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Targeted Metabolic Resistance Training Workouts: The Solution For Toned, Defined & Sexy Curves

By May 16, 2012November 23rd, 201257 Comments

fitness tips for women
Most female “fat loss workouts” are a joke, relying on high reps, solely body weight movements and “going for the burn!” Now, I’m not slamming any of these methods (each has a time and place) but in a moment you’ll see their limitations if your goal is toned, defined and sexy curves.

The popular trend in fitness, as we write, is “metabolic resistance training” (MRT) workouts which is essentially cardio with weights. I’ve heard it called “madman training” because you run around the gym huffing and puffing, sweating everywhere and trying to push your bodies ability to go longer and harder.

MRT workouts involve muscular work and conditioning work with the use of your bodyweight, dumbbells, barbells, machines, TRX, stability balls, wobble pads and I’ve even seen people running around the gym with rowing machines above their head (only Lord knows why). If you hate sitting around and resting then MRT workouts are for you because you barely get a moment to wipe the tears, I mean sweat, from your eyes!

There are DOZENS of different types of MRT workouts but here is just one example:

Full Squats x 15
Bench Presses x 15
Bent Over Rows x 15
Front Squats x 15
Burpees for 30 seconds
Throw Up, Pass out, Repeat 3-5x

This stuff is intense and over the course of an hour you can easily approach or exceed 600 calories, depending on the routine. Most traditional weight training workouts have you burning 300 calories or less. MRT workouts help us experience excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) in big increases.

“Afterburn” is the trendy way of saying EPOC and it measures the expended amount of calories that it takes for your body to return to homeostasis i.e. your normal resting rate after a workout.  The harder your workout the longer it takes you to go from Mrs. I Can’t Feel My Legs Right Now to Mrs. I Feel My Legs Again. Research shows that you can burn calories for up to 48 hours or more, so the more MRT workouts you do, the faster you’ll lose weight!

MRT workouts “stack” non-competing exercises in a circuit fashion and it’s very powerful at burning a lot of calories during the workout and increasing your metabolic rate for 48 hours AFTER the workout.  This is the good news about MRT workouts and why I love them, do them and have endorsed them.

The problems with MRT workouts:

1) You can end up looking soft & skinny, not strong & sculpted
Here’s the truth: you will lose fat with MRT workouts but because most MRT workouts promote higher reps (equating to 60-65% of your maximum effort) with minimum rest so you burn up a lot of calories during and after the workout. However, since you’re using lighter weights, research shows that very little muscle growth occurs when you work with weights that don’t solicit a 70-85% maximum effort.

Essentially, over four to six weeks of doing strictly MRT workouts, your body will give up i.e. lose muscle because the weights you’re lifting do not solicit the need for muscle on your body! Also, since your body gets used to lifting lighter weights, it gives up its strength and you become weaker. This is based on the use it or lose it principle.

As we learned yesterday, the key to developing a hard, lean and athletic looking body is to incorporate sets of heavier weights and lower reps to produce neurogenic muscle tone – the muscle tone that gives you definition when you contract it.

2) Your body adapts faster to workouts with higher reps and lighter weights
Most people find they lose fat very quickly in the first four to six weeks of doing MRT workouts and then it comes to a halt. Why? As your body adapts MRT workouts challenge your aerobic system (training with oxygen) more so than your anaerobic system (training without oxygen). Just like you become more efficient at running further distances, you become more efficient at doing circuits. The workout ends up feeling like a marathon instead of a sprint.

When you train with lighter weights for too long your brain says, “We don’t need this muscle anymore…” and you lose it if you don’t ever visit some heavier weights. If you lose muscle then your metabolism slows and you risk gaining the fat back once you stop this style of training. 

3) MRT workouts can lead to injuries…
Most MRT workouts are performed with faster repetitions which results in LESS focus on the specific muscle and simply focusing on getting through the reps. The key ingredient for gaining muscle and keeping your muscle is time under tension. This simply means that a set needs to last for 40-70 seconds with continuous tension on the muscle you’re trying to sculpt. Working with faster speeds often results in our ‘form going out the door’ and not feeling the muscle. Sure, you burned a lot of calories but you barely stimulated the muscle – instead you just smashed your joints together!

Introducing: Targeted Metabolic Resistance Training Workouts

Imagine MRT workouts targeted to a specific body part! That’s what the CURVALICIOUS Body Sculpting System is all about and for the first time, here’s a sneak peak of the 5 day system…

==> Get The Curvalicious Body Sculpting Workout Here


Here are the benefits if you’re looking for a strong and sculpted body instead of a soft and skinny body:

1. You avoid adaptation.

Your body is designed to adapt. When you keep doing the same exercises, in the same order, for the same number of reps, using the same hand grip or foot stance, the body adapts. In effect, your nervous system becomes “hardwired” to that particular routine and consequently, fewer fibers are recruited, you use less energy and fewer demands are made on the body. In short, you become a pro at that routine, and after a surprisingly short amount of time, you stop making progress.

Targeted MRT workouts shake things up by changing the stimulus, so the nervous system doesn’t adapt. What happens is that your body grows new muscle and become stronger and “harder” to survive the onslaught of your attack! Essentially we’re going to apply more direct muscle work to each body part so your body takes on a curvier shape. Hello hourglass!

2. Shifting rep ranges develops neurogenic and myogenic muscle tone.

Most individuals are hopelessly attached to the old 10-15 rep range scheme. It’s as automatic as your morning coffee and watching your favorite reality TV show each week. It’s largely habit.

Remember, every rep range targets a different group of muscle fibers and if you don’t stimulate all your muscle fibers than you’re throwing away 50% of your gains! Muscle fibers are “typed” according to their oxidative capacities and how fast they fatigue. Historically, fast-twitch fibers (the ones best suited for growth and neurogenic muscle tone) are worked by a combination of lower-rep, and heavier weight workouts. This style of training is new for most females. Except that muscles are also made up of slow-twitch fibers and contribute to myogenic muscle tone. You can’t just ignore them if you want to see your sexiest body revealed once the fat comes off.

Targeted MRT workouts will include lower rep training (i.e. reps less than 7), intermediate rep ranges (i.e 8-12 reps) and high-rep training (i.e 12-15 and even 15-20 reps) to make the best progress and develop both types of muscle tone – neurogenic and myogenic.

3. You look harder, curvier and sexier!

When you directly target a muscle group with straight sets you make average gains; when you directly target a muscle group with a bi-combo (two exercises back to back on the same body part) you can almost double your rate of progress; when you target a muscle group with a tri-combo (three exercises back to back to back on the same body part) you can almost triple your rate of progress! Fitness models of known this for years, which is why they have strong yet still feminine bodies. To date, I’ve never met a female who does solely MRT workouts and lands covers. They all do a lot of direct muscle work to give their body shape.

Targeted MRT workouts apply so stimulus directly to the body parts i.e your thighs, glutes, shoulders and back that give your body the coveted hour glass figure! By adding a few pounds of muscle to these specific body parts you’ll dramatically transform the shape of your body type and create the illusion of a much leaner and sexier body!

4. You will keep fat off for good by building new muscle

MRT workouts are like a diet and cardio to a certain degree. If you only rely on training off the fat and never dedicate anytime to adding new muscle – the only way to increase your metabolism – then you’re still working with the same slow metabolic machinery once the program is over!  This means the only way to keep the fat off is to keep doing MRT workouts despite how hard they are.

Targeted MRT workouts will give you an opportunity to actually gain new muscle to increase your daily metabolic rate. We learned the other day that every pound of muscle helps us burn an extra 50 calories a day!  The root problem of gaining weight back is a slow metabolism and the only thing to improve your metabolism is adding new muscle! In short, your fear of gaining new muscle is the number one reason you’ll always struggle with maintaining your goal weight.

I find it silly that certain females are ALWAYS following a fat loss program! If the fat loss program worked then they would have lost over 1000 pounds by now!  At some point, once the fat is off, it’s time to do a workout dedicated to gaining muscle so you don’t have to see the scale spin upwards again!

5. People will finally notice that you workout!

Getting skinny is EASY. Any girl can do that. The question is: can you get lean and defined to the point that people say, “Wow! Look at your arms! You look amazing!”

Once the fat comes off, you’re going to look HOT!  Curves! Lines! Definition! All over Sexiness! You’ll get stares on the way to the water fountain, while you’re in the grocery store and when you’re shopping for a new wardrobe!  People will want to know your secret:

Targeted MRT Workouts baby!


Remember, transforming your body happens incrementally. You’ll never wake up one day with an extra 5 pounds of muscle on your body! Just like you’ll never wake up and notice you lost 5 pounds of fat. Your body gains muscle in grams, not pounds. And your body loses fat in grams, not pounds. You’re in complete control of how you look so if you wake up one day and LOVE the definition you have, simply maintain what you’re doing!

If you’re interested in trying out a science-based and strategically designed system to build calorie-burning muscle and strip the fat in the same workout then check out my brand new CURVALICIOUS Body Sculpting System is for you. Get it now:

Click here to find out more ==> The Curvalicious Body Sculpting Workout Here

Questions or comments? I’m waiting for you!



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  • Clea says:

    Another great article Flavia, go girl 🙂 you really know what you are talking about!!

    How long do you think it takes for the body to adapt to MRT high rep training for fat loss, I still have fat to lose but have been doing these style workouts for around a year now. Would I benefit from changing my routine towards muscle building even though I am more interested in fatloss at the moment, or should I stick to what I am doing until all the fat has gone (it’s taking a while to come off). Just some of your points above make me think my workouts may have become more aerobic than anaerobic, due to the fact that i’ve been using them for a while?

    Looking forward to the new program…best of luck with it!!

    • Flavia says:

      Hey Clea, the fat will come off faster if you build a bit of muscle. It is hard to say how quickly your body will adapt as there isn’t a set time period as people are different. Often times a change in routine will ignite your body…happens for me.

      • Clea says:

        Thanks Flavia,

        Just watched the video there and you look AMAZING….well done!!

      • KimA says:

        Hi Flavia, love your video. It’s great to find a workout which incorporates some muscle toning. I’ve been looking into this ever since watching a documentary called Horizon: The truth about exercise. Scientists demonstrated the benefits of deeper muscle-stimulating exercise, over non-intense workouts like jogging. This high intensity training for just three mins a week, burnt more fat from the presenter’s body than a long distance run. Awesome 🙂

  • Helle says:

    I am looking forward to your new program.
    It is good stuff coming from you and I am still using Full Body licious and I love it. 🙂

    Helle from Denmark

  • Les says:

    Hi Flavia,

    I’m looking forward to your new program, as I enjoyed completing your “Full Body licious” program. I also completed Ben’s Mi40 program. What is the difference between “Curvalicious” and your previous program and Mi40?

    Thanks in advance,

    • Flavia says:

      Ben’s is a great program along with FBL. All three have different exercises. FBL doesn’t put a lot of focus on muscle building and Ben’s program is not made up of circuits. The three programs are quite different, different tempos, sets and rest periods.

  • Smokin' Hot Felicia says:

    Sounds exciting, cannot wait to see it!

  • Lori says:

    Is the new program going to be available on CD???? That would be excellent !

  • Lauri Bernard says:

    You rock GIRL! I so love that you walk the walk and talk the talk. AINT no Fluff with Flav. Thank you.

  • Rox says:

    Looks brilliant! Love ur old program, the workout, the results and the fact that I actually feel like I’m working out (sweaty? Very much so!) Keep em coming!

  • haywardmadhouse says:

    Looks awesome – but Is this programme suitable for someone working out at home with only minimal gym equipment eg weights, stability ball etc?

  • Domenique says:

    Cant wait for it to come out so I can get it! You are fantastic and I love seeing the hard work you put in. It really shows.

    Domenique from South Africa!

  • Lisa says:

    Hi Flavia

    Sensational as normal. Loved and use your first program, so I am definitely in for this one as well. Looking forward to it.
    THanks Lisa

  • Anna says:

    Looks awesome! Love the sneak peak video! I cannot wait! Looks like some killer exercises! You look amazing Flav and are a wonderful coach!

  • Kelly says:

    I really appreciated the workouts that you shared when you were training for the photoshoot. You look the way you do for a reason!
    You stated above that the program will not be released in hard copyright away. Do you expect that it will be available in hard copy and if so when ?

  • Mary says:

    Hey flavia,

    I’ve been following your workouts and blogs for a while now and absolutely love them…I will admit I laughed when you said at the end of the circuit throw up pass out and repeat.

    I look forward to your new program.

    Keep doing what your doing because you really are inspiring 😀

    Mary x

  • Meredith says:

    I’m wicked excited for the new program. My weight loss/ muscle building kind of stalled out there for a while. Couldn’t figure out what was going on. But found out that I have an allergy to peanuts and it seems that can affect a lot of things. So just excited for a new program, build some more muscle and reach my goal of getting defined arms and a six pack.

  • Trelle says:

    I am getting super psyched for the release and can’t wait! I have bought many electronic programs in the past and have found them non descriptive. I am an extremely independent person and am blind, so having to ask my husband to explain things to me just to work out is excruciating. I did not have to do that with Bodilicious and I have had FANTASTIC results. My legs are more muscular and defined, better than they have ever been. I really love your style and information. I look forward to Curvilicious and hope that it is just as easy for me to follow along with. I was pretty fit when Ilost my vision (car accident) so it has been important for me to keep. Once I turned 30 (now 36) it became a bit more of a struggle! Ha! With your program, and eating more clean and supportively, I defintely feel more fit than I was when I lost my vision. Anyways, long and short to say thank you for making a program that is female friendly and even “blind” friendly. 🙂

  • Lori says:

    Hey Flav…what is the length of time for each workout??? Looks even more challenging than your first program!!!

  • Celeste says:

    I am so pumped for May 21!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Sandra says:

    W.O.W. Flavia you are looking amazing in these videos, I want my body like that!

  • Kat Leese says:

    Hey Flavia,

    I just bought the Xtreme program from Joel, which has a combination of all training methods with muscle strength building and lactic acid work outs all over the 5 day cycle. What is going to be the difference between your program and his? I start his program on Saturday. I am a huge believer of heavier weights lifting and I already do a combination of MRT and strength. But I really like the idea of combining the two in the one work out. Will your program be more like maintenance for after I finish my 25 day cycle?

    Thanks 🙂 from Kat in Australia

    • Flavia says:

      Joel’s program uses the traditional MRT workouts which are excellent for fat loss.

      Curvalicious uses TARGETED MRT workouts which basically means a lot of “direct muscle” work like a fitness model or figure girl would do to make her muscles shapely and defined. Each day is dedicated to a different body part so you can actually break down the muscle tissue and see it grow. Plus my program incorporates some heavier weights with lower reps to challenge your nervous system – a key component of getting defined muscles.

      Joel’s diet is much more extreme than mine and if you need RAPID fat loss, that’s your ticket. I use a balanced approach, a style of eating you can follow 365 days a year, and teach you how to TAPER your calories down gradually.

  • Sheri says:

    Is this program suitable for those already fit and fabulous. How long do you recommend we do the program. Do you provide a workout schedule? It looks like alot of FUN. Thanks. Looking forward to it.

    • Flavia says:

      Absolutely — the exercises are unique and challenging, the rep schemes hit the slow and fast twitch muscle fibers and each day is targeted to a body group so you lose fat and gain muscle at the same time. My best work to date 🙂 The program is endorsed as 12 weeks and i suggest a minimum of 6 weeks to see results. Yes, the entire program is on printable workout sheets – reps, sets, rest periods, tempos, exercise order, how to pick your weights etc. Thanks Sheri.

  • Kara says:

    Flavia you inspire me! You look amazing and provide the best fitness guidance for women that I have found. I was first introduced to following Vince a couple years back with his fitness program but when you came on scene you had my full attention! I believe in going hard at the gym to the point I have guys coming up to me saying I motivate them! I am so looking forward to your new program I am about due for a change! I hope it is affordable or better yet maybe I can be one of those lucky winners! Keep doin what you do best! Informing and motivating us women!

    P.S. I have been putting fitness trainers on to you and they are listening!

  • Nornthuk says:

    What do I do if I may be happy with the amount of muscle I have but I want to cut down the fat? I mean nutrition-wise and training-wise.

    I love the full bodylicious program. I have been on it pretty much since February and lost 3 – 4% body fat with it. People are seeing that I work out. My abs is starting to peak and my triceps are obvious. 🙂 It’s a pretty hard program as the first time I did it I was bedridden and fell off the balls for a few days for the 2nd day circuits. Once I nailed it, nothing else was ever more challenging for me. I still have to see if I can finish a P90X program though.

    It’s about time I try a new program and I really look forward to your new curvalicious on Monday! I’m finishing a cycle of full bodylicious this weekend.

    • Flavia says:

      Hey Northuk, thanks for the comment. For nutrition and training…I would give the Curvalicious program a try for sure. If you are gaining too much muscle…which I would be surprised, then just lift lighter weights. There is a complete nutrition package that comes with the workout videos!

  • Misty says:

    I have been doing your Full-Body-Licious and really like it. How is Curvalicious different? How would you know which program would be better for you.

  • Flowerd says:

    We all know that you didn’t do the curvalicious workout for your photo shoot..why can your new workout produce the same results?

  • nazneen says:

    Hi Flavia,

    I have 3 kids and thrice i have gained weight 20+ kgs during my pregnancy and with proper diet and work out came back to my original weight of 54kgs (i am 149cms). i feel although i have lost weight my skin is very saggy all around. will you workouts help me tighten those extremely saggy skin and tone them.

    thanks dear.

    waiting your reply


  • Debbies21 says:

    Video is killer. Can’t wait to get your new program. Just 1 question, since many of us work out at home do you have a substitute for a machine exercise.

  • D P says:

    I cannot wait for your video!

  • D P says:

    P.S I go to gym 5 days a week, and use heavy weights, etc. I am really interested in new techniques I could learn from you in your video. Will I still be able to use machines, weights, barbells, etc., to do all my workouts at the gym still with your video?

  • Allie15 says:

    I have your Full-Body-Licious program. How is Curvalicious different? Which one is better for fat loss?

    • Flavia says:

      Hey Allie, FBL is more geared for fat loss and involves full body workouts in every worktout. Curvaliciuos is a fat loss system but it is geared towards giving your muscles shape as we incorporate different rep ranges and lift heavier weights for some exercises to stimulate muscle growth.

      Also, Curvalicious is targeted towards one muscle group at a time so the workouts are more body part specific.

      They are both great workouts and I know you will enjoy Curvalcious if you enjoyed FBL.

  • Cher Anderson says:

    ok, I really want to buy the new workout but I have very slow internet and need them on hard copy DVD’s like I purchased your first workout~are they going to be offered?

    • Flavia says:

      Hey Cher, the hardcopy is not available for now and I don’t have a time frame for when they will be.

  • Kasey says:

    Hi, Do you have any specific work-outs for love handles. I have tried and tried and tried to get rid of mine, lost 20 lbs but the love handles never budged….need help!

    • Flavia says:

      Not specifically. You have to lose fat off your whole body to lose the fat there…your body just stores more fat there and it is different for others, for me it’s my inner thighs. You have to lean down all over. 🙂

  • Allie says:

    Are the printable worksheets useful for the at home uses too?

  • Stacy says:

    When will there be a CURVALICIOUS 2 so that we can keep achieving our fab figures.

  • I really like this article, I particularly want to understand these, expect bloggers to write content. I
    will support bloggers, thank you!

  • Clea says:

    Hi Flavia,

    Just wondering if you have ever experienced over training? I am working hard to achieve my goals, but think I may be working too hard. I am experiencing extreme fatigue, frequent colds, eye twitches, waking in the middle of the night and very early in the morning, lightheadedness on standing up sometimes, and generally feeling wired all the time. I know I need to reduce my training workload, but am afraid it will hamper my results. I would love to hear your opinion on this as I know how dedicated you are to your training and how hard you work.


    • Flavia says:

      Yup sure have! And that does sound like you are. What I always do in that case is take a week off….it is sooo hard but your body needs it. Just keep the diet clean and you won’t see any weight gain.

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