 lbs in 5 years. But then it stopped and it was pure hell to keep the 30 lbs off. Last year I started having problems with my knees. I had an MRI and was callously told by the doctor that I caused it by walking with so much extra weight on my body. He went on to say I’ll eventually need knee replacements and oh by the way, no more walking for exercise until you lose 50lbs. 50lbs?!?!?! He might as well said 1 MILLION lbs. I went home and cried! I imagined myself weighing 400lbs without the walking to keep the weight gain at bay. Out of desperation I decided to try strength training as a non-impact alternative. Even though I had NO idea what I was doing, I started losing weight. I dropped 5 clothing sizes and another 40lbs. Now I’m trying to educate myself, that’s how I found you. I think of the progress I could make using your system! My goal is to be unbelievably healthy and fit by my 50th birthday (June 10, 2013). I know we could do it TOGETHER!

  • Mary Boland-Doyle says:

    I would love to win this set as I have been looking into serious weight loss/body sculpting recently, and have come to the same conclusion that you did – women are NOT men, and one size may fit all, but not as well! I like your ideas on changing the way you approach this process, and I think it may be the best for women. I am approaching that time in my life when the kids are growing up, changes have been hitting me such as high blood pressure, and weight gain, and menopause cannot be far away! It’s time to take care of myself for a bit, and get myself into better shape. Looks may not be what is most important in life, but if you look good, you feel good about yourself. It all works together, and when you feel good, you want to keep feeling that way, eating healthier, exercising more, and continuing with the happiness. Good for you for being someone who shares that with others. Best to you, Mary

  • old momma says:

    Hello Favia, I have been reading and learning and trying your workouts for about 11 months now. I was getting pretty good at some of your workouts. Practice makes perfect…. Unfortunetly in Dec, I compressed my disc onto my siatic nerve. I have been going to physio for 5 months now, lumbar traction twice a week.. Last month the compression also hit my 7 and 8 discs, so alot of pain in left arm and shoulder. this resulted in neck and lumbar traction twice a week. Now I am better with the shoulder and almost no compression left in lower back. In the last 5 months I have lost all muscle that I had started to gain, with your help. I am now ready to start again, and will be following your Body Licious DVD’s once again. Your curvalicious workouts I think will fast track me back to where I was and beyond. I am 51 years old and need to tighten and tone so that I will not have the siatic problems in the future. I am probably about 23lbs heavier than I should be. Help and great motivation is what I see in your programs.
    Keep up the great work…

  • Eva says:

    I am a 40yr old woman, who usually was fairly fit until recently. With work hours and work load growing, stress at work was going up, I have found myself getting soft. So I am hoping you will choose me as one of the lucky ones as I do not want to be an example of what people consider your typical middle age spread issue, I want to defy that sense of “normal” and be the firm toned woman I know I can be. I am a hard worker and willing to put the hard work into me/myself and practice an act of extreme self health care.I believe together with your program and knowledge and my determination I will succeed as on my own I am completely lost where to even begin…

  • Martha Kelly says:

    Trying to conceive!!
    I am a 32 year old female and have been trying to conceive for about 8 months now. I have been hit by so many road blocks with fertility issues that I hit rock bottom. I learned that my weight is part of the problem. Although I am not obese, I am considered over-weight and I need to get this under control before I can have a baby. I have always been passionate about health and fitness but lately I have lost motivation. I know that a child is plenty of motivation but I just can’t seem to find the start line in my journey. I have felt lost and hopeless in the conception process and need help to get back on track. I know the competition will be fierce and I know we all deserve it, so this is my story!

  • Concetta says:

    Flavia-I can’t imagine anyone that reads your blog not wanting a copy. I have lost the “10 pounds” that everyone talks about. The description of Curvalicious looks like it has all the answers to help me look like I have lost the 10 pounds. I admire your dedication and work during your photo shoot journey. Your program looks tough and that is exactly what I need to accomplish my goals. I am never going to look like you, but I can certainly improve. Give me a chance. I would love to show you my before and after photos. Concetta

  • Hi Flavia,

    I’m very excited for your new workout!! I’ve been doing Flavilicous for the last year. I love how it designed for a woman! I’m definitely stronger and more toned from it! I’m ready for a new workout! I’ve been incorporating the exercises you’ve been sending from your blog, but it’s kind of hard to make a new routine from them.
    I’m very busy with four little kids and I don’t have the time to go to a gym! I workout in my basement and your workouts have been perfect for being at home! I consider you my personal trainer! I’ve been really strict lately and waking up earlier to get my workouts in and strict with Isabel’s diet program. I would like to lose 20 more pounds and get more defined.
    I’m also a massage therapist and I feel if my clients see me as fit and healthy, they’ll take advice from me and choose to do the same.
    THANK YOU so much for all the free advice, workouts, and health info you have given me!!!!! I truly appreciate your generosity!! God bless you!!

  • Cheryl Malinowski says:

    2012 is the year of “ME”!! This was the vow I made myself that the beginning of the year and on started my journey on January 13th. After years of fertility treatments and high stress levels, the time had come to put myself 1st and take back control of my life after topping the scales at 200lbs so that I can be a healthy mom for my beautiful children. I have so far lost 43lbs in 4 months by eating clean and working out 6 days a week. My goal was 1st to drop the weight, 27lbs still to go, phase 2 will be focusing on toning my problem areas. This is where CURVALIVIOUS Body Sculpting System will help me tremendously with my next phase of tightening and firming up. I would be beyond excited and grateful to try out your new Curvalivious Body Sculpting system as I continue on this “ME” journey. I’m so proud of myself for taking control of my life back, but my journey is not done yet!
    Thank you for this opportunity and your generosity,

  • marie says:

    I have had multiple health issues since I was just 22. I work hard alot to stay in shape. I am a motivated hard-working person who WILL show you results. I dont just need to lose weight I need to keep my muscle and grow my muscles to a toned look. I know your program can do this because I have bought some of your other programs. I will not stop when I get my results I will continue day by day to keep my success constant and a part of my life…until I die. I want to be a strong healthy grandma. One of my goals right now is to do a pull-up without the help of a chair. I cannot afford and do not have time for the gym and its not in my budget to buy a program. This is why I need your help. I have three children that I am an example to with being healthy but want to show them the max of what it can do. PLease PICK ME….Youll have some great results from a real, honest, sweet, down to earth person.
    Thanks for all you do for so many

  • Marie B. says:

    Hi Flavia,
    I’m turning 50 in a few months and so want to ditch my skirted tummy-control bathing suit bottom! I’ve followed your blog for some time and love your workout routines and advice. Your programs are designed for women and I love that. I have tried many programs, many of them created by men and really not designed for women. I’ve followed you throughout your journey before your latest photo shoot and you look amazing! My goal is to lose 15 pounds and add muscles and curves. I know I can do it with Curvalicious. Who knows… I may even go out and buy a pair of those clear pumps I’ve seen you wear!


  • janita says:

    I would love to win the whole system as I bought your first DVD set. I am a CPT at our local Y and started Boot Camp a year ago and we have had hundreds of people enroll. I am always looking for new, effective workouts and 80% of our clientele are women who want to look curvaceous, attractive and live a healthy lifestyle. I love to teach new skills, whether it is physical, nutritional or mental education.

    Thanks for your commitment to helping women!

    PS I met your husband in 2007 at the Ryan Lee Boot Camp in Stamford, CT and was so impressed with his honesty, that I trusted you from the beginning! Plus he looked great, so I assumed he passed his hard work and training ideas on to you! 🙂

  • Shilpa says:

    Hi Flavia,
    Thank you for an opportunity to win your awesome program. I am living in a community where skinny girls are starving themselves and ruining their joints with long slow cardio. Whenever I talk about lifting weights, they get scared and laugh on me. I want to make a change and bring awareness in my society. I am a very strong believer in all your principles and have always loved all your blogs and videos. I really want to have my body transformation with wide shoulders, cute biceps, washboard abs, trim thighs and sculpted calves which gives me freedom and confidence to flaunt my strength and sexy body. I want a body like you and I believe your creation Curvalicious Body Sculpting System is the only transformation program for me and all girls like me.

  • Raven Thorne says:

    Hi flaviia
    I am a mother of a little eight year old boy and is studying for my bachelors,you’ve been my inspiration in reaching not only my fitness goals but my acheivement as a business woman. Winning a copy of the curvalicious training system would be an asset to me in my fitness goals,thank you for sending me the sneak peaks on how to train my body. Enjoy your weekend

  • Kim S says:

    Hi Flavia, you are an inspiration to millions of women! Even though you have a smokin’ bod, you seem like the girl next door that you could invite over for coffee! I am a 40 yr old mom of two. I am in better shape now than I was when I was 30, but I need a program. I’m a runner, but getting bored. I watch your training videos and do your ab routines. You are inspiring and disciplined. I want to mirror you! Your program could take me to the next level. I want to show women everywhere that you can be fabulous at forty!!!

  • Tami says:

    After so many years of being unaware of loosing my looks (well, I did notice gaining weight but at the same time was blind to the meaning of it – how I perceive myself), it is time to return home – to a toned body, without the overweight, with the sexy feeling, moving around fluently and freely. I want to be able to empower other women on returning to appreciate my femininity.

  • Lori says:

    Yahoo ! I would love to win your CURVALICIOUS program. Im 51 years young searching for the right man in my life with 57 extra pounds. It is difficult when my cute clothes just don’t fit !! I set behind a desk all day. Diffently need the right movement in my day to get strong and healthy. It woud be great to set an example for all of my friends that are in the same situation. Thanks for all of the motivation and video’s that you do !!

  • Inês says:

    Hi Flavia!
    My name is Inês and I’m writting from the sunny and beautiful country called Portugal. I’m 20 and I love going to the gym. I’m a tall girl and I’ve always been skinny so weight has never really been an issue. The problem is I don’t want to just look soft and skinny anymore. I want to have toned, defined and sexy curves! I started going to my local gym about 2 years ago and a trainer developed a workout plan for me. I spent months doing what you call the metabolic resistance training and I definitely can relate to all the problems you mentioned about these workouts! But that is about to end! I recently came across your fitness blog and you are truly a revolution in the fitness industry and an inspiration. I told all my friends about you and everyone at the gym as well. Everyone here is reading your articles and watching your videos and even the trainers at my gym are developing new workout plans based on your reliable knowledge. I would like to win one of the copies of your system because I want to have a curvalicious body and I want to continue to spread the word about you so that other women like me stop being fooled by all the fat loss programs out there!

  • Meredith says:

    Well I would love to win your Curvalicious program because I’ve seen massive results with your other program. I want to be the best I can be, I have problems with my shoulder, my knees, my hips, at not quite 30 that’s kind of pain. But your other program has lessened some of my problems, and the best way to continue is to keep building muscle. Additionally, my helping myself has made my mother consider her needs as well. She is 60 pounds overweight, and I think this program could help her as well, combined with your other one.

  • Karlen says:

    I would love to win one of your free copies of Curvalicious Body Sculpting System! I’ve seen great progess with your 1st program and always get compliments on my arms. I’m trying to get my bodyfat down and show a more sculpted look with more curves. My goal is to compete in the NPC Lackland Championship show in Bikini. I have no doubt your program could get me there. I love the progress so far but I have stopped progressing and am currently staying the same. I think your new program can take me to the next level and get me to where I want to be to compete. You are such an inspiration and I would love to look like you. Your love for what you do and your family and God has made a huge impact in my life and I want to also thank you for that!

  • Alana says:

    Hello Flavia,

    I would first like to congratulate you on your most recent cover shoot, you looked amazing!!! You are a prime example on how hard work truly pays off and is rewarding.

    As for this contest, I would love to win a free copy of your new Curvalicious Body Sculpting work-out! Although, I wouldn’t mind paying for it either because I totaly support your work and inspiration.

    I have been over weight my entire life (30 years). I’ve always had the desire to lose weight and be fit, but I wanted to do it the natural way. After going up and down with my weight for half my life, trying every new diet out there, I finanlly decided and commited to losing weight by focusing on my nutrition primarily and exercise. In 2009 I weighed 231lbs, I am now at 180lbs. I had actually gone down to 155lbs, but due to deprivation, I’ve gained some weight recently. I am now commiting my self to lose weight not for vanity but for health, vitality, strength and longevity. I do not care to be a fitness model; I just want to be and look healthy, the way God created me!

    Thank you so very much for your emails loaded with helpful information. You are such a graceful, humble, strong and beautiful women!

    Thanks for the opportunity Flavia!!!

  • Chelsey says:

    Hello Flavia,
    I would enjoy winning a copy of curvalicious so I can feel beautiful. I have the worst self esteem problems. I think I am my own worst enemy, I have cellulite and flab in places that I feel should not be there. I have spoke to many experts before and had my thyroid checked and no one can tell me why I do not see results. I eat clean and healthy, take a multi vitamin, and drink a greens drink everyday. I have worked out my whole life and never seen any results that I want. I am beginning to give up. I wont even get dressed with the lights on or swim with my husband because i am embarassed of my body. Please help! Win or not I want to try a program that will really deliver. Thanks!

  • Ricci says:

    Hi Flavia, how are you? Why would I benefit from your Curvalicious program? In one word – confidence. Confidence comes from within but unfortunately it’s driven by a lot of outside factors like your childhood, other people or situations sometimes beyond our control. I would love to feel that self confidence that propels successful people to accomplish what they want. It’s amazing what a person can accomplish if they have the confidence and belief in themselves and the strength to pursue it. Thank you for the chance Flavia.

  • Sonja says:

    Hi Flavia, I’m going to be 50 in December and in the last year I’ve packed on 50lbs . I’m having a hard time getting back in shape.The extra pounds have been hard on my heart and joints. It seems the harder i try to get it off the harder it is to take off.Please Help, Sonja

  • Tanya says:

    Hi Flavia, Although I’m a pretty healthy Aussie woman with a bootcamp style exercise regime, I haven’t been able to get the results I desire. After my twins were born, I had lots of curves in all the WRONG places, lots of floppy, loose skin. I have worked hard over the last 4 yrs to try & get my body back with various methods, with little or no results. I have some recent success by almost starving myself and pushing myself to my limit but NOTHING like I want. I WANT my body back – although I have curves & want to keep my curves but I desire to be CURVALICIOUS for ME – oh, and my hubby!! I love my curves, but I would LOVE to have definition, muscle and tone. I want to FEEL & LOOK sexy again. I love your systems, your videos and how hard you push yourself – please let me WIN one of these systems and I will be your biggest advocate her in Oz & around the world!! Blessed be Flavia xx

  • Jenny says:

    Hiya Flavia,

    I purchased Full-Body-Licious last September & had some awesome results, I love training again.
    It had reignited my passion for weight training I love the look of a well toned female body. Earlier this year I also purchased Sue Heintze’s Female_Fat_Free_Solution which I’m also enjoying. I believe that it’s important to mix up you exercise routine so you don’t get bored or so your body doesn’t get to use to the exercises. That’s what I intend to do if I’m lucky enough to win your new CURVALICIOUS Body Sculpting System is alternate the exercise programs every three months, so every season. I figure that’s a good time to change my exercise regime every season-Winter, Spring, Autumn & Summer.
    One thing that both you Ladies have taught me that your eating plan is just as important & at the moment I am struggling a little with so I’m not as hard as I should be, some soft wobbly bits around the body. I really, really want a well toned body, a body like a fitness model & I’m on my way to achieving that.
    Thank you

  • Beverly cenci says:

    Hi Flavia,
    I will make this short and sweeeeet…i loved your flavilicious programs and hope these are even better…Got NASM cert. recently and will be celebrating my 48th birthday soon and this would be the icing on the soon to be cake. Planning on making my 50th in the best shape ever and need your expertise to get me the rest of the way. Thanks and Love you….Bev

    ps. i am the mom of 4 boys, 19, 16 yr.old twins and may baby who is 7(just don’t let him know i called him a baby..ha ha)…want to keep showing them that age doesn’t matter, eating healthy, do what you love and moving keeps you young at heart

  • Melanie J says:

    I would love your program because after 3 kids, it’s a little more difficult to get and stay toned, i don’t have any weight problem, but want to be a toned, well curved and beautiful mamma! (the exercice i’m doing right now don’t toned as I would like, i’m loosing weight instead of forming beautiful curves!)

  • Shelley says:

    Hi Flavia,

    I am 48, have five children from 10-21, and have been married for 27 years. My 19 year old son has been following Vince and introduced me to you through videos that Vince had on his website. When you created your first program, I purchased it. I have listened to your advice through those materials as well as through your blog.

    I desire to be as healthy as possible to embrace each day to its fullest and have the energy needed to fulfill my many responsibilities. I am actively involved with my three younger daughters’ scouting troop where we enjoy high adventure trips and activities including camping, hiking, zip lining, horseback riding, etc. As a family, we enjoy hiking and I want to be strong to enjoy the great outdoors.

    I find that you seem to truly care about people and give advice that really works! I appreciate the videos because they are very instructive with each exercise being demonstrated and explained as well as how to go through the entire routine. This empowers me to keep working my body so that it continues to grow stronger. My husband is thankful I care about how I look and try to take care of myself!

    I was hoping that you would launch a second video program because as you mention in your first series, you need to constantly challenge your body. I am confident you are knowledgeable about exercise and that I will get results with your videos!

    To a stronger body,

  • Krissielei says:

    Hi Flavia!

    I would be absolutely elated to win a free copy of your Curvalicious program. I currently am a Physical Fitness and Health instructor and much of what I learn through research and by keeping up-to-date with current fitness trends, I am able to pass on to my students, friends and family. I truly want to do my part not only in helping others find their passion in leading healthy lifestyles, but also in combating the obesity epidemic that sadly plagues so many people today. In closing, by rewarding me with your free program, you would be totally enriching the lives of many (middle school girls included)!!! BTW~ thank you for promoting a sexy, curvy body. It is so important for women to see that we are meant to have curves… embrace them, be fit, and be proud! Ciao!

  • Nancy Martin says:

    I was a strenuous exerciser in my twenties in that I was spending 1.5 to 2 hours in the gym. Life circumstances, such as moving to a new state, going to grad school, and dealing with other environmental stressors, pushed my fitness regimen out the door. Then in my early thirties I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and this limited my ability to exercise they way I used to. I gained a disturbing 65 lbs, and soon ended taking weight loss pills that temporarily helped me to lose some weight, but I am still struggling with joint issues and that has not allowed me to get down to the fighting weight I used to be. I think I would benefit from the stream lined routine presented with some modifications, since I am more committed to fitness and wanting to get back what I initially lost 10 years ago. Thanks

  • Maryse says:

    Hi Flavia,

    I am a 47 yr old single mother and I am blessed with 2 wonderful teenagers. I’ve introduced my athlete son to Vince’s material and have purchased your first program. My daughter takes after her father and is slightly over weight. I’ve been reading everything you write about and I’ve gradually replaced many of the bad products in our home by healthy choices. My focus is to get her to follow your program which I know will give her a healthy start in life but will also give her so much self confidence. I want to be an inspiration for her and by taking care of myself, I’ll be around many years to come. I would like to thank you and Vince for all the information you put out there. It definitely brings results and is an eye opener to many myths out there. I just wish I had discovered you earlier on in life but better late than never. Your first program has helped with the weight but now I’d like to bring the toning to a higher level.

    Yours in health,


  • Shannon J. says:

    First, I want to say thank you for being my motivation to wake up early to workout and choose a salad over pasta. You have been the background of my phone for the past couple of months to remind myself that all my hardwork and dedication will pay off! And it has 🙂 I love FULL-BODY-LICIOUS and would love to continue my passion for fitness with CURVALICIOUS! I love the convenience of the DVDs; for example I am staying at a hotel and I am able to continue my routine with your program! I would be so excited and honored to receive the CURVALICIOUS program. I have already been successful convincing my mom and aunt to lift weights to get a toned physique and I can’t wait to keep learning and pushing my limits with your new program!! I have been getting so many compliments and I have been referring everyone to you!

    Thank you soooo much!!

  • Sheri says:

    This program is a perfect fit because it is both comprehensive and challenging and can be performed within an hour.  A curvalicious body will promote more positive energy and confidence which is good for the mind, body and soul.  I am ready for this challenge.  

  • april says:

    Here’s the conundrum I face- I love me some muscle.Love it on me! My body responds when I lift heavy…but it also responds very well to burning fat.Yeah, I know I shouldn’t complain but it seems the smaller my waist gets- my shoulders that I am so proud of start to shrink!!

    Can’t I have both?I need to find that balance of fatburning, but at the same time keeping my muscle. You look like you have found that balance and I want in on the secret! Besides, Flavia, I know you don’t want anyone to mention financial situations but you sortof owe me. Because of you I don’t have money for nice extras like dying the grey out of my hair to match my “could be a 21 yr old body.” Why? Was a size 10. Now a size 4. Had to buy a whole new wardrobe.

    Your fault.


  • Jodie says:

    STRONG + HEALTHY = REALLY LIVING! After a knee reconstruction four years ago, I’ve finally got back to making exercise a part of my everyday routine. I’m a single mum of two teenage boys, so have limited ‘ME’ time. When I get my flabby butt to the gym I need strict instructions on what to do. I work hard but no idea what exactly to do for variety and making sure I work every body part over the week. I’ve literally just returned from the gym after having measurements done after 8 weeks…disappointing as I’ve done the hard work but clearly not the right way. PLEASE SHOW ME HOW! (PS love your site, I’ve learnt so much and you’re so real).

  • Venla says:

    I loved your Full-body-licious program, especially the back workout. I used the program to get to 15,1 % bodyfat. Lately I’ve been getting some of that lost fat back and I’ve been a bit lost when it comes to trainig and staying lean. This week I had my shoulder operated because of repeatedly luxating out of place. This means I can’t workout properly for three long months. When I finally can start to do proper muscle trainig I’m going to need a effective and a fun program to help me gain back all the lost muscle and lose the fat. I believe your Curvalicious program would be the perfect answer for both. That’s why I believe this program would be perfect for me and my current situation.

  • Marie Negron says:

    Hello Flavia, Im so glad you are giving away copies for ypir new program. I already have your Flavialicious CD’s since they came out. Im in my second cycle of the program and so happy I purchased it. Flavilicious changed the way I used to work out i dont need a trainer anymore!! But I feel ive reached a plateu and i feel I need something more to take myself to the next level. I need to once again challenge myself to create a curvalicious and toned body. Ive been waiting for this second program for a while and im so excited its finally coming out. I admire you always and hope you consider me in the contest. Thank you. Good day.

    Marie Negron
    Puerto Rico

  • Sally says:

    Hi Flavia, I would benefit from your new program by following it! I do FullBodyLiscious and love it, it has changed my body shape and attitude to fitness and exercise. My friends actually notice the difference in my body, and an aunt who I hadn’t seen in years said she didn’t remember me being that tall! (I’m not.) I have started defining my curves but would absolutely love to get that real definition in my arms and legs and abs that I know your program will deliver, it just gives me such a great feeling of achievement and empowerment. My whole attitude has changed, I feel more assertive and am helping other people in ways I didn’t have the confidence to before, I would love to build on this and see how far I can really go, inspiring others to do the same. My husband doesn’t say much but I can tell he is impressed by my efforts, I know he will enjoy showing off a fit looking, shapely and defined woman who has embraced her personal power. Thank you for this opportunity.

  • Ingvild says:

    I do you Full bodylicious,and have has a great success. But I would like to crank it up a notch, figuring Curvelicious would be great to give me that boost. I’m almost back to my size and shape from before I had kids, but I seemed to have platoued, even though I work had everytime I’m in the gym. As said I have nearly gotten my old size back, but you know what? I have gotten a WAY better fysique. I’m a nurse and I can tell you that I can feel my fysique has improved ‘cuz I can work harder, I can handle the stress better, I do not get a bad back from weird workingpositions and I can feel my patients believing in that I am a stabile strong nurse they can rely on. That all comes from me being stabile, strong to lean on and not easily stressed. Which I all gained by Full Bodylicious. It is now time to turn up the heat and get a better body than I EVER had, with my feminin curves showing off all the RIGHT places.

  • Fabiana says:

    Hi Flavia,

    I have been doing the workouts from your Full bodyliscious and I love it . I have had great results . But still not reached my ideal weight, Im gettting married in 7 months and I would love to have your new program to take me to the next level and reach my ideal weight. I am confident that Curvilicious will do that for me . So please please please let me win the competition ! 🙂 I watched your preview video and it looks absolutely great and exciting. Please make my dream come true. 🙂

  • Elizabeth says:

    I am going to be 58 in July. I think using your program would just be great. What a walking advertisement I would be as to how some one my age could look really hot!!! I do exercise and eat healthy but I could use that extra butt kick to look awesome.

  • Inge says:

    Hi Flavia,
    I don’t know why I should get your Free program above all the other ladies, but I’ll try! I bought your Bodylicious program and I love it! I’m 50 yrs old and I like to look good and I think your new program can make it even better so I give it a try and hope I win this. And exercising isn’t only good for your figure and your health, it’s also very good for your mind, it gives such a happy feeling and I can’t get enough of it! So keep on with the good work! Kind regards, Inge

  • Nicole says:

    Hi Flavia,
    I am so excited about the release of the curvalicious body sculpting system and would be totally ecstatic if I won a copy. You are an inspiration to all women around the world. I have always been into health and fitness, but since having my 2 children, now 8 & 5, I was struggling to stay motivated, until I thankfully came across your website. I follow your blog and look forward to your emails and follow your advice and try all the videos you send. I have your full- body- licious program, which I absolutely love and have managed to stay motivated and have started to love my body again, thanks to the amazing results I have been getting. I would love however to build some more lean muscle, to get more of a sculpted look, as this is my dream body. Thanx for the never ending motivation and tips, Nicole xx

  • Carrie says:

    Hi Flavia!
    I am very excited for this new workout series. I have full-body-licious and after about 4 weeks everyone was aasking me “what are you doing to look so great?” I still have about 20 pounds to lose and I would love to do it with your new workout with a free copy 🙂
    People are amazed at the workout moves I can do (things I never thought I would be able to do) and to be honest I love showing them off! I would be great to have some new moves to “show-off”!
    Thanks Flavia for being a great motivator to me!

  • Caitlin says:

    Hi Flavia! Thank you SO much for interrupting the media and their constant pressure for women to be stick thin. I am 22 years old and I have let the media feed my mind and my desire to be that thin and flimsy girl. The pressure was so big that I went to extreme measures to have that thin figure. After recovering a couple years ago and started exercising and lifting I discovered a whole new kind of BEAUTIFUL! I can’t explain to you how much I appreciate youressaw, your philosophy, your training tools, your nutrition, ETC! I would benefit from your program in so many ways. But most importantly thank you for teaching me that health, muscle and curves are beautiful!

  • Rin says:

    Hi Flavia,
    I think Curvalicious would be perfect for me because it would help me get the body I want. As a child and teenager, I was an intense athlete: ran cross country and track, swam, played soccer, rugby, volleyball, basketball, lacrosse, field hockey, and trained in taekwondo and hapkido. However, I was always a bit chubby and my thinner, Asian side of the family would always say degrading things to me, such as “You should try playing basketball sometime. It helps you grow taller and lose weight.” or “Go for a run. Have you ever heard of exercising?” when in actuality, I could run 6 minute miles easily and 22 minute 5Ks. My two siblings are both so tall, with great bodies, and when we walk around Korea, they are mistaken as celebrities. Please, please, help me achieve my goal of having a great body like yours, Flavia, and being able to stand proudly next to my star siblings.

  • Tami C says:

    PICK ME! PICK ME! 🙂 Flavia, if you award me with a free copy of the Curvalicious program, I promise to give it 110% effort. I will make to be a perfect ambassador of the program and will provide you with an amazing “after” picture you will be proud of! I recently got my body fat down to 19% which I am proud of but I am really trying to build muscle in my upper body and burn fat from my torso and legs. I purchased the Flavalicious program and loved it! I saw great results and felt that was in part to your inspiration and down to earth lovely personality! 🙂 I can’t wait to see what’s in store for my body with your new program. 🙂 Beautiful muscles, here I come!

  • Dawn says:

    I’m 48, I’ve been working out steadily since I quit smoking 15 years ago. I was in crossfit 4 years ago and was in the best shape I have ever been in. Then… it came crashing down. I’m very competitive and I love crossfit, but I unfortunately sacrificed form just to compete against some of the best athletes there, I couldn’t help myself. I hernitated four discs in my neck and really made a mess of it. I now have a plate and 8 screws in it to seal the fusion, I started coming back from that surgery and boom… I had a synovial cyst off my L5 in my low back that required yet another spinal surgery four months after the neck. I’m now coming back from both of these and I’m finding it hard to get that hard body I had before, I’m older, need to work around things and have achy knees, but my goal is to be in that same kind of shape I was at before (in crossfit) by the time I hit 50. I love the look of your workouts and the different types of exercises. I need to build strength and definition back, but I need some push to work me hard. I think your system would really help. I just found your site and I love it. I want to be a good role model for other girls my age and prove it can be done, even with previous injuries and the age.

  • Liz says:

    Hey Flav!
    I first want to say THANK YOU for the inspiration you have been to me during one of the tougher times of my life. I am 42 with 3 younger children and always find it hard find time for me.
    Last year I decided to do what I used to do in my 20’s another Ironman….well, while training I broke my foot terribly and had screws put in it, a couple months later after lots of pain and therapy I was diagnosed with RDS ( a pain disorder in my calf and right foot) that has consumed my life. This all started 8 months ago. I have not been going to a gym, but just doing home workouts these past few months, since I feel funny limping around. I LOVED your Full Body Licious program, and have gone through it several times! It is the only time of the day I don’t feel “crippled”. I can still do a lot, and have learned how to modify exercises when I need to. I need a NEW kick, which I know your Curvalicious program would bring me. I am inspired by YOU and would love to fell good about myself again and get back into the shape I was a year ago.

  • Paula says:

    Dear Flavia,

    At mid-forties I feel like I have hit a wall as far as my body sculpting is concerned. I have worked out hard in the past and thanks to it I have some muscle tissue but at the moment I have too much fat covering it all up. I love the way you have chiseled out your own body and I like the idea of lifting heavy – working out more like men do but still with a female intellect and a female specific plan and protocol. Curvalicious is exactly what I need right now to blast through the last 15 or so pounds of fat and hopefully adding some more muscle in the process. I also need more physical strength as we are getting ready to start building a house; so much to lift and carry… I’m sure you can relate after having moved recently yourself ;o) I have also an important event coming up in September that I need and want to look my absolute best. I firmly believe that with the help of Curvalicious I can present the best version of me in three months and radiate the self confidence that is needed to make my special event a raging success…

    • Kiszi says:

      Since discovering Full Body Licious 1.5 years ago, it has been my staple workout. I had plateaued and Full Body Licious was just what the doctor ordered, providing a renewed motivation and pushing me to reach my goals. I stalk (yes, I confess) your blog for updates and implement the suggested exercises into my workouts. People always ask me, both in and out of the gym, am I a personal trainer and it makes me smile (1) because maintaining results is hard work and (2) Full Body Licious is awesome – THANKS!

      Owning Curvalicious would make my WEEK! The introduction could not have come at a better time. Watching the teaser had me bursting with excitement as I could not imagine a workout topping Full Body Licious. Yet you did it and I SOOOOOOO cannot wait to indulge…

  • Julie r buzo says:

    I would really wish to win the program because although I have a slim body, I would like to go beyond my limits and be able to reach a perfect body like yours. Is tough for me to win muscle mass without gaining fat, I hace tried many times and tried to get professional assistance but still not getting there!! What I have read about your program this could be a great tool for me to get my objective. I have tried in the past other of your programs and really helped me to improve.

  • Rachelle says:

    Hey Flavia,
    Wow a lot of entries! But I’ll give it a try! Today is my birthday, turning 28!!! I am mommy to a 4 year old, 2 year old and I just had my third little one 7 weeks ago. I do all my working out at home, finding the time like anyone is difficult but I am determined because an inshape me makes for a confident, sexy wife which my wonderful husband deserves and an energetic, happy mommy for my beautiful kiddos. I struggle a little with the mommy blues after pregnancy, working out and getting my pre pregnancy body back is best cure for me. I have slowly been diving back into a fitness routine I would love to try curvalicious, with some hard work my goal is more muscle and a better body then before my babies! I have the drive, I know I would benifit from your direction. Your body motivates me and shows me you know what you are doing! Thank you for the inspiration, I look forward to curvalicious!

  • Lorraine James says:

    Having been overweight and unfit most of my life I decided to take myself in hand two years ago (May 17th 2010) and since then have lost 86lbs of fat and work out 5 times a week. I am so much fitter and more confident and love it. I will be 54 in August and have three grandchildren who will be visiting for my birthday with their mum (my daughter) and their dad. I get many comments from people who knew me two years ago, I know they are impressed and inspired, after all, if I can do it at my age anyone can – at any age! I love life and living it to the full and want to continue to do so for many years to come, which means being happy, laughing a lot, great friends and family, having a healthy diet and an exercise programme that is safe, appropriate for me as a woman, challenging and varied and that gives me the results I want. Flavalicious has been fabulous and I’d love to win the Curvalicious so that I can reach my goal of losing the last stone of fat and see my abs for the first time ever by my birthday this year, I can do it!

  • Marla says:

    I replied once but since I got another email I figured I could enter again. 🙂 One reason is that May 21 is my birthday! That should be reason enough. Another reason is that I am already working and know that this isn’t going to suddenly “fix” me or make me lose weight and get in shape. Only I can do that, but having a program to guide and direct certainly helps. I love working out but don’t always know what is best to do when, what to do together etc.

    I know you have had so many enteries, but I would love to be one of your winners. God bless.

  • Rox says:

    So I’ve been exercising most of my life and I thought that I was doing quite well for myself, you know, hitting the crosstrainer and doing a few pushups here and there. It seems so funny now (gosh I almost laugh, is that a bad thing!?) after I’ve tried ur Full Body Licious program. Man, does that program make you work your butt off or what!? I just love the sweat dripping off my face, the aching muscles and the astounded looks on some of the people at the gym when I do your stuff. It’s just brilliant!

    So I would like to challenge myself, my body and mind, with your new program and push myself to the outer limit. I like the feeling of really exercising and your programs have proved to deliver that feeling, for sure! And if I get more astounded looks and compliments from people wondering what I’m doing when I do Curvalicious, then hey, that seems like a pretty sweet bonus to me – if nothing else it’ll make me concentrate on performing better, heh… we don’t want to fall off the stability ball when pretty boy is watching, do we? Oopsie, that’s me on the floor! Well what can I say, Flavias workouts work my butt off!

  • Susie says:

    Hi Flavia – Thank you so much for the opportunity to win your Curvalicious program. I would love to win your program because thanks to your recent e mails I now realize why I cannot get past my plateau. I have always been fairly fit but have never achieved the body I really want. I get really close then plateau, get frustrated and quit. I realize now that I did not achieve the results I desired because I was not lifting heavy enough! I am a busy mother of two small children and I am tired of wasting my valuable time and energy on programs that do not deliver! Thanks! May the best lady win! ( Or the best 5) !

  • Alaina says:

    Hey there! God has blessed me with an overall healthy body and a fascination with working out and exercise ever since I was little. It amazes me how God made the body so we have some control to make it stronger and healthier. So I decided I wanted to go into exercise science as my major in college. I want to get my body as strong and healthy as I can get it with no unnecessary fat so that I can one day be a personal trainer and help others from all walks of life do the same. However, I’ve been working out for a long time and no matter how hard I try I just can’t get to where I know I could be. I feel like I can’t help others to be fit and healthy to their very best, if I can’t even reach my own goals. This is only my second year in college and I learn a lot in school, but I’m having trouble putting all the information together. You’re video, I know will really help me break through the plateau or barrier I’ve been struggling with. Thanks for having your website, blog and all the emails you send us because I read it all and it all helps me so much. I also loved Full-Body-Licious and now I want to take my fitness to the next level!
    God Bless,

  • Wendy Maria says:

    Hi, flavia. My name is Wendy Maria i’m from Australia. I’m 19 years old a mother of a beautiful young little 10 month year old boy. Before I got pregnant I used to watch what I ate, I use to exercise almost everyday. Now that I’ve become a mum I’ve let myself go. I’m 10 kgs more that what I used to be. I feel so self conscious now I’m the youngest in my family out of 4 sisters my sisters are way smaller than me I just want to build my self esteem up again. I’m so determined to loose the weight if you can help me start and achieve it that would mean the world to me.

  • Lene says:

    Hi Flavia!
    First of all I LOVE your physique! You look amazing and I sooooo wanna look like you!!
    Muscle looks so hot on women I agree , i have some myself but like to get even more cut and curved just like you;) I have big expectations of your CURVALICIOUS program, great name by the way! I bought your FULL-BODY-LICIOUS a few weeks back , i think its awesome! It’s so much fun and have a great variety of exercises !
    I don’t have a life turning story or reason for you to pick me as a winner, i have worked out all my life , I love it it’s a big part of my lifestyle paired with eating nutritious and healthy . I can give you one big promise though, if you pick me your program will get used to pieces at my local gym her in Norway. I won’t just get stored in a file on my laptop and never see the lift of day, i can tell you that:) Cheers Lene

  • Christine Runge says:

    I used to exercise a lot and eat really great. I was very happy with how I looked. Then I got really busy. I know thats not an excuse, but thats what happened. I stopped working out and spent less time on food prep, which resulted in a lot of unhealthy meals. The result was that I put on about 40lbs. Over the last 8 months I’ve been struggling, fairly unsuccessfully, to try to drop the weight. I bought your Full Bodylicious program and I love it. I’ve had great results with that over the last few months, but I still have weight too loose. I’m very interested to see what you’ve come out with recently. This new program might be the change I need to get past this plateau and really help me loose the remaining bulge.

    As a bonus reason, May 21st is my birthday and this would be a great present. Thanks for considering me! Keep doing what your doing. I’m a big fan of your products.

  • Kim says:

    Hi Flavia!

    I have worked in the health/wellness field for over 30 years, but in taking care of my family and meeting the needs of others, I have put my own self-care ‘on the back burner’. As a result, I have gained 20 lbs. over the last 3 years. I would love to rock a bikini when I turn 52 in August! More importantly I will blog my journey and take what I learn from it to share with other women in their 40s and 50s. The short of it being–that NO matter what your age is, you can be fit and shapely, but most important of all HEALTHY…if you make the decision to make a change, get rid of the lame-o excuses and make your own wellbeing a priority that’s as important as taking care of your loved ones.

    Thank you for being so generous and giving away these 5 sets, Flavia! I love your blog and website!!!!

    In Health!


  • Mollie Jones says:

    I would love to win the Curvalicious system. I’m not anything special, just your normal story. I did not struggle with my weight as a child or even as an adult in my early twenties. I did put on 17lbs when I turned 25 for some reason. One of those it seemed to just happen over night moments. But quickly took it off with diet and exercise. My weight struggle journey began, as most women, after having my first child at 30. I went into my normal exercise routine, but the weight would not come off like it use too. I was able to get most of it off after a year. But then came our second child at age 33. Two years later and I’m stuck in a yo-yo pattern! I lose, I gain it back. Working full time as a middle school teacher, running after my two children and working around my husband coaching schedule makes it impossible to get to the gym. My confidence in myself is down and I hate to look in my closet for what will fit. This is my year. My mind is set & this weight is coming off!!! Sine I have to workout from my home, the Curvalicious system is my answer. I

  • Kathy says:

    I am 55 years old, and just finished my certification to be a fitness instructor. My goal and dream is to encourage and coach other women who are older to be as fit as they can imagine. So many “older folks” programs assume we just want to avoid muscle loss, which of course is true, but I want women my age and older to believe and KNOW that they can look sexy as well. I have worked out and weight trained for several years now, but since I will be starting out in my own business soon, I need to look my absolute best. I believe this program will be the answer I need to lose the layer of fat that still hangs on, and build the muscle that will round everything out. Then I can be my own best advertisement (I hope!).

  • Alicia says:

    Oh boy, where to begin with this comment. The full version would be a book but here’s the readers digest version. I’m a certified Health Coach that used to be 60 lbs heavier but even with all of my knowledge on health and nutrition (over 20 years worth of research and study), I’ve struggled for years with the last 15-20 lbs… partly due to my genetics and partly due to the damage I did by yo-yo dieting for many years. I have come a very long way but I’ve had a reversed body composition for years now. Muscle wise I have an ectomorph (Vata in Ayurveda) looking body underneath the fat but metabolism wise I’m more of an endomorph (Kapha in Ayurveda). I’ve used many many different workout programs with only minimal results at best. Once I reach a certain amount of fat loss, I just don’t look healthy because I lack muscle. I’ve tried to bulk up first but that made me look fatter without any clue if I was actually building any muscle underneath the fat. In a nut shell, I’m the poster child for needing to increase muscle mass while simultaneously losing fat. So far the only personal trainers in my area that I would trust to understand my needs are way out of my price range and have a waiting list a mile long. You got my attention with the tri-combo explanation in your last post and the development of both types of muscle tone – neurogenic and myogenic. I’m in, let’s do this!

  • Beth says:


    At 57 I am wrestling to discard weight I gained when I transferred to a 4 hour (total) commute about 7 years ago. The roll around the middle squeezes my lungs and the pouch in front just makes it hard to sit at my desk. I like to exercise (unreformed tom-boy), but finding the time and place has been easier than finding the left-over energy at the end of the day.

    Now the commuter train is planning to change the evening schedule such that I will have to wait 30-45 minutes longer after work to catch the train home. AND… the place I work has a fitness center I can use after work; assuming I can still catch the train. My plan is to leave work the same as usual, go to the gym the next building over, and wait for the train by working out.

    I could really use a good solid system to help me exercise well. I also need to be sure that whatever plan I use, it is one that will minimize injuries. (Did I mention I can twist an ankle on a perfectly flat surface?)

  • Tonia says:

    Hi Flavia!

    This program could help me teach my children, by example, how important exercise is and that you can be in the best shape you can be in even after you have children. This program could help me teach them that nothing is impossible and to be happy with who you are!
    Thank you for all of your inspiring emails and the uplifting thoughts!

    Tonia Steadman

  • Patti says:

    I am a 52 year old nurse who should know better. I have gotten into some very bad habits that I need to reverse. I am content sitting on the couch watching TV in the evening. My 4 kids especially our 14 year old son, deserve better than that. I have become very depressed with my body image but need the motivation to get off the couch and improve my total health situation. I know the quick fix diets don’t work, cause I’ve tried many of them. This system has a proven track record and I am wanting to get back to feeling great about myself and my body. I want to be healthy so I can enjoy my retirement and my future with my kids and grandkids, when they come along. Please help me be that healthy person for myself and them.

  • Gina Galvin says:

    Flavia, I was also so excited about the prospect of winning a copy of ‘CURVALICIOUS Body Sculpting System’ for myself because I think you are such an inspiring woman, you look amazing, but not only that, you and Vince have such fantastic knowledge of the body and are able to explain exercises very clearly and the benefits to viewers. Your programmes/workouts are very interesting and exciting!

    BUT, along with this, I have to echo Scarlett’s response above, there are many ladies out there who have gone through some very tough situations and I know they really deserve to win one of the free copies of your Curvalicious programme, so best of luck to everyone and hope to see the results of your viewers posted in the future. Best wishes to you too and congratulations. Gina, Bangkok, Thailand

  • Jaretta Konneh says:

    One of my favorite quotes is the end result is worth the pain. I’ve decided that in order to take my body to the next level I’m going to need a program that makes me train hard but also get optimal results. I believe that’s what Curvalicious Body Sculpting System will provide. I secretly envied those women who look fabulous and toned. And I want that for myself! I’ve always struggled with self confidence, but I truly believe that this program and also having a COMMITTED attitude will make my goals attainable 🙂

  • Scarlett says:

    I don’t have a heart wrenching sob-story. There are no physical disabilities to hold me back. Just plain old depression compounded by a live lived without self esteem.

    I am in a rut, pure and simple… and I want out.

    At this point, the thought of being magnificent seems an impossible dream. The moves that you perform in the trailer feel far beyond my capabilities.

    I would love to be proven wrong.

    To be strong and fit and confident within my own skin would be the greatest gift I could ever receive.

    Living my life with enthusiasm and positivity, waking up each morning filled with joy knowing that I am everything I can and want to be, that I can achieve my goals, my dreams and my wildest expectations…

    This is what succeeding on this program would mean to me.


  • Kim says:

    Hi Flavia,

    I have been enjoying all of your email posts…I find them very informative!!! I like all of the video posts you do with your trainer Ryan. They are super helpful and give great examples on how to group exercises together for specific body parts. I have noticed the amazing changes in your body’s tone and how lean you have become. Congrats!!! You look amazing!!!! All of your hard work and the time you put in has paid off tremendously for you…it shows.!!

    I used to be in good shape up until about 4 years ago. I worked out regularly and ate healthy, but then I had some disc issues in my neck and lower back. During that time I gained between 20-25 pounds because I was unable to work out and then started to choose less healthy food due to frustration of inactivity. My disc issues have since resolved, so I am fine physically now but I am having a very difficult time losing this weight. I am almost 48 years old and I am finding it a lot more difficult losing the weight as I get older. Being heavier has caused me to lose self confidence and not feel comfortable in my own skin!! Not a good feeling.

    When I was in shape before, I walked tall and felt healthy & fantastic inside and out. I desperately want to feel that way again!!

    My daughter is getting married in Mexico this coming January. I would really like to lose those 20-25 pounds before then, so when I walk her down the isle with her father I can walk tall and feel confident and be proud of how I look.

    I would love the opportunity to win a copy of your new program, Curvalicious Body Sculpting System. I would devote 100% to this program, and I am willing to work my butt off so I would become a success story. I just need some guidance and direction on what exercises to do that will challenge my body and mind…and that’s where your product comes in to play. 🙂

    I know with your help, instruction and motivating personality, I will be able to find that sexy and confident person I know still exists inside of me. It’s just hiding under undesirable layers of fat.

    You are an inspiration to women everywhere!!

    As a fellow Canadian, I just want to thank you for all the information you share with us in your posts. It is truly inspiring!

    Have a fantastic long weekend Flavia. Keep up the wonderful work you do.


  • Liesl says:

    I have lost 16 pounds so far on my journey and still feel like I am skinny fat. I would love the opportunity to try your new program and get more definition and toned.

  • Karyn Hirsch says:

    I never had any weight problems. I have never really ever had to excercise (unless suntanning became a sport) I always ate whatever I wanted. I have had 2 kids and that was my only “fat”. I did undergo a “tummy tuck” recently to get rid of the “extra” on my stomache… and have a few more weeks recovery before I can start normal excercise. So why this program? I have been reading your blogs and I know that even though I dont have a “weight” issue… skinny isnt what I’m looking to acheive. Your pics inspire me. I have added your meal plans to my daily routine, as I did need help with the nutrition portion and eating right (for both me and my kids) But I am lacking in the “muscle” …. the TONING…. THAT will give me the results I seek!!! I would like to add that and acheive what you have.

    I am a busy, single mom and its not easy to start a fitness program that you have never had to do… but I believe in your programs and am prepared to stick to it to look like you. (with your guidance) And like some of the others above, i like that this was made by a women for women. Cause I am definitely not looking to “look” like a bodybuilder… but if i had the strength to pickup my son when he gets out of hand to show him whose boss… I will have suceeded.

  • Linda says:

    Hi Flavia! To be honest I don’t know what to say to make me stand out from the other ladies as they all have fantastic reasons to win. I followed your 8 week transformation and was amazed and a little jealous as I would love to have a programme just as wonderful to keep me on track. I’ve worked out for some time now, but lost my way about a year ago and try as I do, I just can’t seem to get my sparkle back and really get back on track – something is missing and just perhaps its having the right information and the right training / nutrition plan. I need something to get me motivated again and I truely believe that what you have to offer is what I so desperately need. I want to feel great on the beach this summer with my kids, not worrying about the wobbly bits. Be a trim, toned, lean and defined 49 year old and prove not only to myself, but to the rest of the world that I can do it!

  • Joy says:

    Hi Flavia,

    Have been following your blog for a while now and I have to say that you are simply mind-blowing. You look great and information you provide is awesome.

    I am 40 years old and have been into serious weight training for a long time now(with some off-periods of 1-2 years, but when I weight train, I do it right). I eat right as far as possible and I do have a good body.

    But I am genetically challenged in that no matter how well I eat and how heavy I work my lower body, it just refuses to grow (All members of my mother’s family have narrow hips and thin thighs). I would love to have wider hips and bigger legs.I have tried every trick under the sun, taken advice from national body-building champions(I am from India) but nothing has worked so far. I would love to win the free copy because then I can overcome my genetic shortcomings and prove to myself and others that where there is a will, there is always a way.

    All the best for your current and future endeavors.. Good luck

  • Angela says:

    Hi Flavia,
    Wow wow WOW at the new exercises you just teased us with!! I bought FBL last year and absolutely loved the workouts. I love that you are dedicated to women, that you are fierce, and you want US to be strong & curvy too! I am a SAHM of 5 so your new workouts (that I can do at home) would be just what I need to help keep me fit and motivated. I’ve been working out with weights off and on for the last 16 years or so and I keep learning new things, which I love to do. I definitely want to learn even more from you through Curvalicious! All the best!

  • Kara says:

    Since 2010 I have been on a serious quest for achieving a healthy lifestyle physically and spiritually. I made a promise to myself to go hard or not at all. I have been pretty active all my life and even spent seven years in the US Army where I had to remain very active. The only thing that has held me up from achieving an awesome, toned, defined, and sexy curvy body that I am confident that CURVALICIOUS can provide, is the lack of information and application. I know I’m partially missing the mark because I’m dedicated to what I’m doing but not achieving spectacular results. To achieve the results I want it is going to take the right workouts with the right diet and the right motivation. When I talk to some fitness trainers they seem to be just as lost as I am sometimes to achieving this type of body, they never seem to be quite sure. One told me recently when I find the right formula to let her know! I received great results from Full-Body-licious and now I’m ready to take it to the next level. It is obvious to me that you Flavia, know exactly what you are doing because you live it and share it amongst your fan base. Whether or not I win a free copy or have to buy it, I’m dedicated to putting forth 110% to achieving a healthy as well as a CURVALICIOUS body.

  • Nidia says:

    Hi flavia,

    I have to say I’m a huge fan. I absolutely love your workouts . I’ve seen and done most of your youtubes. Still I’m not satisfied with my physique and being that I plan to do my first competition in September I feel my body but mostly my arms need to be more defined.I believe in you .Im absolutely positive that your program” curvalicious body sculpting system” would help me achieve my goal.

  • Jen Lyon says:

    Hi Flavia,

    It would be an honor to win a free copy of your new Curvalicious Body Sculpting System. You are a TRUE inspiration to me and so many other women! I absolutely love your PASSION and COMMITMENT to helping women reach their fitness and wellness goals. God has truly blessed you in so many ways!! It would be an amazing and exciting journey to contiune to learn and develop myself through your program. Keeping myself healthy and getting in better shape is just one piece of my complexed puzzle!! Thanks so much for all that you do to make a difference in this world.

  • Anne says:

    I’m 27 years old, ‘soft and skinny’ – as you call it – and am so ready to built some serious muscles!! After finding your site a couple of weeks ago i’ve joined a gym and have been going at least three times a week for weight training and once to twice for cardio. However – i haven’t found anyone i can ask about my training. At my gym they know all about training men to get big…but nothing about training women to get defined and sculpted. I am serious about working out, i am ready to work hard to see results..and your program would be my guide, if i’m lucky enough to win!

  • Heather says:

    Hi Flavia,
    I would love to win your new CURVALICIOUS Body Sculpting System. I was near my goal body weight before I got married 3 years ago. I have since then gained a total of 60lbs. I have been able to lose 20lbs. Then got in a car accident on Christmas Eve and injured my back, so I was not able to workout for about 4-5 months. I have been going to the gym and working and eating healthy, but I have been having trouble losing weight. I have been staying around the same weight even though I have been eating healthy and watching what I eat and going to the gym 5 days a week. I would love to try your new CURVALICIOUS Body Sculpting System to lose fat and gain muscle and get in SHAPE. I hate being out of shape and really want to get back in shape. I don’t feel healthy at the weight I am at and really want to lose my extra weight!!!! Thanks for this opportunity!!!! You are awesome!!!

  • Catherine says:

    Hi Flavia,

    All the way from South Africa,love the workouts…after having my little girl i was struggling losing the weight, feeling insecure and not feeling myself in my own skin..discovering you on youtube, seeing that a woman can train just as hard as man and still look femanine..was an eye opener,you really inspired me to take back and start getting back in shape.So i set my goals on being strong and getting defined and with your curvalicious body sculpting system i would achieve my goals and that i can help others like you have helped all of us. Thank you, you are truly inspiring.

  • 猫猫 says:

    Dear Flavia,

    I am a 4’11”, 92lbs, twenty-one year old Chinese girl. In the Chinese culture, beautiful means starving yourself to achieve a stick-like figure. It is heavily emphasized that girls must be skinny. I have always been sporty throughout most of my life, participating in a variety of sports including ringette, gymnastics, figure skating, kendo, and snowboarding; however, since hitting puberty and gaining the natural feminine curves that occur through puberty, I became obsessively conscious about the extra fat and thus began weight training. I followed several programs designed by men for men, and began to gain some muscle, but was discouraged from using weights that were “too heavy” by my family. I became confused between the ideals of being “skinny fat” versus seeing strong as sexy, and was greatly relieved and encouraged upon finding your program, FULL-BODY-LICIOUS. Since using it, I have noticed my body shape improving and I love feeling strong and independent. I hope that through working hard to improve my body and health through following Curvalicious, I can challenge the Asians to see that being curvy, strong, and healthy can be beautiful! I am currently in the process of obtaining my can-fit-pro certification so that I can become a trainer and help others develop confidence, strength and health too.

  • Camilla says:

    Hey Flav! I’ve been working out kick-ass for a week now, after a holiday in London where I noticed my back was sore from simply walking,sitting&sleeping and so I realized how VITAL it is for me to look after myself and my body. I am a 24 year old skinny soft, and it is time to invest in some muscle and strength! I will be a certified meditation instructor in August this year, and with peace and strength on the inside I am eager to build radiance and strength in my body! From watching your videos I know I can enjoy life fully with a delicious, strong, feminine, curvalicious, ALIVE body, and it’s up to me to go for it! (And yes, I do! 🙂 Love xx

  • Veda says:

    In short, Ineed help!!!

  • MEMORY says:

    Hello Flavia,

    well after having my first beautiful three year old son….i jogged, rode my bike, did situps , pushups tried everything to get rid of the bellyfat…only to realize that diet proper supplementation and muscle building will help me get close to the body of my dreams…and i would reallly love the curvalicious system because i know it will get to my dream body in no time…i am past all the frustration of getting rid of the bellyfat…it’s time to get real help…

    and i know your the person to look up too…and listen too..
    thanks your friend memory

  • Jenny says:

    Wow – what a lot or responses! I am a trainer myself with 3 kids. I work VERY VERY Hard to motivate and inspire others day in and day out often at a lot of personal cost in terms of tiredness and time with my family.
    I would really enjoy having someone else tell me what to do for a change!!!
    Thats it really.
    I think you rock Flavia and I would love to work out with you.
    Jenny. x

  • Hi Flavia,
    My name is Willie. I have been married to my wife Delia for ten years, are will be on June 8 th. I would be so overjoyed to be able to present your gift of a free copy of your system to her. My wife in the last 6 years has suffered from lupus as a result almost all her hair has FALLEN OUT! slick spots in at least 75 percent of her head. Her lupus is under control by medication but hair will never come back. She was when younger called brickhouse by some people. As a teacher some of the kids would sing the but to her or baby got back when she had her back turned. Of course she is 57 now. And still wonderful in my eyes. It would be wonderful if we could have this system to work out together so our fond memories will once again be realities. Thank you in advanc Willie

  • Teresa says:

    Hi Flavia!

    The reason I would benefit from your new Curvalicious Body Sculpting System is because I am a 38 year old mother to six children and I need my self confidence back. A few years ago my husband left us for a taller, thinner woman with no children and no battle wounds (stretch marks). I wasn’t over weight even after having give birth six times since the age of 18, I stayed around 112 pounds at 5’2″ tall, but I did have a “mommy body”. After I became a single mom with a full time job, life got very hectic and stressful. I fell into a depression which I am still being treated for. All of my energy and motivation was zapped. I felt like I would never get back on track. I am now 140 pounds and feel horrible! Well, I’m ready for a new beginning and to start feeling good about myself again. I’d love to have a program that is laid out for me so that I can motivate to actually do it. You are very beautiful and such an inspiration! Hopefully you will choose me as one of your lucky winners and I can live my life to it’s full potential and be a happier & better mom to my kids.

    Thanks 🙂

  • danielle says:

    Hi flavia,
    i would like to thank you for the great inspiration tht you are to me. I start to understand
    that-in order to have a body like you,ishould start weightlifting.
    For a long time i have been addicted to long cardio sessions in combination
    with hardly eating. I understand and am persuaded that your way of
    Traing will make my relationship with food and eating in general,better.
    I have been focussing on the wrong issues and on top,without
    satisfactory results. The truth is,i do not know how to doweightlifting :-/
    this is the reason why i would like to win a copy of your program. After all,
    i am having the trouble of my life writing this to u in my hotel at marrakech
    with a tablet and only haing a touch screen!!hihi…B-)

  • Violeta says:

    I lost 40 pounds 5 years ago. I was making during years a crazy diet without carbs and without training. I lose all my muscles and my skin was streched. I have spent 2 years at the gym 5/6 times-week about 2-3 hours day but results were not happening. I started the flavilicious workouts 6 months ago and was so stoked at the results. I take measures, pictures and I could see the changes!! My core is the strongest its ever been. I changed my foods also, I start to eat goods fats and carbs, my skin is changing too!! I think I need new challenge for get more shapely muscle and lose my fats. I am 134 pounds, taller 65.4 in but only 48.5 pounds of muscle and a high fats level 22%. I would like to have your new programme for my goal, I feel my body need news workouts, I want to get the best shape for my 40th birthday in mid august. I have a Goal and I will make it. I promise to sent to you the pictures of my transformation from the beggining to the end. Thanks for help us to change our bodys and minds. God bless

  • Paula-Ann says:

    I have worked out for 25 years – I am 50 now – but, I would love to have the tight, toned and curvy muscled body I have tried so hard to attain with not much success. I don’t like the skinny, fat, soft look so this program would be ideal for me to finally achieve my dream body. I think after 25 years of “doing it right” I should have far better results than I do. I have no problem with motivation or dedication to my goal but I am thinking all along it has been the type of program most of the PT’s I have used are giving me to work with. I would love to be an ambassador for us older, sexy ladies – it can be done!!

  • Donna says:

    I’m a 61 years young woman who has been into fitness for the last 10 years. As a matter of fact, I wanted to become a personal trainer. Life got in the way and I was diagnosed with Epstein Barr Syndrome in the last 6 months and then shingles from the stress I’ve been under. It was difficult even getting myself out of bed. My doctor recommended it’s time for me to get back at it but I’m having problems getting motivated. I’m seeing my personal trainer from years ago but I’ve moved and he’s hard to get to. As we all know, personal trainers are not all the same. He whipped my butt into shape (not that I was bad) to do a calendar about 6 years ago. I looked fabulous. Although I’m not bad, I’m my own worst critic. I’m told I look great but in my eyes NO! I truly think that your program could get me into the shape and motivate me. I need HELP!!

  • Aleicia says:

    I’m a 29 year old, who has been going to the gym/dieting with my husband for the past year and although I enjoy working out with him, I don’t seem to get the same results as him. I am left frustrated and disappointed by the whole thing to the point that I want to give up. My husband tries to encourage me and its something we really do enjoy doing together, but I need something more suited to working me as a female.

    However I do want to look good just for myself and my husband. I want to be fit and be in the best physical, mental and nutritional place at the end of the year when my husband and I will start to try for a baby. I am a big believer that if I can be healthy and fit before pregnancy, it will put me in a good place for during and after. I don’t want to be just ok, I want my body to be the best it can be and I believe you can help me achieve this for me.

    My husband is a big fan of Vince’s and I started following you through him. You guys are a big inspiration to us, not only in the gym, but your ethos on life and marriage. If only we could be trained by you guys, but this is the next best thing to having you hear with me. PLEASE allow me the chance to become Curvalicious 🙂


  • ingrid says:

    Hi Flavia,
    My journey has been an interesting one, full of ups and downs like most people, however I have been with you from day dot, already owning a copy of Flavalicious online, then purchased a digital copy so I could just put the dvd in anywhere without thinking about it, however i also tend to fall off the rails with ‘life’ getting in the way (and chocolate!). I seem to work better with a deadline of say a special event coming up rather than just working out without a cause, and often use this as my motivator now with different things on throughout the year. It’s currently winter here in Australia, cold and chilly, so I would like to win a free copy to take my body shape to the next level, most of all, able to do it in the comfort of my home without having to worry about it being too cold to get up and go the gym, and finally shed the last 10-15 pounds, all whilst having a new deadline, to be bikini ready for a family holiday to Thailand with my wonderful hubby and 3 gorgeous children. My 3 year old loves to do some of the exercises with me and hubby is starting to get motivated too, so thank you for all your articles, tips and hard work, you are truly an inspiration. I look forward to challenging exercises that don’t take hours and hours, short sharp and to the point!!

  • Sandra says:

    Dear Flavia;

    I want to let know you that I am a Costa Rican woman of 42-year-old (my birthday was two weeks ago). I live a very happy life and I remain healthy in body and soul. I imagine this is notorious for the people that surrounds me, because everyone tells me, I have a special light. I am very fit and look various years younger than my actual age. I’m always trying to teach good nutrition and exercise practices to family and friends and let them know that the total beauty outside and inside, definitely depends on maintaining your body and mind in the best health conditions.

    I admire you much, because I also see that light reflected in you. I am moved and glad to know that there is a beautiful woman like you, that it is an inspiration to so many others girls like me, who have decided to make this step by the world, one of happiness and love.

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge and for working so hard for many others like me, since nor all the gold in the world can pay the benefit we get from your routines. I am sure that these benefits will be extended for many years for all of us that are your unconditional followers.
    God bless you and I hope you live a long live, launching programs like CURVALICIOUS Body Sculpting System, I cannot wait to have it and take good advantage of it!!

  • June says:

    This program would be perfect for me because 1) I LOVE muscles! I had a weight bench in my bedroom as a teenager, that is how much fascination I have with strength training. 2) I want to prove to my girlfriends that big muscles do not make bulky women (they all still believe this 3) I need DIRECTION ~ I do not know how to put together a great plan for myself, but you have proven that you have the tools to train women~ I would love to benefit from your wisdom! 4) I have to stay in STELLAR shape because I have a 10 yr old daughter who loves exercise as much as I do. She was showing me her calf muscles and I told her that I was going to work harder so she can’t catch up to me, she said, ” I WILL get there!” She tries to keep up with me on a 5K bike ride around a lake by our home. 5) I want to always be in great shape for my hubby!

  • Martha says:

    Hi Flavia!!
    Thanks a lot for all your tips and for giving us the chance to win this program.
    My reason to claim a copy of your fitness program is that I am so disappointed from all the gyms I’ve tried. The best results I ever saw on my body was after I trained alone, but unfortunately this doesn’t last for long, since we humans are sociable beings, we need support and companion in everything we do. So I need motivation to keep going steadily. I follow a very healthy diet since I’m vegetarian, and one more reason I love your program is because I believe it will give me to gain muscle and prove that meat protein or protein powders are just a myth is building a sculpted body.
    Thanks again!!

  • Michaela says:

    I would love to win this program because I have worked so hard with your last program, and I got huge results, now I look for some changes to get the results further. A lot of people are asking me what I am doing because of my amazing results in short time. I am so tankful to you for what I have learned, and I will be the first one to buy your new program. If I win, it would be a reward for all my hard work.

  • Natalie says:

    I recently gave birth to our second son 1 month ago, and could definitely use some “toning up”. I want to be that mom that others look at and say, “wow, she looks great”, and not just “she looks great for having 2 kids!” I have used your other programs – and LOVED them!! However I am now looking for something to take to the next level, and to have a rockin’ body this summer, and I know that CURVALICIOUS can take me there!! 🙂

  • Emily says:

    I have been working hard exercising and eating right for 4 years and have maintained my goal weight for 2 years now. The best part has been the health benefits, especially for a woman of 50. I feel like I am in my twenties! The hardest part for me is to become more toned and build muscle. Each method I try seems to result in the loss of more weight without toning or building muscle! Then people start telling me I look too skinny! Your approach makes sense and I really want to try it. Once I start a program I am very dedicated and will not quit until I reach my goal if I can see it is a positive thing. Many friends and family members have been watching my progress over the last 4 years and continually ask what I am doing so they can also jump on the band wagon! I would love to tell them it is your program that did the trick!

  • Carmella says:

    Hi Flavia! First of all, thank you so much for all the blood, sweat, prayer, and tears you have put into Flavilicious Fitness! As a fellow Christian/RN/fitness enthusiast, it’s really awesome to watch a sister do so well! I just turned 30 in March, and had my first baby (a beautiful daughter) in January. I would love to win your Curvalicious program partly because I know it has the tools to take my physique to the next level, and partly so I can have the tools to guide other women there, too. I”ve just become a personal trainer, and want to model my training style (for women at least) after yours and your fabulous trainer, Ryan Watson. I yearn to show women that they can not only retain their femininity while pumping iron, but enhance it beyond their wildest dreams. I also have a 62-year-old Mom that has battled her weight physically, emotionally, and spiritually almost all her life, and I would love to guide her through your program especially modified just for her needs. Again, thank you so much for all that you give!

  • Judy says:

    I decided earlier this year that I was going to enter my first figure competition. I purchased Flavalicious and love the different combinations that you give us. I want to develop more curves as I am pretty straight up and down and would love to incorporate Curvalicious as a part of that. I am well on my way but looking for that extra oomph! And I just celebrated my 54th birthday! 🙂

  • Kylee says:

    Hi Flavia I believe your Curvalicious program would be the best program for me.
    I have lost 40 kilos already and know that cardio alone will not give me the body I want.
    I love using weights and love body weight exercises but sometimes go over board and don’t let my body rest.
    I have just completed a 28 day course of eating healthy and I am back on track.
    After all the years of losing the weight i would love to finally achieve the body I dream of but get so frustrated when I don’t get the results.
    I have my head in the right place and believe my transformation would be amazing.

  • Charmayne Randle says:

    What an awesome collection. I think I would be well deserving of this competition as I am a 45 year young mum with two teenage children that has recently separated from her husband. I have always been into healthy eating and exercising but have not been able to get to the look I want. The look is how you look. I have had personal trainers and exercise 4-5 times a week and my diet is about 80% clean. My goal is to enter into body sculpturing in 12 months but cant find anyone that can help me. This is what I need. After giving 29 faithful committed years to my marriage that ended in my ex husband not being faithful, I so desperately want something back for me. I want to look and feel toned sexy and beautiful again.

  • Janice says:

    Hi Flavia – I have been a keen follower of your programs for around 12 months and love the way you challenge ladies to give it all. I would love to receive a copy of your new program to continue to push myself and my body in ways that traditional personal trainers just don’t seem to know how. I am in my early 50’s and consider myself to be in the best condition I have ever been but I still have a way to go before I am ready to expose myself in a photo shoot (pardon the pun). Your new program looks extremely challenging and I am keen to get started. Love your mind, body, spirit view of the world – keep up the great work. Janice

  • Colleen says:

    I am a 33 year old mother of 2 (7 year old son, 6 year old daughter) and ever since I’ve had my children, I have been an avid reader, listener, follower and applicator of all things fitness. I’ve tried several different programs – including P90X – and just recently purchased Joel Marion’s “Xtreme Fat Loss System”. My dream, my goal, as shallow as it may seem, has always been to wear a bikini. I LOVE the great health and energy I get from being fit, but despite all my efforts, have not been able to lost those last stubborn 10lbs and sculpt my body aka lose my gut to where I would feel comfortable strutting my stuff in a bikini. I know CURVALICIOUS will work for me because I see you and can visualise myself with that body. Although my body has come a long way throughout the years, I know the best is yet to come via your program. I have the mindset and I have the drive, now I just need the right system….. and I know, I believe CURVALICIOUS is it.

  • Aleta says:

    I absolutely love your workouts! I am still trying to get rid of that last little bit of stuborn fat. I need an extra boost! I recently turned 42. I am starting to date a great man after being single for 5 years! I want to be one of the best looking grandmothers out there when the time comes!! I don’t intend on having way too much body fat EVER again!! I am committed to looking and feeling as best as I can from here on out! I eat healthy at least 90% of the time!! I truly feel awesome after a great workout!! I exercise for myself first and foremost!

  • Trisha says:

    I love watching your blogs, you have great tips. I lost my mother at the young age of 56 years old in November, it has devastated my family. From this I realize at 41, that life is way to short and am determined to get rid of this excess body fat and cellulite that has accumulated over the years. I want to be in the best of health and shape I can be and be around for many years to see my son grow up get married and have children of his own. I have tried may things over the years to loose weight and seem to not be able to stick to it. I have joined the gym and have made a year commitment with a friend to go and I feel better. I have not lost any weight or inches since I joined a month ago. You inspire me to be the best me possible. Thank you.

  • Karen says:

    Hi Flavia.
    I am 54 yrs old this July and although I have lost 88-lbs and have kept it off for 9 yrs until I started eating clean and lifting weights I wasn’t get the best result. I was a huge cardio queen all through my weight loss burn,burn,burn was my goal up until 6 months ago. Through your site I have learned how important weight training is to a woman and I have adapted that into my life. I would love to have you as my couch to help me continue this journey to be the best that I can be and to prove that age is only a number. I can be successful at any age with anything I want as long as I give it 100%.

    Karen 🙂

  • Kristin says:


    Just over a year ago I lost my dad unexpectedly from heart disease. My family history isn’t great, but I’ve done an ok job keeping myself in check most of my life. Losing my dad changed my perspective on life and this year I decided it’s time to hang up my boots after 8 years in the military to focus on my full-time career and possibly start a family. I want to be a fit mom so I can be a better example to my kids then my own family was for me. I had to learn good habits on my own throughout my life, but I want to instill them in my family from an early age. I feel the Curvalicious program will help me make the most of my time in the gym to achieve my goals and be a good example.

  • Deirdre says:

    I actually stumbled onto this website through a search on YouTube. I seem to find myself always searching for anything fitness..I absolutely LOVE it! In fact on June 4th I start school. I am pursuing a degree in advanced health and fitness. Upon graduation in 15 months, I will be flying to Arizona for a week long fitness boot camp as part of my associates degree. I WANT TO BE READY! I feel that I would benefit from a solid fitness plan with proven results to prepare myself not only for my new career but for boot camp from someone who knows what they are talking about and I absolutely love your attitude! I am a mother of 2 girls ages 13 and 9 and I want them to be proud of me and my accomplishments and I want to be able to raise them with a good sense of health and well being. I would love to be able to incorporate them into my new career! I have the nutrition down pat but as you say there is so much junk out there! I know the benefits of clean eating proper fitness..but I crave the body that gives me the edge!

  • Leonard says:

    It would be nice to win a copy of your curvalicious workout program because it is not simply a program that only women can benefit from. Not all men want to be big and huge when toned and defined and flexible is much more practical and functional. I used to think workouts like yours were only for women, but years ago learned that men could take aerobic and strength traing classes as well. After i learned that i used to take every aerobic class out there and began to notice an incredible change in my physique and stamina. It’s been awhile since i’ve seen a program like yours and want to get back into such workouts as it has been some time since i have done them. I’m still in shape but miss the overall benefits i derived from workouts like yours. They help to keep both men and women fit and healthy for a lifetime. All the best to both you and Vince whether i win a copy or not. Be well.

  • Samantha says:

    I know that Curvalicious is the perfect program for me right now because I am on my quest to finally get the strong, sexy body of my dreams. I struggled with eating disorders in my teen years, and my supportive boyfriend introduced me to weight training on No-Nonsense Muscle Building. From there, I was hooked – trading in my ideal of skinny for a strong, muscular physique. I continued to have set backs with my nutrition, but have slowly overcome most of them. Because my now fiancé follows Vince, I immediately bought Fullbodylicious and was excited to have a high intensity weight lifting program just for women! After losing 15 lbs the first time I used FBL, I started using it again to get into wedding shape after adding muscle over the winter. Would you believe that my last workout of the FBL 12 weeks was today?! I want to go to my wedding giving my husband all of me – free of eating disorder stigma, poor body image, and full of sexy, strong muscles. I know that the best wedding gift I could give to the man that saved me from myself is a happy, healthy, and confident bride. I had success with FBL, and I know Curvalicious will be no different. I know that it will continue to challenge me, help me bust through my current plateau, and fit me into my gown! Flavia, you were the first thing on my dream board, and I’m so thankful to now have you as a coach!

  • Trudy Holtz says:

    Please sing my entry to the tune of “I will survive” 🙂 So excited about implementing Curvalicious

    At first I was afraid
    I was petrified
    Kept thinking I could never make
    it through Flavs workout & wanted to hide
    But then I spent so many nights
    thinking how I wanted to be strong
    And I grew strong
    Flavilicious and I learned how to get along
    and so you’re back
    from Curvalicious outer space
    I just walked in to find you here
    with that challenging look upon your face
    I’m embracing your enticing quest
    I’m embracing your look of glee.
    I know if I push through just one workout
    I will achieve a better me

    Go on now go ahead & give me more
    just turn around now
    ’cause this big booty is just not welcome anymore
    weren’t you the one who tried to hurt me by working those tris
    Did you think I’d crumble
    Did you think I’d lay down and die
    Oh no, not I
    I will survive
    oh as long as i know how to love Curvalicious
    I know I’ll certainly thrive
    I’ve got all your motivation to live
    I’ve got all my strength to give
    and I’ll survive
    I will thrive (hey hey)

    It took all the strength I had
    not to fall apart
    kept trying hard to lunge & lift
    my way to a hot body & a healthy heart
    and I spent oh so many nights
    just feeling super proud of myself
    I used to cry
    But now I hold my head up high
    and you see me
    somebody new
    I’m not that squishy, flabby person
    wishing I looked like you
    and so you felt like dropping in
    and aren’t surprised to see me fit & free
    You knew that all my hard work would
    give great results even for one like me!

    Go on now go, walk in my door
    just look around now
    ’cause you’re not gonna believe my new super fab core
    weren’t you the one who tried to build up my bis
    I didn’t crumble
    I didn’t lay down and die
    Oh no, not I
    I will survive
    oh as long as i know how to love Curvalicious
    I know I’ll certainly thrive
    I’ve got all your motivation to live
    I’ve got all my strength to give
    and I’ll survive
    I will thrive
    I will thrive…!

    Dying to see the all new me survive and most importantly thrive through your motivating Curvalicious program. 🙂


  • Heather says:

    I am sooo excited for curvalicious to be released!! A friend turned me on to you a couple of months ago and I haven’t been this pumped to work out in a long time. in just a couple of weeks I saw marked improvement in my core strength and my abs look better than they ever did pre-two kids ago! I’ve always loved training with weights but have never seen the results I want. Curvalicious sounds like the program I’ve been missing all these years. I would love to win it but no matter, I’ll be starting it either way next week!!! I’ve told my 9 year old I will be bikini ready for our trip to siesta key this august. She’s horrified at the thought!! 🙂

  • Annette says:

    I have been using the Curves fitness facilities for 3 years now and I think ( I know) I have gained weight. I do Zoomba aerobics and use the machines for strength and conditioning. I try to eat right and work 4 days a week at Curves, but I am moving in the wrong direction. At 5′ 6″, my 200+ size is driving me crazy. I walk every day and even do 30 minutes on the treadmill at 3%/4 mph twice a week, still not improving my weight or body shape. HELP???

  • Amy G. says:

    Hey there Flavia- so excited for your new program to launch. I purchased Flavilicious last year- and used it successfully to drop weight and fat. I have so enjoyed following your blog and trying your workouts that you did for your recent photo shoot. Here are the facts: I am within a year of turning forty- mom to beautiful/spirited twin toddlers- wife to a full-time competitive athlete- and on my own quest to be the best me that I can be. This includes my fitness and health. I have come so far- and I am looking for something new to take me to the next level. I can see my goal in the not so distant future, but am in need of new inspiration to get there. I know that your program is just what I am looking for. I respect you and your dedication to to health/fitness, and I thank you for taking the time to listen to me. Cheers, Amy Groulx

  • Maureen Bondi Voss says:

    Hi Flavia

    Your site and generosity with sharing your ideas tips and
    workouts have been quite beneficial, and Your attitude
    is also inspiring

    In July I will turn 56 years young, and for each birthday I
    always have a physical goal I set for myself, and always
    to improve from the previous year. I do this to see
    how I can improve myself, and at the same time, I place
    myself as an example of how to grow older with health
    fitness and grace, and also show others that you can improve
    each and every day. I help others at work, and friends,
    as much as possible with the knowledge I have gained,
    and that each of us are worth the time, commitment and
    effort each and every day to become our best selves…
    My daughter and son have continued with these lessons,
    and I plan to keep moving forward in health way into my
    90’s and beyond!
    Thank you so very much for a great inspiration and programs.
    Also, I still believe I can have great abs like yours ; )


  • Maureen Bondi Voss says:

    Oh, it was 11:57 here (Valparaiso, IN when I typed this)Central
    time zone


  • Dawn says:

    Hi Flavia –

    That was a beautiful trailer for your new product. You’ve definitely been saving some of your best training material yet for your new launch.

    I’m excited for this launch for many reasons. I’m at an age where I’m surrounded by women who’ve seem to have just given up or given in to the mentality of “this is what happens when you age”. I’m fighting perhaps the most difficult 10 – 15 pounds of my life. I’d throw in the towel too except that I’m a fighter and a believer in overcoming this weight gain that occurred while entering menopause. I love who I am now as a woman, yet I long for that part of me that used to kick any weight gain or soft muscle to the curb. Truthfully, getting my body back to where it once was just a few years ago has been perhaps my biggest struggle ever. It’s so frustrating and depressing.

    All the women here are deserving of your product. It’s really gonna be a great one!


  • Damian Aimers says:

    I am writing this because I know you can influence and help my beautiful fiancee.
    You see she is pregnant with our first child together. (Five more weeks left).
    She is a woman who enjoys the gym but really needs a mentor. She needs someone who can offer her some solutions, ideas and inspiration… she needs someone like you.

    I myself purchased your husbands ‘No Nonsense Muscle Building program and all of the add-on’s available with the purchase. Unfortunately I struggled with getting to the gym consistently with my job taking all my time. (Managing a large hardware store). I did not want to leave my partner pregnant and at home while i went off to the gym after my day of work.
    So I got a new job and quit the one I was doing.
    Last week i started as the manager of one of our countries largest health and fitness gyms.
    I did this because I am committed to your husbands guidance. I would love nothing more than to see my fiance benefit from yours.

    God Bless

    Damian Aimers
    New Zealand

  • T Myers says:

    Hi Flavia,
    Five months ago I lost my son at 37.5 at weeks of pregnancy. I went to the doctor thinking I was a couple of weeks early only to find out my sweet angel had no heartbeat and had already passed away. I can’t even begin to describe how devastated and heartbroken I was and still am. Not only did I go through almost an entire pregnancy without a baby to show for it, I then had to deal with so much mentally as well as losing pregnancy weight, crazy hormones and hospital bills. I have since gone back to working out (using Flavilcious) and truly believe it has helped my sanity and given me something positive to focus on. Using your program over the past few months has been a godsend and has yielded great results physically as well as mentally.

    My doctor has given my husband and I the go ahead to start trying again soon and I would love to
    go into a future pregnancy feeling good about myself and my body as well as looking Curvalicious. Watching the trailer got me super excited about using your new program and if I can look half as smoking hot as you do I know I will feel strong and confident and ready for anything.

    Thank you kindly for your consideration,
    T Myers

  • T Myers says:

    Hope I submitted my entry in time. It was 10:45pm in California.

    Thank you again,
    T Myers

  • Vera Shevchenko says:

    I’m going to start off by saying that I may not be as deserving as others that might need this program, but I have also been trying to lose weight. I have the motivation to do it and i have been going to the gym and trying out new workouts that you have reccomended on your website and it has worked to get me more excited about going to the gym and trying my hardest to make every second count. You have really inspired me to get into shape and feel better about myself, but i am writting to you because, I ,like many here, may not have much time to put into the workout. Being a wife and a mother while going to school makes it really hard to take care of myself and i would love this oppurtunity to have a program that will make me into the person that i once was and long to be. Thank you Flavia for your amazing enthusiasm and inspiration you have givin to me.

  • Johanna G says:

    I am at 1 am Mtn time so I hope I squeek in for your midnight 🙂

    Thanks for the opprtunity to win (and the sneek preview)

    As much as I hate to admit it, I am past forty. My daughter is 13 tomorrow and my son is 15 1/2. I am feeling old and flabby and everything I knew to do before hasn’t been working. I understand that I need to build muscle but would love some proper guidance to do so.

    Again, thanks for this opportunity and encouragement 🙂

  • Kasi says:

    OMG I can’t wait for this to be released – definitely need to change up my program. Super excited it will be offered at 50% off. Your the best Flavia! Love it.

  • Emma says:

    I would LOVE to win this pack! I am getting married in 6 months and want a fit lean body for my wedding day and honeymoon 🙂 I am a recently qualified Personal Trainer and would love to guide my clients with new moves and nutrition ideas from this! So many reasons I would love to win this pack! Xx

  • Helen Pardalidis says:

    Simply putting it you look amazing!!! I would love to look amazing too. This sequenced videos will help me get there through a proven workout regimen. Also, thanks to you you have done all the hard work for us…all i have to do is the physical work! For me that is great because i like structure, it motivates me. A chance at Winning this package is very exciting. I am already pumped to begin

  • Kevin says:

    Flavia, I’ve reviewed your new program and I’m IMPRESSED. You’ve outdone yourself with this one and taken things to the next level. I know a lot of women out there will be stronger, healthier, and leaner because of Curvalicious.

  • Pamela says:

    Hi Flavia,
    Your impressive approach to women’s fitness based on a sound understanding of what comprises true health and fitness has convinced me to try your programs. I sense sincerity and integrity as well…thank you for that! I’ve been looking for a program and find myself overwhelmed with all of the info available these days. I’m 55 and for the last 5 years I have not been able to exercise very much due to heavy metals poisoning and the impact this has had on my joints. I also find that changes in the body due to the “aging” process make fitness a more complicated picture. I know its possible to grow younger with superb diet, nutrition, and exercise and that has become a burning desire for me! Thank you for your dedication to helping other women find true health and for gifting this beautiful product. I want to empower myself (and therefore others) with a superbly fit body for the remaining years I have on this planet. No more flab! I want health from the inside out!

  • Lily says:

    I want my curvy body to look better naked. I know I am and feel sexy, but want to look better without being skiny. I like to be healthy and strong and I think i can accomplish just that wifh this program. Together with flavilucious program, this can be a bomb!! Thanks

  • Joyce T. Chuinkam says:

    Everyone I know seems to be looking for the key to weight loss. I just lost 15 pounds in the last 3 months and I still have 85 pounds to go. The grape fruit diet just won’t cut it and people are relying on me as much as I am relying on others to find something that works. This seems like it is it and should this be so, I foresee all my facebook friends running to buy it! I just heard of Flavia about 3 weeks ago and I’ve been talking about her to my family and friends ever since.

    I’m 19, just graduated college and may not need it as bad as the other women on here who are older with less energy and time on their hands to keep fit, but I strongly encourage you to encourage me, and other young girls, the importance of being healthy from a younger age. I am trying to change my lifestyle, but sometimes I do not know what to eat, or what workouts to do.

    This is deeper than me wanting your body to look good or any physical satisfaction. It’s emotional, mental and medical. Not only for me, but for members of my family, the black community (which has the highest numbers of heart disease rates in America) and women out there 200+pounds who have lost hope in the reinvention of self.

    Help me help you change the world, one woman at a time. You inspire me.

  • Jessica Pedersen says:

    What can I say that so many other women, mothers, grandmothers, ect. haven’t said. I want to be the women that people look across the room at and wonder how she got so fit. I want people to admire my workout regimen and be motivated by me. Because right now, after working out every day and trying numerous other info commercial programs and diets, I am NOT that girl. I still have the c-section roll over the jeans and still don’t want to look in the mirror. I’m excited that there is a program for a woman that was created by women. Thank goodness for your desire to help others!

  • Julia Farrell says:

    I had an eating disorder for a little over a year, but my recovery lasted for what seemed like a life time. Also developing this disorder took time, which was time I spent fretting over my calories and running my heart out to relieve stress instead of having fun over pizza with my friends. I am now 5’ 5” and weigh 117ish pounds. I love to exercise, but it means I need to eat a lot or I won’t be able to perform. Exercising was my savior even though it was partly responsible for my situation. However, the only way I could visualize eating more was if I lifted weights. This way, in my mind, I would be putting it on in muscle and not just fat storage. Even though I am at a safe weight I still don’t have the confidence when it comes to my body despite my healthy diet and pools of sweat. I think when I put the weight on it wasn’t evenly distributed. I am not going to give up, but I wish to take my workout to the next level and figure out a diet to put on some more muscle and a little healthy fat (for womanly reasons) because I never want to go back to where I was. I also want to educate others and I will be going to college for Nutrition Science! Along the way I have no only developed a love for fitness but an appreciation for it. 🙂

    • Anna G says:

      Way to go, good for you Julia! Good luck on your endeavors! Flavia is a great person and has a great program! I think you should see great results, I know I have!

  • Alona says:

    I love your look!!!!wish to be in same shape, but at least in last few month of very hard workouts in gym every single day still can not see the results( The only chance to not give up finally on myself is to try your way workouts and give my body the Perfect look!

  • Paula says:

    I am getting my DMD in a month and it will be a new start for me after graduation. I will finally get more time for myself and I am determined to get the body I have allways dreamt of, and this system would be great for me because workouts are not long but look extremely effective, and I could do it at home if necessary.
    I have strugled with excess weight all my life and want to get rid of it and never gain it back. I have tried different kinds of excersises and diets but never had a long lasting result, so it`s time to stop waisting my time and start Day 1 with that luscious legs workout.

    P.S. My boyfriends biggest goal is to get six pack abs – I could suprise him with mine 🙂

  • Pam McCardie says:

    I am a breast cancer survivor and have been struggling with my weight since completing my surgeries and chemotherapy. I gained 40 lbs while on chemo and it took about 1-1/2 to even feel strong enough to walk around the block. I had a radical double mastectomy and so my body is completely foreign to me now. I have tired numerous diets and excercise programs but yours is the first that has gotten me excited about working out again. I am going to be 50 years old on my next birthday and do not feel my age at all. I don’t want to look like it either. Unfortunately I have not been able to return to my fulltime career I once had so the extra funds are not available to purchase your program. It would be a dream come true to have a healthier body that I can maintain for the rest of my life.

  • Kaedi B. says:

    Hi Flavia, I came across your site several months ago and ever since I have admired your dedication, hard work, and willing to help others finally be comfortable and happy with the physique. I’m (without sounding creepy) obsessed with you and think you are an amazing role model for all women (and men!) who want to take care of their bodies, push themselves further than they ever thought possible and have a positive attitude not just at the gym but in life. I’ve struggled with weight my entire life (going through ups and downs, starving myself to letting myself go) and at 25 I finally feel like I have gotten my weight and body image under control but now I don’t just want to be fit I want to be Curvalicious :)! I watched a video where you said that you wanted people to know you work out and work hard for your body and that is exactly how I feel. I know how much work I put into my health and fitness and I want it to radiate out and I want to tell the world I work hard and this is what it did for me! Working in sales in nyc the gym time that I set aside needs to be quality sessions not “garbage miles” and with Curvalicious I feel like I could finally take my body to that next level of not just being fit but having people know everywhere I go how much hard work I put into my body.

  • michele b. says:

    Flavia! I pulled the trigger and got Curvalicious, and I just finished my first week of workouts. Wow! Great workouts, love the variety and I am sure feeling it! I haven’t done much with a stability ball in a long time; I am amazed at how challenging it can be! Thanks for a great program at a truly affordable price (less than a new pair of workout pants!); I am looking forward to continuing and seeing great results as I progress!

  • Talia Russell says:

    I am 38 and lucky enough to be 6 ft tall, so I’ve always looked slim. In the last two years things have started to go south and I am concerned! especially with my belly which is starting to stick out more and more and making me look 4 months pregnant! I therefore seriously need to improve the situation pronto. I am particularly concerned with my lower abdomin as the loss of muscle will cause other problems in the future if not completely sorted now.
    So hence the reason I am looking at this program, I want to be curvalicious with no paunch and tight muscles with no sagging.
    Pick me I’d love to give this program a go – thanks


    I want to win your Curvalicious system because I want to learn how to work out like a girl. I started my fitness journey in 2010 with my boyfriend at the time by using a male focused workout and eating system. After a year of working out like a boy, I decided to look elsewhere for nutrition and exercise geared toward females. Until 2 months ago I have not been successful in finding a female role model, that’s when I came across your website. Since then I have been working out twice a day, and eating right. That is, until my father passed away on May 9th. Since then I have been eating whatever is around, and not working out. I am discouraged and need to refocus my attention as I became engaged 3 days ago. We are planning an October wedding. Yes, this October. That gives me 4, maybe 5 months to get my body in top notch condition, and plan our wedding. Choose me and I’ll prove to everyone that despite the despair of a loss- hope, faith and self confidence always prevail!

  • Annmarie says:

    I am 183lbs and I am 5′ 3″. I know that I am very overweight for my height. I have a nine yr old daughter who is constantly telling me that my belly is too big. However she supports me in everything I try to do. I live in the Caribbean and you know how we love to eat food with flavor and everyone says we are supposed to be big boned and are supposed to have a different shape from people in the US. I don’t believe this and I want to prove them dead wrong . I have tried a number of diets and exercise programms and somehow after the first three weeks I tend to get bored. Before I had my daughter I loved to challenge myself in the gym with weights. Now I just don’t have the time to get to the gym after work. I knew that I needed a programme that will target muscles to get them into shape and I believe Flavia’s programme will do this for me. I believe in my heart that this is something I can stick with because the routines are not long but looks very exciting. And I will love to get back into shape so that I can really be Divalicious De Verteuil. Help me Flavia.

  • Audrey says:

    I was in a really bad relationship for almost 9 years. He wasn’t physically abusive, but he was mentally abusive. He would not allow me to go to the gym, go bike riding, do anything without HIM being there. I wasn’t even allowed to talk to my friends on the phone without him asking me a million and one questions. Anyway, i withdrew and I gained almost 70 pounds. I am 5’2″ and when I reached 192 pounds I just knew I had to do something. I decided to get a divorce even tho I knew my mom and her family would disown me. I have since been able to lose 36 pounds but have been stuck here for the last 1.5 years. I have tried everything to start losing again. No carbs, high protein, I exercise 5 days a week, but nothing is helping. I must be doing something wrong! Maybe your program is what I need. I have spent so much money on different programs – even P90X didn’t help me, even tho I have no problem doing it. There has to be something out there that works.

  • Mia says:

    Hi Flav,
    i have been overweight for most of my life and until about 2 years ago i never took the gym or weight loss seriously. i was in denial and thought i was perfect as is. The reality is that i was completely unhealthy, sluggish and just unmotivated. My daughter had to go to the e.r and they needed me to step on the scale with her to get her weight. It was at this time i realized how out of control my weight had gotten. i was 21 years old standing only 5foot5 and weighed 245lbs. i had no clue how i let myself get to this point. I can now thankfully say i weigh 160lbs. it was not an easy road but the result have been great.However now i feel i have plateud. I watch your youtube videos religiously and implement them into my workouts at the gym and feel curvalicious would GREATLY help me reach my final goal weight of 140.

  • April says:

    Im going in to the armed forces and I would like to better prepare my self with your work outsystem. I love to work out and I would love to have a body like yours to get into the clothes I want to wear without feeling self consious about my body type. I would like to lose 25 pounds that would put me at around 135. I watched your videos on youtube and I love your workouts. This program would help me reach my goal.

  • meat sauce says:

    This is a topic that is near to my heart… Cheers! Exactly where
    are your contact details though?

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