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Chest and back workout for females looking to shape their body to wear sleeves shirts and backless dresses.

My summer fat loss series is all about shaping the chest and back to make your look and feel sexier in any top, dress or even naked.

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Here Is Your Workout

Day 02 of the Summer Shape Up series


Standing Straight Arm Pulldown with Rope

6 sets of 7-9 reps

Seated Row

5 sets of 7-9 reps

Omni Press 5 different degrees

10 reps for each degree

Chest Fly

4 sets of 7-9 reps

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  • Elmarie says:

    Fatloss workout please!! You’re the best.

  • Ro says:

    Can you give examples of how to do these exercises without machines? Most days I only have access to dumbells.


    • Anna says:

      Hi Ro,
      If you purchase some resistance bands (you can find them at any sporting goods store or even walmart for about $15) then you can set up the band so that it is at the same angle as Flavia is demonstrating then do the exercises just like that 🙂
      Until then you could substitute bent over, dumbbell rows for the seated row and you could do supine pull ups in substitute of the straight arm pull downs. Here is a blog post Flavia wrote explaining the form : She is using a TRX in the picture but you can also do it by setting yourself up under a table, bench, porch railing, anything stable.
      All the best!
      Anna, CPT, FF Specialist

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