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You’re Body Keeps an accurate journal regardless of what you write down. Although it is very important to write down your food intake daily and take measurements weekly. This is the ONLY sure way to succeed.

Even being pregnant, I still keep a food journal and weigh myself weekly. If I gained more than a pound, I can look back to see what I had in excess and ensure that won’t continue.

In what ways has keeping a food journal helped you in the past?

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  • rj says:

    Its your not you’re!

  • Shelita says:

    This is so true! Before I was keeping a journal, I thought I was doing really well with my eating but I still wasn’t seeing results. I finally decided to keep one consistently and I realized that I was eating way too many calories… I began to lose the weight consistently down 80 pounds! Thanks so much for your hard work and dedication, I appreciate all you do!

  • morphing says:

    Yeah, it’s ok, I figure that the reason I know it’s “your” not “you’re” is because I’ve spent all my life reading on the couch instead of working out at the gym. Sure, it grates on me when the site ends every other word with “-licious” and works the sexual imagery so desperately hard, but why would I have signed up for this if I didn’t want a little more liscious in my life? I question the use of the word “research” mixed in with the typos and the gym bunny imagery because I think you dampen your credibility when you try to make us believe that the woman in those pictures spent the last 10 years soaking up medical studies and discerning adequate clinical research techniques from the hoo-ha she hears around the treadmill between burpees. i’m hoping she has a fat, pasty pal to do the research and help with the proofing. If not, I’ll support you 100% in beating all expectations – let’s all be Liscious AND Learned! Time for ME to hit the gym!

    • Catherine says:

      Wow… Someone is having a bad day. If I had a body like Flavia’s, I’d be taking pictures too. Truth is, it takes A LOT of hard work, smart training, and excellent nutrition to get into that condition or we’d all be walking around looking that gorgeous. Also Flavia was a nurse before embarking on a fitness career so ya, she has spent a lot of time educating herself. She’s also studied and trained under some of the best fitness and nutrtion people out there. So there is a few typos, so what?! She is a busy lady who still finds time to dedicate to her website. All this suggests is maybe she needs to proof read a little more carefully. But honestly she’s writing on here all the time to pass on good solid info and heart felt inspiration. I wouldn’t have time for that. How easy to be critical of those actually doing something. Where’s your website? Where’s your magazine cover? Where’s your fitness programs? … Just sayin And really would you give a program called “holy cow this is going to kick your ass” a second look?

      • morphing says:

        Yes, Catherine, you’re absolutely right, it was a Monday morning snarl of resistance that got the better of me this morning – apologies to everyone. No one on your end needs defending, I was venting in the wrong space at the wrong time. I couldn’t lift my own butt into a side plank with an industrial winch, but put a grammatical error down for me to sink my fangs into, and I’m back on home turf.

        Just let me get through this first stage of hating, hating, hating and I’ll be much better company. Thanks.

      • Heather says:

        Well put Catherine.

  • Katharina says:

    Hi Flavia, congratulations on your pregnancy! I wonder how many Calories you eat a day? What exercises can you do during the pregnancy? Would be great if you could do an extra video with that topic. Greetings from germany!

    • Flavia says:

      Thanks Katharina, I will be filming some pregnancy workouts next month. Calories should increase by 300 a day.

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