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Essential Fatty Acids – Essential For Training

By July 14, 2011October 3rd, 201318 Comments
Essential Fatty Acids Benefits

Essential Fatty Acids Benefits

Essential nutrients are nutrients present in foods that we need to ingest for normal physiological functioning. Essential means these nutrients are indispensable for healthy living. Since the body does not have the capacity to make fatty acids itself, these nutrients need to be consumed in the foods we eat.

There are two known Essential Fatty Acids (EFA) known for humans: omega 3 fatty acid and omega 6 fatty acid. EFA serve a range of functions in the body. They are involved in the brain and nervous system, many organs, hormones and cell functions. Fish oil supplements have also been researched to show a decrease in fatigue, PMS symptoms, memory loss, cholesterol and triglycerides.

As fitness fanatics, we need to ensure we are getting the benefits of EFA as part of our daily routines. Fish oils have been shown to preserve lean muscle mass and reduce inflammation, increasing our range of motion. You will be able to train harder and recover quicker.

Fish Oils has also been shown to improve blood flow and improve the body’s capability to transport and utilize oxygen. This will allow the body to work harder and with more intensity.

Combat Fat With EFAs
We have all heard of insulin, aka,  “the storage hormone”. Insulin is responsible for shuttling glucose into the muscle for growth, while shutting off fat storage after a workout. We are the most sensitive to insulin after a workout, thus, we eat carbohydrates post-workout to shuttle the nutrients into the muscle to promote recovery and lean muscle growth.

Fish oils have been proven to:

  • increase insulin sensitively.
  • inhibit fat storage.
  • provide energy.
  • muscle growth.
  • prevent muscle breakdown.
  • lower cholesterol.
  • reduce inflammation.

Omega 3 has also been proven to reduce existing body fat deposits and also combat the storage of new fat. Say good-bye to cellulite!

Food Sources:

  • flax-seed
  • fish (mackerel, herring, salmon, trout)
  • walnuts
  • scallops
  • soybeans – should only be consumed in small amounts and if they are unfermented, they shouldn’t be eaten at all. The unfermented soybean or products, denatures the soy and also has negative effects on hormones.
  • seaweed

Krill Oil
Scientists and doctors have discovered that ingesting krill oil can have amazing effects on the body including a stronger heart, pain-free joints, a better mood, lower cholesterol, easier menstruation and overall better health.
Krill oil is 47 times better for your health than fish oil.

Today much of our available whole-food fish supply contains environmental pollutants and high levels of mercury. For this reason supplements should be taken every day with meals.


What I Recommend
2-3 grams of total omega-3 rich fish oil, to be taken daily with meals, while decreasing your fish intake to occasional. Fish Oil Supplement should be rich in omega-3 and contain at least 30% EPA and DHA.

I use Prograde EFA icon with krill oil . You can get it using the link below and read more about the impressive benefits of Krill Oil.


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  • Nicole Hanham says:

    Hi Flavia, just wondering how many Prograde EPA icon with krill oil capsules you take per day?

    Kind Regards
    Nic 🙂

    • Flavia says:

      I personally take 5 with different meals and before bed.

      • Nicole says:

        Hi Flavia! My sister just introduced me to your site. I used to take fish oil but I always bought the cheap stuff, and I’m interested in getting some high-quality stuff. I went to the link for krill oil above. I noticed that the serving size is 2 capsules and the bottle contains 60 capsules total. If you are taking 5, does one bottle only last you 12 days? Is 5 not too much? I’m not doubting you, just wanting some clarification before I order 🙂 It would be really expensive to go through a bottle every 12 days!!

        • Flavia says:

          Hey Nicole, the bottle suggests 2 a day so it would last about a month. It is expensive but really good and they are very small and easy to swollow. There are other good brands Nutra-sea isn’t bad but it doesn’t have the krill oil.

  • Monika Mohamed says:

    Hi Flavia
    Thank u for information about Krill Oil but I m allergic to shell fish do prograde have something for me. Or do you recommend some other supplement.

  • 猫猫 says:

    Hey Flavia,

    I used to take Prograde’s krill oil, but it was getting too expensive so I have been off it for a while now. What other supplements would you recommend that are less pricey, and preferably do not have to be ordered online? (I live in Canada.)

    Thank you.

  • Heather C. says:

    Hi there!

    I was wondering if I could use fermented cod liver oil in place of the krill oil since it’s still technically a fish oil? Should I only take this after a workout (with a meal) or anytime (with or without a meal)? What effect does this have on my body if I don’t take it with a meal?

    Also, completely random question, do you find that your RN degree or your knowledge with nutrition help you to better understand the effects your environment has on your body? I’m currently a Med-Tech but I’ve been debating between going back to school for a General Pre-med degree and an RN degree (either way, I’d eventually love to get a degree in nutrition too). You have really inspired me to learn as much as I can about the way I function and what causes these changes inside me. Thanks in advance! Hope to hear from you soon!

    Yours truly,
    Heather C.

    • Flavia says:

      Hey Heather, yes you can take the cod oil. After a workout is really great and with breakfast is also a good time to have it. Yes, nursing has helped when I do studies now to understand the effects on the body. I love to learn, I wish you much success!

  • Heather says:

    What do you think of Flax Seed Oil? For vegetarians or vegans…

  • Vanessa says:

    Hi Flavia!

    First of all thank youu for all the tips. I have a question about taking CLA and omega-3 at the same time. Do they counteract each other? and also can I combine CLA and EFA and leave off omega-3.

    Thank you

    • Flavia says:

      Hey Vanessa,

      I don’t think they counter act each other…haven’t read anything that suggests that. Omega 3 is in EFA so you are covered with the EFA!

  • Jabeen says:

    Hi I heard that soy protein makes you fat I know you mentioned legumes as a carb source and complete protein source in other articles but shouldn’t soybeans be avoided?
    I just wanted to confirm
    Thank you 🙂

  • Latanya says:

    Hey! I know this is kinda off topic but I was wondering which blog platform are you using for this website?
    I’m getting tired of WordPress because I’ve had issues with hackers and I’m looking at alternatives for another platform. I would be fantastic if you could point me in the direction of a good platform.

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