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Here is your Wednesday Workout: Part 2 Leg Toning Exercises…


Warm Up

20 bodyweight squats
20 bodyweight walking lunges
Repeat x 1

Compound Exercise

Heavy Squat (barbell or dumbbell) x 8
Repeat x 3

*Do one warm up set with half the weight before starting your 4 sets

Circuit One

Weighted Curtsy Lunge  x 12/side
Lateral Lunge with Resistance Band  x 10/side
Toe Hops off Bench  x 15/side
Repeat x 2

Circuit Two

Reverse Hyperextension  x 15
Leg Extension  x 20
Wall sit  x  30 seconds
Repeat x 2
* See Leg Exercises To Burn Fat Fast for exercise demonstration video


No rest between exercises. Rest 60 seonds between sets and 90 seconds between circuits.

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  • Jody says:

    What are these????

    Weighted Curtsy Lunge x 12/side
    Lateral Lunge with Resistance Band x 10/side
    Toe Hops off Bench x 15/side
    Repeat x 2

    Reverse Hyperextension x 15…I do not know what these look like.


    • Anna G says:

      Flavia demonstrates them in the video (link above) if they’re not all on that video look through her leg workout videos on youtube and all the exercises are demonstrated.

    • estevez says:

      if you don’t know an exercise use your initiative, you can’t have everything done for you.
      google and youtube have pretty much everything covered.

    • Flavia says:

      Yes, click the link provided to you!

      • Susan says:

        Hey Flav, Great work! I’m still confused about whether or not it’s better to do lunges with weights. In the Curvalicious Leg Workout, you do walking lunges or static lunges, whiich I alternate on leg day, using weight for the static lunges. In one of your You Tube videos you also used a barbell with lunges. I just wondered why you didn’t add weight with the static lunges in the Curvalicious workout and if it’s not a good idea for me to be doing it. Thanks! You are an inspiration!.

        • Flavia says:

          Hey Susan, I always mix it up. SOme days I go into the gym and throw some heavy weights around to stimulate muscle growth more that just burning calories and other times my goal is to increase my heart rate to burn a lot of fat which is easier done with low rest periods and when I am resting only a short time I won’t add too much weight as it takes longer to recover.

          It’s good to mix it up, weight and non-weights. If you want to add some definition to your legs, use weights more often.

  • michele b. says:

    Is this a good alternative to Day 1 of Curvalicious?

  • jan says:

    is this video supposed to play in order for us to know exactly how to do these leg excersices

    • Flavia says:

      Nope it is just a picture. Hit the highlighted links to see the videos…they are on another blog post.

  • lalitha says:

    hey can i use a flat bench to do reverse hyperextensions? cuz my gym doesn have the equip!

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