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Workouts for Women

*you can do this as a circuit moving from one exercise to the next or you can do each exercise for 4 sets before moving on the next exercise.


Sets: 3, Rest for 60 seconds between circuits.

Single Leg Standing Weighted Calf Raise:  x8 per leg

Squating Calf Raise:  x20

Seated Calf Raise:  x 12

Single Leg Calf Jump:  x20

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  • Michael says:

    Hey Flavia, my girlfriend has Curvalicious, really loves all your programs. I help her with her training, but to be honest we’ve skipped doing the calf exercises because we have a home gym, and the weights are far too light. She says she can keep going forever! The weights she needs for calves are too heavy to hold or pick up. We don’t have a smith machine or squat rack… which would obviously be great, but not something we’d want to buy. Any advice? Thanks! Michael

    • Anna says:

      Hi Michael,
      Make sure she isn’t just moving the weight but that she’s thinking about squeezing her calves and using her calf muscle to extend her ankle and push up onto her big toe. When she thinks she has gone high enough, go 2 inches higher. Get a 3 – 4 second negative then at the bottom of the movement contract the tibialis (front of her leg) then think about initiating the movement with the calf muscle again. She can even stand with her heels hanging off of a step so she can get greater range of motion.

    • Flavia says:

      I agree with Anna, and doing explosive movements such as jumps will also help stimulate the calves as they are made up of fast-twitch muscle fibers that respond to heave and explosive movements!

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