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Only 3 weeks left!! How are you feeling? Like I said last week, we are changing up the workouts. This week is similar to last weeks with a few changes in the exercises.
We are going through 3 weight training sessions and adding 2 days of cardio in between the weight training to make our week look like this:
Workout Split:
Monday – Workout One
Tuesday – Cardio
Wednesday – Workout Two
Thursday – Off
Friday – Workout Three
Saturday – Cardio
Sunday – Off
Each workout focuses on a different rep, rest and tempo range to accomplish a few things:
Workout one will focus on muscle damage with full recovery. We will do this with heavy loads. Make sure to lift as heavy as possible with proper form and increase the weight used over the next three weeks.
Workout 2 will focus on high reps with short rest period to burn a lot of calories and boost your metabolism. Expect to feel a big burn this phase!
Finally, in workout 3, you will be lifting heavy weights with a slow eccentric component. Eccentric stress creates a lot of muscle damage, which is critical for maximizing muscle growth. We are not trying to look like men; don’t worry, I want to create some sexy calorie-burning muscle only.
We don’t have the testosterone to look like men so push hard and see some amazing results.

We’ll end the final week with a few metabolic style workouts around the holidays to BURN all those extra calories we will be consuming.
Happy training,


Workout 1

Total Body Tension

     Exercise Reps Sets Tempo Rest
A Barbell Back Squat 6-8 3 30×0 2-3min
B Standing Barbell Shoulder Press in Front 6-8 3 30×0 2-3min
C Clean Grip Deadlift on Floor 6-8 3 31×0 2-3min
D Barbell Bench Pres 6-8 3 30×0 2-3min
E  Narrow Supinated (Underhand) Grip Chin Up  6-8  3 30×1 2-3min
F Dips (Torso Upright) 6-8 3 30×0 2-3min
G Standing Barbell Curl 6-8 3 30×0 2-3min


Workout 2

Total Body Stress

     Exercise Reps Sets Tempo Rest
A Leg Press (Feet Narrow & Low) 20* 3 2010 60 sec
B Seated Cable Row (Neutral Grip) 20* 3 2011 60 sec
C Push Ups 20* 3 2011 60 sec
D Low Cable Pull Through 20* 3 2010 60 sec
E  Low Pulley Upright Row with Rope  20*  3 2011 60 sec
F Rope Triceps Pressdown 20* 3 2011 60 sec
G Standing Barbell Curl 20* 3 2010 60 sec

* DROP SET – On your last set of each exercise, do your hard 20 reps, then immediately decrease the weight 10-15% and do another 20 reps to finish that exercise.


Workout 3

Total Body Damage

     Exercise Reps Sets Tempo Rest
A Barbell Front Squat 8-10 3 60×0 90 sec
B Incline DB Press 8-10 3 60×0 90 sec
C Lying Leg Curl 8-10 3 60×0 90 sec
D Wide Pronated (Overhand) Grip Pull Ups 8-10 3 60×0 90 sec
E  Kneeling Overhead Rope French Press  8-10  3 60×0 90 sec
F DB Incline Curl 8-10 3 60×0 90 sec
G Seated 2-Arm Seated 2-Arm DB Lateral Raise 8-10 3 60×0 90 sec


Cardio Workouts:

Cardio Workout #1 : 30-40 minute run as follows:

1 min walk : 1 min run (moderate pace)

2 min walk : 2 min run

3 min walk: 3 min run

4 min walk: 4 min run

3 min walk : 3 min run

2 min walk: 2 min run

1 min walk: 1 min run

= 28 minutes

You can then add one more 10 minute session if you feel that you can starting with 1 min walk: 1 min run

Cardio Workout #2 : 20 minute HIIT

Here we want to do 30-60 seconds of HIGH intensity, followed by 60 seconds of complete rest.

*I actually skipped this workout this week since we were travelling and didn’t have the time to do this workout. BUT, I’d like for you to do this.


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  • rebecca says:

    Is there a home version handy? and is there images included?

  • Virginia says:

    Why haven’t you been doing abs for the past 2 weeks? And is it okay to add a 20 min. Ab workout with the cardio? And also – are you doing the cardio in the morning?

  • Debbie says:

    I’m unable to sprint or run as my achilles tendon is so tender even sometimes walking hurts as the more I sprint the more I suffer. What is another high intensity exercise I could do in it’s place with the same effect

    Thank you.

    • Anna says:

      Hi Debbie,
      You could try running stairs, jump rope, burpees, or squat jumps. If you have access to a gym you could also use the bike or elliptical at a higher level for HIIT training.
      All the best!
      Anna, CPT, FF Specialist

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