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Motivation Monday

Fitness is About Beating The Old You (Motivation Monday)

By September 15, 20144 Comments

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Fitness isn’t about being better than someone else… It’s about being better than you used to be. 

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  • Marie says:

    Sounds like we had the same kind of weekend, I worked at the barn and in my yard so I skipped the gym. I also had bread this weekend. I never eat it anymore but had a craving for it so I had it with real butter (small amount of course) on toast. It tasted so good. I even had a doughnut which I never do. This morning I am having my protein shake and planning my workout for later today. You are right, sometimes you have to let go and enjoy a little and then you can get right back on track.

  • Emily says:

    Honestly ~ we follow the command to work 6 days a week and REST on the 7th. So this 7th day is also the day I may indulge; I make bread (challah) for this day, ocassionally drink wine and or beer, make & eat desserts, etc.
    Amazingly as our family grows and I age, I actually have lots more energy than years ago. BUT this rest day is vital. I prepare all our meals the day before so my work is minimal. No workouts, no laundry, no washing dishes, although there are days when we will take a hike as a family however we don’t overdo it. And we also soak in the Living Word, watch movies, just hang out together. This is restoration from the work week. Becasue as you know, with a family this large (currently 10) you know we WORK the other 6 days.

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