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  • Liz says:

    Hi Flavia!

    Thanks so much for the info. Is there anyway you can show us a meal plan that shows exactly what you might eat in a given day rather than in this format of grams of protein and carbs? I’m not a very technical person so when I have to figure out a meal plan in this format I end up just not doing it! Lol. I know that sounds so lazy but the easier I have things laid out the more success I have.

    Thanks for all your info and words of inspiration! I look forward to your emails every day!!!

  • Steffy says:

    Hi Flavia,

    I found the chart a little confusing. So, if you work out in the evening, you only get one serving of carbs being 83g and if you work out in the morning… you have carbs twice? After work out and in the evening?

    • Bevie says:

      If you look at the above meal plan, you get 53g carbs twice per day whether you workout in the morning or evening.
      Say you you workout in the evening, then you get 53g of carbs for meal 2 and 53g of carbs meal 5 after your workout.
      Basicly, if you workout in the morning then have carbs for meals 2 & 4 and if you workout in the evening have carbs for meals 2 & 5.

      Hope that helps 😉

  • Linda says:

    Thanks!! Is there a specific reason why there is only one carb meal when your workout is in the evening??

    Great post!

  • Rebecca says:

    Does this meal plan also work for losing weight?

  • Jenn says:

    Hi, Flavia!

    This chart also confuses me. A step-by-step with specific foods and measurements would be great! Some of us are busy moms and having it succinctly spelled out would help us to follow it with ease.

    Keep up the great posts!

    • Paula Pogue says:

      Thank you, Flavia, but I too feel it is a bit difficult to figure out. Perhaps an example of a menu for the day along with this would be helpful.

  • Janine Tremble says:

    I’m with the other posters–an example of exactly what you eat to fulfill the right amount of protein/carbs/ and fats would be awesome!

  • Suzanne says:

    Yes!!! Please provide specific foods. I want to eat healthier and an exact list of foods would be really helpful.

  • raven thorne says:

    flavia I work out early on morning have an 8 year old son. I only drink water before currently at university where I am studying . What would your recommendation be ?, as when you are studying your whole workout schedule goes helter skelter in terms of time.

    • Flavia says:

      Good question. You will love the recipes I am working with that will help you prepare quick and healthy meals. I would recommend you take one day a week to prep your foods for the week. This is a fail-proof plan. You can have everything you need to whip something up really quick when pressed for time.

  • Karen says:

    Please explain why the difference between #of grams of fat and carbs from working out in the morning and # of grams of fat and carbs from working out in the evening along with the timings of the carbs and fats. I always thought there should always be a carb and a protein at each meal.


    • Flavia says:

      Hey Karen,

      Check out Anna’s links to post that explain why I have them split up the way I do! If you have any other questions, please ask.

  • Diana says:

    This will help so much! Thank you Flavia

  • Michelle says:

    Thanks Flavia this is awesome! 🙂

  • Clare says:

    I agree please provide specific foods. I want to also eat healthier and as a vegetarian an exact list of foods would be really helpful. I have been struggling for years with regards to what is good what is not good I can’t seem to get a straight answer. I feel like giving up ! Plus I am in the UK so I don’t seem to have the same food available in the uk like you have in the USA

    Any help would be appreciated


  • TJ says:

    Thanks Flavia, I have printed this off. I found it easy to follow but that is perhaps because I have your Curvalicious program and you explain this in detail in the Nutrition guide there. 🙂

  • Rena says:

    This is a great guide Flavia. After purchasing Curvalicious, I can now understand the reasoning behind this way of eating and combining macronutrients. I love that Curvalicious includes all the information needed to create my own personalised meal plan and lays it out in a simple, no fuss, easy to follow guide with a list of approved foods. All this plus a kick-butt workout and I’ve got everything I need to succeed. For those who want to see a sample plan, I think Flavia is on the case? 😉

  • Amy says:

    I am also confused because I thought you were always supposed to eat your carbs in your post – workout meal. And I usually workout in the evenings. But according to your chart….there are no carbs in the post-workout meal??? You look amazing so you obviously know what you are talking about but sometimes it helps me to know WHY you do things a certain way especially if it goes against what I have previously been taught.

    • Flavia says:

      Hey Amy. For FBL I have my ladies eating carbs only post-workout which really helps in fat loss. This meal plan also helps in fat loss but isn’t as tough for some and you still lose weight and are able to add muscle this way!

      Check out the links Anna gives for the reasoning behind these ways of eating. For sure there are reasoning behind the madness 🙂 Thanks for great question!

  • Joanne says:

    I think the chart has a mistake. The last meal after the evening workout should be P+C+V – each day normally ends with a P+F+V but not when it’s the meal after a workout. Each day should only have 2 P+F+V meals and 2 P+C+V meals I believe. If I’m wrong let me know because I need to adjust my eating plan 🙂


  • sharon says:

    This has me totally confused. How many meals in a day? I am very busy mum of two small ones and run my own business so would love to have a clear meal plan. Flavia i do have your curvalicious work outs but am still trying to work out the food bit. I had stopped eating carbs for a while but know that is quite ageing so please please do provide a clear succint plan for health and anti-ageing!

    btw i love the sweet potato/black bean/chipolote mix – delicious!


    • Flavia says:

      Hey Sharon, I do recommend 5 meals but that isn’t practical for everyone. You will love what I am working on currently. It’s Super healthy and Super quick meals…coming out soon as a holiday gift for my readers!!!!

  • Liz says:

    I have curvalicious too but I still think it would be easier if the meal plans were a little more detailed. I have another workout guide from someone else and he gives you EXACTLY what to eat (right down to how many almonds in a sitting) but it’s more for people who need to lose weight. I don’t need to lose weight. I just need to eat properly.

  • Krystal says:

    83g of healthy carbs in one meal? What do you consume to reach this amount?

  • Flavia says:

    That 83 grams is supposed to be 53. That is a typo AND Meal 5 for evening workout should be Protein plus Carbs – I will get this fixed and RE-POST

  • Anna says:

    Hey Ladies check out this article where Flavia states the exact foods and amount she was eating in prep for her photoshoot: Have a read through the comments, she drops some great info in there as well.

    Here are some more articles with exact foods to eat:

    If y’all want a detailed, done for you meal plan, y’all can purchase Flavia’s awesome program Skinnylicious! 🙂

  • Liz says:

    Thanks Anna. That’s a little more helpful. Pretty extreme since she was going for her photoshoot, though! Definitely no photoshoots in my future LOL! I truly can’t imagine eating ground beef for breakfast and then a few hours later having chicken – all before noon!

    I’m not sure if I heard of Karine Losier from Flavia or through Belinda Benn but she has a great meal plan called Metabolic Cooking that gives you a meal plan and recipes. She also has great information through her weekly emails. I think I might go back to that plan! (always looking for a shortcut!!) Thanks everyone for all of the info!!!

    • Anna G says:

      Your welcome Liz 🙂 I used to think the same thing about eating ground beef for breakfast then chicken in a few hours. I just did it anyway cause Flavia and Vince told me to, within a week I got used to it and now I do it everyday and love it!

  • Debbies21 says:

    Even though I get what your doing, I like the others need a visual. Now I know that if you list specific things someone will immediately ask about a substitution. We drive ourselves crazy.

    What do you think about vegetarian plans? I know youll get all kinds of comments. I recently did a 10 day whole food cleanse. The point was to try to eliminate caffeine, sugar, alcohol, dairy and wheat. And while it wasn’t particularly hard for me since I don’t drunk coffee, eat things out of a box and only drink at holidays/birthdays etc. But I was so surprised at the results even though I already eat most of the things on the meal plan kale, quinoa, sweet potatos, I was surprised that I gained 4 lbs and got very soft looking.

    Is this because I ate more carbs than I was used to eating. A breakfast was a cup of quinoa (cooked) 1/2 apple, tsp of coconut oil, some almond milk, dash of cinnamon, handful of chopped pecans and a splash of grade b maple syrup. It was delish but I think it was too much carbs for me.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated. Also can you change the way you absorb/handle carbs. When I was younger 20s u could eat a bagel with lox for breakfast and not be hungry till almost dinner or a 1/2 serving of fettuccine Alfredo without gaining an ounce.

    I know I asked alot but any opinions would be appreciated. Thanks for all you do for your girls

    • Anna says:

      Hi Debbie!
      Just my opinion, if you were eating as Flavia recommends that does seem like more carbs than usual. Also it seems like you didn’t have much protein for breakfast and you combined carbs and fat which is not recommended. Don’t worry about it though, once you start back eating like Flavia recommends and weight training you will be back to tight and toned 🙂

      I don’t know if age has anything to do with it but before I started eating healthy I would eat just a pop tart for breakfast then would be fine until dinner. Now that I have been eating healthy for 3 years if I don’t eat every 2 – 3 hours I become very hungry. I think it has to do with changing our habits more than age.

    • Flavia says:

      Hey Debbie, it could mean that aren’t drinking enough water and are therefore holding it or it could be the carbs. You can add a few pounds of water weight in a day just by eating carbs if you aren’t used to them.

      Vegetarian eating is not my best topic. I am working with someone right now to help me come up with vegetarian meal planning to help you ladies that don’t eat meat!

      I think the change occurs with our level of physical activity. When we are younger, we certainly are more active and therefore can consume a lot more carbs.

      There are two things that can help:
      1. Add muscle. I am able to eat a lot more carbs now than in my early 20’s by adding muscle to burn calories
      2. Lepti-burn – it’s a new supplement that can help your body use carbs the right way. I am sending out an email about this on the weekend coming up…just waiting for all the articles to be put in place…really great supplement that I started using 2 months ago! Keep a look out for that email!

  • Amy says:

    Thanks for this great information Flavia! One question though about the pre-workout meal. What is your reason behind eating only protein here with no carbs?

    • Anna says:

      Flavia states that the reason we don’t eat carbs before a workout is because carbs release seratonin which can make you sleepy so you will have an energy crash during your workout. Carbs also release insulin and when insulin is present growth hormone is not. We don’t eat carbs before our workout to maximize GH which in turn will increase fat loss.

      • Rena says:

        Hi Amy & Anna,

        I must say that following Flavia’s eating plan I am not hungry at all and don’t feel any loss of energy all day. I gotta’ say, it’s great to find something that works and I’ve noticed a difference in my body composition in only a week. And I am eating so much!

        All the best!

  • Flavia says:

    Make sure you read tomorrows post. There will be a meal plan with REAL FOODS in it to help you all. Let me know if there are any further questions after tomorrows post!


  • Jessica says:

    Hey Flavia, this is something that may help you with helping people that are vegan and still want to be fit. I ran across this on my FB Vegan Muscle and Fitness is the name on FB, and the website is Thank you for all your help to all of us. You look amazing!!! GOD bless:)

  • Lea Ann says:

    on the veggie portion in Curvalicious is it the “serving size” listed one serving or two?
    Did not know since it said to have two servings with every meal.

  • Anna says:

    Serving size is one serving, so you would have two servings per meal. 🙂

  • Rhona says:

    Hey Flavia,

    Really hoping you can help me understand something! So from all the reading I’ve done I believed that we should be eating ‘brown carbs’ e.g. brown rice/bread as it was higher in fibre & lower in sugar than the ‘white version’.

    When I actually compared the nutritional value on the back of the packets this was not the case. I compared my usual brown bread with quinoa to a loaf of white ‘high fibre’ bread & the white loaf had less sugar/fat/carbs than the brown. I also compared brown rice to white basmati and although the brown had more fibre & protein it had a lot more fat & carbs than the white. Can you please tell me if we should still be buying these so called ‘healthier’ versions or have the manufacturers of the white products made them better for us? HELP!


  • emily says:

    i wonder if you really weigh the food you eat,, like for example, 28g of protein, do you still have to take a mini weighing scale?



    • Anna says:

      Once you have been measuring your food for a while it becomes pretty easy to just eyeball it but because what gets measured gets managed I still like to measure out all my food and know for certain what I am eating. 🙂
      All the best!
      Anna, CPT, FF Specialist

  • Misty Jensen says:

    Hi I bought the FBL program and the Skinnylicious meal plans. I’m just curious what times u eat your meals. I work from home arounds kids and 3 days a week I go to the gym at 5pm and the other days I work out in the mornings, and i can do it anytime in the mornings on thise days. I’m trying to figure out when I need to eat all the meals especially when I have to be at the gym from 5-6pm and don’t get home till about 6:30 to start dinner. Love to hear what you suggest. Thanks!

    • Anna says:

      Hi Misty,
      You should be consuming a meal every 2 – 4 hours. Your post workout meal is the most important meal of the day. You should try to consume protein + carbs within an hour of your workout. A protein shake with some fruit, oatmeal, or rice is a great quick and easy post workout meal!
      Let me know if you need any further help.
      All the best!
      Anna, CPT, FF Specialist

      • Misty Jensen says:

        Ok so if I have my first meal about 8am, my second at noonish, my pre-workout meal about 3 then workout at 5. I will do my protein shake at 6 then have dinner by 7. Is that right? Dinner isn’t too late is it?
        Thanks soo much I’m very detailed and need to have it clear and laid out in my mind.
        Now I need to figure out the morning workout schedule 😉

  • martha cheng says:

    where can I get a similar plan for a male friend?

  • Darra says:

    When do I use the curve phase and when do I use the cut phase? I want to begin this program but am unsure of the correct micronutrient breakdown.

    • Anna says:

      Hey Darra,
      Have a read through the Curvalicious nutrition guide again, Flavia tells you exactly when to do the curve/cut phase and what your macronutrients should be. In the Fab 5 Supplement guide she tell you what supplements you should take as well.
      All the best!
      Anna, CPT, FF Specialist

  • Joanna says:

    I love the breakdown you gave us for the amount of proteins, fats, carbs that we should eat at certain times depending on workout. I
    Just recently started with a personal trainer and my workout is midday. Can you give me the breakdown for that and some examples of foods you eat? Thank you so much for your time!

  • Gracie says:

    Hi Flavia! Do you still eat like this?

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