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Fitness Tip Tuesday – Inner Thigh

By June 19, 2012April 16th, 201412 Comments

fitness tipsOur intelligent body chooses where to store the most amount of fat, it’s our genetics. For me, my so-called “problem area” is 100% my inner thighs. Even when I am lean at 12% body fat, my legs are still not where I would like them to be.

When we lose fat, we lose fat from all over our body. Because our “problem areas” have more stored fat , it takes a longer time to see that area become lean. What we can do is develop muscles that will help to speed up fat loss and cause less fat storage.

In order for me to get this area to look the way I want it to look, I have to build some solid muscle in my quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes that will shape my legs and increase fat burning throughout the day.

Our inner thigh muscles are called Hip Adductors. You don’t want to necessarily build these muscles. The hip adductors get plenty of work when training the legs especially when performing compound exercises such at squats and lunges.



When squatting, think about internally rotating your inner thighs towards each other throughout the entire movement. KNEES SHOULD ALWAYS FOLLOW YOUR THE DIRECTION OF YOUR TOES!

Stand up right now and try this. Feel that? This is a great way to initiate more of the hip adductors in the squat.

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  • Anne says:

    How do you know if you are actually rotating your inner thighs towards each other if your knees are to follow the direction of the toes?

    • Jodi says:

      So true for me too!! Just did a couple with bodyweight only and I can feel a difference! THanks for the tip and I will use it with my clients!! WOot!

    • Karen says:

      Its hard to explain, but it is like what you are supposed to do in yoga, just try and you will feel it if you are doing it right

  • shari says:

    Thank you for all your exercise tips!

  • kfine says:

    WOW! and all this time i’ve been told to externally rotate the thighs for optimal activation of the glutes

  • elizabeth says:

    I ride horses so this muscle gets worked regularly. My problem rises in that I store fat on top of the muscle and it makes my legs look even BIGGER. What’s the best strategy to alleviate this issue? (Stop riding isn’t an option btw) 😉

  • Holly says:

    This is one of my definite problem areas too. It does seem to be slightly improving. Besides squats with weights, I do sumo squats and some work with the cable machine that works the inner thighs.

    • Chelsey says:

      I am with you guys on the thighs being the trouble area, I have a small frame at the top and just blow out at the bottom, I would give anything to have my thighs not rub together when I walk, I hope to see improvement soon. Any tips for me? I am new to flavias workouts and blog! Also I was wondering does anyone par take in the fasting at all?

  • Melissa says:

    How do you rotate your thighs when your squatting I don’t get it!? I want to do this but I don’t get how! HELP!

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