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Workout Wednesday: LEG TONING

By September 5, 201238 Comments
exercises for women

Sept 4, 2012 Goal – tighten up midsection and lose 3 pounds of fat to show more muscle definition. Deadline: Sept 20


It is always a great idea to take pictures of yourself when setting a new goal. It is equally important to continue to take pictures as you progress as sometimes the scale doesn’t always lead you to the same results that you can see in a picture.

This is me after a summer of lots of wine, parties and vacation. Of course I had an approach to keep me from straying too far away from looking my best. I chose really healthy foods for 90% of the summer and for the other 10%, I enjoyed! I never ate deep fried food – that is an abdominal killer – and I opted out of dessert most days.

I was surprised how well my body kept up as I took quite a few weeks off of the gym while on vacation. I still worked out, but this summer was the most time I have taken off weight training in years.

I know one thing for sure, muscle really helps you stay lean! If I didn’t have a good muscle base, my body would have packed on a lot more fat this summer!

Now it’s time to get really lean for Mr. Olympia in Las Vegas where Vince and I are watching our good friend Ben Pakman Pakulski (the underdog) compete for top 3! We are throwing a pool party at Encore where the hottest bodies will be, and I have to represent Flavilicious Fitness well.


Here is my FAT BURNING Workout  from yesterday on Quads and Calves. Keep everything light weight, rest periods very short, no rest between exercises and ONLY 40 seconds between sets and combos. Goal here is to fatigue the legs and keep your heart rate really high! I did the whole workout in 38 minutes. If you are a beginner – intermediate, do only 2-3 sets.



Combo One:

Weighted Walking Lunges                 20/leg
ss (superset)
Bodyweight Step-ups (very high)        10

Rest: 40 seconds     Sets: 4


Combo Two:

Seated Leg Curl                                12                     HOME: Sissy Squat
Weighted Squat Jump                       15    
Squat with Lateral Side Raise            12/leg             

Rest: 40 seconds     Sets: 4


Combo Three:

Front Squat                                        15
Leg Press                                           20                  HOME: Frog Jump off floor
Bodyweight Split Squat                       12/leg

Rest: 40 seconds     Sets: 4



Combo One:

Leg Press Calf Raise (heavy)               12                   HOME: Sqautting Calve Raise
Standing Calf Raise (barbell)                10                   HOME: dumbbells in hand

Rest: 45 seconds     Sets: 4


Finish off with:

Seated Calf Raise (light)                      25

Rest: 30 seconds     Sets: 4 

weight loss for womenworkouts for women


Want to pair this workout with some HIIT? Here is a video with my early morning cardio routine: Best Cardio Workout To Lose Fat 

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  • Anna says:

    Awesome workout, thanks Flavia! You look great! Thanks for sharing your photos and goals, rock that pool party girlfriend! 🙂

  • Rabia AbdusShaheed says:

    could you show me an example of a sissy squat?


  • Michelle says:

    You go girl!!! Love your stuff. I’m done with Curvalicious, and now looking for something to tide me over until you come out with a new program!! All of these intermittent workouts help me so much. I am thinking of cycling Flavalicious back in for 10-12 weeks. Take care!

  • oneida says:

    I have Full-Body-Licious and Curvalicious DVD sets. Finally ready to get started. Which should I start with? Tks

  • Rebecca Hancock says:

    Ok now I know what a Sissy Squat is from your other answer, what is a Front Squat? Thanks, Flavia!

  • Ohh I love those! Even after like, 10 on each side it burrrrrrrrrrns~:P

    And I have one question that might be REALLY controversial and turn many people off because even for me it’s really hard to wrap around my mind. But have you heard of the theory that too much training and working out becomes a stressor, therefore, it can actually lead to weight gain? I believe that this theory states that even if a person eats as healthfully and as controlled as ever, somehow the stress that too much exercising puts on the body has adverse effects. But it’s just a theory! I just wanted to know, what do you think of it, and would that be classified as plain over training? I hope this isn’t a bad question to ask you here! 🙂 Have a blessed day Flavia.

    • Flavia says:

      Hey Ellie, it is very true! For instance, I took it really easy this summer because I had worked my butt off for months. Now that my body feels great and relaxed, I am ready to hit it hard again. It is important to note that I didn’t take the whole summer off, but instead didn’t train with weights 5 times a week, I did 4 for about 5 weeks out of 10 and when I trained I took it a little easier.

      Doing this also lets me train my butt off for say 3 weeks, then relax for 2 weeks…etc. BUT it took me some time to build my muscles, strip the fat and create the body I always wanted before I started this approach. Once you achieve your dream physique, you don’t have to work as hard to maintain it!

      Hard work does pay off! Hope that makes sense.

  • Geri says:

    Great workout! I was able to complete 3 sets in 29 minutes! I was having a hard time keeping my form during the last set so it was time for a cool-down.

    My total workout time was 46 minutes; 11 min for ab warm-up, 29 min workout, and 6 min of stretching.

    Thanks Flavia!

  • Dana says:

    Flavia- thanks so much for continuing to provide great work outs! I had to take a break from working out for a short bit for medical reasons, and now am ready to get back into it! I look forward to this leg workout tomorrow…I did one of your upper body workouts this morning and know I’ll be feeling it tomorrow!

  • Linda says:

    Great stuff!! I see you post several leg routines for example. Do you do a different routine every time you hit the gym or do you follow one for several weeks?

    • Flavia says:

      Hey Linda, I typically do the same type of exercises for a set period of time. I might mix some stuff up if a machine is taken or if I feel too sore from a previous workout. I go based on what my body is telling me. If I am not changing, I change my workouts 🙂

  • Amy says:

    Hi Flavia! I really appreciate you posting free workouts and videos on your website. They are awesome and i look forward to them every week! Also, it’s nice that there are no strings attached to your postings, workouts and videos…..unlike some other websites. So thank you!! One question… you do HIIT first thing in the morning on an empty stomach? I know it’s good to do cardio in a fasted state but just wondering if it’s ok for that intense type of cardio.

    • Flavia says:

      Thanks Amy! Yes I typically do it first thing on an empty stomach but some days I add it after my weights…like today when I had a ton to do first thing 🙂

  • Lori/Souper17 says:

    Awesome leg workout, Flavia. No doubt you are going to look amazing for the Olympia pool party at the Encore!!!

    I experienced the same as you after two weeks in California. Because I had a solid base, just got done with 12 weeks of Curve, I didn’t gain one once of fat while vacationing. I did workout, but no heavy lifting…mainly intense cardio(HIIT & Intervals) for 45 minutes or less half the time I was away and did some hiking. I was shocked that I didn’t gain on the scale or that my measurements didn’t increase.

    My next rotation starting Monday will be 4 weeks of Musclicious, 4 weeks of Flavilicious and finally 4 weeks of Curvilicious. Goal is to keep the lean defined body that I worked so hard for using your programs this past year! You rock, Flavia!

  • Fran says:

    This is absolutely amazing!! I truly appreciate all the info and these amazing workouts! You have motivated me to start on my own challenge. Could you please share what you eat on a typical day. Do you workout daily? And do your meals change accordingly? I just want an idea as to how and how much I should be eating. I’m a 5’1″ female mother of a 4 year old boy( very lively. Lol). Much love and admiration.

    • Flavia says:

      Hey Fran, thanks so much! There are a few of those posts on the blog. Go through the nutrition and exercise blog posts and you will be able to see a day in the life of!

  • Trelle says:

    Can anyone briefly describe what a “sissy squat” is? Never heard it called that. Thanks so much!

  • Amy says:

    How often do you do HIIT?

    • Flavia says:

      3 times a week usually!

      • Amy says:

        Last question!! Is that all the cardio you do….3 days of HIIT in the am? Thanks for the help 🙂

        • Flavia says:

          For the most part, yes. When I am training for a shoot or vacation, I may add up to 6 times a week but that is only once or twice a year. Also, if I cheated on my diet too much one weekend I will add another day or a long cardio day! Depends how on track I am with my diet.

  • Amy says:

    Aaaggghhhhh!! I lied! THIS is the last question… you take BCAA’s with your cardio sessions or only weight training??

    • Flavia says:

      I do take them for cardio and weight training but I am not religious with it. I tend to add BCAAs when I am getting ready for a vacation or photo shoot – when I am leaning out.

  • Yeaha! I entirely adore Hypem. The best from the lot I may point out.

  • Anyone forgot to include Playlist. com, wherever it’s not actually actually required for you to sign up and steady stream any kind of melody you wish.

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