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  toned back exercises


Close-Grip Lat Pulldown

How To: Adjust the cable machine so that it is higher than your standing or kneeling height; at least 2 feet higher. Grip onto cable with both hands in front of you at about eye level. Engage your core and pull your shoulders back. Pull down toward your chest focusing on the muscles in your back.

Main Muscle: Latissimus Dorsi

Secondary Muscles: shoulder girdle, middle and lower back, elbow muscles: all three heads of the biceps, pectoralis minor
(terries minor & major, trapezius (mid & lower), infraspinadis, rhomboids, levator scapulae).

Home Version:

Use a band or cable and place in the top of a door frame. Begin the exercise on your knees, keeping your core tight and your shoulders back. Hold one side of the cable or band in one hand and the other side in the other hand. As you pull down, keep your elbows close to your body and bring your hands down to your chest area. Repeat.


Why do I have to know the particular muscle I am working out?

Good question! Knowing the exact muscle(s) you are working has many benefits.

Many people know what area they are trying to work, such as the shoulders, but do they understand what other muscles are working to support the exercise? Are there secondary muscles that get worked out while performing a certain exercise? You should know and here’s why:

Firstly, knowing each specific muscle you are trying to work will ensure you are engaging the actual muscle at hand. When you focus on the muscle, you can feel if it is being used. It also helps you subconsciously to work the muscle harder and longer.

Secondly, by knowing the muscles you are working, you can be sure to perform the exercise correctly. If you don’t feel the muscle engaging while in the movement of the exercise, you are most likely failing to execute the technique properly OR you may need a heavier weight to make it more challenging. Be sure to look into whether you are using the proper technique first.

Thirdly, it helps you to pair up exercises. If you are planning on making the workout about more than one part of the body, you can look at the secondary muscles utilized in each exercise and pair it with other exercises to enhance your workout.

Questions? Post them below. Thanks for reading.

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