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Motivation Monday

Motivation Monday For Women

By June 10, 201311 Comments


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Success is the sum off small efforts. Repeated day in and day out.


I had a fabulous weekend and I hope the same for you!

Friday Night – After a week of eating really healthy and juicing, Vince and I had our treat dinner date night. We ordered out (made it to the restaurant but headed home with the food instead of sitting down. I think we are getting ready for baby :)), had pizza and salad from our favourite spot and watched a movie.

Saturday – I headed to a baby shower where my friend got spoiled with all sorts of fabulous gifts. That night we stayed at my inlaws, had dinner and hung out together with our new little nephew. Again we ordered out;  pretty healthy and no dessert 🙂

SundayMY BABY SHOWER! Over 30 women came to bless baby Del Monte. It was such a great time. I was so tired after getting home that I put all the gifts in the closet and went to bed, sleeping 10 hours. I wish I had the pics to show you…they will be on FaceBook later this week. THANKS AGAIN EVERY ONE WHO CAME AND SPOILED ME!

*Thank you Amy and Rosetta for throwing me the best shower EVER! One more Dragos shower to go – after the baby is born 🙂

I had a lot of food this weekend. I don’t think Vince and I needed our treat night knowing how much food we would likely have. I ate healthy Saturday and most of Sunday! Had my baby shower cake, of course. My sister and mother-in-law had really healthy foods, fabulous cheeses and sugar-free drinks at my shower – MY STYLE!

I actually woke up super hungry this morning and detoxed my body with a veggie drink. Vince is juicing for us every morning and I love it. So many vitamins and minerals in one cup of juice. He is getting really good at making them tasty too!

How was your weekend? Any battles won or lost?

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  • kristin says:

    can you share your juicing ingredients?

  • LJ says:

    Yes, and what kind of sugar free drinks? 🙂

  • Lagan says:

    Hi Flavia! I’ve really enjoyed reading through all of your pregnancy blogs. .. there’s something so personal and beautiful about pregnancy that your workouts have come so much more to life for me even though I followed curvalicious before. .. and sure enough I just found out recently that I’m expecting my first as well ( fingers crossed, still early days)… I’m not feeling too badly so far so although I’ve toned down my workout I’m still doing quite a bit of it… using some of your exercises to substitute the ones I can’t do anymore. .. but i plan to switch over to your workouts in my second trimester. .. Just one qn, have you been having biotrust protein throughout your pregnancy? I’ve stopped having any powder proteins since I found out, just wanted to know what you thought. .. Thanks so much for everything! ! You’re really an inspiration! Xx

  • King Hansen says:

    Thank you for having this blog, sharing your workout routine and your active dairy. You’re a definitely MOTIVATION!!! Xxx

  • King Hansen says:

    Oop! my bad! It was meant to be ” daily” 🙂

  • Jennifer says:

    Hi Flavia,

    I thought this was a great quote, it definitely speaks the truth! This must be such an exciting time for you and your husband and you still continue to share workouts, receipes, etc. to everyone! I consider that to be motivation, and I only hope to have the amount of motivation and positivity that you have when I start to have a family!


  • Loni says:

    I really do enjoy your Motivation Monday quotes. This one is a great reminder that we sometimes overwhelm ourselves with what seems to be huge goals and all we really need to focus on are the small changes we make for the better.
    My You had a fun and busy weekend!
    This was my weekend:
    Friday: I worked out doing Full-Body-Licious’ Beautiful Backside and went for a jog with my dog in the afternoon. My dinner was relatively healthy except for the low fat frozen yogurt I ate (chock full of chemicals and artificial junk).
    Saturday: I fasted and decided to do Sleek Shapely Shoulders workout from your Full-Body-Licious and 20min. of HIIT around my neighborhood (I’ve been eating higher carb grams than usual all week and wanted to deplete the glycogen). In the evening I broke my fast with a very low carb paleo style meal.
    Sunday: Rested from regular workouts–still had to bicycle to work which takes about 25 min. one way. After work I bicycled home and cooked dinner with my husband, luckily we both wanted “breakfast food” for dinner so we made omelets using whole eggs, cheddar cheese, saute’d onion, basil and topped with tomato chunks and avocado slices. 🙂

  • Thanks, Motivation Monday is a great start to the week.Very inspiring. What puts it all together is continous personal growth and development, always learning, always growing, always doing something new – going places you have never been before, doing things you have never done before. I do think that success is progressive!!!

  • Flavia says:

    Thanks so much ladies. Great to hear about your weekends 🙂

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