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Happy Workout Wednesday!

We are continuing our Strengthening Challenge workout series to create a strong, but SEXY body.


As mentioned in last weeks post, it is vital that women, especially as we age, work on strengthening our body.


An intelligent workout design will take into account all the muscles in your body to ensure you are creating balance.


Here is one of the exercises: The Stability Ball Rollout.

If you like this exercise, you’ll love the rest!

Creating Balance In The Body

Incorporating stability muscles, along-side bigger muscle groups, is vital for proper joint, tendon, and opposing muscle strength.

An opposing muscle is better stated as a muscle antagonist. The muscle that you are working is the agonist. The antagonist is in opposition.

In general, each primary muscle group is either a push muscle group or a pull muscle group:

  • Push Muscles – muscles that contract as the weight is pushed away from the body.
  • Pull Muscles – muscles that contract as the weight is pulled toward the body.

Today I have a vertical Push and Pull workout for you to try.

Unfortunately, I was unable to film this workout but by clicking on each exercise below, you can see how to execute the technique properly.  As always, if you have any questions please post them below.

WHO IS READY FOR A CHALLENGE??  Let’s get started!



Warm up 20 reps
Exercise combo one – 3 supersets 12-10-8
Exercise combo two – 3 supersets 15-12-10
Exercise combo three – 3 supersets 15-15-15
Exercise combo four – 3 supersets of Crazy 8’s
Exercise five – Chin up Challenge increase 1 rep each week
Barbell Push Press
#2Straight-Arm Pulldown15-12-10
Leaning Lateral Raise
#3Single-Arm lat Pulldown
Cable Front Raise
#4Decline Triceps Extension8-8-8
EZ Bar Curl
#5Chin-Up Challenge 5-5-5

This particular style of workout comes from my latest program MuscliciousMusclicious is a complete 4 training day to get your body’s metabolism working as hot as a furnace; burning calories ALL DAY LONG.

If you have a desire to take your body, mind and life to the next level and don’t have a problem getting out of your comfort zone, the Musclicious will be your go-to workout for whenever you want to quickly add defined, toned & sexy curves to your body – I PROMISE!



Here are the other workouts in this series:

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