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4 Weeks until I do my first photoshoot since having kids. I’m EXCITED and a little scared. My stomach is the WORST part on my body, which I’m not used too #whereareyouabs? BUT the really cool part is that I am beginning to look like I workout! I am getting some good definition in my arms and legs again. Actually, my legs have never had this much muscle on them, especially my BUTT. That was my #1 goal this year: GET SOME SEXY GLUTES.

Now I really have to work on my stomach which means…


This week I am adding a third cardio day to my week. My week looks like this:

0730 — HIIT 20 Minute Stair Workout
1730 — Day 1 – Glute and Hamstring Workout

0730 — HIIT 20 Minute Stair Workout
0930 — Day 2 – Rear Delt Workout

1730 — Day 3 – Shoulders

0730 — HIIT 20 Minute Stair Workout

1730 — Day 4 Quads and Glute Workout

1030 — Day 5 Chest, Bi’s and Tri’s

Recover + walk with the family

This is just how my week has to be getting my workouts in, in and around the kiddos. Cardio has to be short because I leave before the kids get up in the morning. Vince gets them fed and then he’s off to his workout when I get back (he does stairs at 6am!)

Without further ado, let’s hit the gym! Here are your workouts for next week. Make sure to check back on the tips and techniques on the week 1 and week 2 blog posts.


Next week we change things up by adding some calves and abs woohoo.

Day 1: Hams And Glutes
A1Barbell Squat32108560
B1Reverse Power Squat30126560
C1Seated Leg Curl30126560
D1Leg Press (feet high and wide)31108415
Day 2: Back And Rear Shoulders
A1Neutral Grip Lat Pull Down301210560
B1Neutral Grip Seated Row301210560
C1Single Arm Bent Over DB Row301212560
D1Rear Delt Rope Face Pull211212415
D2Standing Bent over Rear Delt with Plates311210415
D3Reverse Machine Pec Dec311210475
Day 3: Shoulders And Abs
Note: you can drop this day if you only have 4 days to workout. Add DB Lateral Raise + Shoulder Press to Day 2 or 5 - add abs on your cardio day
A1Cable Lateral Raise311110660
B1DB Lateral Raise311110660
C1DB Shoulder Press211110515
C2Cable Upright Row321110560
D1DB "L" Lateral Raise 211110560
D2Front Raise with Plates321110560
E1Plank Twist10415
E2Russian Twist with Medicine Ball10415
*Optional HIIT 20 min845
Day 4: Quads and Glutes
A1Hack Squat40106460
B1Leg Press (feet narrow and low)311010515
B2Banded Bridge201410560
C1 Leg Extensions20118415
C2Step Up311110415
C3Walking Lunge111110460
Day 5: Chest, Biceps And Triceps
A1DB Chest Flies Flat Bench311110560
B1Incline Chest Press311210560
C1Machine Chest Fly321110460
D1Incline Seated Biceps Curl211210415
D2Preacher Curl211210415
E1Standing Cable Biceps Curl211110460
F1Cable Pulldown211110415
F2Overhead Rope Triceps Extension211210460
F3Lying DB Triceps Extension211210415

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  • Marianne says:

    Awesome new website! I love it.

  • Again great work flavia! Surely going to switch this routine as it seems nice! Thank you for sharing this!

  • Hello Flavia,

    I was looking over your workout and I believe that it is great! I was wondering, though, why you made HIIT optional on day 3?
    Personally, I would like it if the HIIT wasn’t optional. I think most people see the optional part and it changes their mindset for the workout. Knowing they have the option can lead some people to not push themselves as much.
    Do you think most people will actually do the HIIT even though you made it optional?

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