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shoulder fly exercise


How To: Stand with both feet together facing the door. Using a cable in a door frame or a cable machine, grip onto the cable handles with each hand. Your arms should be parallel with the floor. Pull the cable out at your sides, keeping them straight out with a slight bend in the elbows. Pull your shoulders down and back throughout the exercise.

Main Muscles: Rhomboids, Trapezius, Latissimus Dorsi.

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  • Sitting all day with patients and sitting while chant in my Buddhist Practice then sitting with my family at dinner and finally sitting at my desk writing- all good for the heart and soul, BUT WHAT AND THE BODY? How Ironic that my fireld is MIND BODY SPIRIT HEALING.. If I don’t take time to stretch my body doing exercise and various forms such as yoga bike riding- I am ALL TALK AND ALL SITTING. That does not work for me and makes my self let alone my work useless. Dr. Caren Kaye

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