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Lat Pullover (Fitness Tip Tuesday)

By January 27, 20156 Comments

exercise for the back

Lat Pullover

How To: Stand with feet together and core tight. Keeping your arms straight, reach up and grip, over hand, onto the bar. Pull your shoulders down and back. Push down on the bar bringing it toward your thighs. Be sure to focus on your lats. Return to start position and repeat.

Main Muscle: Lats

Muscles Used: Shoulders, Triceps, Abs

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  • Debbies21 says:

    Need a home version

  • Carol says:

    Can you give a home version of your exercises? I don’t have access to a cable system.

    If you can routinely give two versions it would be VERY helpful!

    Thank you.

    • For a home version, you can try a dumbbell pullover laying length-wise on a bench. Make sure you have healthy shoulders and rotators before trying and, if unsure on proper technique, check with a trainer first. Unlike the stiffarm pulldown as Flavia is demonstrating above, the dumbbell pullover has more stress in the stretch position (as opposed to the contracted position). Precise technique is imperative.

      PS…I may be a man, but I love your site, Flavia! 🙂

      • Anna says:

        Thanks James 🙂

        Ladies, what James suggested is a good substitute or you can mimic the same movement with a resistance band instead.
        All the best,
        Anna, CPT, FF Specialist

  • Christine says:

    I want to know where Flavia got her pants from , the picture. She uses those quiet often.Thanks

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