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Dumbbell Sit-Up

By June 2, 2015June 3rd, 20154 Comments

lower abdominal exercises

How To: Lie on the mat with knees bent and feet together. Hold a dumbbell in both hands, overhead. Your arms should be straight with a slight bend at the elbow. Contract your core muscles and focus on using them to lift your torso up off the floor. As you come up, bring the dumbbell down slightly to shoulder height and keep there until returning to the start position.

Beginner Version: Use a weight on your feet to help keep them on the floor. Leave dumbbell out then work you way up to a small weight.

Advanced Version: Perform on a decline bench.


       Target Muscle: Rectus Abdominus

Secondary Muscles: Obliques, Quadriceps

Stabilizers: Pectoralis Major, Pectoralis Minor, Deltoid Anterior,  Serratus Anterior, Triceps

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