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Below you will read REAL women’s emails back to me. I read each one to help direct future content so I can make a real difference in these women’s lives.
For every one email, hundreds of others have the same struggles. I want these struggles to be a thing of the past so please read and post your comments below.
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“Hi Flavia.. Thanks for your email!! I just had a baby 10 months ago and lost all my pregnancy weight but i was out of shape before pregnancy. Thank God i had an all belly pregnancy which in itself is a miracle. I thought i would gain weight all over. However i am back to my pre-pregnancy weight which is still overweight. I would ideally like to lose 40lbs over a 6 month period. Its so hard with the baby. Any program i do i would need uninterrupted time and its hard for me to have more than half hr time slots. I see your workout programs need an hour session each over a course of 5 days. Since I’m also a nurse and work 2 to 3 shifts all 12 hrs each in a given week , i could realistically only workout 3 days a week since i would need to give my body a days break in a week. Im not sure what program of yours would work best for me. I ordered your hard copy cookbook and am excited for it. I should also mention i have PCOS which is highly challenging and discouraging so i feel i need to work twice as hard as the average or normal person in both the eating and exercising areas to see results (if any at all!) 🙁 

I would appreciate any input /words of wisdom/ advice. Your testimony is encouraging and you’re inspiring many. God has given you a gift and you’re beautiful! Keep it up and thanks for your time.

God bless you!



Thank you Lisa and congratulations on your new baby! First let me advise you to consult a Naturopathic Doctor to help with the Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and get your hormones balanced naturally.
Secondly, for anyone that doesn’t have an hour for workouts here what you could do with them: FBL and Curvalicious.

  • Drop one set to make the sets 3 instead of 4
  • Cut abs off the beginning for some of the workouts in Curvalicious
  • Cut the smaller muscle groups and rotate (so week one cut out biceps, week two add biceps back in and cut out triceps).
  • Go through the days in order but you don’t need to do them all in one week. What this would look like:

Week One: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3
Week Two: Day 4, Day 5, Day 1 or Cardio
Week Three: Start with the next workout ether Day 1 or 2  and repeat

You can just use the workouts on my blog. I have an entire 12 week series I recently posted that helped me get rid of 17 pounds post-partum. You can find beginner series on here too.
Lastly this is what I would do if I were in your shoes:

  • I would plan my day. Scheduling = freedom. I cannot emphasize this enough. What gets measured gets managed. Manage your time. Plan your day with every detail in mind from brushing your teeth to exercising to eating to playing with the baby.
  • Set a goal. Remembering from last week’s post (Here it is if you didn’t get a chance to read it) Goals must be:

    • Measurable
    • Written down
    • Set for a specific deadline
  • Wake up 15 minutes earlier than usual. There is so much power in this. This alone can move the scale each and every week! The early bird gets the worm. Even with a 6 month baby who doesn’t sleep through the night, I am still able to wake up 30 minutes before he gets up to get ready for the day so I am out the door and working out by 8am.

Getting into a routine is POWERFUL. If you need to change the routine each week because of your nursing shifts, so be it. You know well in advance what shifts you are working so plan ahead.
Make sure to have your meals prepped for the day so you don’t snack, skip meals or eat out. Get your life under YOUR control. You make time for what is important. If you want to lose 40 pounds in 6 months, YOU CAN!
Comments? Questions? Leave them below. Have a marvellous and scripted day!

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  • Beah says:

    Thank you so much for this article Flavia. Your, advice, tips, and motivating energy are greatly helpful! I’m looking forward to tomorrow with this in mind. 🙂

  • Marianna says:

    That is great advice! As a new mom I’m really understanding how scheduling time is super important for doing everything you want/need to do. I am going to try it for the next 2 weeks. Thanks Flavia for the advice on downsizing your workouts to make them a little shorter.

  • Marianna says:

    Also! Why is oatmeal bad? I use a recipe from your website for making a weeks worth of steel cut oatmeal and then I read the: what not to eat list and oatmeal is listed under the all wheat based products. Oatmeal is super easy for me to make and take with me on the way to work. Should I really not eat it if I don’t eat crackers, and other breads? Suggestions for alternatives to oatmeal would be great.
    Thank you!

  • Virginia says:

    Oat bran or better yet wheat bran is better than oatmeal.

  • Marianna says:

    Thank you Virginia! I’ll look up recipes.

  • Anita says:

    All wheat based products, wheat bran, not hearing much of a difference there. Flavia, could you please weigh in, for Marianna?

  • Hi Flavia! Great blog in question answer format. Now, I am thinking how can I adjust or change my daily routine . But I can make some changes definitely in my workout.

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