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Hey everyone!

Back in Feburary, I created a mini version of FULL-BODY-LICIOUS. I recruited 95 females who used my exercise and nutrition program for six weeks and the results were astounding. Meet the Flavilicious Females!

Fitness Motivational Pictures


BEFORE                                   AFTER

Hi Flavia,  Already I am feeling so much stronger and healthier. I have to go out and get new sizes of clothes….not a bad problem to have. Thanks again….I loved this challenge.  It was soooooo worth my time and effort.  Your program is excellent and I have become a spokeswoman for your product 🙂

At 50 I had become flabby.  Over the years my weight had slowly but surely increased significantly; it’s amazing just how much you can hide over almost 6 feet in height!  When Flavia’s nutrition and exercise program challenge arrived I was more than ready!  The eating plan was very practical (except for those veggies in the morning….sorry Flavia!)  and satisfying; the exercise plan was challenging and full of variety.  (The stability ball eventually became stable with practice!)  The results speak for themselves……16.8 pound weight loss and 4″ from my waist alone.  I am more fit and healthy at 50 than I have been in a very long time.  I plan to continue on…thanks Flavia for the challenge and may God bless you big time in your launch of this excellent product!



Total weight loss: 10 lbs

Inches from waist: 3



Participating in the Flavilicious program was an amazing and encouraging experience for me. By the end of the 6 weeks I had lost 10 lbs and 3 inches from my waist and I really learned how to take care of myself physically. This is the first fitness and nutrition program that I have been able to stick with the entire time and that I am confident I can continue following. I really enjoyed the large variety of exercises and being able to learn new and effective movements that I had never tried before. I’ve come away from this program truly understanding that losing weight and being healthy is not simply a short term goal, it is a lifestyle and a choice, one that is truly achievable with hard work and great support. Thank you Flavia!


Janna, Minneapolis, MN

BEFORE                                    AFTER

I am SO ready for the next program or more workouts.  I lost 18 pounds.  I have SO much more I want to accomplish and don’t want to lose what I’ve gained so far.  I felt like I made good changes when I look in the mirror. In the last week, I’ve finally seen change in my legs with more muscle definition and losing about an inch around. I never missed a workout and ate the way I was supposed to 99% of the time.

Thanks for all your help.


Anastasia, UAE, Dubai

BEFORE                                   AFTER

Hey Flavia!

My results in 6 weeks…dropped 3kg of fat…few inches here and there…from 25% to 22% of body fat. Not bad! Now I am setting new goals! Thx for your support and advice Flavia!


Lindsay, Iowa USA

BEFORE                                  AFTER


Thank you for letting me be a part of your test group. I have learned so much especially in nutrition. I am very excited to start your next program. I have sent you before and after pictures and my testimonial. I hope you are proud. Membership to a gym isn’t an option for me having 3 little children. Why I love Flavia’s program is because I can do it at home or on the road (which I did). I could see the results right away. The exercises are diverse and targets all areas so I never got bored. The nutrition program was all new and extremely interesting. I learned to eat in a completely new way. Nutrition is my weak area but the knowledge I have gained is amazing! I will never eat the same. I could see my abs in one week of following Flavia’s program. I lost 1 inch off my rump in 1 week and 2 inches off my thighs in 1 1/2 weeks. My love handles were gone within the second week. Flavia has designed this program so that anyone can be successful!


Kelsie, Aventura, Florida

BEFORE                                   AFTER

Overall, I’ve lost 3 inches (my clothes are so much looser on me) and 2 pounds:) I have been really good with eating/exercise. I am still working my way to perfection. Thank you for the head start. I am excited to continue your program. Thank you so much! You truly are amazing and so inspiring 🙂


Britanie, Ontario, Canada

I have had excellent results from your program! I have lost 10 lbs! I look and feel fantastic! Cutting out flour and sugar has left me with a ton of amazing energy! My muffin tops, chub around lower back and stomach are completely gone! YAY!!

I have tried for 3 years to get rid of my belly fat and nothing worked!! Thank you so much for allowing me to participate in your fitness program! What an amazing opportunity for me! You have blessed me!!

Thanks so much! Sending you a big hug!!!


Giuliana, Toronto Canada

I have definitely been having fun trying to keep up with the workouts and switching up my routine now and then. Within days I saw results, I actually had upper body strength!


Rosetta, Guelph Canada

I have had great results using Flavia’s program. Many have commented on my leaner look. I am fairly lean to start, but have belly fat to spare. Using Flavia’s program, I lost 6 pounds and I do like my flatter stomach.  I plan to keep incorporating the nutrition ideas and will continue with the fury circuits.  Believe me, Flavia’s plans will work, if you work them.  Thank you Flavia for all your encouragement and belief in us.


These next two ladies wrote me early on in the program and here is what they had to say from the beginning.

Tara, Brantford Canada

Hi Flavia, well so far so good here I am just starting week 2. I really like having my workouts laid out for me. They are very challenging but I took your advice and only started out with 2 sets so far;) the meal plan is the most challenging for me, but I am sticking with it, 1 meal @ a time! week 1 I have lost 2.2 lbs and I am taking measurements as well which are going in the right direction! Thanks for your words of encouragement!


Brenda, Auburn, California

Hi Flavia,

I just wanted to give you some feedback-this workout is kicking our butts!  I am doing this workout with my daughter, just started with this being our second day, and we are wiped out.  I love it!  Thursday we do day three, looks like it will be a tough one too.  When I can feel the effects of a workout a couple hours later, I know that I have worked my body good.

Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity to try out your program.

Take care, Brenda

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  • Tracy says:

    Hey guys!

    I wanted to jump in here and say this program is awesome. I got started using it and unforturnately had to take a break from working out and let a nagging sore shoulder and hip joint/hip flexor heal up. I was already having problems before I started and hoped to work through it… didn’t work. I was seeing some great results and can’t wait until I can get going full force again.

  • Christine says:

    Flavia, I just completed day one and my legs are shaking! The first circuit had me exhausted…wow. I am a 39 year old mother of 2 boys and want to get into shape before 40. This is it. Thanks and I am going to need all the motivation I can get just to get to day 2.

    • Flavia says:

      GOOD FOR YOU! Thanks for the post, I want other ladies to hear that because I have had complaints of them being too tough and I want to show people that you need to work hard, stop making excuses!!!

  • Patsy says:

    Hi Flavia,

    I picked up your system on Wednesday and will be starting on Sunday May 1st. I wanted to get some proper foods available first bc as you said, nutrition is very important and I had to de-process my pantry.
    Plenty fruits and veggies available now so ready to begin.
    I’m a 38yr old mother of an 18yr old son and 16month old baby girl. I’ll be 40 yrs old next year and hope to have a total transformation by then. In the short term I’m gonna be doing your deadline diet as I need a jump start for an event in 6wks. Hoping for the best. Thanks.

  • Lisa says:

    Hi Flavia. Just finished day 1 of your full-body-licious session. I am a seasoned trainer, do alot of cycling and have competed in figure comps. I am out of shape and just got my butt kicked doing your leg session. I only did 2 sets of each combo and at times didn’t finish the required reps. Two hours later my legs are still shaking and I am scared!!! What will they feel like tomorrow. Don’t worry ladies I do work hard when I train so beginners out there don’t despair….I may just have pushed it abit too hard on my first session. I am motivated to get my nutrition back on track and look forward to letting you know of my results. Taking measurements tonight and photos tomorrow. See you in 6 weeks for an update. P.S I did all the session at home using dumbells (no heavier than 7.5kgs a stability ball and my TRX)
    New South Wales Australia

    • Flavia says:

      Great job Lisa. Make sure to eat as soon after your workout as possible to aid in recovery and drink plenty of fluids!

  • Shellee Adkins says:

    I just really wanted to thank you for publishing a work out geared for women. I am an avid fitness partaker and I love to bring new moves and routines to the gym with me, that leave everyone asking questions. I will begin your program tomorrow on 5/2/2011 and i am throughly looking forward to this. I have been asking God to help me find a new resource that would bring my body to the next level, because I am more than willing to do the work to get there. However, when I was going through my downloads, then only nutrition source that I received was the deadline diet, I know that nutrition is 90% key to getting amazing results, so with your background in nutrition I was disappointed that there was not a plan included in this package. I have a clean eating/frequent meal lifestyle, however this piece of the puzzle may also need tweeking, Thank you and God Bless for all of your selfless hard work in putting this together.

    Shellee Adkins

  • Sarah says:

    Hi Flavia,

    Ive just finished day two “show off stomach” of your program and the workout was pretty intense I only did each combo once because ime just a beginner when it comes to strenght training and i found the workouts that included the stability ball (like the mountain climber crossover and the stability ball plank touchdown) really hard to do and couldnt do some of them at all because i kept falling off the ball lol, i hope as i get more into the program i can do all the workouts the right way :). If u have any suggestions let me know lol…But ime really excited to see my results in a couple months and plan to stick to your program! Thank you, Sarah Campbell

    • Flavia says:

      Hey Sarah, thanks for sharing. You aren’t the first one that has trouble with that ball….and of course I even had trouble (if you remember I fell off and left it in the video)

  • Kalola says:

    I’m just wondering Flavia if your program can help the gawky, skinny girl. I am 5’8′, 118. I’ve been working out gor a while now doing cardio weightlifting, as I like to call it. I feel stronger, but look to thin, not curvy. Help!

    • Flavia says:

      Yes, for sure it can. It incorporate moderate weights and HIIT for a lean figure….without the fat!

  • Audrey says:

    Pretty good post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts. Anyway I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post again soon.

  • Mihaela says:

    Hi Flavia,

    I’m on week 3 of your program and I absolutely love the results so far. The program is definitely not easy, but I wasn’t looking for easy.
    I tried quite a few workouts out there, and most of them deliver results if you’re consistent, but I love this one because it focuses a lot on building a strong core.
    I’m a 34 yearls old, 5.8, 122 pounds woman and I am working hard to uncover my hard earned muscle. I can see muscle especially on my arms and shoulders, but my abs and thighs are still sporting a bit of a fat layer. For the last 2 years I’ve been working out consistently and literally transformed my skinny frame. Putting on muscle was the hardest thing (harder even than giving up favorite cheat foods), but now I want to show it off 🙂
    Sorry for the long rambling, my question is: did you do anything else to get this lean? Obviously you eat clean and avoid processed foods and all that good stuff, but did you do additional cardio on top of your 5 workouts?

    Thank you!


    • Flavia says:

      Thanks Mihaela, yes I did 5 days of cardio for about 3 weeks leading up to the filming…45 min HIIT. Right now I do 45 min in the morning and weights at night. Have a look at the HIIT video I put on the members page last week for some tips! I also did The Deadline Diet at 2 weeks out. Keep up the good work!

  • Kelly says:

    Hi Flavia…

    I have 3 questions for you, I am about to start tomorrow (so excited!!) anyways, I will be doing this workout 4:30 in the morning, do I have to have a protein shake and oatmeal right afterwards or can I have eggs inplace of the protein shake?

    I am currently following the Diet Solution program and wondering if that is a good program to follow?

    I have also completed 2 rounds of P90x with great results, but I platued, is this program going to push me past the platue?? I don’t have a lot to lose, I am 5’5″ at 130 lbs..but want to lose body fat..will this help me??

    Thank you and you such an inspiration to me!!!

    • Flavia says:

      Hey Kelly, yes this will push you to your goals for sure! As long as you follow the plan and work hard. The DIet Solution is amazing and will be great to use with the workouts. I suggest that you use your carb meals post-workout as you need the carbs to repair the muscles you have worked 🙂

      • Kelly says:

        Thank you so much for your answer!! I have got to say, I thought after 2 rounds of P90x, and hybrid of P90x w/Insanity I thought I was in shape…lol…I just finished day 3 and I am so SORE EVERYWHERE….lol..good sore.

        Thank you again for such a wonderful workout.

  • Liz says:

    Hi Flavia! I am currently following FYM workouts and have been on and off for the past year and a half. I definitely need to clean up my diet a bit more, and I still feel that Holly’s workouts are challenging. However, I have a layer of belly fat that just won’t seem to budge. I am very toned and am not interested in a ripped stomach, but I desperately want a flat stomach. I usually do a 15 minute resistance WO 3 days a week and a 15 minute interval training WO 3 days a week. I am still challenged, but the results are slow. Since I am still challenged with my current routine do you feel your program would be too difficult for me at this time? Also how long on average is your program each day?

    Thank you! – Liz

    • Flavia says:

      Hi Liz! FBL is 5 days a week, 45-60 minutes per workout. I would suggest you try the program. I am sure you will lose abdominal fat if you put in more time with weights. I know you will love it and you can start slow, doing only one set of each exercie and work your way from there. Hope you give it a try and let me know when you are seeing changes.

  • Traci says:

    Hi Flavia,

    Firstly your truley an inspiration i heard bout you from Isabel De Los Rios i purchased The Diet Solution Program its helped me learn how to eat better and she recommended you on her blog. So i purchased your Flavilicious Workouts and i can say that the two combined have had a huge effect.

    I feel so good & healthy and i hope one day that i can reach my goal just like you have and look as amazing as you. I know it takes a lot of sweat to get there but im one determined lady and ill continue to do my best. Keep it real and thanks to you and isabel you two have changed my life completley.

    Traci from OZ

    • Flavia says:

      Thanks Traci. You are an inspiration and we can all benefit from hearing positive things, so thanks again!

  • SharaLee says:

    Hi Flavia! After trying numerous programs that didn’t give me desired results I was very happy to see a female specialized program for an hour glass figure. I’m following your program, started with 2 sets rather than 3 per group of exercises building up the reps each week until I reach recommended amount… I just started my 3rd week, haven’t lost any weight though. However, I have lost inches on my waist/hips. I’m just wondering what a good weight goal should be for me. I would like to compete in bikini and submit photos for magazine considerations but not sure where I should be with my weight/measurements. I’m 5’5.5 and currently weight 124.5lbs. Thanks!

    • Flavia says:

      Great job! I would look more into your body fat percentage. If you want to compete, you have to get really lean. Bikini is around 15%, FIgure and fitness model is a lot lower.

      • SharaLee says:

        Thanks Flavia! The 15% fat content you suggested which algorithm is that? Army, US Marine, US Navy or YMCA??? It seems they is quite a difference in the values. These are my results…
        “… body fat percentage is estimated to be 25.13 % using the U.S. Army body fat algorithm, or 19.66 % using the U.S. Marine body fat algorithm, or 15.31 % using the U.S. Navy body fat algorithm, or 20.26 % using the formula developed by the YMCA.” Thanks for the clarification.

  • Rachel says:

    Hi Flavia

    I just completed my first week on your programme and I’ve lost 2.8kg (6.2lbs) and 10% body fat! As a shift worker I often find following programmes and meal plans difficult to stick to but with your home workouts I’ve had no problems finding the motivation to get up and go hard. Food tends to be my biggest issue and I’ve easily stuck to the meals – not cheating once, even when I’ve been offered chocolate!
    I’m looking forward to the rest of the programme and checking out the before and after pics.
    Thanks for the programme
    New Zealand

  • SharaLee says:

    Thanks Flavia! The 15% fat content you suggested which algorithm is that? Army, US Marine, US Navy or YMCA??? It seems they is quite a difference in the values. These are my results…
    “… body fat percentage is estimated to be 25.13 % using the U.S. Army body fat algorithm, or 19.66 % using the U.S. Marine body fat algorithm, or 15.31 % using the U.S. Navy body fat algorithm, or 20.26 % using the formula developed by the YMCA.” Thanks for the clarification.

  • silva says:

    Hi FLAVIA!! for years I have being training and never ever have I got the results I have with your program!! I have being doing it now only for three weeks and my friends are asking what have I done. I feel great and I am looking great. I have one question though I have stubborn fat above my knees how can I get rid of that??? Or will my body get rid of it by doing FULL-BODY-LICIOUS longer??
    and do I just have to have patience and wait that it will work in that area??

    thanks !!

    silva from finland

    • Flavia says:

      Hi Silva. Great to hear and thanks for sharing. Yes, you just have to be patient as that is an area you store extra fat. Measuring every week will keep you motivated as you witness inces coming off through a measure that you may not see with your eyes. Keep up the good work!!

  • SharaLee says:

    So I just started week 6. My body changes have really slowed in the last two weeks so I’m just wondering if I should make some adjustments for the last half of the program. I’m following your suggestions with protein and 2 servings of veggies/meal. I’m consuming carbs like oats only post work out or for breakfast on rest days. I’m consuming just over 0.5g of protein/lb of body weight/ day and my daily caloric consumption is between 1850 and 2000 cals/day. Any suggestions for dietary changes? I can’t wait to see my results when the program is done! Thanks.

    • Flavia says:

      Hi SharaLee, bump your protein to 1g/lb and change the reset day to two reset meals following your workouts 2 days out of the 5. On rest days, follow non-reset days. You can try to cut our cheese and fruit for a couple weeks to speed up fat loss also.

      • SharaLee says:

        Hi Flavia Thanks for the suggestions. I’ve tried to cut out fruit before and I find it very very difficult, fruit is my favorite food plus when I did remove it, I was miserable and it never made a difference in my progress. I eat fruit only after my work out with my post workout meal. I haven’t been having very much dairy at all, and when I do it’s not every day |(other than a spash in my coffee in the am). I will try your suggestions with the cheat meals. Also I’ve been adding legumes like chickpeas, should they take the place of the 2 servings of veggies or how do I incorporate them?? Thanks!!

  • Charnell says:

    Hi Flavia
    Just to keep you informed…I started your workouts about a week after you launched them…I have a number of intolerances and so am on a relatively “clean” eating plan with no grains, milk,cheese or eggs…nuts are also a problem and so the eating has been weird to say the least.

    I was back at the doctor/nutritionist a week ago and was down 8Kgs and 9% body fat. I do your workouts 5 days a week, 2 days at the gym with a male gym partner who absolutely loves your workouts!!

    So wanted to say thanks so much! I love the feeling of being sweaty and tired, but exhilerated at a great work out after each session. I never believed I could get the strength to do some of the ball stuff…but practice makes perfect…almost! LOL :-). I went on holiday to Thailand for 10 days beginning of August and felt like I looked great in my bikini….the first time ever!!


    • Flavia says:

      Great job Charnell! I am so proud of you and you should strut your stuff in Thailand. I am hoping to go next year 🙂 Have an amazing trip.

  • Colleen Brownsey says:

    hi everyone, i too have just downloaded the fitness program and im very keen to start it. but i have know idea where the other books/downloadable info on nutrition is???? do i receive that information in the mail??? or have i just not looked in the right places??? i love to push my self hard in the gym but to be honest i do feel that i need a whole lot of help when it comes to my nutrition….please help!!! ta

  • Neva says:

    Day one of FULL-BODY-LICIOUS workout 1 done and LOVED IT! I’m 41, 5’5, 124.6 lbs and ready to take my body to the next level. I have worked out pretty much all of my life, and as most women keep looking for the answers in all the wrong places on training for the female body and losing the body fat in the places I need it to be lost. I love your personality, your energy and your desire to seek the truths in fitness and even nutrition. You are proof positive that you can fine tune an already good thang!! Thank you and damn, my glutes are screaming Flavia!!!lol. I look forward to seeing where I can go with this program!

    I will also be doing cardio as I want to bring my weight down to 118-120. I am going to try to get it in 5 days a week if possible as I have a wedding that I am in, in 21 days…..which is exactly how I found you. Congrats on your marriage and your successes!

  • Michelle Walton says:

    Hi Flavia,
    Just want to say that today I am starting day one of the program. I’m 44yrs old 5’5″ at an embarrassing 162lbs. I am a mother of a a 28yr old, 21yr old and a set of 4yr old twins. I always use to work out before I had the twins but now after I had them I feel drained. I try to study your program almost all day. Even my 4yr old girl sits with my iPad and watches all your videos. It’s so funny as if she is planning to be a healthy person at an early age or a personal trainer, then she tells my 4yr old son what exercises to do, lol. Too comical. My question is, I like to work out in the morning to get it out the way but I want to know if I can drink some whey protein with half of a banana, before my workout/ breakfast or should I follow your work out plan and do it at night? You have an amazing body and I watched all your videos on YouTube with the big guy training you and it gets me amped up!!! I want to be 45″ and look almost like you!!!

    • Flavia says:

      Thanks Michelle. You can for sure do the workouts in the morning. The shake and banana would be better after, but you should eat before you workout 100%. Can you do eggs or nuts or avocado or even some greek yogourt before? Protein and fats before you workout is best, it will keep your energy levels up!

  • Elaina says:

    The more I research this, the more excited I get about taking on this amazing challenge! But I have some more personal concerns and not sure how to really get my questions answered. Im going to turn 36 tomorrow and have 2 girls 17 and 10. Trying to really set a good example for them as well is also what drives me, I am very familiar with fitness but have had a personal set back im ready to kick butt on. What’s the best way to get my information before I order my set?
    Thanks so much

  • Patricia Goncalves says:

    Hello Flavia, I am thinking about buying FULL-BODY-LICIOUS, but I dont have time to go to the gym, can I do the workout at my home? If yes what equipment do I have to buy?
    Thank you.

    • Flavia says:

      Yes you can. All you need is a resistance rope, dumbbells (5-10 pounds) and a stability ball. You will love the workouts.

  • Amanda Monaghan says:

    I have bn following ur blogs n videos n u look amazing..
    I live in Scotland uk, u do ship overseas right?
    I’ve bn training hard for 4 months n I’m now 22% body fat height 5ft 1..
    This DVD will push me to achieve the body I’ve always wanted.. Please please ship overseas..

  • Mariel says:

    Hey flavia!! just got curvaliscious :)) i will be doing the home workouts this summer with my mom :)!!
    i have a question…. what do we do after week 3? i only see where it says what to do until week 3 instead of 12 weeks like you mentioned..

  • Sara says:

    I just purchased Curvalicious yesterday and just found your site today. I’m 36, work FT, have 2 little girls (6 & 2), and need to lose a lot of fat (would like to lose ~65-70 lbs). Most of my weight is in my lower body, abs, and triceps. I’m reading about FBL now here too. Which program would be best for me given my needs? If both would be best, which is the best way to cycle them (which do I do first)? Thanks so much!

    • Flavia says:

      Hey Sara, start with FBL first and then do Curvalicious after. Please let me know if you need any help when you start!!

  • Maggy says:

    Hi Flavia,
    I’ve been looking at the Curvalicious program and reading some of the comments on this site. I see that you mention that you should eat before a workout to Michelle Walton on March 11(eggs, nuts, avocado or even greek yogurt). My question is, I workout at 4am and don’t really have time to eat and then wait 30 minutes before beginning the workout. I have to get my workout in and be getting into the shower to get ready for work by 5am. Can this bit of food be eaten and the workout started immediately? We are trying IVF in a few months and I really want to get in tip-top shape so I start the pregnancy off on the right foot. Your Curvalicious program looks really interesting to me….especially since I can do it at home (I HATE the whole gym experience). Thank you!!

    • Flavia says:

      You can have a shake in before your workout or workout without any meal…see what works for you. If you have energy and don’t eat and you feel better doing so, by all means.

  • Amarilis Langley says:

    Hi! I want to buy the program. I’m 41y/o and my weight is 152..:(…What i need to know if the food that I have to buy in order to follow the nutrition program will be products, specialized products..? I can’t afford right now spend extra money i food.Any suggestions?? Thanks! 🙂

    • Flavia says:

      I suggest organic for dairy, meat and eggs but it isn’t a must. There are no packaged foods and lots of fresh veggies needed.

  • judy says:

    Hello . . I am thinking of getting the FBL from your website and/or the Curvalicious (Joel Marion email). I have gained nearly 60 pounds in 2 years. I am 45 and only 5’2″. I have to admit I am a total beginner. Many years ago, I used to walk quite a bit but that was it. I am a very stressed out third shift worker. What would be your opinion of the above-stated workouts in my case? Which one would be best? Any insight you can provide would be great!

    • Flavia says:

      Hey Judy, I would do FBL as it is a little more beginner. Start with bodyweight and do only one set for the first couple weeks before advancing.

  • Maggy says:

    Can anyone tell me what kind of time commitment is needed for the FBL program workouts? I thought I read somewhere that Curvalicious has workouts that are about 60-70 minutes long each. Just curious if it’s the same with FBL?



    • Flavia says:

      Hey Maggy, Curvalicious is about 45 minutes plus cardio a few days a week. You can cut out the 10-15 minute abs warmup on cardio days to drop some time off the workout. FBL is 5 days of 40-60 minutes. When you complete the workout within 40 minutes, you add in some cardio and again you can drop the abs off the end of the workouts of cardio days to shorten the time. So anywhere from 40-60 minutes 4/5 days a week (you have the option of dropping Day 2 in both programs as these are like cardio days)

  • stephanie says:

    Done one week of curvalicous, Love it! Feel it hitting my Butt from angles i dont normally!! Hope to get the nutrition nailed this week then see the changes come in 🙂 x

  • Javier says:

    Hi Flavia,

    I found your program and bought it for my wife, she has been training for a while but hit a plateau and wanted to loose those last five pounds, and get the abs to show. I was in the same situation so I decided to train with her, using you Curvalicious program. It has been a week. All I have to say OMG!!! Never thought this could be so challenging! I feel great, muscles that I didn’t know I had, hurt. We are following your recommendations exactly, so we know this is going to be a great success for both. Needless to say, my friends joke about me doing a girls’ routine, but that because they haven’t tried it themselves. This program, in combination with appropriate nutrition, will finally make my abs come out from the fat!!! (without loosing muscle mass)

  • Lonnie Jay says:

    Hi Flavia,

    I came across your program online and I am really wondering if this is a good fit for me. I am 5’3 and I weight 230. I have lost 25 pounds over the last 6 months and I am really looking to kick it into high gear. I am currently working out 4-5 days a week mixing gym time and extra stuff like softball and dodge ball. Do you think you program would be a good fit for me being so heavy?

    • Lonnie Jay says:

      I also suffer from plantar fasciitis, will this effect me being able to complete the moves with good form?

      • Lonnie,
        There’s a couple of things you can do for your plantar fasciitis…

        1. Get shoes that have good arch support. This is crucial to relieving the stress, therefor pain, in your feet.

        2. Now this is what you can do to relieve your pain. I’m going to assume that you have pain in both feet. Let’s start with your right foot. Sit down on the edge of your bed and cross your right foot over your left knee. With your right hand, grab your big toe and pull it back towards the top of your foot. Then take your left thumb and push in on the stretched tendon where it meets the ball of your foot and hold it there, feeling the tension melting away. Then move your thumb down to your heel where the tendon meets your heel. Press in and hold there, waiting for the tension to melt away.

        Then repeat that on your other foot. Do this every morning before you get out of bed and right before you go to sleep every night and I think you will notice a huge difference.

        Now get going on your exercise program! Remember to wear good workout shoes with great arch support in all your athletic endeavors to avoid twisted ankles, hip and knee pains, shin splints as well as plantar fasciitis.

  • Nicole says:

    I have looking for a program really programmed towards a woman’s needs. I ran across your Curvalicious program and I got really excited about it. What size weights and other equipment would be required to do this program?

  • Flavia,

    I got this program for my girlfriend. As I was going through the videos with her, I got excited to try it with her. I like your approach of using several muscles at once rather than working on isolated muscles. It’s obvious that you have spent a LOT of time and put a LOT of thought into working out the routines.

    My problem is that I have been a vegan since I was 14 (I’m 58 now) and your diet suggestions for protein are from animal sources. Do you have any vegetarian-friendly suggestions for rich protein sources that would still allow me to be successful with your program?

    • Flavia says:

      Hey Adam, you would likely know much better sources than me. I need to do my reseach on this but you will have to add proteins together to make complete proteins. Quinoa is a complete protein and yes I use it as a carb source but Vegetarians will have to use carbs for most protein sources. Egg whites, greek yogurt and cottage cheese will work well for the Cut meals and you can find whey protein for any diet at a health food store which I am sure you are well aware. I hope that helps some.

  • Maggy says:

    Thank you Flavia! I bought Full Body Licious a few weeks ago but officially started on Monday of this week. WOW is all I can say. I am sooo sore but good sore and know that I will definitely see results following this plan. I have about 30 pounds to lose so I know this will take a while. I don’t want to just lose the weight; I want to look goooood 🙂 This program should do it! Also, trying not focus on the scale as much either. I’ll use a body fat monitor and my clothes to be my gauge. I don’t follow the nutrition plan to a T since I like to use the IF lifestyle as much as possible so I’ve modified that. THANK YOU again for such a great program!

    • Flavia says:

      That’s great Maggie, so happy you are here and loving the program. I wish you all the success you desire 🙂

  • Kelly says:

    Hi Flavia. I just started doing the Full Body Licious program, and I have to say I.m loving it. I used to work out avidly, but then took a nine-month hiatus (inconsistant), I think just from boredom and lack of seeing results. Your program has made me excited to exercise again,and that’s an awesome feeling. Just a question about the diet. In the burn phase, you say to only eat carbs after exercise, but on the off days, your meal plan shows there are carbs in meals 2, 3, and 4. And in the Eat Like This diet program, you say to eat carbs only at breakfast on non-workout days. So I am confused at which would be the best to follow. Thanks in advance for your reply!

    • Flavia says:

      Hey Kelly, are you referring to veggies and fruit as carbs? Don’t count 2 servings of fruit in FBL meal plans so the day off just has carbs in one meal. 🙂 Glad you are enjoying the program.

  • Kelly says:

    Hi Flavia,

    Just done day 4 of FBL – measurements are already going down 🙂 I have multiple old injuries (ie: no R deltiod, no R patella and fused L ankle) and am really noticing how unbalanced my core strength is with the stabiliy ball work! I am really looking forward to being a more balanced person physically! I am finding the diet great – I am sure I am alot less bloated with the wheat and sugar gone from my diet!
    Thanks so much for your advise – looking forward to tomorrows workout….

  • Deanna says:

    I’ve been reading all I can about the Curvalicious program and believe it’s the right one for me. I plan to buy the program in the near future and will be doing the workouts at home. I know you told one gal on here what equipment is needed for the FBL program at home, but so far haven’t read anywhere what is needed for the Curvalicious home workout program? Hope I haven’t missed the info posted somewhere else on here, and really looking forward to your reply.

    • Flavia says:

      Hey Deanna, we would love to have you join the team! You will need: dumbbells, a stability ball and a resistance rope!

      • Deanna says:

        Thanks for your reply Flavia! I plan to buy your program in the next few days (as well as the equipment I’ll need) and start on September 1st. I am very excited about doing Curvalicious, which I learned about via Isabel de los Rios (Diet Soloution Program). I followed her nutrition plan and lost 25 pounds, arrived at my goal weight over a year ago and keeping it off. Now looking forward to being taken to the next level!

  • Jessica says:

    I’d just subscribed the Curvalicious program yesterday. Hopefully it helps!!!! By the way, Flavia I did not receive the confirmation email for the free gifts.

    • Flavia says:

      Hey Jessica, very happy to have you in the Curvalicious family. Sorry about the email not being sent. Please email the helpdesk and we can give you that link right away:

      • Jessica says:

        I’d received the free gifts confirmation email 4-5 hours after, thank you!
        Flavia, I just started the luscious leg workout today morning, and I can’t even finish Circuit #1. I only manage to do 2 sets and so circuit #2 was not started. Is that alright for me to not complete the whole workout that you planned?
        And for the single-leg V-up crunch, I did it on the floor, is that alright?

        • Jessica says:

          Wow, I just did my day 2 workout this morning. Still manage to finish, I did the leg raises on the ground, not on the stabilizing ball, it was too tough for me. The plank oblique twist was also very tough for me. I kept falling down. It was so hard to stabilize using the stabilizing ball. Seems to be easy only…… Its killing me….. T.T

        • Flavia says:

          Hey Jessica, yes you are right to listen to your body! If you go all out, there won’t be anywhere to go from there and you may even get injured and that is for sure not what is best….good for you!! Yes that is fine to do off the floor, if you are feeling discomfort in your lower back, roll up a mat or towel underneath your lower back for support!

          • Jessica says:

            Flavia, I have a question, since those workouts are so intense, is it going to burn fat or is it going to build muscle?
            If those workout is not going to burn fat but building muscle, I’ll look rather bigger size than I am after this?
            I’ve heard that abs exercises are very difficult or little in boosting our metabolism, so if we want to burn our belly fat, it’s better and never do abs exercises. What do you think??

            Just wanna know that whether I’m on the right track. Thanks!!

          • Flavia says:

            Hey Jessica, the workouts will do both but mostly burn fat. You need to lift weights to add muscle that will in turn burn more calories at rest – also, you won’t get too big by building muscle if you are eating the right foods and still keeping your training intense.

            Ab exercises don’t do much for boosting the metabolism….more large muscle targetted exercises and foods will help to boost your metabolism but you still should train the abs. When I train my abs I see a difference…you won’t see the difference until you are lean enough to see them!

            Hope that helps.

  • Jessica says:


    Thank you very much for your reply. Now I’m on my 2nd week of workout. This morning was my second time for my tummy tighter, I was able to finish circuit #1 only. And yesterday I was only able to finished warm up and Circuit #1 for my luscious legs. It seems to be so hard for me to continue circuit #2 and all for all 5 days workout. I hope it’s gonna be alright if I don’t follow exactly the same as you planned.
    And yah, I am currently on Herbalife diet. I wish it’s not gonna be a problem to my workout. I’ve been taking this since years ago.
    Thanks Flavia. I am looking forward to seeing my transformation!! Another 10 weeks to go!!

  • Stephanie Crowe says:

    Hi Flavia,

    I started the FBL workouts this week and i must say they’re awesome! I am physically shaking and feel sick after… so i think i need to add more rest time in between exercises. My only problem is the stability ball, especially doing the jack knife! Can i do that!? uhhh no!! ha ha I look so stupid trying to do it in the gym as well…. Struggled with mountain climber crossover also on the stability ball. Can i do these on TRX? would that have a similar gain?

    Finding the diet good, but i have been eating the same meals each day to keep the cost down, is this OK? Obviously on the non gym days i will keep my carbs to a minimum and only have protein & veggies.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Steph x

    • Flavia says:

      Hey Stephanie. Yes take the time you need and make sure you are properly hydrated before and during the workout. You could also add an electrolyte drink to help you with the shaking and feeling sick. Also try to not eat within a hour or working out…this may also help with the nausea.

      Yes, you can do the TRX for sure. Email the helpdesk for some Stability Ball substitutions:

      Yes, for sure you can eat the same thing each day and you will still need carbs on your off days to help with recovery!

  • Anna says:

    Hi Stephanie! Glad you are liking FBL, it really is a great program! 🙂 Using a TRX will be a great idea until you build up core strength then you can move up to the stability ball. Flavia always recommends safety first.

    That is ok on your diet, Flavia recommends to try and get as much variety as you can so as to not develope food allergies. That sounds great about your diet on non gym days.

  • atousa says:

    hi.i live in can i get your dvds?

    • Flavia says:

      Hey there, the digital you can download from anywhere around the world and the DVDs we do ship across the world as well. Check them out under products.

  • Elsa says:

    Flavia what is the difference between the FBL and the Curvalicious programs? Thank you so much.

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