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Fitness Tip Tuesday – 30 Minute At-Home Workout

By September 25, 2012April 16th, 201412 Comments

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Shout out to all those women working out at home. Here is a short workout I did in the hotel gym here in North Carolina. I followed this workout with twenty minutes of uphill sprints.

Here is your workout this week:

Warm up with jumping jacks or skipping rope for 5-10 minutes. This workout is meant to be short and intense. We will be lifting light weights and moving from exercise to exercise without rest. Rest one minute between sets and when moving onto the second circuit.

Circuit One:

Weighted Split Squat  x 15/leg
Push up  x failure
Lateral Shoulder Raise  x 20 
Dumbbell Bicep Curl  x 15

Repeat for a total of 4 sets

Circuit Two:

Chin Up  x failure
Single-arm Dumbbell Row  x 15/side
Triceps Dip (off bench if you don’t have a dip bar)  x failure
Single-leg Squat  x 15/leg
Crunch or leg raise (abs)  x 20

Repeat for a total of 4 sets


For another great full-body workout see Fat-Burning Workout For Women

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  • Susan says:

    Short and sweet but packs a punch! Thanks, Flavia!

  • Amy says:

    Another great workout!!! Are the single leg squats weighted or just body weight?

  • Sarah says:

    Whatis a good substitute if you don’t have a bar for the chin-ups?

  • shirl says:

    Where is a demo of a single leg squat? thanks.

  • elizabeth says:

    Hi Flavia,

    I think your amazing, and I have purchased every one of your programs. I have been following you and Vince forever!!!!! I recently found out that I am two months pregnant. My question to you is , do you have any tips on how I can do my workouts now that I am pregnant?
    And can I still do cardio?
    Thanks so much,

  • Andrea Amado says:

    Hi Flavia, I just have a quick question. I am a pretty thin person, with most (if not all) fat concentrated around my midsection. I have a really hard time getting rid of my belly fat and have tried really cutting back on fat consumption but I just notice the rest of my body suffers from that and I just look very thin overall. how can i target burning fat just around my abdomen without compromising the rest of my body?

    • Flavia says:

      Hey Andrea, you can’t target any area in your body for fat loss. Your body loses fat all over starting and ending where it see fit…that really sucks I know…but for the abs you have to make sure you are eating clean nutritious foods and working out of course. You will see that area slim down as you get leaner. The more intense the workouts, the better for fat loss.

  • Anna says:

    Hi Andrea,
    Unfortunately you cannot spot reduce fat. Fat is simply stored energy that has to be burned off. Dietary fats (the right kinds) do not make you fat! Check out this blog post :

    Adding some muscle to your physique will be great to add curves in all the right places and make you burn more calories around the clock!

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