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Want a NEW bounce to your BOOTY? Check out this new video.

This is the same style workout you will find inside the NEW 30-Day Challenge, Mommylicious. The official start date is MAY 14th with sign ups happening RIGHT NOW.


This 30-Day challenge requires ZERO equipment. All 14 videos are follow-along workouts that take 10-15 minutes – that’s it! They are very effective for fat loss and will BOOST your fat-bunring metabolism through key exercises and little rest.

Mommylicious comes with a complete 30 Day Meal Plan and RECIPES! No guess work here, you are taken care of every step of the way.

And I will mention there is even a gentle Yoga Stretch video inclusive that will relax and restore your mind and muscles.

Every Sunday you will be given a NEW RITUAL that will mentally prepare you for the coming week and set your mind into Fat-Burning mode. Did you know that weight loss is three fold?


Here’s a look at the Sunday Rituals:

  • Mindful Meditation
  • Practicing Gratitude
  • Practicing Being Present
  • Bettering Your Self Esteem 

No stone is upturned in Mommylicious.

How do I KNOW that it will work for you?

That’s me after having my second c-section with no time, no energy, no motivation. Fast forward to today, still lacking time, energy and motivation (2 small kids will do that to you) but I still am able to KEEP THE WEIGHTOFF.

Don’t hesitate. You have nothing to lose BUT FAT! Official Start Date is MAY 14th – Click below to get all the details.

Still questioning? Click here to check out REAL life stories from ladies just like you!

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