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We are going to head into a NEW direction and really kick things up. I am still a couple weeks away from my deadline with 4 pounds to go.
This week we are going to throw in a lot of compound movements and train circuit style to burn a ton of calories. This is my fav way to train.
If you aren’t new, now is the time to join us. The next couple weeks are going to be even tougher as we approach the two month mark!


Workout 1

We Are Going to be Working Legs in this Workout

     Exercise Reps Sets.
A1 Weighted Leg Raises 20 2
A2 Weight Crunch 20 2
A3 Stability Ball Crunch 20 2
A4 Squeeze and Hold 20 2
*Rest 90 seconds between sets
B1 Exploding Leg Press (only do this if you feel prepared, warmed up, and are with a certified training partner) 15 2
B2 Single-leg Hamstring Curl 15 2
B3 Stability Ball Hamstring Curl 15 2
B4 Glute-Hamstring Bridge 20 2
*Rest 90 seconds between sets
C1 Cable Side-Lunge 20 1
C2 Single-leg Cable Deadlift 15-20 2
C3 Single-leg Hip Extension 20 2
C4 Squeeze and Hold 20 2
*Rest 90 seconds between sets


Workout 2

The Beautiful Back & Shoulder Workout

     Exercise Reps Sets.
A1 Military Press 10-12 2
A2 T-Bar Row 12-15 2
A3 Behind-The-Head Pulldown 12-15 2
A4 Underhand Close-Grip Pulldown 12-15 2
*Rest 90 seconds
B1 Seated Row with Rope (w burnout set following last set)………………….. 12 2
B2 Leaning Side Lateral Raise 15-20 2
B3 Incline Prone Front Raise 10 2
B4 Incline Front Raise 10 2
*Rest 90 seconds
C1 Rear Delt Fly with Resistance 12 1
C2 Unilateral Shoulder Press (10-12 reps each shoulder) 10-12 1


Workout 3

The Abs + Quads Workout

     Exercise Reps Sets.
A1 Weighted Decline Crunch 12 3
A2 Incline Reverse Crunch 12 3
A3 Incline Laying Leg Raises 12 3
A4 Incline Bicycles 12 3
*Rest 90 seconds
B1 Weighted Barbell Lunges 15/side 4
*Rest 90 seconds
C1 Hack Squat 12-15 2
C2 Weighted Curtsy Lunge 12-15/side 2
C3 Static Russian Hop 12-15/side 2
C4 Lateral Lunge with Resistance Band 12-15/side 2
*Rest 90 seconds
D1 Reverse Hyperextension 12-15 1
D2 Leg Extension 20 1
D3 Wall Sit 30 sec 1


Workout 4

Exercise 1: Incline Chest Press  3 x 20

Exercise 2: Push Up off Bosu Ball with Alternating Leg Raise 3 x 10 (each leg)

Exercise 3: Machine Chest Fly 3 x 15-20

Exercise 4: Resistance Band Biceps Curl 3 x 20

Exercise 5:  Resistance Band Triceps Kickbacks (or extensions) 3 x 15-20

Exercise 6: Unilateral Machine Curls 3 x 20




* I did one day of stairs for 25 minutes HIIT and 1 day of a long walk with the kids for an hour keeping a moderate pace


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  • Tanya says:

    Flavia, you look great! What an inspiration you are 🙂

  • Roni says:

    Any help on someone that has their iron, testosterone serum, TSH and cortisol levels way high.
    I learned with all these things so high it will be impossible to lose weight. I have gained 20lbs. I eat clean, I exercise 4 to 5 days a week. I do high intensity work outs. But after the blood work test i found out with all my levels out of whack it is very hard to lose the weight. Any advice?

    Thank you,

    • T says:

      Hi Roni~

      Have you had a full thyroid panel to detect Hashimoto’s? You need to see if you are having thyroid antibodies, also, high testosterone with high cortisol as well as thyroid imbalance can be a sign of PCOS. Do you have any cyst problems on your ovaries? DIM is a great product to help balance these issues you can research below. It is not only for menopause but can assist in high estrogen clearance. The liver needs support to flush the cortisol, estrogen, etc. You can contact a good nutritionist possibly holistic if Flavia cannot help with these concerns. Good luck, I feel your pain! Its frustrating.

  • Sarah says:

    Is each workout (I.e. Workout 1, workout 2) meant to be done all together so that you do all 4 workouts every day or are we just suppose to do one workout each day?


  • Brenda says:

    Done a pretty hard work for your result. Inspired, going to implement on myself this schedule.

  • Matt says:

    That’s amazing progress for only six weeks. Keep it up!

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