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WOW, week 7 of 12 already. Can you see some amazing changes? I know I have. This past week was pretty intense and we will keep up the intensity by adding some finishers to the end of each circuit.
The workouts will be the same otherwise so push yourself this next week and make sure you are taking pictures!
I have only 2 pounds to go and only 1 week left so next week get ready to really sweat!


Workout 1

*Finisher is only one set for 30 seconds at the end of selected circuits

     Exercise Reps Sets.
A1 Weighted Leg Raises 20 2
A2 Weight Crunch 20 2
A3 Stability Ball Crunch 20 2
A4 Squeeze and Hold 20 2
  *Rest 90 seconds between sets
30 sec  
B1 Exploding Leg Press (only do this if you feel prepared, warmed up, and are with a certified training partner) 15 2
B2 Single-leg Hamstring Curl 15 2
B3 Stability Ball Hamstring Curl 15 2
B4 Glute-Hamstring Bridge 20 2
  Finisher: Split Squat Jump
*Rest 90 seconds between sets
30 sec  
C1 Cable Side-Lunge 20 1
C2 Single-leg Cable Deadlift 15-20 2
C3 Single-leg Hip Extension 20 2
C4 Squeeze and Hold 20 2
  Finisher: Squat jump
*Rest 90 seconds between sets
 30 sec  


Workout 2

The Beautiful Back & Shoulder Workout

     Exercise Reps Sets.
A1 Military Press 10-12 2
A2 T-Bar Row 12-15 2
A3 Behind-The-Head Pulldown 12-15 2
A4 Underhand Close-Grip Pulldown 12-15 2
  Finisher: burpees
*Rest 90 seconds
 30 sec  
B1 Seated Row with Rope (w burnout set following last set)………………….. 12 2
B2 Leaning Side Lateral Raise 15-20 2
B3 Incline Prone Front Raise 10 2
B4 Incline Front Raise 10 2
  Finisher: staying low lunge jumps (split squat jumps)
*Rest 90 seconds
 30 sec  
C1 Rear Delt Fly with Resistance 12 1
C2 Unilateral Shoulder Press (10-12 reps each shoulder) 10-12 1


Workout 3

The Abs + Quads Workout

     Exercise Reps Sets.
A1 Weighted Decline Crunch 12 3
A2 Incline Reverse Crunch 12 3
A3 Incline Laying Leg Raises 12 3
A4 Incline Bicycles 12 3
*Rest 90 seconds
B1 Weighted Barbell Lunges 15/side 4
*Rest 90 seconds
C1 Hack Squat 12-15 2
C2 Weighted Curtsy Lunge 12-15/side 2
C3 Static Russian Hop 12-15/side 2
C4 Lateral Lunge with Resistance Band 12-15/side 2
*Rest 60 seconds

Finisher: add another wall sit  30 seconds
D1 Reverse Hyperextension 12-15 1
D2 Leg Extension 20 1
D3 Wall Sit 30 sec 1


Workout 4

Exercise 1: Incline Chest Press  3 x 20

Exercise 2: Push Up off Bosu Ball with Alternating Leg Raise 3 x 10 (each leg)

Exercise 3: Machine Chest Fly 3 x 15-20

Exercise 4: Resistance Band Biceps Curl 3 x 20

Exercise 5:  Resistance Band Triceps Kickbacks (or extensions) 3 x 15-20

Exercise 6: Unilateral Machine Curls 3 x 20




* I did one day of stairs for 25 minutes HIIT and 1 day of a long walk with the kids for an hour keeping a moderate pace


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  • anastasua says:

    Flavia hi! I follow your programs and are perfect!! I need to lose also 2 pounds now and its very difficult. Can you help me by sending some tips or generally a nutrition plan or suppliments which can help me please ! I am on special diet but now the kilos I need to lose is less so it’s much more difficult. Thank you so much

  • Amy Munshaw says:

    You look amazing, Flavia! Congratulations on all your hard work. 🙂

  • Elmarie says:

    Flavia, you are looking fantastic! I can already see your bodyform changing back to you pre-baby form! Well done you are doing great!! Xx

  • rebecca says:

    could you possibly add an image of the exercise so it is easier to know what needs to be done for each routine please?


  • Laura says:

    Flavia, you look great!! Is there any chance I could get these workouts as a home version? I’ve been following from the beginning but I’m not sure how to substitute quite a few of the things that are being done at the gym. Thanks so much!!

    • Anna says:

      Hi Laura,
      If you could let me know of the specific exercise you need a substitution for I will help you with an at home substitution. 🙂 Also, any exercise you find on the blog or in Flavia’s exercise library working the same muscle will be a suitable substitute.
      All the best!
      Anna, CPT, FF Specialist

  • Admirerer says:

    Wow, Flav, You look fabulous. I’m a bit jealous – I wish my wife had so much dedication as You… and it’s already 6 months past our first baby…

    • Sasha says:

      You, sir, do a great disservice to both Flavia and your wife.

      Your wife has just delivered your baby and instead of marveling at what her
      body has done, you’re lamenting her shape?!!

      Flavia is amazing. She is also a certified fitness trainer.
      Not to belittle her hard-work, but she has a support system that
      allows her to attend to her fitness regimen.

      Every woman’s body is different and every woman’s recovery post-baby is different.
      There are tons of complex factors such as PPD and hormonal imbalances
      that a woman has to contend with.

      Instead of ogling at other women online, maybe you should spend some time at home
      helping out with the baby’s schedule so that your wife can have some space to attend to herself!

      • Admirerer says:

        …and now I’m blushing like a child… Well noted, thanks for wake up slap. Although I’m not ogling, I just translate Flavia’s workout programs for my wife, cause she’s not so good in english. None the less, I get the point, thanks again.

  • Evie Dawson says:

    When bulking, the goal is to pack on as much quality mass as possible while limiting an unsettling increase in body fat. Two of the most popular methods for achieving a monstrous stature include volume training and high intensity training.

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