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Workout Wednesday – 15 Exercises for Jiggle-Free Arms

By January 1, 2014June 10th, 20165 Comments


15 Exercises for Jiggle-Free Arms

Front Raise

Triceps Kickback

Alternating T Push-Up

Triceps Extension

Step Walkover

Seated Cable Row

Shoulder Press

Hammer Curl

Reverse Bench Dip

Stability Call Cobra

Superman Extension

Triceps Pressdown

Two Handed Kettlebell Swing

Renegade Row

Reverse Push-Up

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  • clare lawman says:

    Hi can I have your advice on something please? As a teenagerl I did a lot of shot putt, for my schools team and I also trained in a club, as a result of this I’ve always had a more defined muscular right bicep/arm, when I have used weight training in the past I seem to increase my right bicep and nothing really much changes to my left. I’m planning on starting weight training this year and was wondered if I should just work out only my left biceps with weights and not use weight on my right untill I see an improvement in my left arm? What do you think?
    Many thanks for you time


    • Anna says:

      Hi Clare,
      You should still work both arms equally but follow the weak side rule. Meaning, always start with your weaker/smaller arm and perform however many reps with however much weight you can do with that arm then do the same thing for the other arm even if you could do much more with the stronger arm. Hope that helps 🙂
      All the best!
      Anna, CPT, FF Specialist

  • Wonderful arm toning exercise. Thanks for sharing this 🙂

  • Testo Zilla says:

    Great exercises, they will definitely bring the most elastic arms you ever dreamed of !
    Waiting for more tips like this !

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