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Five Must Know Anti-Aging Strategies

By July 8, 2011October 3rd, 201311 Comments
Anti Aging Tips For Women

Anti Aging Tips For Women

Anti-aging and life extension practices are popular terms these days in relation to womens fitness. Life extension science, also known as anti-aging medicine, is the study of slowing down or reversing the processes of aging to extend the average lifespan. But is there a way to slow aging down naturally and produce a longer, youthful lifespan?


Let’s throw away all the craze on anti-aging creams, supplements, hormones and surgeries, and let’s take a look at ways to prolong life while feeling energized and being healthy throughout our lives.



Here are five ways to attack aging naturally without any ‘magic’ remedies.

1. Resistance Training

There is research to show a decline in metabolism for every decade of aging following 25 years of age. There is additional research that shows a decline of muscle mass from the ages of 25-65. Since muscle uses energy, is it safe to assume the decline in muscle mass attributes to the decline in metabolism?

One of the biggest anti-aging benefits of resistance training is the boosting of ones metabolism. Resistance training stimulates the synthesis of muscle gain and since muscle is highly metabolic, meaning they use energy when they contract, the end result is the spike in metabolism.

At the very least, strength training reverses the decrease in muscle fiber size that occurs with aging and inactivity. Resistance training has also been shown to increase insulin sensitivity and thus, lowering insulin levels which makes the addition of resistance training vital to include in our daily routine.

2. Regulating Blood Sugars

Womens fitness is in huge controversy as there is so much wrong information in the media. 40% of women in North America are on some type of diet. What women should be concentrating on is the regulation of blood sugars as an effective weight loss, anti-aging and health promoting necessity.

Statistics Canada states that the average Canadian consumes 23 grams of sugar in a single day! Insulin causes the division of cells which leads to cancer. Having  excess insulin also leads to insulin resistance and we see this more and more with an increase of newly diagnosed diabetes each year.

Our body develops insulin resistance to protect against the harmful effects of high levels of insulin. Insulin resistance starts with liver and muscle cells and causes these cells to be less able to use insulin and sugar, forcing sugar to fat cells for storage. 40% of dietary carbohydrates are converted to fat normally and this percentage is expected to be much higher for someone who is insulin resistant.

3. Adequate Sleep

Findings of the study appearing in the ‘American Journal of Clinical Nutrition,’ add to the evidence that lack of proper sleep can lead to weight gain, not only by boosting hunger but also by slowing the rate at which calories are burned.

Sleep deprivation can also increase your risk of diabetes and heart disease; where as the right quality and quantity of sleep trigger the production of human growth hormone, which builds muscle mass, thickens skin and strengthens bones. In addition, constant fatigue causes stress and irritability, both of which can contribute to accelerated aging and prevents the body from properly restoring itself.

4. Anti-inflammatories

Inflammation is known as a culprit to many diseases and is therefore suggested to actively reduce early on in life. Avoiding foods high in sugars is recommended to reduce inflammation.

Anti-inflammatory supplements include omega-3 fish oil, vitamins C, E, and D, ginger, and zinc. Vegetables know to for their anti-inflammatory effect include: greens, kale, and seaweed. Fruits know to have anti-inflammatory properties include: avocado, blueberries, coconut, olives, papaya and pineapple.

5. Water


Water is beneficial with our pores and skin, brightens our complexion and rejuvenates skin tissue by bringing moisture to our entire body. We can stop the signs of aging with something as simple as watching how much water we are drinking on a daily basis. Our body is designed to naturally repair and heal itself. The body is made up of cells that are always replacing themselves and they can either produce stronger or weaker cells to supersede. As we age, our body needs more help in regenerating cells. Water is the best way to help our body with cell reproduction.

Adopt these principles into your women fitness routine and be showered with years of youthfulness and energy.




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  • Raquel says:

    Cool article, but are you saying that there is no need of any moisturizing cream as good nutrition and water will do the trick? Thanks!!!

    • Flavia says:

      Nope, I still use them. I was more referring to cellulite creams or promising creams that change your appearance.

  • Rosa Maria Barboza says:

    I have studied about these factors before but it’s allways good to be reminded of that every now and then. Thanks! so far I’m keeping on the right track I guess.

  • Bonni Korcok says:

    I enjoy your emails and advice and have had great results via eating well (I teach those concepts at my Pampered Chef shows even!) and taking supplements to boost my health. I’m in my 50s and have great skin…although I complain about my neck (I’m personally critical of it)…everyone thinks I’m around 35-40. I don’t use moisturizers AT ALL. Haven’t in a couple years, ever since I started taking a collagen suppliment I found on eBay from the UK. My skin’s never flakey anymore and I get compliments on its softness no matter where you touch me. I just thought I’d mention this. Also I found a woman’s herbal supplement also on eBay (different vendor) that is good for breast health (they are perkier!), helps regulate homones so that you don’t have acne breakouts and the like, and is also good for leveling out menopausal symptoms (of which I’ve had none as I’ve passed through this! no “hot flashes” no extra sweat, etc.) AND I discovered that the supplement actually keeps my fibromyalgia at bay (which is helpful for workouts, believe me!). (I discovered this was the supplement helping because of what happened to my body when I ran out of it for a month, and how my body was fine after I went back on it.) Anyway, I’m just mentioning because I am not selling these products but they help me and I wouldn’t want people to think that ALL supplements aren’t worth it. Some are, my friend…some are FANTASTIC.

  • vivien says:

    Hi great tips, really is just being sensible about things, just wanted to let you know about a moisturiser line which is very natural, not sure if you are able to get o”seas, its called moogoo, made from the natural colostrum etc straight from the cows udder, great for all skin types check it out. Saves contaminating yourselves with all the terrible things that are a base for the like petroleum.

  • Nicole says:

    Water! Yay I love water! Thanks for the tips! I’m so glad that at least I drink my water, and usually get the right amount of sleep. One question. What kind of resistance training are you talking about? What would you recomend?

    • Flavia says:

      In terms of resistance training, you need to make sure you are hitting all the muscles equally that work in opposition to each other in order to provide balance throughout your entire body.

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