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Motivation Monday

Once You See Results

By August 3, 2015June 5th, 20163 Comments

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  • Ben says:

    Totally agree !
    I would also like to mention one :

    SUCCESS occurs when your DREAMS get bigger than your excuses.

    Cheers !

  • rebecca says:

    I see the quote on a scary side, I have hasd friends who were kind, generous, patient, thoughtful but once they begun exercising… they turned into not so kind, not as generous, impatient, and not caring people. It scared the daylights out of me, I look out for my friends and my family. Some people can really let it take over their minds and love the feeling wayyyy too much. Even I keep an eye on my own thoughts of exercising and what and how it makes me feel.

    But on a positive note, I have a saying to add:
    “Reach for the stars and go with the flow for you never know what goals may glow on the next horizon.”

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