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My friend Kevin just interviewed me for his  website and I’m the first female to ever appear on his site.
In our interview you’ll learn…

–> The random inspiration behind FBL…

—> What women should do differently than men…

–> Biggest mistakes women make with fitness…

–> What kind of feedback I’m receiving on FBL…

Question: What inspired you to create the FULL-BODY-LICIOUS program?

Truth be told, female fans of my husband, Vince Del Monte, filled my Facebook inbox with influential recommendations for me to write a female fitness program.

After some thought I decided to discover the very best way for a female to make the fastest, safest and most effective body transformation for not only myself but for the females who inspired me to do so. I absolutely loved the discovery I had made and couldn’t wait for females to transform their lives.

I don’t believe that looks are everything…not even close, but I know that being a confident female is a desire for every women and by gaining confidence through our appearance, so many other areas of our lives will transform for
the greater good.

Question: What do you believe women should do differently than men when it comes to training?

Let me say that I have trained like a male for seven years and have seen significant changes. It wasn’t until I discovered the FORCE formula, that I began to realize women can lose fat and shape their muscles faster when training for fat loss rather
than muscle building.

By using combination movements vs. isolation exercises; involving the FULL body in a workout to target fat loss; and relying on very little rest between exercises; keeps the body in a fat burning zone for not only the workout, but for hours following.

Now, if a male’s goal is for fat loss, than he could train this way too…but most men are looking to add size, and that is definitely what most women are fearful of doing.

Question: In your opinion, what are the biggest mistakes women make when they are trying to transform their bodies?

I think what most women don’t realize, and what I hadn’t realized until recently, is that fat is what is preventing us from seeing the definition that we are trying to uncover using bulking methods of training.

It isn’t until we strip the body of fat, that we will begin to see our muscle that we are building or maintaining, with keeping weights in our program. So by incorporating fat burning techniques with muscle building exercises, we begin to uncover the beautiful feminine figure we all desire.

Bottom line: Women just don’t work hard enough to strip the fat off their bodies…I was guilty of it too.

Question: I know training and developing this program was a rigorous process.  What did you learn that surprised you?

What I was surprised to discover is that while I was training to lose fat, I began to shape every muscle in my body faster than with body building techniques using heavy weights and isolation movements.

By keeping moderate weights in the workout and continuing to challenge myself by adding more weight or reps, I began to see my body composition transform in ways I had only dreamed of.

Question: What kind of feedback are you getting from women who are using your program?

Most women are saying that FULL-BODY-LICIOUS is kicking their butts. LOL. They are all clear on the fact that this program is not easy. But the women are seeing results…2 pounds a week seems to be the average and the women say they love the workouts and love the uniqueness of the exercises!

Question: What’s next for you on your personal and professional journey?

Education, Education, Education. I love to learn and I believe the more you learn, the more you grow. I want to become more knowledgable in the vegetarian lifestyle so I can answer the numerous questions on vegetarian diets and I’d love to make a recipe book in the near future.

Personally, I’d love to take cooking lessons so I can put videos on You Tube and learn Spanish, Italian, French and become fluent in Romanian (the native tongue of my family).


Read more about FULL-BODY-LICIOUS and a female’s formula for a flawless figure
by clicking this nice, shiny, blue link.

–Flavia Del Monte  RN, CPT, Certified Nutritionist

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