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Motivation Monday

Motivation Monday – Don’t Look Back

By May 13, 2013April 16th, 20149 Comments

Workout's for Women

Don’t look back your not going that way. 

Happy Monday!

Ontario weather is crazy! We actually have the heat on since last night. Looks like I can turn it off in a couple hours but, really? It’s May!


How was your weekend? Mine was pretty good. I was super busy with creating my baby registry, celebrating two friend’s birthdays, and Mother’s Day. I really want to crawl back in bed this morning 🙂


I had my little sister and her friend over this weekend. We had some treats Saturday night while watching a movie. Something I NEVER eat…potato chips! I only had a handful and I didn’t have my “treat” dinner this weekend, so I justified it….lol.

Being so busy, I think I actually had 3 BioTrust Protein Bars, that are rather healthy, but I had 2 in one day in place of whole food meals, which isn’t ideal.

Fatigue – oh boy! I was super tired this weekend. I stayed up past my normal bedtime (10pm, 11 on weekends) and still woke up at 6 am. I didn’t have time for naps this weekend either. Being pregnant is so crazy. If I don’t go to bed before midnight, the next day I actually feel like I’m hungover.

My poor husband can’t even turn on the tv after I go to bed cause I am such a light sleeper. He has read a lot of books in the last 6 months 🙂


– Go to bed 🙂  I get a little bummed out that I can’t stay up late anymore. I feel like I am such a bore these days. There will come a time when I will long for sleep, however, so I should embrace this time – I KNOW THIS!

– Prepare! I keep repeating myself with this. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail! I can’t expect to eat well when I have no food pulled out of my freezer and no meat pre-cooked for me to grab in a hurry.

What about you? What did you struggle with and what successes did you experience?

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  • Lori says:

    My Mom made Home-made donuts for the Mother’s Day Event. These are very simular to Krispie Kreme donuts. Freshly fried with home-made icing. Well, no one can walk away from these things!! I only ate the holes and not the entire donut….but I had several holes. Saturday before I just exercised more. I can still feel my abs and legs today. So, I know I hit them hard. Just have to get back on track today. Sometimes you just have to let go and enjoy.

  • Stefanie says:

    Hey Flavia!
    I am pregnant too and I love your workouts! Perfect timing for me. I am 9 weeks on Wednesday. I am right there with you on the need for sleep and being a light sleeper. I have realized that I need to bring more healthy snacks to work. Today I had two pieces of candy because that is all there was and I was starving! Any tips on un-refridgerated snacks that won’t put me on calorie overload?
    ALSO, I heard that pregnancy is one of the only times you can actually gain fat cells and I am trying to eat a low fat diet (which I am not used to. Normally I eat nut butters, nuts, avocados, olive oils, grass fed beef…..) because I don’t want to go overboard on fat. Any thoughts on this? Thanks and so excited for you and Vince.

    • Flavia says:

      Hey Stefanie, look through the recipes on the blog. Alternatively, I do have a pregnancy program coming out June 24th that can help with snacks, nutrition, recipes and more. Congratulations!

  • raven says:

    Way to go Flavia, welcome to motherhood, its the bom, fun as the time goes by, keep motivating me, I thank god every day there are still some people who are loving out there

  • Wendy says:

    I had planned ti work out both Saturday and Sunday. Well it didn’t happen that way. I worked out hard on Saturday but on Sunday I didn’t work out and like Lori I ate some homemade pastries. Well, what the heck, we just have to move on. Regarding your fatigue, I know exactly what you’re talking about. I worked throughout both of my pregnancies and there were days that I would come home and wouldn’t even make it to bed. I would fall asleep as soon as I would sit on my couch. The good thing is that it’s all temporary and how sweet of Vince to keep it quiet 🙂 just embrace the moment, you will look back to these days as some of your best experiences.

  • Ulia says:

    Flavia, I have been using flavilisious and curvalisious programs for almost 3 years now , I improved my shapes dramatically , thank you much for this , the one thing that really bother me it that I still have cellulite. What else can I do ? Help please . Ulia

  • Catherine says:

    Hey Flavia,
    I had a little giggle to myself as I read your post. Being a mom to two charming boys I hear you loud and clear. A handful of chips…. Not the end of the world:). I know it’s a fine line between falling right off the wagon and cutting your pregnant self some slack. The light sleeping or lack of sleep period is just training for what’s to come 🙂 I know lots of moms who haven’t slept through the night in …. years. Lol just know that you are AMAZING! And your fitness level is light years ahead of the vast majority headed into motherhood. Same with how you and Vince approach nutrition. Your little one already has a wicked advantage with the nutrition being used to grow them! So my dear, as a busy mom there are a few things I use to help me out when I’ve been running all day and … Crap it’s dinner time, what the heck am I going to feed everyone. Frozen shrimp (life saver), you can throw those bad boys right in the pan frozen (I know not ideal but better than take out) or rinse under tepped water. Also our Costco here has started carrying big bags of frozen stir fry veg that is pretty good quality. Again not as good as fresh but, pull it out and your ready to go. Sometimes omelettes are a fast fix. We got rid of our microwave 4-5 years ago and I found that if you need a fast thaw on meat (not big cuts like a roast but chicken breasts or chops, fillets, you get the picture) put them in the sink (if there in a freezer bag or vacuum sealed) with some warm water and they thaw in about 1/2 hour. I only do that in a pinch. I also have organic soup broth on hand most of the time and recently discovered a quick fix. Heat the soup broth, throw in a frozen fish fillet. The fish cooks fairly quick and then I throw in whatever veg I got kicking around in the fridge. Chinese cabbage thinly sliced with green onion and curry and hot pepper flakes is tasty. You can spice it how you like and it’s delicious and healthy. So hopefully there’s a few tricks to help in a pinch. I truly appreciate you and Vince. You guys have changed my life! Can’t wait to see how the Delmonte story unfolds.

  • Flavia says:

    Thanks for your comments ladies!!

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